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Our style ambassador program (opens in new window), Style Guru Society, is something we have taken pride in since its founding in 2015. We created it to be a collaborative space in the menswear community and as an outlet for style ambassadors to get creative with our products.


Style Guru Society attendees

Every year, we host our annual Style Guru Summit to bring together all our local style ambassadors (and a few out-of-town guests). This year, we decided to reach out and connect with potential ambassadors and other influencers in the Orange County and Los Angeles area.


Style Guru Society gift boxes

The event was hosted in style at a rooftop lounge in Long Beach, overlooking the downtown area. The evening boasted a gorgeous sunset that was accompanied by a jazz quartet, free food, drinks, and After’s ice cream.


Huge thanks to everyone who attended, and to all of our participants and vendors. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!