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I have been married for almost thirty years and my husband has always appreciated the finer things in life, including clothing. He is a successful lawyer and has even been one of the few chosen every year to become a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. So, he has to look his best. It has been awhile since I have bought him any ties. I love to shop online for just about anything. However, I have always hesitated to do so when it comes to him because I don't want to have to send it back or have him truly not be happy with what comes in the mail. One morning he came in with a jacket and dress shirt on and the jacket wasn't just all a solid color, like a black suit, etc... He asked me to pick a tie that went with jacket and out of so many ties, much to my shock, he didn't have one single solid colored tie. That was the only tie that could possibly go with the jackets colors. We made due, but when he left for work, I decided to check out what was available on the computer. I have always bought him silk ties, and paid anywhere from $45.00 and up. I went online to several websites and as I would zoom in to get a closer look at the tie, none of them were just the silk smooth look. All of the sites said solid silk ties. Nope, the fabric was raised all the way down the tie. I was just about ready to give up and saw the name of your website. EUREKA!!!!!! I needed three ties. Solid, silk. Black, Chestnut and Navy Blue. Figured that would cover the solid tie needs. Did the zoom in on the photo you showed and was about leaping off of my chair. Exactly what I needed. But what was so shocking was how first class these ties looked. Silk. The price I thought was a misprint. Had to be, I thought no way can I get silk ties, perfect colors, a choice of length for that incredible price. I ordered them, received them super fast, packaged beautifully, and let me just say, I won't buy a tie from anyone else but you. I am sharing my experience with my friends and just want to tell you to keep up the wonderful service, thank you for being a First Class operation. Many businesses could learn from you. Sincerely, L Scott
Hi--The tie I just purchased is for a young friend's January birthday. The black tie I bought him last year with the musical notes was a first-rate home run, so I have every expectation that this year's blue tie with the la crosse pattern will be another smashing success! You guys offer a terrific variety from which to purchase for my discerning young friend, and I look forward to making annual purchases from you for many years to come. Happy 2014! Thank you! --
T. Devers
I ordered the ships anchor tie tack (gold) also the square jet with 3 crystals (gold) and you gave me shamrock green laces. I wish to say the anchor tie tack is fabulous as I searched for one of these along time. I am very pleased with it and will wear it with pride. I am retired Navy of 23 years as I said it looks great and is more than I imagined and others commented said it looked better than the pic on here. They were right as far as the other one with the crystals on it the same as well it will give my ties a nice appeal of classy look. I did have questions on the anchor and the assistance I received was very professional but I don't remember her name. The description said it was 2.5" by 3" so I requested live chat and asked if that was the size as it was described it would have been so big. So the lady I spoke with said please wait and went to the warehouse to check on this information. Was pleased to know it was about 3/4" by 1/2" in size. So I decided to order one that day she also offered me the coupon for this purchase. Your company and emplyees are very kind and helpful. Will shop again here and definately recommend others to your company. Thank you again and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S...............
Thank you,, for being amazing! I placed my second order with this website for a tie for my boyfriend to match my dress, and both have matched perfectly! Although I selected 7-10 day shipping, the tie arrived in 2 days! Instructions for writing on the box were followed to a T each time. This website has the best, most affordable, most diverse selection of ties with excellent customer service. I'll never buy a tie anywhere else.
Sharon T.
Thank you SO MUCH for the IMMEDIATE call to correct the address on this order - I have never had such speedy customer service on an online order. Our son is an airline pilot and can only wear novelty ties on holidays and has a standing request for any, but they have to be clip on, which have been hard to find. When I found your site I was thrilled, and then to have this kind of personal, immediate service = WOW! You guys out do Nordstroms :-) Happy Holidays and special thanks to the lady who called.
Dale M.
The ties are great. The quality for the price are amazing. I will be ordering more when the time presents itself.
J. Rink
I love your company and love your great ties. The person on the phone was so helpful and courteous. The tie arrived so quickly and was wonderful. In this day and age, it's so nice to see such dedication and hard work to create and sustain a great company. Thanks,
A. Sigman
I recently received the three ties I ordered and am very pleased with all of them. They are made by Alynn. I only had one tie in my collection of ties made by Alynn. It was purchased about 20 years ago in Williamsburg and I have worn it many times over the years. It refuses to wear out and I get glowing comments every time I wear it. I wore the The Fall Guy last Sunday and again got many comments on it also. Now I have four Alynn ties and am searching for a reason to buy more. Probably won't take me long. Thanks for the good fast service.
B Reed
Thanks! I play in an ass-kickin' blues band called Buddy Reed & the Rip It Ups and I wore my cool lavender tie last night on the gig for the 1st time. I dressed in Black shirt, black pants with my tie and skinny, matching lavender belt and leopard skin shoes! My outfit was a crowd pleaser for sure! Thanks again
R. Jones
t I am a big fan of Alynn, indirectly and directly, owning about 20 ties myself (in an 80- tie collection) and giving about 10 as gifts in the past to clients and family members. My son also owns about a dozen.
Elaine M.
Love the red with white hearts tie..My husband got all kinds of questions of where he bought the tie, so I gave your address to quite a few friends. I also had bought the zebra and leopard ties from you and he always gets compliments on those. So I'll keep looking on your website when he needs a new tie or I need a neat gift.
A Lyle
I bought the Monopoly money tie not too long ago, and every time i wear it i get AT LEAST 5 to 10 comments on how cool it is. I love this site. I love unique ties to wear, because i work at a country club, and i have to look my best. I honestly want all your ties, but i can only spend like 40 dollars. I bought the elements tie last night. I plan on coming back. I told everyone at work about this website so i hope you all stay in business.
This is my second order from and I couldn't be happier. I wrote in a comment for my second order for a tie saying it was for my boyfriend's birthday. The tie was delivered gift-wraped in a red box with a bow. I was so happy with the service. I cannot wait to give the gift to my boyfriend. I also ordered a bow-tie for my brother and it is perfect in every way. He got so many compliments on it. He was the most dashing gentleman in the crowd! The prices are very good! I love and will be doing much more business with them. You guys rock!
Sam and Mark Hershberg
I would come to every time to buy my ties. I ordered some ties online from ANOTHER website for our wedding and they had messed up our order with someone else. I didn't have enough time to get ties so we went to the local mall but could not fine anything we liked. I learned that was 30 minutes from our house. We found the tie we wanted and called them to see if we could pick them up. They were closing and the next day was going to be too late to order them to get the ties on time. After they learned about our horrific situation, their president drove to our house with the ties. I am a life time customer for and my husband is a lifetime customer for Thank you so much for all you guys did for us. We love you!!
Debra L.
Regarding Revolving Tie Rack. Thank you I am buying this for my son who is in College and in the Music program in performance. He has began to wear ties for his program and I thought this would be a great gift for him as he has just moved into a house that he shares with a class mate and this would be a great way for him to keep track of his ties. Thank you so much for offering this as a discount price I am so glad I could be a part of it. I am sure he will love this and get many years of use from it. happy customer Debra Lear.
Jake M.
Customer Support is GREAT! They were very understanding, highly recommended!
Just to say a big huge thank you for a tie i ordered..I couldnt believe how quick it arrived..I will be recommending to everyone..
Ana T
Thank you for great customer service!
R. Cartledge
I'm enjoying my bow ties. The order was delivery in just days.Thanks
I truly love my ties, and thank you for the quality and the quickness in which I received them. I assure you that I will be ordering more ties from your company in the future. Thanks again,
J. McClure
I received my knit ties today! As always, I am a VERY happy client and will continue to do business with you all and promote your company. I am an avid fan of your Knit Ties. I have almost purchased them all over the last several months.
I love your all ties and scarves! You have a great website too! :o) I will be shopping here now.
I just received the package! Thank you, so much, for your help. I must say, despite such a gap between my initial order and when I've received this, I am so glad I dealt with The service that I have received has been so unbelievably stellar. Thanks for everything!
Jane S.
I ordered a great tie for our wedding party. Unfortunately, no one agreed with me. I was able to contact customer service & they pulled my order before it was shipped. The communication was fabulous & they were great to deal with. I appreciate your help very much. Now I know that this is a harder wedding party to buy for than my others. Thank you guys rock.
Alison P.
This company is awesome!! I have been a customer for several years because you offer great products, a variety of prices, but mostly, fantastic service (including customer service!). All the best for 2013!
I was searching for a feedback link, so that I could compliment your company on its fantastic customer service but since I could not find one, I guess this will have to do. I just wanted to reach out and say that I was very impressed by the packaging of your scarves in that purple case. It's so wonderful to see a company that truly cares about its merchandise and delivery to the customer. The scarves are beautiful, very quick shipping...I will definitely be ordering from you in the future :) Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
A triangular cedar tie rack that I ordered for my husband just arrived and I couldn't be happier. It looks great,smells heavenly and seems to be very sturdy and well made. It is a Christmas gift so I am also very pleased that it arrived in time. I can't wait to give it to my husband because I think he will really like it. This is the first time I have ordered from and I am very impressed. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Joy D.
You Guys Rock ! This is my first order I did online and you are right on it!!! Looking forward to surprising my son with this cool Harry Potter look on Christmas. He’s 24 but still likes to be a Big Kid !
R. Bazile
Being that I have ordered ties from multiple times, I can gladly attest that have "Tied" it all Together: T= Tenacity (undying) to provide unparalleled customer service experience, vast selection, and quality I=Integrity to the client to ensure they are happy at all cost E=Excellence in all they do. Customer Service outweighs all S=Standard: sets the standard and trend for eCommerce
R Charlene
I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with my order. No complaints here.
At one time I had looked on-line for the Zebra print ties, however, I did not order anything at that time. Then one day I went on-line to do something else, and the Zebra print tie just popped up. I smiled and decided to order it (I usually have trouble ordering things -- but this went through without any problems whatsoever). I ordered it on 10/2 and it arrived on 10/9. This is the 2nd time I have ever received anything that quickly that I ordered on-line. I asked my husband which Zebra print he liked best, and we received the exact print he liked (I just love the print myself). In fact, we wore our print this past Sabbath. Everyone loved it. I wanted to contact you all to tell you how impressed I was with your promptness, the quality of the tie, its look, and the price -- and you afforded me that opportunity! Thanks for a job well done!
I needed a Kelly green tie for a Green Tie Fundraiser that we are going to in a couple of weeks. You had exactly what I needed at a price that was really low. I was afraid of getting a cheap terrible tie but instead received a high quality tie within a week from the date that I placed the order. Great product and even greater service.
M Swartz
You have lovely products, and I shall be delighted to do more business with you in the future.
Terrance H.
I bought a Groupon for $25 to buy $50 of merchandise from your site. I was pleased with the excellent selection of ties you have. I purchased 3 of them. What I was most excited about was it only took 3 days for my purchase to arrive and the ties were high quality and appeared as they did on the website! I will definitely be using your site again!
Steve V.
Again, have done business with you and enjoy the ease of your service.
Loved the first tie I ordered, so I'm getting another. Good job.
Polly S
I am hosting a golf tournament called "it's a Jungle Out There.!these ties are perfect for the staff to wear.
Len S.
Great site!! Love the ability to view shirt and jacket colors. Need for a wedding and the design was perfect.
S Wilbur
Thought your website was very user friendly, and that your selection was good. THX
My ties were delivered today. They're great.... I'm very satisfied. I will be ordering more very shortly..
...great assortment, may order again. Thanks
S. LaPrade
I just received my ties today. They are beautiful!! I will be doing more business with you in the future.
John M.
Very good easy to process. Very good
Kristen C.
The zebra print tie we ordered for my son's prom was a BIG HIT! It looked great-one of a kind! thank you!
Ana T.
Husband's birthday...gotta order! He's a substitute teacher and the kids go crazy over his ties. they have become his brand!
D. De Courcy
Your web site is very user friendly and I am thrilled with your shipping prices. I will be using you again for sure and recommending you to others.. Thanks to Google for finding your site.
D. Benchoff
I just wanted to let you know how easy and convenient it was to order ties through your website. You can expect more of my business in the future.
T. Koonz
Greetings, Thank you for my recent order. It was received in excellent condition and in less time than was estimated. I am very impressed with the quality of service and your website. Ordering was a breeze. Thank you again.
Eric B.
Thanks so much for the excellent service and selection you provided. You have the only site where I was able to find the perfect green necktie (in extra long of course) and matching pocket square and have it all delivered to me in time for St. Paddy's Day! Thanks again!
T. Dunkin
I recently placed an order with your company for the first time. Ordering online can be tricky because what an item looks like on the internet may not be the same as what it looks like in person. Well....I am writing to say that I am extremely pleased with the ties I ordered from They look exactly as they did on your website! The quality is great and the order came very quickly (another thing that can be a downfall about ordering online). That said I want to say I am very happy and will definitely be placing orders with your company in the future. Thank you for such a positive experience.
D. Dahlin
You rock, thanks so VERY MUCH. Now that is customer service defined. Going the extra mile for a customer looking to buy a $12 item or whatever it is. I appreciate the effort.
Dustin P.
I was compelled to email you guys immediately after I received an order from you in the mail yesterday. I purchased three ties and in the "Special Instructions" box, half jokingly, I wrote, "Include a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar." The box arrived and, sure enough, on the front of it was not only a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar, but a GREAT drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar (my sincere compliments to the artist). The ties look great, and the package arrived all the way over here in Japan in less than a week. You have earned a lifetime customer. Kudos!
Eric B.
I paid $3 extra to buy from you because of your thoughtful "How Would It Look" feature.
D Fernandez
I ordered a tie from you a few days ago and I wanted to say: THANK YOU! The tie is beautiful and arrived 2 days early! I will certainly order here again. :)
D. McLarnon
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for getting my order to the UK so quickly. Package just arrived and I know the cufflinks will be a great hit!
B. Stancel
WAAAY too many ties!!! I sure know where to go when I need another novelty tie!! Thank you for a great inventory!
Brenda S.
Thank you for your help this morning in correcting my order. Unfortunately, in my rush to complete the order yesterday, I actually messed up the entirely. Through your kindness and help, you have made my life so much easier and therefore, my holiday. I wish there were more people like you – it would make the world a much happier and kinder place in which to live.
Carol R.
I just wanted to say I received my order yesterday. I was very impressed with packaging! It was a class act and I will sing your praises! Great job! Thanks!
A. Vandehei
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.  I really appreciate the effort you made to fix the situation in time for the birthday.  I will definately shop with you again.
Syed P.
The ties are EXCELLENT ! I must take this opportunity and compliment your company for their excellent products, range and impeccable service. Please do keep up the mantle. This was my second order and I would love to purchase more of your wonderful products again.
N. Arnold
I just ordered 6 Ties for my bridal party. You're prices are great and your site is really easy to navigate. Thanks :)
R. Williams
I had the pleasure of choosing from a variety of ties which they were all lovely and hope to do business with you again.
Thomas B.
