As a small company with an entrepreneurial drive, we love connecting with like-minded people. Alexander Laabak, a contributing owner of Norway Aewa, reached out to us in regards to his company, which specializes in producing tech accessories for “the typical geniuses out there.” They’ve previously collaborated with renowned industrial designer Bard Eker, who is responsible for designing the supercar ‘koenigsegg’ and a variety of motorcycles, including those for the brand Ducati. Norway Aewa won the award for Best Youth Company and proceeded to go to the Norwegian Championships, then the Brussel Championships for Best Youth Company. Out of 3000 companies, Laabak and his team were one out of the ten companies chosen to compete. His team sported our popular silk ties and accessories, and we couldn’t have been more proud of their accomplishments. Best of luck in championships, you guys!

Championship Team with award