WA x AppJam+ team

In the workforce environment, staying ahead of the game and standing out from the crowd can feel almost impossible. In a sea of qualified candidates, the smallest detail can become a way to differentiate yourself, whether it’s the layout of your resume or the grip of your handshake.


With Dress for Success programs, students learn the importance of presenting themselves professionally in the business environment and taking the next steps to differentiate themselves from other candidates. From sprucing up their wardrobe for a networking event to preparing for that first interview, we emphasize the importance of dressing with style and confidence.


This March, we collaborated with Dreams for Schools and their AppJam+ program, an after-school program that focuses on educating middle school students in underserved and at-risk communities to be more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) literate and on careers in STEM. Under the guidance of college mentors, these students create a fully functional mobile app in a span of 8-10 weeks. Using project-based learning, students develop the initial design to programming and presenting the finished app at a showcase finale on a college campus.


While fashion is our outward focus, software and development is a huge part of our success. As a company that pushes innovation with self-built applications, website development, and sources everything in-house, we were excited to work with a program that aligns with similar values of self-learning and a collaborative environment.


We gave a presentation to the college mentors on the importance of dressing well, how to prepare for an interview, and basic resume skills. The mentors were actively participating and engaged in all topics, and had a great takeaway from the event. Huge thanks to AppJam+ for reaching out and allowing us to connect with a like-minded Orange County initiative.