Even though I buy low-end priced ties for work, has always delivered product promptly. More importantly, the colors and styles delivered have always been very accurate matches to the website visual displays. Good job!
M. Davidson
Just got your wonderful ties !!! God bless you all, and those who love you ! You cannot believe how hard it is to get light colored ties, traditional-style.What a siege !!! But you ARE GREAT !!! I'll be back You're the nuts !!!
Sandra C.
I just received my first order from I am very pleased. I order 2 clearance ties thinking that they might not be top quality ties but I am a server and go through them rather quickly. I received them weeks faster than set delivery date and they are really nice quality ties. I am telling everyone at work to check you out. Thanks
Dean Dexter
Words are going to fail me as I try to express my gratitude to your team and to your company.  It was such a blessing to get the box of ties, shirts and accessories.  The “tie thing” is just outstanding and I no longer have to worry about the fly away tie!   I am so excited that I was able to celebrate Flag day today (although a day late) with such a grand tie as yours.  I look forward to the day in a year from now where I can put on my graduation tie to watch my paramedics graduate, and the other occasions I can lighten the moment for them with the other themes I received. I appreciate deeply and I am in your debt for your compassion you have graciously sent my way! May God richly bless you and your company and prosper you.
Andrew M.
And, I wanted to say thanks for all you do on facebook.  I can't think of any other business off the top of my head that is so involved with customer/clients in the way you are in giving so much back. Thank you! Andrew
Burke R.
Our last order came through great. The gift boxes with bowtie instructions were a hit with our club! Very cool. We bought 4 last year, but with your great deal, we were able to load up for this year. Thanks again! Burke, The SRQ Club, Inc
Russell M.
I want to let you know your bowties are bowdacious.I will order more soon.I told everyone about your tie and bowties. Thank-you for your special sale. The colors are great.
Bob W.
So far, I'm very pleased with your website; and I'm awaiting the ties. So far, so good!
Susan C.
Your site was easy to navigate, the zoom images were so helpful at assessing the ties and your confirmation number was not a trillion numbers long. Loved it! Thanks
Angie M.
I just wanted to say Thank you, your site has the best variety of boys ties! My 8 year old nephew loves to dress up and will be so surprised that I got this for him for Christmas!
David L.
Thank you!!!! My friend loved this!!! It was everything I had hoped for!!
Tom M.
Thank you very much, you have a very satisfied and happy customer for repeat sales. Tom
April M.
Your necktie selection is great and the promotions are timely and generous - I will continue to order all of my men's specialty neckwear from -thank you!
Hey, I just got my superman flaming S tie in the mail and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Omar S.
Fastest delivery I have ever seen. I order online all the time. You hold the record for having my neckties delivered. This is a gift for my cousin and I am confident he will LOVE them. Thanks Team.
Minnis H.
Thank you so much... I am a customer for life!
Jim W.
I am a big fan of I really enjoy the ties you have in your e-commence stores. I especially like the plaid ties from your in store brand The American Necktie Company because they are smart, contemporary and affordable. I am also a fan of the layout of your store.
Richaed G.
I love the ability on your site to view ties with different color shirt and coat combinations!
Mary K.
I have been searching for a skinny red tie and until I found you site I wasn't having any luck. Thank you for making my purchase so easy!
C. Smiley is truly a Blessing. I recently rejoined the Church and your ties really stand out. I get so many compliments from other Church members. Thank You and God Bless!!
Terea B.
Thank you so much for all your help.  I am very impressed with everything about you guys - great website, huge selection, great prices, and the most outstanding customer service I have ever encountered.  Thank you again so very much!
Julie S.
Your company is awesome! My daughters wedding is a John Deere theme. The solid green ties matched the bridesmaids dresses from Davids Bridal to a Tee. I than came back to see if ya'll had little boys ties and was amazed to find the exact same tie for him. If I ever need a tie for my husband, son, or my new son-in-law, I will not hesitate to do business with you. Thank you for your quick shipment. Julie (Mother of the Bride)
Rich O.
(Regarding converting old damaged ties to usable clip-ons) I can't believe what a great job you did with my four ties. I really thought you would only be able to salvage two - one of each color. Thank You Very Very Much
Craig P.
I recommend your website to everyone who asks me where I have purchased my bow ties. I wear bow ties about 6 days a week and get great compliments on your ties. The crossword puzzle tie has even elicited attempts by colleagues to FILL IN THE BLANKS! There seems to be a fashion revival going on with bow least here in New Orleans.
Amir H.
Your site always has a great selection, low prices and prompt shipping options. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
John P.
I've bought a number of freestyle bow ties from you. They are all beautiful. Your website is very easy to navigate. I am a very happy customer of yours.
Bowers J is among the best source for high quality affordable ties. Providing the specs on the ties particularly the width is very useful. As someone who prefers 3.75 to 4" ties knowing this before the purchase is very helpful.
I so appreciate you featuring "How to Tie a Tie" on your site. Watching my husband for 35 years tying his ties and only thought I knew how he tied them. I have a neighbor and he is also a vet, who's daughter is getting married. He has no one to teach him how to tie his tie. He does not want to ask his daughter. I'll pass along your website so his son can log on and they can watch your instructions together. I will surely pass your site on to others as well. Again thank you for such a nice service.
A. Nunez
Thank you so much for the great tie rack. This one is fast and the light is much better. I couldn't find anywhere else, THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!
S. Pasha
I couldn't help but take out some time and write about my experience. I have placed 2 orders in the span of less than a week. I find your website, collection, range,prices, shipment and payment options, ALL EXCELLENT!
Anne J.
I live for that stuff. And free shipping over $50, yay! Unfortunately, I got busy and distracted and let the deadline slip by, rats!! So I hope you will offer another good promo soon, so I can get a discount while enhacing my (extensive) wardrobe! I'm on your mailing list, so lemme know!! Looking forward to spending my money with you.
Chaplain William J. Beat, MSA
I wish to THANK YOUR COMPANY for having splended tie's. I received the first order and I received just what I wanted.
Kelly J.
I just want to provide some positive feedback regarding your website. The site is easy to use and I really appreciated the live chat to get a quick answer to some questions regarding shipping.
Nice collection of silk novelty ties at reasonable prices! Would like to see you add ties of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Wild & Scenic Rivers, National Park sights/lodges/waterfalls. Cool website-I like the dressing room feature!
Rowe M.
Thanks for value and selection! couldn't find an orange and black bowtie (san francisco giant baseball team colors) anywhere else! my husband will be thrilled! :)
Love the Colors
"I just turned 25 and and wanted to have sort of a hura last party before it gets lame to have bday parties. I purchased this tie to wear with my new suit I got from and I have to say it looked really good. I'm trying to upload the photo but I can't. needs to fix this."
- J.Stong Queens, NY
Seahorse Party
"These ties are awesome! We ordered these for our wedding that was in Florida and received so many compliments and the groomsmen were ready to party! The quality is great and the colors are exactly what are in the photos. 2 thumbs up!"
- LindsGMoney Jupiter, FL
"Classy. Well-made. Clever design. Eye-catching without unnecessary jazz. My Senior son wore this snappy tie to prom; the Black Carpet announcer stopped and walked over to my son & his date, announcing the entrance of the couple after commenting on the stellar appearance of his tie."
- Jenny Ft Knox, Kentucky
Tie Status Unknown
"I loved this tie on the screen, but when I got it, I was not sold on it. Still debating if I want to take it out of the package and wear it or just send it back. I'm kinda unsure..."
- Vamsinator St Louis
Trendy Tie
"I loved the color, the stitching, the accent blue, and the square shape of this Tie. However, my only note of criticism is that I had to cut the tags off the back (completely de-thread the tag) because the tags prevented me from tying a proper knot."
- Vamsinator St Louis
Great Colors
"The tie is a little thick but the knots come out exactly how I like them. I have a normal sized neck to sometimes I appreciate a more pronounced knots. This is my 3rd purchase from and I love the fast delivery and the cool boxes they products come in,"
- Shrikhie Chicago
What it should be
"Silk black skinny tie - good quality, holds a knot well, truly an essential for any collection. Buy it; you're going to need it."
- TieSoFly Fairfield County, CT
Freaking beautiful
"Without a doubt the best tie I own. Was at first skeptic of the website but my god these ties are made of such great material. And yes it looks just like that. 10/10 Would buy again."
- Angel Chicago, Illinois
the favorite tie
"I bought this for my 4-year-old and he loves it so much. He has a special place for it on the top shelf of his closet. I got his older brother the long version of the this tie so that they match. The colors and pattern and texture are beautiful. Yay!"
- Jnuck minneapolis, mn
Nice deign but...
"I really enjoy this tie. The design and fabric (nice and thick) where on point. Now here's the 'but.' The back of it, around where it would touch your neck for a full Windsor, has started fraying! And as an unfortunate plus the stitching behind the thick end has come undone. it's been roughly 40 days since I've received it so I'll be fixing the fraying myself (stitching is no problem either.) I also bought other ties at the same time as this one and they where fine. Bad luck probably."
- LarsBloodaxe Los Angeles
Smooth Operator
"Like the easy install. Only small issue was the "creaking" when tightening to the rod. Afraid it would crack but so far so good."
'Now That's Class'
"This has an authentic style of class that fits me to a T. And it was easy to put on."
- sando064 Hempstead, New York
Tie for my son in law
"I was thinking about getting a matching tie for my 11 year old grandson, for Father's Day. He's on the tall side. Please advise!"
- Jill NY NY
Perfect for my Groomsmen
"I bought these so my groomsmen would have matching socks, love them."
- Sam Chicago
Perfect wedding tie
"These are purrrrfect."
- Bridezilla Utah
"I am graduating in June and I bought this bow tie for my graduation. These are the colors of my university, exactly the colors I need... This bow tie looks, feels and fits amazing!!!!"
- Will Corozal, PR
"I bought this bow tie as a symbolic thing. I am graduating in June and I would like to go to New York University for grad school. Their colors are purple and silver. There is a big chance I get in so I will be using this bow tie for the awards ceremony since I am graduating with honors. This bow tie looks, feels and fits amazing!!!!"
- Will Corozal, PR
Perfect for all occasions
"Got this for my boyfriend's little brother so he can dress up or wear casually. The fabric is great and pattern isn't too busy."
- Jtrinsic NJ
Conversation Starter!
"This is a pretty cool, subtle tie. It is made with quality fabric and stitching. Highly recommend!"
- Jtrinsic NJ
Beautiful Tie
"Love this tie. It is a very nice silk, made well and great color!"
- Class Mom Beverly, MA
Great product
"Product as advertised,great value for the price and my new place to purchase ties."
- Mickey New York
Very pleased with the bowtie and color! :)
"I got this bowtie for my now husband for our wedding. We needed this to match our groomsmens ties and bridesmaids capri dresses from David's Bridal. We are very pleased to say that we were very happy with it and it was the closest match to the color of the dresses! My husband weighs about 255 and his neck is fairly wide (maybe about 17 1/2 inches) - This tie fit him perfectly with a little bit of slack to spare if needed. Very happy with our purchase! :) **also got the groomsmens ties here: Pale Blue Tie #TS240092"
- Adriana Nevada
Very satisfied with the tie and color
"We got these ties for our groomsmen to match our bridesmaids Capri dresses from David's Bridal. The match was amazing! Closest to Capri (from David's Bridal) as it comes!!"
- Adriana Nevada
Classy and timeless
"The simple elegant design is pretty timeless, and not something you can really go wrong with"
- Puri Illinois
New Favorite!
"The clear cufflinks looked a little strange in the online picture, but I am SO glad I went with these! They are really beautiful!"
- Puri Illinois
Lovely, but color was off
"This tie is lovely and great, but the color is much different than it appears, and than what I was going for. It's darker and more of a plum color in person. I'm keeping it and just going to go for it now (wearing it in my wedding), but would have been nice for the photo to be truer to the actual color. If you're thinking of purchasing I'd reference the Marsala bowtie for color, which appears a little darker and closer to the in-person color. Otherwise though, great tie and amazing price! I'm thrilled I was even able to find something close to this color at all, since it's a bit untraditional and has a novelty quality to it. Thanks for the great experience!!"
- Al Bay Area, CA
"The colors are spectacular and bright; perfect for spring."
- Kleos Miami, FL
Loved it
"My Daughter loved her new Shark Attack socks"
- TMM Bluffton, SC
The best.
"This is my favorite tie to date. The pattern and stitching is like no other and I have received so many compliments on it I have lost count! If you want a sharp, dapper tie to add to your collection then what are you waiting for?! Buy this!!"
- Jason @oxfordandhenley Pa
New Favorite Website for Ties
"I stumbled upon while looking for a tie for my husband for our nieces upcoming wedding. Imagine my delight when I found a tie that was the right color AND it had anchors on it!! Now he has the perfect tie for our upcoming cruise too! This is a wonderful, high quality, fun product."
- usfourandnomore Indiana
"My grandson absolutely loved the tie. He plans on wearing it for Memorial Day."
- dot Springville, NY
- RED Long Island NY
"Great tie. love it."
- RED Long Island NY
- RED Long Island NY
Best Tie Ever
"Presentation of the tie was CLASSIC!!! Quality and color was just as advertised! I will be buying all my ties from you guys! THANK YOU!!!"
- Rell J. Baltimore, Md
Unique Tie
"very nice"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
New tie
"Very nice"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
"Love it! great quality."
- el tigere New York
"Love it! great quality."
- el tigere New York
"Love it! great quality."
- el tigere New York
"Love it! great quality."
- el tigere New York
Love it
"I purchased a youth tie for a special event. I thought it would be average quality like all kids ties. It was not ! Great fabric and quality. He looked great and lots of men were giving compliments! I will definitely order again."
- Onlineshopper Az
Absolutely adorable!
"I bought this tie for my Elder who's an engineer major. He wears ties all the time and I'm sure he'll love this nerdy new addition to his arsenal!"
- 3-19-16 Los Angeles
Larger than expected
"Cool style, excellent quality cufflinks. However, they are bigger than any other pair I own. This suckas are nearly the size of a quarter a piece, if not even bigger. I will have to use them with very specific outfits."
- JohnWayne Los Angeles, CA
Best Yet
"Orange & White will be great with white, orange or black shirts. School colors are black and orange. Thank you for the great $5 sale."
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Solid tie
"Never reviewed a tie before, but this is a pretty solid and seemingly well made tie, it's pretty soft and after learning to tie it, pretty good looking. No complaints so far"
- John Ny
Remove Before Flight
"Wait until I walk into class with this on..."
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Black Blaid
"Goes great with black, white or red shirts"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Wonderful addition for both purple or black shirts
"Wish I had this when the school colors where black and purple"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Black Shirt Framer
"Looks great with a black shirt"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Tribute to Prince
"Great new Lavender and black addition"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
"Love the pattern and color"
- Grammatis New Jersey
Great product
"Just like the pic, well packed, very fast ship."
- Chris Atlanta, Georgia
"Just like the pic, well packed, very fast ship."
