Holidays call for celebration, good company, and lots of parties. After all, you’re welcoming a brand new year. Every year around this time, in light of all the celebration, it’s nice to give back, too.

Anaheim Ballet Company dancers

This past year, the Anaheim Ballet reached out to us to participate in their Masquerade Ball Fundraiser. Anaheim Ballet, a non-profit organization, is founded upon two principles: to provide inspiring and uplifting low-cost quality performances for our communities, and to nurture the nobility of our youth with a free afterschool community outreach program. Inspired by their remarkable efforts, and humbled by the opportunity to contribute to something in our community that honors the arts, we happily obliged. It’s little efforts like this that make us happy to be a part of the Orange County community.
To learn more about Anaheim Ballet and its mission, click here.