CEO Omar Sayyed spent an evening with the Crypto Dinner Club, discussing his personal forays in the cryptocurrency community, the successes of and how he has leveraged’s offerings to avoid any FOMO from missing the cryptocurrency movement.

“Myself and one of my cofounders have toyed with the idea of doing something in that space. At first we thought we might tokenize a project, but we realized our easiest path to entry was doing a sock pack to avoid the FOMO.”’s sock line, Sock Genius, started with a Bitcoin sock, released at the end of last year. They stepped up their efforts to include four additional styles, creating a full crypto sock pack. Crypto dinner attendees

As a forward-thinking CEO, Sayyed is always looking for new ways to innovate within the e-commerce and menswear space. This latest project illustrates the company’s commitment to delivering the products their customers are looking for — and the best-looking ones at that.
See his full interview with the founder of Crypto Diner Club, Israel Idonije here (opens in new window).