- Chris Atlanta, Georgia
Great Quality
"Fast Shipping and High Quality"
- SS Southeast
It's a tie
"The tie is a tie. The customer support though are awesome! I would do business with them again, if I ever have to buy another tie."
- Shawn Austin Texas
Eye catching
"I love the fabric and design."
- Heat OH
Wedding Tie
"It's absolutely perfect for our wedding. Thank you!!"
- Mint Green Fan Massachusetts
Nice Nuance
"I like the design with the hearts. Fabric as expected."
- Heat OH
Best site ever!
"Quality product at a reasonable price. Color true to picture."
Very Comfortable
"They feel like they're giving my feet a hug."
- kyisaacs Detroit, MI
"Excellent quality, will be perfect for my wedding day!"
- kyisaacs Detroit, MI
My favorite
"Great look."
- DrV Swansea, Il
As Pictured
"It's a pretty nice tie bar. Looks exactly as pictured with the dimensions listed."
- Tony Illinois
One of my Favourite Ties
"It is an amazing tie, with many vibrant colours, and even if you don't realize or know that it is a physics particle, it is still an awesome tie design regardless."
- Johnny Bravo Spokane, WA
My Fav
"Out of 4 I bought this was the best."
- Ron Pittsburg
Big Hit
"I got a lot of compliments when I wore this for a presentation. Gave me a spark of confidence that I carried throughout the rest of the day."
- Mack Orlando,FL
these are unique and go with my complete wardrobe
"very easy to wear and they have the classy look"
- Jack Midland, TX by way of LA
Need for speed
"High quality cufflinks, even though they were on sale."
- Scooter Victorville California
Turtle Review
"Very nice looking, high quality cufflinks"
- Scooter Victorville California
Very nice notes
"Great cufflinks, good quality, many complements"
- Scooter Victorville California
No surprises
"Item arrived on time and as expected. It is very sturdy and nice that it is made of cedar to help repel moths."
- Anon Long Beach, CA
Great Laces
"They stay tied!"
- trekcyclist Winter Park,Fl
Perfect color!!
"This was the perfect color of gold needed for the outfit. It is as shown....& better. Really nice gold color not too yellow or orange. Thank you, we would definitely recommend."
- E's Charleston, SC
Great buy
"Just what I ordered, seems like very good quality, and a great value."
- Van Racine Wisconsin
- Sir Pineapple NOVATO CA
Wedding Ties
"Fast shipping and great quality! The jokes on the packaging are fun. Looking forward to wearing these with my best man and groomsmen!"
- NC Charlottesville, VA
"Great quality and shipped fast and free!"
- JQ Alabama
Birthday Gift
"The recipient, who is a huge fan of pizza, thoroughly enjoyed it. The colors and appearance are great. However, the fabric is a little stiff and need to be broken in a little bit more."
- Pizza Monster Florida
"This was given as a birthday gift! The recipient, who is a huge fan of pizza, thoroughly enjoyed it. The colors and appearance are great. However, the fabric is a little stiff and need to be broken in a little bit more."
- Pizza Florida
Love this Tie
"I really love this tie. Its well made and very comfortable"
- Titaniumcully Tacoma, WA
Great Tie
"Wonderfully diverse ties of good quality an affordable prices!"
- Firifish5 Adelaide, Australia
"Better than Expected. Seem to be high quality. Love the pattern."
- tietuesday Grand Rapids, MI
"Better than expected. Seem to be high quality."
- tietuesday Grand Rapids, MI
exceeds expectations
"Great pair of socks. Well constructed and vivid colors."
- steve SW Minnesota
"For the price I wasn't sure if the quality would be there so I bought just one 4 pack. The day after they arrived I bought every color they had. Perfect length color and quality"
- WasatchRay Draper Utah
"I bought this for my son, who is interested in studying astrophysics and is graduating high school this year. He loved it. He wore it for his senior presentation and everyone commented on it. It is difficult to find unusual or novelty ties like this, especially in extra long. The only thing I did not like was that it didn't really lay right under his collar after he tied it. It took a few tries to make it come out to his liking. Bonus: comes with instructions on how to tie a tie printed on the inside of the box! Happy with my purchase."
- supapam Delaware
"Amazing Service & Great Tie!!"
- Lola Blue New York
Great pocket squares
"Excellent items!"
- Papa Puss Ridgeland, MS
My son LOVES this tie!
"I told my teenage son (who is a computer geek) that I bought him a tie as a surprise. He was pretty sure it was going to be lame, but when he saw this tie, he said it was awesome! He admitted I nailed it with this tie. Thank you for making ties fun again."
- Happy mom Abingdon MD
Look even better in person!
"This was my first purchase from and I bought these socks because I wanted something that would catch someone's eye. When I was discussing buying them with a friend he said, "I don't know if I like those..." After they arrived he admitted that he may have been wrong, and that they are a unique and beautiful sock. I loved the box they arrived in, the smart remarks on the exterior and interior made my day. I will definitely be shopping at more often, and recommending it to all my friends."
- Pledgident Lincoln NE
simply marvelous
"great color. superb construction"
- steve minnesota
Explanation not needed.
"This thing speaks for itself. It appears to be well constructed, and looks just like the picture. My new personal favorite tie."
- RB New York
"These socks were purchased for my Veterans Award Ceremony at my college and I am very, very happy with the quality of these socks overall. Very comfortable and more durable than most other dress socks, not to mention they grab the eye when the pants raise making everyone envious of their sheer awesomeness!"
- GoatSlayer Boca Raton, FL
Great Gifts!
"I bought these for my ushers because they were a good price and I wanted something to go with a tie. These were perfect! I was surprised by how nice they actually are in person. I will be purchasing more of these in the future."
- merg2283 Ann Arbor, MI
John Wick loves it!
"Tie's appearance is exactly as pictured. I chose it because it will go nicely with many things my husband already has. He was very pleased with my selection."
- Joan Wick Denton, Texas
Best Bow Tie
"Great color"
- Gigi Albuquerque, NM
Best Bow Tie
- Gigi Albuquerque
Great purchase
"Love this, was the exact color in the photo, perfect for our wedding for the ring bearers. Came super fast!"
- Bow TIe Lover Seattle, WA
Loved it!
"This is perfect for the bow tie Friday my office does. The skulls look like small dots from farther away, but they're so perfect up close!"
- Heather Austin, TX
A beautiful piece
"I own this and Avian Flu, and this is my favored of the two. Having already worn Avian Flu to work, several people commented right off that this was the more eye catching and beautiful. The purple stands out wonderfully against the black and the vaccine spots aren't so dense that they crowd the face of the tie. The quality of this company's products is excellent and I look forward to many years of use. If you have some shirts or pants that can highlight the purple in this tie you'll get some attention for it. I'll be buying more of their ties for certain."
- Reif Kansas City
An excellent conversation piece
"The tie itself is well made and has a nice feel, as well as tying easily. In this color the picture is accurate. The body of the tie isn't quite black. There is a blue hue to it, and in normal office lighting the red rods stand out as a nice accent against the various blue shades. Some ties seem to have a trickier time settling in, but this was excellent from the start. Right off, walking into work, I caught glances and people stopped to ask about the tie. Telling them about the pattern had them either intrigued or laughing at how happy I was with the Avian Flu my wife gave me. I have Vaccine as well and look forward to buying more of Infections Awareables products."
- Reif Kansas City
Love it!
"My husband loves the tie rack. He loves that it can hold 70 ties. The only issue we have is the speed is a bit too fast to select which tie you want. Other than that it fits perfect in the closet and is easy to use."
- AandK Los Angeles
Great tie for the price
"Great tie; great price"
- Pete Richmond, VA
Brokerage hit
"I was wearing this tie at a gathering of people in the financial services industry, and this tie was the hit of the occasion. One gentleman looked closely and observed that it was obviously from before the Apple stock split."
- Harley Ed Boston
President's day hit
"Almost everyone I met loved this tie, and many tried to read the signatures as I wore it."
- Harley Ed Boston
Soft and Fuzzy
"Pros: Very soft Love the color Cons: Soft comes with a price, it's so fuzzy! And sheds a lot, every time I wear it I have to pick fuzzies out of my beard, though I think it will get less and less as time goes on. Also rubs off on my wool jacket and sherpa lined coat. Almost too much fabric width wise, there's a lot of scarf!"
- Tom Reading, PA
It's great
"I love this pattern, killed with it on valentine's day. Plenty of compliments."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
Looks good
"I like the design of this pocket square. It's very thin but you can't really tell from afar once it's in the jacket."
- Fun Louisville, KY
It's Okay.
"The orange edging is very thin and cheap looking. I like the idea, but the execution was off."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
Nice Tie
"A little brighter red than I expected, but still nice regardless. Solid foundation tie."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
"The color of the tie is perfect. I like the shine that it gives off too. Feels and looks luxurious."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
gator tie
"this gator tie is awesome! perfect for any gator fan!"
- g8rfanz brentwood, tn
Long May She Wave
"I'm very pleased with this tie, it is a beautiful representation of our flag. I will wear it with pride."
- Eddie Louisville, Ky
He will love it!
"I bought this for my boyfriend for a Valentine's present. He performs in a men's chorus and loves music so I know he will love it!"
- Tootie Green Bay Wisconsin
My New Favorite
"Ties really easily and does its job"
- Connor Baton Rouge, LA
new scarf
"Nice scarf! beautiful colors! great price! Thanks! EC"
- ecarson South Bend IN
Love it
"Great quality. Great price. Easy to order. Free & fast shipping. Glad to be able to find self tie bow ties for my son. It's getting harder to find them in retail stores. Love it!"
- MamaBee West Virginia
My new favorite!
"These are absolutely fabulous, and go perfectly with a gorgeous blue tie I have. However, they are a little darker than pictured, and at a quick glance in dim light would look more black than blue. However, personally, I prefer that look :) They were also packaged beautifully, and the customer service (i realized I had wanted them shipped a little early) was amazing. Thanks!!"
- Apuri Illinois
Favorite Christmas Tie
"Looks great! Even though I'll have to wait a year to wear it."
- Matt Wichita, KS
Ties for new job
"I needed a couple of ties for my new job and was happy to find I chose 2 perfect ties, got a great deal (2 for the price of 1), had super-fast delivery in durable packaging, was pleased with the quality of the ties, and got a cool sticker, too! I was completely satisfied, and highly recommend"
- joemhinds3 Piqua, OH
Ties for new job
"I needed a couple of ties for my new job and was happy to find I chose 2 perfect ties, got a great deal (2 for the price of 1), had super-fast delivery in durable packaging, was pleased with the quality of the ties, and got a cool sticker, too! I was completely satisfied, and highly recommend"
- joemhinds3 Piqua, OH
"Made a great change to the way my ties were hung in my closet. Even have room to hang more."
- adjret Spring Valley CA
The Taco the Town
"By far the most delicious socks I have ever tasted. They feel like dipping your feet into a steamy vat of ground beef and sour cream at the same time."
- Buzzy NunyaBeezwax
a new winter favorite
"This isn't "christmas" or any other holidaesque pattern that comes across as cheesy. It reminds me of a frosty winter morning...and winter is precisely when I wear it. Quality workmanship and excellent materials. Very pleased."
- Andy M. Nashville, TN
"Super comfy and also really obnoxious, just the way I like it."
- P. Scooper USA, Earth
"Great socks!"
"I like the looks and feel of the material. I have only used these a couple times so I can not speak for longevity or durability yet. I also like the color and pattern variety that offers. The shipping was prompt and in good order."
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"Nice Tie!"
"This Tie is very nice and looks like I expected it to. The only reason I did not rate it five stars is because I was not able to get one that is short enough for me. If I position the front bottom of the tie just above my belt buckle, the small end of the tie hangs down a couple inches below the wide end. I either have to pin it up with my tie bar, or cut some of the small end off. If you offer shorter lengths on your ties in the future, or more length variety, I will give five stars on it. "Just do it!". :)"
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"My first Tie Bar"
"I only used this product a couple times, and it seems to work good so far. The color looks like I expected it to, and the shipping was prompt and satisfactory."
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"I think it is great! Can't wait for my next order: Purple and white stripe."
- Harper601 Upper Marlboro, MD
"The actual item looks better in person. The pictures online do no justice. I am very happy!"
- Harper601 Upper Marlboro, MD
Fiance Favorite
"I got this for my fiancé for christmas. He loves it. It is well made, doesn't take up much space and the wood looks the same as in the photo."
- Kristie Atlanta, GA
Cute holiday bow tie
"This was a really cute bow tie that went with my ugly Christmas sweater vest. It came a little late in the mail though so didn't get to wear at a party I was planning to look way cute at. The strap material feels thin but does the job. I have a very small neck so almost didn't fit."
- Ash Kent, WA
My favorite bow tie
"Perfect Many compliments"
- Mikey Long Neach, Ca
A Good Deal
"As I first viewed this square, I found the color accurately depicted as well as well made. It was a good purchase."
- Don Somers Point, NJ
"the light is exactly where it needs to be"
- Nic Salt lake city
Wht you see
"This is a great tie. Good quality - good length - good design. What you see in the picture is what you get."
- the4mco New York
They thought it was a clip on!
"I love the tie.awesome looking. But I have one problem. Since I have a small neck the adjustment piece is very close to the knot and can get in the way. But really its no Big deal"
- Someone Pennsylvania
Doctor Brother Loves It!
"I was looking for a cool and unique gift for my brother who is doing his residency. Sometimes he thinks that things I get are too cutesy - but this was the perfect balance of fun and professional/usable/serious!"
- BigSister Chicago, IL
My Nephew Loved It!
"The service and product are excellent. My nephew, who is majoring in marine biology, thinks it's very cool."
- Sal Bloomington, IL
"This was exactly what I wanted! Used it for my band at our Christmas Services. Went well with suspenders! Solid and a great price!!!!!!"
- Amarr Whitehouse, OH
The material is great!
"Material feels great. The tie itself, if paired right, looks good and adds texture to the outfit as well"
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Good price for good quality
"Got these on a sale and they're a nice shade of simple cufflinks."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Decent square
"Material is ok. Decent pocket square. Adds some texture to the blazer."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Soft cloth, gets noticed
"The cloth is soft and design is subtle. The color is nice and gets compliments."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
love it
"love it"
- sa phila
my favorite
"I loved the look and feel of the .tie. It was exactly what I wanted to compliment my suit"
- portmorris clackamas, oregon
Holiday cheer tie
"I work for the Long Island Railroad as a conductor and when I wore this tie one day I received many complements and many smiles"
- Bubs Long Island, NY
Love this tie!
"My friend is into infections and curing them...He will love this tie! I think it is Beautiful...gonorrhea and all!! lol"
- Sherrie Mullica Hill NJ
Easy to Use Tie
"I really like the tie. However, it is more on the pink side than the plum/purple side."
- PWtheCat Virginia
cute and classy
"I sent this tie to my brother for his birthday. He liked it! It's pretty, well designed, and classy. Love!"
