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At you can convert nearly any necktie on our website to a clip-on for just $10 per tie. Simply click on the "Convert this to a clip-on" button on the product page of the tie you would like to purchase*.

We can also convert your personal ties to clip-on ties for a fee of $15 each. To begin the process, click the link below to access the Clip-On Conversion Form.

Click Here for Clip-on Conversion Form

Once completed, ship the form and the ties that need conversion to:

Wild Attire, Inc.
Conversion Department
10372 Stanford Ave, Suite Q
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Please note that the conversion process takes about 5 days (not including shipping time).

*All sales of ties as clip-on ties are final. Modified ties cannot be returned for any reason. Wild Attire Inc. is not responsible for lost or misdirected packages. Converting a tie to a clip-on is considered a permanent irreversible modification which requires punching small holes in, and shortening the necktie. By sending your ties for modification you thereby agree not to hold Wild Attire Inc. liable for loss or damage of your neckties before, during, or after the modification process.