- hollyann SLC, UT
hubby liked
"great quality"
Who Wouldn't Love This?
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect. Great for Holiday functions and to get a giggle out of people."
- tblnton1 Memphis,TN
Absolutely Awesome
"Love this tie! Everything about it is perfect. Great for Holiday functions and it is so soft."
- tblnton1 Memphis,TN
Love It
"Love this bow tie. Everything about it is perfect. Great for Holiday functions."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Great Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Holly Jolly Good Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Great Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN is my new favorite place to shop for teacher gifts!!!!!
"I bought this tie for my son's 6th grade band teacher and the quality was SUPERB, the presentation (the box, the tissue wrapping, etc.) was BEAUTIFUL and it arrived quickly. My son and I were so impressed that we placed a second order for a different tie for his science teacher!"
- Momma Snow Oxnard, CA
Santa cheer
"Got a great reaction the first time I wore this. easy to tie and nice size. Holds its shape well."
- DoctorC New York
Cool tie!
"I wanted a nice tie for the attorney in our office. He is a fashionista and this tie compliments his stylish taste. It was a difficult choice all three lawyer ties were cool and I liked them all but could only afford one so this is it. Fabulous!"
- Sunnygirl Oakland, CA
Great Tie!
"My husband received just as many compliments on his tie as I did my dress for our holiday event :) The quality of the tie was even better in person! We will definitely order from in the future."
- Naaya Littleton, CO
Sock it to Me
"I am so glad that I made this purchase. These socks are amazingly soft and comfortable. I will definitely shop here again for my future sock related needs."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Hands On
"This tie is for my son's Dr. who is retiring and moving on to speak at conferences for Children with chronic diseases. He will love the bright small hand prints representing all children. It is very well made and delivered very quickly."
- Sheri Henrico County, VA
Beautiful Tie!
"Excellent neck wear; well crafted; great colors."
- Quill Apex, NC
Excellent new tie!
"Great quality and color; fully satisfied."
- Victor Auburn, AL
Classy and Versatile
"This is an outstanding tie. I feel like I should be singing tenor notes in the Glee Club wearing this! A+"
- Vin @BetterFellow Portland, OR
Nice Tie
"Good looking tie."
- Tie Wearer Guy Wichita, KS
Very Nice Tie
"A very quality product. Love the color combination."
- Tie Wearer Guy Wichita, KS
Very seasonal
"Great tie."
- Nick Chicago
Very seasonal
"Great tie."
- Nick Chicago
Suttle, but brillent.
"Understated, yet seasonal."
- Nick Chicago
"Great tie."
- Nick Chicago
So cute
" is my new favorite tie place. I bought this tie and another for my husband. They're nice ties, great designs, free and quick shipping, and they're inexpensive."
- hollyann SLC, UT
Too big
"Great bowtie, well made. Just a bit too long for average neck sizes."
- fry Maryland
"Great holiday tie!"
- Nick Chicago
Great item, great customer service
"The tie rack will be perfect for my son. The packing was done with care. I highly recommend purchasing from this company. It has to be a small business. I had left a message on the weekend (when they are closed), and had a return call within 10 minutes...saying she didn't want me to worry, that my package was on it's way. Great customer service! Congrats"
- Betsy Kansas City, MO
perfect political statement
"great tie which allows one to be subtle yet express one's political leaning"
- cjbrn Yorktown, VA
Great pocket square
"One of several pocket squares I've purchased from Folds great, looks great. Got compliments from the get go. Get one, you will love it."
- Jim R II Charleston, SC
fun for the holidays
"Much nicer looking than the photo on the web page. The colors are vibrant and the pattern is traditional yet Christmasy. This tie also arrived very quickly. I was please with the entire experience."
- Lulu80 Boxford, MA
Black bowtie
"Its a great bowtie, and is solidly built. One issue I had though, which I didn't expect, was that it doesn't have a hook thing at the back. Other bowties have a hook at the back, with slits in the lining, with the neck size indicated on them. This one didn't have that."
- tieman Illinois
pills to you
"This will be perfect for a friend in Pharmacy."
- owl Albuq., NM
the beat goes on
"Perfect for a couple of cardio guys"
- owl Albuq.NM
it will do
"perfect for a friend in Pharmacy"
- owl Albuq.NM
Great Cancer Awareness
"Gets the message across"
- Oregon
"Understated seasonal"
- Oregon
Fishy days
"Great color"
- JT Oregon
My New Favorite
"The tie was what I needed for the suit I was wearing. Many compliments."
- portmorris Clackamas, Or
My New Favorite
"It was great looking and the perfect color for the suit I was wearing."
- PortMorris Clackamas, Or
Great Tie and Service
"I placed my order, a few days later the tie arrives. The tie was in a box to my surprise, which made the order that much better. More orders to come in the future. Thanks"
- Harper Upper Marlboro, MD
Nice Lapel Pin
"Got some compliments. It goes nicely with navy suits."
- John Choi MA
Boo Tie
- Deb Atl, GA
price point value
"Great tie at this price point. It ties neat an stays crisp. Because it is made of microfiber I expect to "tie one on" for many seasons to come (Bengals fan here!)"
- Anubis Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
love it
"Great tie!!! Will order again"
- ctu nyc
Artillery Red Tie
"I bought this tie for my son who volunteers at a veterans organization. He said it was a success with the veterans and some of them mentioned that that they want one too! Great job!!!"
- Mike Sanders Atlanta, GA
Solar Systems Tie
"This tie was a hit with my students! I'm a science teacher and I bought this tie to wear during my classes. I have a bunch of science ties but this one is probably one of my favorites right now! Thank you!"
- Hank Nebraska
Hunter Green Skinny Tie
"I purchased this tie for my more casual looks and it goes really nice with most of my sport coats and blazers. I'm more than pleased with tis tie and I've been wearing it very often's almost becoming my go to casual tie!"
- Ricardo Hoff NYC
Zinfandel Pre-Tied Bow Tie
"I ordered this tie to wear at my cousins wedding and it definitely lived up to my expectations! Color was great and the fact that it was pre-tied really made it easy for me."
- Will G. Colorado
Eclips Blue Skinny Tie
"This tie is really nice, the color is as pictured on the website and even more vibrant in real life. it goes well with most of my suits and shirts, which is a big plus for me."
- Michael St. Louis
Really Cute Hearts Navy Socks
"These socks are super cute! The red hearts in combination with the navy blue color really makes them stand out! I also like how they feel to my feet, so soft!"
- Tara T. CA
Awesome Bacon & Egge Socks
"These socks are so awesome! Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and they are just a party on my feet; great fit and soft on my feet too!"
- Danielle Las Vegas
Cool Christmas Trees Socks
"I ordered these socks as a Christmas gift and I liked them so much that I just ordered them for myself and my husband too! As big Christmas fans we can't have too many Christmas/Holiday items LOL."
- Karen P. Minnesota
Elf Stripe Socks
"I just got these in the mail and I really like them! The colours are as shown on the site and they are nice and soft. These socks are perfect for the Holidays but I think I could also get away with wearing them outside of the Holiday season ;)."
- Kristin Atlanta
Reindeer Shaped Tie
"I bought this tie for my husband as a fun holiday gift (he loves wearing fun ties during the holidays!) and the color and quality are great! It's also cool that the tie does't have the classical shape which just makes it more fun!"
- Simon L. Los Angeles, CA
Preppy Argyle Socks
"I'm really into these preppy socks! I like the classic argyle pattern (I have some sweaters that they match) and I usually wear them with my dress shoes. Really pulls my look together and I get compliments when I wear them so what's not to like!?"
- Joyce P. Seattle
Blue Anchor Socks
"Really cool blue anchor socks! I bought these and a few others for myself since I really wanted some fun socks. This one is my favorite! They make me smile every time I look at my feet and I'm wearing them :)."
- Sarah K. Sacramento, CA
American Socks
"I have so many american flag products so when I saw these socks I knew I had to get them! The pattern is really cool and they're nice and warm. I just ordered these as a Christmas gift for my dad as well!!"
- Jackson Orlando, FL
Black Stripy Socks
"Awesome stripy socks that my daughter stole from me so I just ordered them again LOL."
- Anthony M. Florida
Unique Christmas Tie
"Every year I try to find a unique looking Christmas tie for the office Holiday part and I was very happy to have found this one. The colours are as on the picture and the unique shape will definitely attract attention. Can't wait to wear it at the office holiday party!"
- Jack Michigan
Anchor Socks
"I've been really into quirky socks lately and these colourful anchor socks really fit the bill. The fabric feels soft to my feet and I had no problem with the size (size 9)."
- Caroline M. North Carolina
Geometric Eye catching Socks
"This pair of socks will definitely catch your eye when worn underneath a casual suit or even jeans. They're very comfortable too! Great purchase."
- Casey NY
Colourful Polka Dot Socks
"These colourful polka dot socks are a party on your feet! I wear them with loafers and get tons of compliments every time I wear them. I ordered these in other colours as well, can't get enough :)."
- Sabrina K. Ohio
Cute Polka Dot Socks
"These black and white polka dot socks are super cute and comfy! I really like how they feel, I even bought these for my sister since she kept stealing them from me!"
- Natasha Lopes San Diego, CA
Awesome purple socks
"Super fun socks. Got them for my boyfriend and don't think he's worn them ones since I wear them all the time."
- Mary Jones Los Angeles, CA.
Climate Change Tie
"Love this tie. Purchased it for my husband to wear to work and everyone loves it. Thank you"
- Jane Wisconsin
Great Investment
"My husbands tie rack died after years of use. I found this one and it was a breeze to install. I hung 60+ ties on it and it spins beautifully. Hopefully it will last many years to come."
- Suz Kansas City
HO Ho Ho
"I got these for my son to wear to work during the holidays. He really likes them. So far so good. Hopefully they will continue to wash up nicely."
- Suz Kansas City
Love it
"I have this in green, blue, and brown. Sadly, the brown is discontinued. It's so hard to find a great brown tie. That said, both the green and blue have brown in them and work well with similar color schemes. Good think (but not too think) wool tie. Dresses up or down in hot or cold weather. So glad I got these."
- Tieguy Chicago
It's decent
"Good style. Decent quality. Worth the price with a coupon code."
- Tieguy Chicago
Great Tie and Value
"This was one of two ties I bought on my first pruchase with I originally was surfing to find out a way to tie a bow tie. Ended up buying a couple ties in the process. The quality is excellent and the price was even better, Email updates and sevice was awesome."
- John P. Shroeline, Wa
"love it"
- bob rhode island
"I have appox. 150+ ties and they were all on a hanger and hard to find, but this tie rack is perfect I would recommend it for anyone with over 50-60+ ties. I ordered 2"
- artiet mcdonough Ga
Christmas Cheers
"This is a wonderful way to maintain holiday cheer throughout the season."
- Just me Milwaukee, Wi
Ti(m)e to celebrate the New Year
"This is the perfect tie for the upcoming New Year Celebrations."
- Just me Milwaukee, Wi
Simple, elegant
"The color is nice, subdued and adds a nice touch to my blazer. Quality is good."
- Carlos G Montana
great tie place!
"great design; great price"
- Buddy Jackson, Mississippi
Yeah for fish socks!
"We always need fish socks to go with our shirts on Fish Shirt Friday in Orlando and Fish Tie Friday in NYC. Hope to see more tropical fish socks in the future!"
- Fish Shirt Friday Group Orlando, FL
Loving This Scarf!
"Perfect shade of yellow! Great size and weight!"
- Casey T. Columbus, Ohio
"Great classic tie that can be worn year around! #loveit"
- Blakk Washington DC
Love your ties
"Great holiday tie for my grandson who has to wear ties to school everyday!"
- SRWKnoxville Knoxville TN
Matching to shirt color
"Matches shirt color perfectly!! I will come back to order additional products for sure."
- Jrg8453 Greenwich CT
Great Value
"vivid color just what I was looking for"
- Jrg8453 Greenwich CT
Advanced Math Red
"I love this for my PreCalc and Calc classes -"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
Black Geometry
"I have always wanted something for Geometry - this adds to the wardrobe...thank you"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
50 Digits of Pi
"Beautiful plot - deep story line - I may have to buy a new shirt just to show it off"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
Really great neckwear products
"Although the prices were kind of steep, I really love the concept of the product!"
- Happy Customer QSK3
Good stuff
"Great quality, fast shipping, will purchase again."
- Blitz Houston, tx
Halloween spider tie
"I think this is my newest favorite tie I've just added to my collection."
- Tie addict Wichita kansas
Harlequin pumpkin tie
"Wore this tie the other day and got lots of compliments"
- Tie adicct Wichita kansas
Autumn leaves tie
"Awesome tie! Vibrant colors for fall"
- Tie addict Wichita Kansas
Great fall tie
"Orderly pattern for professional wear with a random contrasting leave color for "pop". Goes well with gray, charcoal, or black suit or blazer. Conservative seasonal statement tie."
- Budster Pleasant Grove, UT
Reserved, tasteful, goes with many colors
"Great fall tie. "Taupe" is not an easy color with which to coordinate most suit colors, but the many colored leaves make it easier. A good choice for seasonal statement in a professional setting."
- Budster Pleasant Grove, UT
Just what I was looking for
"Perfect for fall color. Goes well with dark brown or dark green suit. A little too much for a blazer, but not out bounds for it. Make sure nothing else competes with it."
- Budster Pleasant Grove, UT
A little loud, but gets compliments
"The pattern is a bit busy with all the pumpkins bouncing around. My wife hates it. But, I got lots of positive remarks: "colorful", "cool", "great seasonal tie", and the like. In my opinion, must be color coordinated to keep from coming on too strong."
- Budster Pleasant Grove, UT
"God bless America"
- Shrek Orlando fl
Cool Halloween
"Happy Halloween"
- Shrek Orlando fl
"The tie arrived faster than originally estimated. Fine quality tie. Being someone who has to wear extra long ties I would like to see the loop in the back a little higher to allow for easier measuring when tying. As with most of my other ties, I will have to take tie to the tailor to have the loop moved up a couple of inches."
- tired Sacramento
The 'Don Draper' Tie
"Perfect tie to complete the 'Don Draper' look! (Halloween is in 2 weeks.)"
- LLG Stony Point, NY
Can't Wait 'till Christmas
"This is a Christmas gift for my history teacher husband. The quality is great and I'm sure he'll like it!"
- LLG Stony Point, NY
Very nice tie
"I purchased this tie for my Halloween theme wedding I'm going as Herman Munster. I have never really worn bow ties but it is very nice. I may purchase more as well as regular in the next future as well as standard style from here or other places if I see any that catch my eye I think I will incorporate the tie I got into other times I need one. Thanks"
- Chris Exeter, NH
"Love the bow tie. Fast shipping too 💯"
- Ak Ga
Tie of the month.
"The item arrived this past Saturday in time for weekend Mass. Today being my deceased parent's anniversary and mother a two time beast cancer survivor,. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What a great way to honor the women that raised us. Thanks for the wine gift card enclosed in the package. This will help raise my style of living."
- TrueStyle Saint Francis, WI
"Vivid colors, nicely made"
- Lizzie Athens, ga
Very pleased!
"We were pleased by how fast we received the tie, and by the quality! It will be worn for a Halloween night wedding. It is perfect!"
- Tieoneon Toledo, ohio
Coolest Tie Ever
"I work in the restaurant industry and required to wear a tie everyday. When I wore this tie to work the staff and customer all loved it."
- Pharenhyt Detroit, MI
Nice Tie
"Was looking for a purple and gold and this was as close as I could find. A Royal Purple and Old Gold tie would be very popular with my Fraternity. If you were to start selling that combination I am sure you will get plenty orders."
- Mike Southeast Florida
New Tie
"Great tie! I got several compliments the first time I wore it."
- Nick Charlottesville VA
Trick or Treat!
"Not so scary that it frightens kids - love it!"
- Halloween Guy Terrell, Texas
Happy Halloween!
"Love it and better yet - MY WIFE LOVE'S IT!"
- Halloween Guy Terrell, Texas
Great tie Rack
"This is easy to mount and works great. It doesn't take up much room and hold a good number of ties."
- submarier 1 Smithfield VA
Super Cool
"Comfortable, soft, and super cool. I'm an average height guy and this fits well. Good luck finding this at your Sears outlet or Mens Warehouse. 4lyfe"
- ProphetBrohamed Lansing, MI
Great Tie
"Warm and summery colour with a great texture to the fabric."
- Zencop9018 Stoney Creek, Ontario
Love it
"It's fun and a little silly, but subtle enough that it's not completely clownish."
- Zencop9018 Stoney Creek, Ontario
Lots of fun tie choices
"The ties are always great. The prices can be a little high, so I wait for sales. The sales are worth it."
- DP Yorktown, Va
It's a black bow tie
"The neck piece is without markings for neck sizing. Other than that it is a pre-tied formal black tie. No pre-tied has the "touch" of a real bow tie. But, if you can't tie one, this is a good option."
- Genee56 Salem, ORegon
Very good-looking tie
"Very good-looking tie. I am very happy with it."
- John R P Massachusetts
Teal ftw!
"Teal is easily my favorite color so when I saw this tie I had to have it!"
- Red2 Beaverton, OR
Perfect fit for my friend's wedding!
"My friend for whom I will be a groomsman next month wanted us to get bowties that reminded ourselves of our relationship to the groom. The groom and I are both nerds and he is like a brother. Nerdy + brothers = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to me and this tie gives me that vibe with the excellent green hue!"
- Red2 Beaverton, OR
An Artsy Fall Favourite
"This tie was perfect for my father, as he's 6'4" and this was available in extra long. My only regret is that I had really been looking for a Thanksgiving-specific tie, but I really think that he'll like this one!"
- cryingtheoretic King of Prussia, PA
A Cute Buy
"The tie arrived quite quickly and in good shape, in a nice box! It's perfect for my father, who's a statistician and likes to wear quirky ties. I also love that it came in extra long since my father is 6'4"!"
- cryingtheoretic King of Prussia, PA
These owls are a hoot!
"Finding a GREAT tie like this isn't easy. Well made, feels nice and ties well. What more can a tie liver want? (Perhaps a lower price, but I'm not complaining !)"
- The Doctor Omaha
Love these Laces
"Great colors, good length, well made. Wore them all day, never came undone or even loose. I now have shoelaces to match about a dozen different shirts. Adds a nice splash of flair to an outfit."
- BobG St Paul MN
Lovely Design
"The colors and design caught my eye and brought to mind Robert Frost's Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. I like the feel of the material, like that it can be cleaned easily (unlike silk), and like the weight of the material."
- Greg Hill Richboro, PA
best tie ever!
"This is by far my favorite tie I have bought from! I've got a thing for skulls...."
- carl b. Barstow, CA
Great for the Job
"This hanging tie rack is perfect for storing my ever-growing collection of bow ties. I looked around on several other sites, and couldn't find anything like this that accommodates 42 ties. No regrets about this purchase."
- DCGuy_20009 Washington, DC
"These ties were especially ordered for the seniors at my children's school. They all loved them. Thank you for the great quality and wonderful service."
- 9timemother Minnesota
love this tie
"I usually don't spend more than $40 for my bow ties, but at buy one, get one free this was a great deal. The tie is well made and I am very pleased with all 4 ties Ipurchased."
- JR Silver Spring, MD
Great tie!
"Great color, nice hand, quickly delivered!"
- Kansan Kansas City
very cool
"Love the color and the polka dots"
- buddy love Chicago
"Purchased BOGO! Love them all with excellent shipping"
- Trowil Virginia
"When you don't know what ails you this tie can solve it. Great idea."
- Snmusic Orlando FL
"Great design! Love it."
- Snmusic Orlando FL
Subtle Tie
"The pattern is a nice deviation from a solid without going full plaid. It stands out better on dark and light solid shirts. I'll eventually probably get the brown one to wear with khakis."
- GoBoworGoHome Missouri
Ties for Tots
"This is a great one for a toddler. It's faster to put on than a self-tie, but harder for the kid to remove than a clip on. After he fiddled with it for a few seconds, he forgot he was wearing it the rest of the day. The fabric and proportions are nice too."
- Dad Missouri
What more can you say?
"A Gonorrhea Bow tie ? The name says it all. Only the most astute observer knows what it is , so you have an ongoing private joke with yourself. Those that recognize it are dorks too, and ask where they can get one! A nice looking, well made ti"
- The Doctor Omaha, NE
Great for Infant, not Toddler
"The clip system where it clips onto the collar points instead of in the middle makes it much more comfortable for a little one. The size is right too. The only thing is that a toddler can just pull it right off and lose it. Definitely get the boys tie for a toddler. The smallest setting on the boys tie will fit the average 2 year old"
- DapperDad Missouri
One of my favorites.
"Very good looking tie!"
- Justin Antioch, TN
Very Niceeeeee👍
"Suprised !! Did not expect it to look this good! I've already reserved for more and referred special friends about the sight! My husband and I's new tie shop especially hubby😉"
- Mz Darkim Chicago,IL
Great match
"This is a great match for one of my bridesmaids' dresses -- I just wish it had the matching pocket square like every other color :-/"
Brighter than I thought
"A little lighter orange than I expected for a burnt orange tie -- I am trying to match the bridesmaids' dresses, but it is hard to do. Others I found in stores are too reddish -- so this is the closest so far I suppose."
Exactly the color I was looking for
"Perfect -- I looked high and low in stores for a tie to match the green that is in my wedding dress, and this was spot on! Thanks!"
Great tie
"Really good quality tie. Worth the money."
- KRK Idaho
Great tie!
"My MD son loves this tie.. What a conversation starter at the hospital!"
- NurseNancy Virginia
Great wedding tie
"The tie was lovely, there is a bit of texture to the cloth that I like a lot. :)"
- Kate Seattle
Gift for My Spinal Surgeon"s P.A.
"He loved it and thought it was very thoughtful."
- Decosailor Boca Raton, Florida
Great for my groomsmen
"I bought these ties for my groomsmen. It looked great on them and the quality is great for the price"
- The Groomguy Kansas City, Mo
For my Daughter's Wedding
"Matches the tie perfectly."
- MountainHermit Sutton, QC CANADA
Tie for my Daughter's wedding
"Just the right colour of purple"
- MountainHermit Sutton, QC CANADA
The New Gold Standard
"A really handsome addition to my wadrobe. Thank you."
- Tighe Providence
Sail me away to happiness
"Absolutely love the quality of this pocket square. Its sturdy enough to maintain any intricate folding you might come up with when placing in your pocket but not too think were it makes your pocket look bulky."
- thedapperjuan Los Angeles, CA
"Keeps everything nice and clean. I have 30-some ties, so I can do one every other hanger. Works like a charm."
- zach Phoenix
Adaptor for smaller rack
"Would of given a 5 star if not for the fact i had to jerry rig it to fit my closet rack. Would recommend an adapter for smaller racks. Other than that a great product."
- Jose 30045
My Go To Place for ties
"The order process was easy, the checkout was simply and I received my item really fast"
- Reggie Detroit, MI
awesome matching color tie
"I loved the skinny style of my tie and matching color to the wedding"
- nadia Sacramento, ca
Great product!
"Looks just like the photo. Orange is vibrant, silver is bright. Clip is wide and holds the tie in place well. Looks great and will make the perfect addition to my summer/fall look. Recommend!"
- Blue New York City
Love it
"I had been looking for a tie to match my wedding and I looked and looked and someone told me about so I decided to give it a try I am so glad I did the is the only place that had the tie in the color I needed to match my wedding at a reasonable price!!"
- Casey Saltillo MS
Busy Bees
"This is working perfectly for my 2nd grade class theme of Busy Bees."
- hvacman4032 Kansas City, MO
Great, just not what I expected.
"When I first got it, I was ecstatic over the quality of my new tie. There was just one problem ... It was not the color I was expecting. The pale blue is more of a silvery blue, like a gorgeous fish scale. I wanted the tie to match a pale blue shirt I had, along with an Ice Grey 3-piece. While it may go with the suit, it just doesn't match the shirt. Am i dissapointed? Yes. Am I happy with my order? Also Yes. I would recommend this tie to anyone looking for that perfect silvery blue."
- Vince NJ
"I was both happy with the shipping and packaging of my new tie. I've been in need of a black tie for awhile and while this one has a bit of a different texture than what I was expecting (very slippery) it is excellent for what it is. I would recommend this tie to anyone with the vest to match."
- Vince NJ
fast delivery. decent quality
"Nicer than I thought it would be. And, even with free shipping, it showed up here in a week!"
- Pablito Seattle
I love it
"Great quality nice color easy to match"
- Sam Pawtucket RI
Great product
"Beautiful color and great quality."
- Sam Pawtucket RI
A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Since we are from Indpls, home of the 500 race, I always dress in black and white, plus have my checkered dress and top and all. Now my husband can wear his checkered flag too!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! This one is a must for INDPLS IN"
- Debbie Indpls IN
LOVE IT!!!!!
"It matches my zebra dress!!!!! So now we can dress alike"
- Debbie Indpls IN
my husband went wild over this one
"My husband is an engineer and he does the PCB lay out,. His business cards now match his tie!!!!!"
- Debbie Indpls IN
I've been looking for this tie EVERYWHERE!!!!!!1
"LOVE. LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Debbie Indpls IN
My Hubby's lucky tie
"i bought this tie for my husband when he graduated from college with an electronics degree. In next to no time he got called for an interview, wore the tie, and got the job. Now i'm not saying he got the job because of the tie... but c'mon, it's a pretty frickin' awesome tie! ;)"
- Froggy Phoenix, AZ
Smaller than expected but great!
"Smaller than the picture displayed, but still a great buy!"
- Aaron Daytona, FL
I love this tie!!!!!!!
"I will now be ordering all ties from!!! Beautiful and affordable!!!!"
- Mim Be la
Nice basic pocket square
"Nice basic pocket square. Fold it as a classic white square, or use the turquoise to accent. A+"
- Jerm California
"Bling"able....sort of...
"As much as I do like this tie. I don't like the fact that it's extremely difficult to get it positioned "just" in the right place to have any "wow" factor. I don't know if it's too heavy of a tie or what, but it wants to lean downward all the time which takes away the "bling" factor."
- Jilliebean Truro, IA
Skinny silk ties
"Looks great and great service!!"
- Raj Potomac, MD
"Came exactly how pictured! Will fit perfectly to the groom's outfit for our wedding! Fast shipping as well! Thanks so much!"
- KB Illinois
Great Piece!
"Wears well"
- Musicj Columbus, Ohio
Great Piece!
"Looks and wears well"
- Musicj Columbus, Ohio
PC Upgraded!
"I don't know what it is about this tie, but people think I'm smarter than I really am. Thanks!!!!!"
- Patty G Lexington Ky
Best Tie Rack Ever
"This is a really neat item. I really mean "neat". My husbands ties were previously hung as a bunch on a rack that was supposed to separate them but he never was able to hang them properly. Now he can really see what he owns and they don't look like a heap. I had no idea he had so may ties. This was a great Father's Day gift."
- 123 Cedar Knolls, NJ
"This was a present for my husband, and when i received the tie it was better then I excepted. Up close the colours look very nice and I like the material so far its been very durable and manageable."
- Glittermind Phoenix, AZ
Exactly what I was looking for
"I bought this tie for my wedding. My fiancee and I looked unsuccessfully all over Knoxville to find something in this color. The tie looks exactly as it is pictured. I also was refreshed by the attitude and professionalism of the company."
- Jake Knoxville, TN
"Great quality and packaging. I'm going to get all the other colors."
- Cellar Master Cincinnati, Ohio
Wonderful Tie!
"Love this tie! So elegant yet fun!"
- KJP Avon, CT
Great Tie!
"My dad is a huge sailor, so this tie was perfect for him for father's day. He even sent me a selfie (his first probably) to show me him wearing it to work the next day!"
- KJP Avon, CT
"I love this tie! I got it for my father on father's day. He loves it!"
- KJP Avon, CT
Great buy!
"Love the quality and color of the pin!"
- Maurice_gibson5 Atlanta
"Need I say more?"
- Bruce Wayne The Batcave
Great gift
"My husband loves the quality of these ties as well as the design - creative and well done!"
- natural woman Poughkeepsie NY
"Again, does not disappoint!"
- Tie Lover Pensacola, FL
"Again, does not disappoint!"
- Tie lover Pensacola, FL
Brainiac tie
"A gift for a Military retirement. The tie drew raves from all assembled."
- Mom Lake Oswego, OR
"I needed something that looked preppy and it went perfect with a cardigan. I was worried it wasn't 'preppy' enough because it wasn't crested but it's perfect. It's sort of reminiscent of Harry Potter. Very nice texture and wonderful color. is amazing!"
- Preppy Colorado
- Buckjackie Mississippi
Surprise persent
"Super color and exceptional quality as always!"
- Kenny Sioux Falls SD
"Great tie, super smooth. I'd recommend this tie to anyone from your teenage son to your great great grandfather. Perfect for any occasion."
- Alex Portland, ME
"This one has a great feel to the fabric. It feels almost more expensive and finely made than I expected. The quality is high and it looks good paired with many different shirts. Side note: my colleagues didn't notice the pattern/concept easily- it's a great tie but also subtle enough in its conceptual design not to tip off observers to its "virus" nature."
- Fototraveler Ny, ny
A Great Gift.
"I purchased this tie for my son. He is a physician and he just loved it. His colleagues thought it was very clever. Going to order him a few more."
- sweetp Claremont ca
Unsuspecting germ
"Fun tie"
- Moon Pie Tampa, FL
Nice critters
"Another fun tie."
- Moon Pie Tampa, GL
It's me!
"Excellent tie."
- Moon Pie Tampa, FL
Power tie
"Very nice quality & fun to wear."
- Moon Pie Tampa, FL
A striking purchase
"This is a great casual pocket square. It stands out without being overly flashy, and is a great value relative to its price."
- NK Iowa City
Wonderful Conversation starter.
"This is a high quality tie, it's just as good as some I paid over $100 for. The subject matter is what inspired the purchase. I work for a medical waste supply company and this tie always sparks up a conversation."
- Bangsi Modjeska, CA
"I thought it would have come already made up however it was a good purchase"
- teno Bridgeport, ct
"This is for when I want something with color that's a bit out of the ordinary. I'm going to have fun with this one."
- old999 Western Massachusetts
Perfect for the holidays
"At first glance it looks like a holiday tie. On closer look it's obviously a statement of my passion. Great tie."
- old999 Western Massachusetts
Great for Fall
"Beautiful. I can't wait to wear it."
- old999 Western Massachusetts
Aqua Bow Tie for Boys
"Very pleased with this item. Color was exactly as pictured. Received very quickly."
- MonaS Virginia
light blue cufflink knots
- melvo monrovia calif
"I am wearing the tie today and love it. My wife likes is as well."
- colonel Greenville, SC
Pros and Cons
"Got this tie for my brother. He loves all things that light up. Pros: He loved the tie. Cons: He wants to crash a prom now (he's 59 years old). Overall I think the gift was a great success!"
- flashy Geneseo, NY
AMAZING 10/10 ******
"The model chosen completely put me off this purchase. I decided to look past this and WOW do they look amazing on me! Here's a picture."
- Jim.S East Asia
"I wore this tie and matching pocket square to a college graduation ceremony. Let me say it looked "smooth" and "classy""
- DWD007 Greenville
Orange Bow tie
"I purchased this tie for a friend's son who needed it for a school prom. It had to be a certain color (kids). The tie was exactly what they wanted and arrived promptly in advance of the event. Once again you have exceeded my expectations. Thanks for everything."
- Larry Mansfield, Texas
"Ordered 55 ties for my church mens choir we wore them with grey suits...they looked great arrived in time ..will use this site in thefuture"
- erkie Landover, Maryland
Loved the ties
"This was my father's favorite tie. He bought it years ago and wore it often. When he recently passed away, I was so pleased to see that it was still available so I ordered ties for his son, sons-in-law, and grandsons to wear at the funeral. The ties arrived on time and were beautiful. Everyone commented on how great they looked. It was a wonderful tribute to a great man. Thanks so much."
- AJ's Daughter Washington, DC
Cute Boys Bowtie!
"Very pleased with this cute little bowtie. It is very small ~ I almost could have gone with the next size up ~ I purchased the tie for a 2 year old. Would recommend to anyone! Great company with quality products."
- sec3girls Jonesborough, TN
"I love these socks! I was hesitant on paying $10.00 a pair, but once i received them and noticed the quality, I was overly happy. I will continue to order from I also received my order about 5 days sooner than expected. Great job guys!"
- SplendidJay Belton, TX
Skinny Ties
"Tie is not as skinny as the other skinny ties are, but still good quality. Just be sure to check measurements before buying"
- zkisor Akron, Ohio
Other Sock
"A splendid addition to my wardrobe. It goes perfectly with a Harris Tweed jacket, and should complement other items also. Oops, there goes my other sock!"
- popcultBill
Mona Lisa
"I had another Mona Lisa Tie, but after numerous years I,wore it out. I bought another one because the ladies complimented this tie more than any other tie I have worn."
- Barry Ca
Great tie
"I,have bought many ties from Wild Ties, great service, quality Ties, fantastic selection."
- Barry Ca
butterfly bow tie
"color was different than what it appeared on line but this worked in my favor! It was a perfect match for my son's date's prom dress and I was fretting that it was not the right color but it was! Good quality tie!"
- shell Bloomsburg, PA
Buy it!
"This simple yet very effective expander works wonderfully. Highly recommended for collars that may be shrinking on you!"
- Davidjosephchapman Florence, SC
Light, comfy, and stylish
"I love these socks! They're aren't heavy, form around my foot well, and feel great. I wear a size 9.5 shoe, and the toe area is a little small on the feet (see pic), but other than that, no complaints!"
- Isyiw East Palo Alto, CA
Big, but nice
"Excellent looking tie bar, but I wish I would have ordered the next size smaller. Looks best with the larger width ties."
- Scott Riverton, WY
Nice tie
"Excellent quality silk tie, just what you would expect. Looks nice, too."
- Scott Riverton, WY
Perfect for spring!
"I bought this for my 4 year old son to wear on Easter. It is a very lovely fresh pale yellow perfect for spring. Even nicer in person. I love the material, the color, the quality, and this company!"
- JoyRoet Philadelphia, PA
Red Port Belle Skinny Tie
"Great tie at a great price. Appears to be good quality fabric and is well made. Shipped in such a way you can wear it straight out of the box, no creases, wrinkles, etc."
- NorNor Brevard, NC
Black Tie
"Simple Yet stylish"
- Pratt Dallas, TX
Great Tie
"I love the sunshine yellow tie! Looks great with a black shirt."
- Tenor1 Newport News, VA
Purple Cheetah Tie
"I bought this tie for my daughters wedding. In two weeks she will be getting married at the Bronx Zoo and this Cheetah Tie (purple) is perfect for the occasion! I was a little worried that it might come in looking like a bad silk screen and making the tie look cheap, but that is not the case! I even bought an extra one for my wife to make into a pocket square."
- Bodyman Denville, NJ
"This is a great tie for our ring bearer. It matched the color description well, just a little darker, but that could always be the difference in color from screen to real life. The length is just right, too. Shipped faster than it said it would. Great quality."
- arnold25 ID
"This tie is great, but is not as pale as the description leads you to believe and is a little more gold colored. I needed it to match my bridesmaids dresses and it may be too dark, hoping nobody will really notice. Anyhow, good quality and the color difference is the risk you have to take when shopping online anyway."
- arnold25 ID
"I got this tie as a gift for my swim team coach. His face when he opened the box was priceless. The tie is excellent quality, it doesn't look cheesy at all. Also, it got shipped quickly and arrived within days! It came in a super cute box too. If you're trying to make someones day I highly recommend this product."
- Caroline Ashaway, RI
Great product
"Product was accurately portrayed. Shipping time was so fast. We are very satisfied with this tie."
- DLE519 North Carolina
"10/10 would buy more"
- bluegummyotter CA
"Grate tie very fast"
- thefixerfixer San Antonio,TX
Great looking tie
"The tie looks great but the material is not as good quality as I thought it would be. The colors are nice. Overall, it is a nice tie."
- DMantel Brooklyn, NY
Recent order
"I recently received a follow up order to a prior order that included additional ties racks as well as some parts that I needed for the original purchase. I spoke to Angela and she took excellent care of me and the second order was received on time and in great condition. Your products and customer service are to be commended. I would completely recommend your products to anyone I know that is in need of them and wish to thank you and especially Angela for the great care. Larry"
- Larry Mansfield, Texas
One excellent brush!
"I've used this brush consistently since receiving it, and I could not be more happy. The lint/hair remover works like a charm. I have yet to use the shoehorn function of the brush, but I doubt I really ever will. In that regard, a normal brush handle would have been preferred. But, overall, I am completely happy with my purchase!"
- EleventhHour Warren, MI
For the Gryffindor in you
"This was a gift for my husband, he loves the colors and the material is great!"
- tfnikki Alaska
Easter Tie
"Nice quality and perfect non kid tie for my teen!"
- Nicks Tie Damascus, MD
"Working with was great. Fast, free delivery and wonderful product. Thank you!"
- mommalove Sacramento, CA
Great tie, super contrast
"Great tie, in the classic striped preppy form, but with a great contrast of a slightly grey color with a rich cobalt blue, nice change from the bright white. Different and looks great with any oxford from bright white to grey. Thanks, super tie!"
- Bruce Lafayette, LA
Great product
"I am very happy with the Electric Closet Tie Rack. I have been looking for the right product and found it! Now my ties are very organized and it is very simple to use. Great product for the price!"
- Brent Minnesota
Social Studies/ History Tie
"Awesome tie for a future social studies/history teacher. The material is high quality and it fits well."
- Ulrich Lansing, MI
perfect for a newborn
"I ordered this tie for my 1 month old to wear for Easter and its perfect. Great size for any child up to probably 2 years old I would guess."
- chris jackson, wy
Coral pre-tied bow tie
"Our grandson likes this tie for Easter this year."
- Hinton Tulsa, ok
My Niece's Wedding
"My father will be wearing this beautiful bowtie this upcoming summer. The bowtie has surpassed my expectations.It looks very elegant."
- Lally Puerto Rico
"I loved my item, I loved the price, I loved the sense of humor this company had, and I would definitely come back again!"
- unigrampa Arizona
Tie Rack
"The rack is okay. The wood is finished nicely, but the pegs are looses and I expect will fall out soon. They give you a plug to cover the screw holes but the plug is too small and pushes in the hole rather than sitting on top."
- mlkfjams New York, NY
Pretty tie
"I ordered this tie for my son's baptism. I am going to have a cross embroidered on it. It is a really pretty blue. The only issue I had was that when the box arrived, it was open. The stickers did not seem to hold. Everything was in it so that was fine."
- Jodie South Carolina
Perfect Necktie
"Found the perfect tie to head to Kentucky for some horse racing. What better than a tie full of Mint Julep cups, mint and ice? Now I must learn to tie this thing."
- Hired Hand Wisconsin
Pi Day!!!
"Just in time for Pi Day."
- Natedgreat
Very nice!
"Good Product. Exactly as described."
- Jordan Charleston, SC
"I read a lot of reviews on ALL of the electronic tie racks, I decided to buy this tie rack from TIES.COM. Was I surprised, it did everything it was supposed to do. I hung 140 ties on two of their electronic tie racks, they worked perfectly, I arranged them by color and now it is sooooo easy to select the perfect tie for my suit of the day. Highly recommend this tie rack if you want to organize your ties and save space in your closet. Very powerful motor moves heavy thick ties around with ease, for the price there is none better than this electronic tie rack. Just as good as the $475.00 tie rack that finally quit!"
- Joe D New, Jersey
Great Tie
"Fun theme. Excellent quality. Better than expected. Great colors for spring and summer."
- Captain-A New York, NY
"My son wanted to stand out at prom, so he opted for a bright yellow suit. This tie is the perfect addition to his fun ensemble. It is a well made, great quality tie. You won't be disappointed."
- Steph Brownwood, TX
"This tie was both true to color and awesome! It was exactly what I was looking for and no one else had them! I ordered 6 for our wedding! Freaking fantastic!"
- Dandelion Phoenix,az
"Perfect 4th of July/Election Day fashion!"
- Noozdawg Chicago
Cool design
- bebbs3 Seattle, WA
Black silk tie for boys
"These ties are EXCELLENT. 100% Silk and of fantastic quality. I didn't know what to expect with my first order from this company, but I WILL order these ties again and again. Wunderbar!"
- JRJRJR Kentucky
Plesantly Surprised
"RATING is VERY VERY Good. Almost 5 stars. I totally took a flyer on this one. Had it sent to my destination and took another shirt and tie with me because I figured it couldn't possibly be of suitable quality to wear with a $1000 suit and $400 shoes. But damn if I wasn't completely wrong! I couldn't believe it. This is a very nice tie. Now it's not a Ferragamo, but it'll hang with the big boys for a LOTTA LOTTA less money. My ONE complaint perhaps is that the standard length was a TAD long. I had to re-tie it a couple of times. But the knot held wonderfully and was very low maintenance. Also...tying it 3 times didn't leave it completely wrinkled. Will I buy again? definitely."
- TieReviewer Charlotte, NC
- Humble Nashville, TN
Cool Socks
"Nice socks, accurate size and color."
- Taino Brooklyn, NY
Poor graphics
"This book could have really been great if it had better graphics depicting what the finished tie would look like. You don't know what the finish tie is suppose to look like. Not helpful for that reason."
- Taino Brooklyn, NY
"Nice tie and color. Not too wide, not too skinny. Got these for my groomsmen to match David's Bridal "Capri" colored bridesmaid dresses and it is a close match."
- Nicholas Blacksburg, VA
Cedar Tie Hanger
"This a great tie rack it will organize your ties and make them easy to find. I do love it be sure to get you will too."
- Bigkat Brooklyn, N.Y.
Great Tie
"Excellent quailty great looking tie lots of compliments I am so very happy I have this item in my closet and so will you ."
- Bigkat Brooklyn,N.Y.
Nice price and nice product
"Just got my hankies in and they are great. Price is wonderful compared to other spots that want to charge you more. They are not fancy but get the job done, feel soft and I can go through one a day (and still have some left) before washing. Have not had to wash them yet but I do not see any reason they would not come out great. Nice subtle patterning around the edges...just a classic hanky that fits great in the pocket!"
- bltupper Ann Arbor, MI
Coral Tie - May Wedding
"This tie is perfect for our Memorial Weekend wedding. It is a great coral color that will be a beautiful accent to the navy suits the guys are wearing. Color online is true. It is well made and I couldn't be happier! :)"
- Mary T PA
Coral Tie - May Wedding
"This tie is perfect for our Memorial Weekend wedding. It is a great coral color that will be a beautiful accent to the navy suits the guys are wearing. Color online is true. It is well made and I couldn't be happier! :)"
- Mary T PA
matching the bridesmaid
"I have been looking for a tie to match the bridesmaids for a very long time. I finally found one to match it. The bridesmaids wore a david's bridal dress, the chiffon short crinkle in guava. The online colour of guava is different from in person. But this tie was as close as it can get for me. The guava was a darkish coral colour which matches this tie. Thank you"
- Tina18 Jamaica
Extremely Pleased
"I am extremely pleased with every purchase I've made with You won't be disappointed if you're considering making a purchase!"
- Lady Di Easley. SC
Nice Gift
"Received regular length tie as gift. With 18 1/2" neckline actually needed the extra length (XL). Return was easily made and received sharp silk XL tie in timely manner. Recommend tie and service."
- MikeB Sheridan, IN
Storage Unit as Catch All
"I have been looking for a "catch-all" type of a tray that is bigger than the average tray out there. This storage unit is just perfect. This is a high quality cedar product and just like all's other cedar products, it smells great. I use it to hold my phone, wallet, keys, and change on my dressers."
- Larson Jakeson Virginia
Lightning Bolt Socks
"LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these bad boys. great quality socks for $10bucks. The Sock Genius are better than my Stance and Happy Socks. I'll come back to buy some more when this d@mN winter is over. The socks are not ideal if you have to walk a long distance. I walk about 17 blocks everyday in NY so you can imagine, I get pretty cold. But worth every penny since they have such sweet designs."
- Mark New Jersey
Mustache Socks for Both of Us
"I got these for my boyfriend for Christmas. We both seem to love these a lot. I came back to buy two more pairs just to have them since I seem to want to wear them all the time and I'm not the kind of girl who wears boys clothes. Glad they are back in stock."
- Shannon H. HB
American Flag Socks
"How can you not love these. Best socks ever. 'Merica!! Everyone comments on how much they like my socks if they get a chance to see them. I try to make it a point to show them off to my co workers. Love the fit and finish of these socks. Great job guys!!!"
- Mike D. Atlanta
LInen Pocketsquare
"Of all the things I got from these guys, this is by far my favorite thing. Adds a nice classy touch to my blazers. I've worn this a few times and goes grreat with a hot pink tie. I'll uplaod a pic later. 100"
- Marcus Toronto
Orange Edged Linen Pocket Squares
"Great quality. Fast shipping. The product is exactly how it is pictured. Highly recommend."
- Mister Doboson Chicago
Edged Pocket Squares
"Had been looking for some of these pocket squares everywhere. There is a local company that sells them but the quality was super low. You get what you pay for. has really great customer service and fast delivery. Given what I received from their competitor I was afraid of more or less the same quality. But definitely exceeded my expectations."
- Mister Doboson Chicago
Best Little Company
"I purchased a few of their pocket squares to test... Excellent quality. Very happy with quality and overall feels"
- Bad News Bear Austin
Good enough
"Well-made, good value. A bit bulkier and hence less amenable to some knots than Alynn silk ties."
- Blackrobe Oshkosh WI
Electronic Closet Rack!
"Best on the market. This is my second one since I keep buying ties from these guys. Great service. High quality products and fast delivery. Can't emphasize how amazing has been to me for the last 5 years."
- closet
Spot On!
"Arrived when specified it would, color was spot on."
- RABMM Des Moines, Iowa
Best Hanky on the market ( for the price)
"I use hankies every day. These hankies are as good as many upscale brands that sell for up to $15 a hankie. Very Impressed. continues to impress with their quality products and competitive pricing. You have a new loyal customer in me."
- Mr. Green SC
Great tie
"Got this as a quick gift for a co-worker and it's better quality then I expected and super fast shipping."
- sirenianewfs San Francisco
Georgia Peach Skinny Tie
"Getting married in March and this color is exactly what we were looking for for the groomsmen! The color is a soft coral and instead of a really shiny finish the microfiber looks more sophisticated I think."
- julieeberle Arkansas
Great Necktie
"Great tie! Can we get the same print with different solid color"
- KAL1234 Cleveland
These socks are great!
"Got these socks for free as part hitting a dollar amount with my shipment and wasn't expecting much from them. Especially because I wear a size 13/14 shoe and the socks were labeled as "one size fits most". They fit fantastic, and the fabric was super soft. They are some of the best socks I own! Will definitely back to buy a few more pairs.."
- Jeffrey Southern California
"Great service! The time I expected the tie to come in was actually shorter and I felt as if I made the right choice ordering from this website! The tie itself is very nice. It's very smooth and has the color right. People may have trouble putting it on because of the texture but it isn't that hard. Easy to wash as well! 9/10 :)"
- TheOtterTommy California, CA
Just what I ordered
"I live around many Aggies who follow the sports teams' success. When they win, this tie announces to everyone at church that the Aggies did it again."
- Dragoon SLC, Utah
Not much
"I found that this pocket square was significantly lacking in Purple edge; the edge was in fact Lilac."
- Dragoon SLC, Utah
"The best tie for $20bucks! Fabric has the feel and weight you'd expect from a $60 dollar tie at any department store. The sheen of the tie is just right...medium silk sheen. The fuchsia color is perfect for Valentine's Day. The tie looks the same in person as the image on the website."
- Letmesaythis Atlanta
Great clip
"I should've gotten a slightly longer one. But this is just great. Good looking, just as advertised and arrived right on time."
- BobBendick La Quinta, CA
Smart TIE
"This was a sweet tie, I was a hit during my Job interview. The person holding the interview was taken by my creativity"
- SpiderStan Florida
Luscious Chestnut
"The chestnut pre-tied bow tie was perfect. It adjusted to the fit almost anyone and I was called an "obese china doll," which I believe is a good thing, and my girlfriend and I had go to sleep sex because of this bow tie. Thumbs up all around. Oh, and shipping was flawless."
- Patrick T Oakland
Oh My Stars
"These socks are out of this world comfortable and so nerdy in all the right ways. Carl Sagan would approve."
- BrentMurrell Los Angeles, CA
Executive Tie Bar
"Tie Bar arrived ahead of time, was exactly as described, and is beautiful! It was beautifully gift-boxed. I, and the recipient, couldn't be happier. Would definitely order from them again."
- Grandma Indiana
Better than expected
"I ordered this tie for my music major boyfriend, who is student teaching. I worried that the tie would be too "busy", but it looks nice. He plans to wear it with any of his solid colored shirts.Material is a bit on the thinner side, but still nice. I had standard delivery, it came on the later side, but still within the anticipated delivery dates."
- Steph Northeastern, PA
Excellent for bow ties
"After trying many different tie racks for bow ties, I find this to be the best. The wooden pegs with the enlarged rounding on the end prevent the ties from sliding off the pegs. With metal pegs they seem more likely to slide off when moving the rack to choose or replace a tie on the rack."
- j edward Orlando, FL
Great rep tie!!
"I love, love, love this tie! It is a top notch tie at a value price point. It is light weight and not bulky. It is perfect for a full Windsor knot. It is one of my favorite ties."
- Ronald Fairfax, VA
fat belly
"The belly of this tie is a bit fat as it tapers toward the center, had to lengthen it to tie correctly."
- templecat Philly
Awesome scarf!
"Even though I have many wool and cashmere scarves, this acrylic has the length needed to keep warm. Color is like the picture. Very happy with my purchase."
- Michael New Hampshire
"Exactly as pictured"
- YoungMann Arkansas
Love it!
"Just what I expected to get. I am very pleased with"
- Nknephew Pensacola, FL
Shipped Quickly
"Nice quality, good looking tie. Shipped quickly and arrived on time."
- martasgig NE PA
Tie for Teacher
"For a teacher (btw) your grammar and spelling is quite lame. And, contradiction (ie. lie) Wife bought it, glad you purchased it..... just saying."
- imotrod florida
"just as advertised"
- cmo1299 Portage,Mi
Nice Rack!!!
"I bought this Mounted Cedar Tie Rack. Came exactly as described. Easy to mount. Hangs ties nice and evenly spread. Would also make a great gift for any gent."
- dancro Lindsborg, Ks.
Nice tie!
"This was a very excellent tie and the colors were perfect for any formal occasion!"
Pi Necktie
"Great tie"
- Karen
Mathematics Tie
"Loved the tie"
- Karen
Just okay
"Pros: The colors are vivid, the material adequate (polyester microfibre) and it ties okay. Cons: the tie is short and I use it at its largest size possible and it just barely fits (I wear 17 in shirts). The adjuster brackets are about 50% wider than the cloth and so it can slip and not hold well."
- DavefromCanada Ottawa
Really great Lapel Flower
"We purchased 24 of these for a company event. They are really cute and simple, hand made felt flowers. After our 10 hour event, one of the flowers unravelled a bit at the edge of the flower. Its a felt construction glued together, the edge just wasn't glued down properly or the wearer got it caught on something. A little glue fixed the issue. They looked great and were a great value."
- Jon J. New York, NY
Wad of Lint
"Wad of Lint!!!! Buyer BEWARE! I thought this would be a great gift and a bargain at $10.00. Then with a coupon: $5.00! What a deal! Unfortunately I purchased 11 of these as gifts and based on the reviews, I thought I'd take a chance. Purchased a variety of colors. The gift boxes were crushed and the pins didn't resemble the images let alone resembled a flower! More like a tightly wrapped ball of lint with lots of globs of glue and glue stings. HUGE disappointment! One of them I could salvage, the rest I tossed in the trash. Stick with the Ties...they're great!"
- 80219 Denver, CO
Wad of Lint
"Wad of Lint!!!! Buyer BEWARE! I thought this would be a great gift and a bargain at $10.00. Then with a coupon: $5.00! What a deal! Unfortunately I purchased 11 of these as gifts and based on the reviews, I thought I'd take a chance. Purchased a variety of colors. The gift boxes were crushed and the pins didn't resemble the images let alone resembled a flower! More like a tightly wrapped ball of lint with lots of globs of glue and glue stings. HUGE disappointment! One of them I could salvage, the rest I tossed in the trash. Stick with the Ties...they're great!"
- 80219 Denver, CO
Another Alynn Winner
"A bright, beautiful silk tie for the airplane lover. It comes in black also, both are good-looking."
- BJGCT Connecticut
beautiful pin
"this is a beautiful pin, my husband was so surprised when it came in. Can't wait to see how it looks on the suit!"
- Merita Durham, NC
High Quality Case
"I purchased a similar case last year from amazon for a little less money, after two trips it was falling apart. I cut it open and it was made from cardboard! Before I purchased this case I called to see if it was made of cardboard. I was assured by a very nice representative at that this case has a durable yet flexible composite polymer material for its structure instead of cardboard. I have already used it on four trips and it is holding up beautifully. Definitely another superior product from"
- Jon J. New York
Great gift!
"A great tie for my son,who's in dental school!"
- Cliff Brandon,SD
Tie Rack
"I have purchased two of these cedar tie racks. They are my favorite, making organizing and sorting through the tie I need for the day easy to do. Only down side is with two it begins to take up a lot of space in a small closet."
- KiboGato Denton, TX
- ronny-b west palm,florida
Oh my Socks
"Great colors and quality construction. Minimal toe seam so my toes see no seam rub"
- steve SW Minnesota
Very Happy
"My 6 yr old grandson wanted a Christmas green bow tie and I couldn't find one anywhere! I took a chance on this website and it was Great! The color is perfect!! It fits him perfect! It was shipped fast...."
- flowerfor4 st. louis, MO
Flower Pin
"Color is exactly as picture shows. Looks well built. I'll buy some more if it holds up after some usage. I purchased some on Amazon for cheap and they fell apart after 2 times. But you get what you pay for. So curious to know how well these will hold up."
- John J. Boston
Lapel Flower
"Pretty cool lapel flower. Came very fast in the mail. Quality is okay for the price. Nice way to add some color to my suits and blazers. Curious to know if people would wear lapel flowers with or without pocket square. I've seen them both ways and I'm not sure if there is a decorum for this."
- Jake Mesa
Quality Handkerchiefs
"I use your handkerchiefs all the time. Excellent quality. Your prices are fair. I hope the quality stays consistent. I used to buy them from another site and their quality started going down the drain."
- Mr. Sanders New York
Light Brown Tie Bar
"I got both colors. Excellent quality. Grips really well against the tie and shirt. Solid quality product. Works for my skinny ties and regular size ties - not sure what they are called - fat ties? They arrived very fast."
- Walter ATL
Wood Tie Bar
"A bit expensive in my opinion but that's what you get for having a one of a kind tie bar. Nice wood quality. Love the change. Something that other people will be wearing."
- Larson Fullerton
Dotted Tie Bar
"Appreciate the fast delivery. Great packaging. Great quality product. Would highly recommend it. Never dissapointed in your products."
- Vincent The Great Lakes
"Club going up on a Tuesday. I love this tie bar. Really well constructed. Looks like a million bucks. I never post reviews but I'm happy with the quality of this product that I came back here to buy more stuff. Looks like real gold."
- Drake Las Vegas
Panel Socks
"I've never seen anything like these socks. Look fantastic. Can't recommend this design any more. I'll be buying this in more colors."
- Tisht Oregon
All the Socks
"Best quality socks ever. Seriously. Well constructed. Feels really good against my feet. I am in shoes all day long and they feel great. When I'm not meeting clients I either take my shoes off or I'll switch to tennis shoes and these socks just feel like luxury around my feet. I highly recommend the multi pack. All the colors are vibrant and looks great."
- Michael Ohio
Mustache Ties.
"They sold out of the HIpster Pack. I really wanted all of the socks in them. They said it will return in a few weeks. Meanwhile I purchased this little gem!!! So excited."
- Sean Chattanooga
"I'll buy these socks any day over Amazon or any other cheap brand. Great quality. Fast shipping, Nice looking packaging. Good stuff guys!!"
- Oscar Monrovia, CA
Lots of compliments
"Really like this tie for Christmas. Adds great color and feels festive without being gaudy."
- Frugal Fellows Fashion Fort Worth, TX
"Can you make this with the same dog in black on red?"
- Lauren
For Wedding
"I ordered these ties for my daughter's wedding. The groom and groomsmen looked amazing in them. gets an excellent from me on quality, price, delivery, and communication. I will definitely use them again."
- Jasper Central Florida
Excellent Tie
"The fabric and style is excellent. It contains the school colors black and gold. However, if you notice closely, it is a very discreet Christmas tie with the green background and red bands. It is a very distinguished tie for the holiday season."
- UWM Alumni Milwaukee, WI
terrific timely ties
"website easy to navigate. Ordering is easy. Turn around/delivery very quick. Good for folks who obsess or have a short time line. jebva"
- jebva Norfolk, VA
American Flag socks
"I give this the same review as the anchor socks. You can post both pictures together if you like. *I served in the U.S. NAVY / on the high seas. Red white and blue,and anchors keep me ever mindful of those who now get to guard and watch over Americans while they sleep."
- Tony Cappucinnoh Canton, OH
anchor sock
"I served in the U.S. NAVY / on the high seas. Red white and blue,and anchors keep me ever mindful of those who now get to guard and watch over Americans while they sleep."
- Tony Cappucinnoh Canton, OH
Frat Daddy
"Amazing bow-tie, it is soft and stylish!"
- ViceApex Monroe, LA
Expert witness
"Great tie at a great price!"
- ViceApex Monroe, LA
It does it
"Works just fine and holds a lot of ties. Prongs are really close together but they can easily hold a tie each (or a couple bow ties). One or two of the prongs were sloppily put in and bent up or down but not noticeable unless you look at it closely. Otherwise, it is well constructed and flat-backed."
- 36 prongs Washington, D.C.
"This is my 9th, yes, 9th purchase from this site. I'm always very satisfied with everything I get. Fast shipping. Easy checkout. And of course great products."
- Pocket Square Wearer Texas
Great Necktie
"I love this tie. Thanks for the fast shipping. You have a great site. Will be back for more."
- Smoking Guns New Jersey
Snow Flakes and Ornament Tie
"Love it!"
- scafireg Syracuse NY
"really cool"
- mandy escondido,ca
Sharp Looking
"I ordered this tie for my husband who was singing at a Veteran's Day Event. It arrived early and was in excellent condition. It looked better in person than it did on the website. My husband looked sharp in his suit and new tie."
- Patty 29 Palms, CA
Cute patter
"Great tie with cute catfish pattern. I hope he likes it as much as I do. Seems to be made with quality fabric."
- Lorrotgeslave NY
My Perfect Electronic Closet Rack
"My order came quickly, in perfect condition, and just what I wanted."
- David Arlington, VA
casual or dressy
"This is another great tie I picked for my boufriend. It can be worn with any color, and the best part is it can be dressed up or down. You can pair it with a suit or jeans and a sport coat for that casual Friday or date night, the options are endless! I am still just blown away at the quality of these ties for such an affordable price!!"
- xoshilajane Los Angeles, CA
"This tie rack was an unexpected nice addition. Very simple to install in less than 10 minutes. Takes up a very small space/area in the closet or on a wall. Nice durable tie hooks made of metal. Great organizer for ties."
- Bernard C Hallandale Beach, FL
Quality item
"I bought this to help organize the overflow of ties that don't fit on my husband's other tie storage hangers. This organizer will help him see those ties better and they will hang in a more orderly fashion. The wood is nicely crafted and it was a good price."
- Lauren MI
Great gift for graduates
"Delivery was prompt and the tie is awesome. This is an excellent gift for our future medical school graduate. We plan to order several more for his roommates who are also graduating. The tie is a great conversation piece and it looks great. We would like to see this in a bow tie."
- Indy1 Lansing, MI
"Very sharp looking tie and great material!!"
- Pastor Atlanta, GA
Fiancé Tie
"Tie fits great, looks great and my fiancé loves it!!"
- Kelly F Jenkintown, pA
"item is absolutely perfect for the absolutely perfect math teacher"
- poohbear broomall, pa
High Quality!
"Very high quality and thick tie that is soft to the touch. It was great to wear for breast cancer awareness day. I received lots of compliments while wearing it! Highly recommend!"
- Lee Belding Jackson, MI
Awesome Tie!
"I ordered this tie for my boyfriend. He loves bacon and has to wear a tie to work at his food service job. He loves it! He gets many, many comments/compliments on it every time he wears it. The only other bacon ties I've seen had raw meat on it and I didn't like that nearly as much. We did have to get a replacement. It unraveled in the back (not's fault of course). They replaced it free of charge as soon as they were back in stock. Fantastic customer service!"
- Vonnie Michigan
Animal print tie
"Nice looking tie. Just what I've been looking for. I got the matching pocket square, too. I'll be wearing these items with matching, leopard print shoes that I got. I'm very pleased with my purchase."
- Bluejay Buffalo, NY
Terrific Tie
"I have purchased several ties for gifts and myself, and for the most part, I have been extremely please with each selection. This particular tie is a great conversational piece as it is very attractive. In short it is easy on the eye & neck...I would definitely recommend Ties. com to anyone for quality and style notwithstanding prompt delivery! I'm loving it and can't wait to wear it again and again!"
- Forget Me Knot Texas
"the tie came in a nice gift box with tissue paper around the tie, when I open the tie it had a nice feel and weight to it, and I like the color a lot."
- snooplum North Carolina
Nice quality
"This is a great quality. Shipped quickly for the super saver shipping and looks wonderful. thank you!"
- Laura Montana
great tie!
"I bought this tie for a wedding and it was a huge hit!"
- Andy in GA Georgia
As anticipated
"I've been wanting this one for a long time; waited for a sale. Everything I expected. Excellent colors and feel."
- Blackrobe Oshkosh, WI
Excellent tie
"Nothing to criticize. Tie is as pictured and described, elegantly overpackackaged."
- Blackrobe Oshkosh, WI
Best Travel Case
"I travel quiet often and like wearing neckties in meetings. I must say I was a little reluctant to purchase this case. I've used it on 2 business trips now and I'm loving how my ties are always protected and never wrinkled. The case is light and feels very solid. The zipper is smooth and glides really well. I have stuffed up to 10 neckties. I will say 6 - 7 is your max. But who carries that many ties for a business trip anyway. Great product. I highly recommend it."
- Classical Listener NY
Love love!
"Ordered these ties for our wedding and they couldn't have matched the bridesmaid dresses better! Also a great quality tie for the price!"
- Nilesl New Zealand
We the People
"Can't review because I still have not received it!"
- Jerry
Hot pink skinny tie
"Love this tie, great color and well made!"
- Jaynejaye PA
Fashion and Bondage
"Looks good. Great color. And strong enough for a late night bondage session. Very economical given it covers two uses."
- Fashion Macha my underground lair
"This item was really nice when I opened the box!! Very sleek, just bright enough to add a punch of color, and really solid! Great buy!"
- Chuckles Las Vegas
"This tie was deemed "cool" by both the uber-nerds in my family."
- berik DC area
Great tie!
"This a great looking tie. The extra long is true to the advertised length description. My students approved!"
- JP... Swampscott, MA
5 Stars.
"5 Stars."
- Wadeinfla Pensacola, Florida
5 Stars.
"5 Stars."
- Wadeinfla Pensacola, Florida
Good at the Basics
"Nice basic bow tie. Would have given 5 stars if there was a bit more volume (thickness) to it."
- Michael New Hampshire
"Love this tie... he has to wear a tie everyday and loves bow ties but they aren't allowed to wear them - so this is perfect!"
- cppthj Grove City, OH
A splash of color.
"This tie is fun and subtle splash of color. The marked sizing on the tie adjuster is inaccurate, so just try it on adjust it."
- Holmes Trooper Honolulu, HI
"A very nice basic tie that goes with a lot of outfits. The marked sizing on the tie adjuster is inaccurate, so just try it on adjust it."
- Holmes Trooper Honolulu, HI
Not a hitch
"I love it when I see something on line, order it, GET IT and it is what I wanted. Such is the case here. THANKS for restoring my faith in online services."
- Bob M Fort Myers, FL
"Great quality at an exceptional price. I am very pleased with my order."
- eeeee
"Great product, beyond expectations. Super fast shipping. Will buy from here again!"
- Maddog Naples, FL
Nice tie
"Excellent color, style & drape - just what I was looking for..."
- Chris GA
Great purchase!
"This is a great-quality tie at a great price! It looks sharp and just like others from dept stores or catalogs that would have been 3 or 4 x the price. I am super pleased!"
- Kelly Winston-Salem, NC
"Compact and handy"
- Bagman Carrboro, NC
Simply the best
"I've been buying and wearing Alynn ties for years. The quality is superb and the varied themes -nautical, equestrian, literary, whimsy are simply the best. It's a great product and a good company. Perhaps best of all, the ties are made here, NOT in China. So nice to have something homegrown."
- Ledbaby BOSTON MA
Tie Conversion
"I had a tie conversion done for my dad who is in his eighties and can no longer tie regular ties. I highly recommend!"
- cj9736 Manassas VA
red & blue striped tie
"This is a beautiful tie, in the quality, colors, width, etc."
- Omisawa Orange County, CA
Fun and Formal
"This tie is great because it has the novelty factor of all the "pi" symbols. This tie, however, also can be worn to a formal occasion because the "pi" symbols form a nice pattern. If one is looking for a tie that exudes humor and fashion, this tie would be great for them."
- sterlsusn Alexandria, VA
One Selfie Worthy Bow Tie!
"Adding rhinestones to a bow tie is the best idea since the creation of the wheel! The sparkling rhinestones really make you stand out in a crowd. If you can only buy one bow tie, buy this one. In fact, if you can only buy one thing in the world, buy this very fine piece!"
- Lee Belding Jackson, MI
"I love my new Knot Cufflinks."
- Wadeinfla Pensacola, Florida
Ketchikan, Alaska
"I ordered these for my upcoming wedding and was overwhelmed by the amazing customer service. Extremely professional and followed up with me on a daily basis until my order was received in hand. I won't be shopping anywhere else for ties or pocket squares - why would I?"
- ShaunaLee Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service
"I ordered these ties for my upcoming wedding and was STUNNED by the level of customer service. They followed up with me daily to ensure I'd received the package and were so kind and professional. I won't be buying ties anywhere else now - they are the BEST!!"
- ShaunaLee Ketchikan, Alaska
Great tie
"Bought this for a friend who is a math teacher and he really liked it. Material is nice and delivery was very fast."
- Jacky Bronx, NY
Great Tie!
"I ordered these ties for the groomsmen and ushers in my wedding as part of their gift from my husband and I. I wasn't sure if the color was coral enough at first, but they looked awesome during the outdoor ceremony and the pictures. All of the groomsmen loved them and they're great for everyday wear as well!"
- kay78
Beautiful ties!
"Thank you for these beautiful violin ties! I needed them to present as very special gifts and they arrived quickly, beautifully wrapped. I'm so glad that I found your website and trusted the many fine testimonials. Please keep designing and stocking fine musical ties and thanks again for your great, speedy service!"
- Kreisler Northeast
Pocket Square for the Square
"You can't beat the price. I got my package as I was walking out the door and opened it in the car and put this pocket square in my blazer. Gives a really great finished look."
- Jessie F. ND
Great Quality
"I purchased two of these edged pocket squares for a fraction of the price at the store. REally surprised by the overall quality and feel. They are just the right size. I hate putting anything in my coat pockets as I don't want the pockets to get ruined but these linen pocket squares are just the right size."
- Blossom Boston
"This is a very nice WILD Tie! I love colorful ties and this one fits into that category!"
- Big Man Georgia
"This tie is amazing and has definitely exceeded my expectations. All of my items were shipped super fast and packaged very well. I love the free gift wrapping too, it's like Christmas in the Summer! Every time I wear this leopard print tie I receive TONS of compliments. Overall, I am extremely satisfied!"
- Lee Belding Jackson, MI
"Excellent tie- colorful, fun, good quality"
- Janine FL
"Ordered the Sock Monkey tie for a gift and it arrived on time and was well liked! Thank You!!"
- kaymay GA
Am. History tie
"Good looking tie. I received what I ordered with no issues."
- HJR565 College Station, Texas
Alynn Ties are Perfect
"Alynn ties are perfectly made and stitched, chic and grab the other's attention. This one is soft and smooth. Beautiful seahorses, subtle colors. You'll appreciate it better after you receive it, as the images don't do justice. Perfect price and by an American designer - Ordering from is extremely smooth, prompt, professional & hassle free. I'm hooked."
- Captain-A New York, NY
Excellent Quality & Gorgeous
"Alynn ties are perfectly made and stitched, chic and grab the other's attention. This one's colors are perfect for the spring & summer; an amazing turquoise blue background with hibiscus flowers. What is better than wearing a pretty tie that you like, and getting compliments all day long. Perfect price and by an American designer - Highly recommended. Also ordering from is extremely smooth, prompt, professional & hassle free."
- Captain-A New York, NY
Tie Rack
"My experience with the Tie Rack is great. I have about 40 ties and it whirls left to right with no problem. The only problem I had when installing was that there is a plastic pad where the shaft for the hangers go. These pads didn't allow me to clamp the unit to the shaft. Answer was to remove the two pads and everything hooked up just fine. Other than the installation ditty. I'm very satisfied."
- koolkatt565 ca
Great Tie
"It's a little more emerald than it looks in the picture, so be warned. But it's a great tie!"
- Aaron
Derby Tie
"Nice looking and well constructed tie. Got many compliments."
- rockyroad70 Columbia, SC
"The tie rack works as advertised except that because the batteries are in one half of the rack it is unbalanced and tips forward. I was able to put a counter balance on the back to make it level but it is a bad design element."
- JohnS Poughkeepsie, NY
Very Low Quality
"This is very low quality, when you tie the tie into a Windsor, it snags. The tie also retains creases from shipping and wearing. May be worth your money if you needed it for a one time gig."
- SECfootball SEC Territory
"It's a beauty..looking for an orange tie that isn't too loud or can't go wrong"
- melrose Rochester
Perfect Color
"We are so happy with these ties! They came super fast and are exactly what we were looking for. Our wedding is in July and the bridesmaids dresses match this color pink perfectly, we were having such a hard time finding a tie to match the color and when we found it on I could not have been happier. We also LOVVE how each tie is individually wrapped and in a little gift box, perfect!"
- Tahnee Livonia, MI
"Very good tie - quality of fabric is good enough and the pattern has a good feel to it in detail and in the larger Pi. It is a good tie item and i recommend it!"
- samoo Queens, NY
Good enough
"This tie rack works fine, but has some minor flaws. Be aware: It is not too difficult to install, and relies on plastic to support the rack, so these parts may crack or warp over time and if abused in installation. If the batteries fail, it must be uninstalled to replace batteries. Due to the weight of device, ties, and batteries, it will tilt unless installed on tightly on the rod, and if your rod isn't sturdy (weighted by other clothes or affixed to the wall) it can rotate with the tie rack attached - if over time it gets looser, it will wiggle and tilt instead of remaining horizontal. The light works well, the rotation is smooth and powerful, the storage is sufficient and efficient. Overall it is a good device, but not "high-end". I'm satisfied but might prefer a better item if in the market for another one someday."
- samoo Queens, NY
"The quality of this ties is fantastic. The style is a little bold for my husband so I'll be keeping an eye out for a more subtle print too."
- mommasell Muskego, WI
Great tie!
"This tie made a great hit with a friend who is a lover of wine! Classy and whimsical...will certainly get lots of compliments. The price was very reasonable...In fact, many Alyn ties are considerably more expensive in the Mens Stores...that is when you can even find them. I love!"
- Ginny Lake Forest
"It was the perfect color to go with several of my shirts."
- Jeffrey San Diego
A Royal blue tie
"I bought this tie as a present for my friend. When it came in, the color is darker than i expected but it is still looks good. The quality of the tie is very nice and the only reason i'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 its because of the darker color."
- Svetlana Nicholasville, KY
the holdup
"very nice tie ,good width works well with shirt i chose"
- beachsand n.j.
"Nicely made tie and quick service."
- shelbypsu Harrisburg, PA
"Nicely made tie and great price."
- shelbypsu Harrisburg, PA
"Ordered four ties, great price , fast shipping and great packaging"
- spanky Va. Beach, Va
Old West Tie
"When I wear this tie, folks know that they are seeing the real me. Great Tie."
- East Texas Kid Mesa,AZ
Home of the Brave Tie
"Great tie and very patriotic"
- East Texas Kid Mesa,AZ
"Wear them as uniform ties,many many positive comments. They look great, and the silk provides a great knot."
- Da pilot New Orleans, la
"If it were only real!"
- FIG33 Boca
electronic Closet Tie Rack
"The first one i received failed to work. When I called the woman who answered was extremely nice about it. Asked a few queries about what was wrong with the rack and offered to send a replacement. I got the new one four working days later. I'm looking forward to using it. Looks great. A really good experience. Most customer service experiences these days are lousy. This one was as good as one could hope. Thanks to I will buy from them in the future."
- Danny Boy New Jersey
"Can't leave home without it."
- Mr. P Missouri
Snake Tie
"I bought a few ties for my husband to make a statement at his workplace that has been going through some turmoil ....This one, is to represent the "snakes" he works with.... He LOVED it!!! And he got a bunch of compliments on it all day long. I am very pleased with my purchases. The delivery was super quick. They were all separately packaged beautifully and the quality and design of the ties were better than I expected. I also ordered the martini tie, the drinks like a fish tie, a bucking bronco, and the best that he is looking forward to wearing tomorrow is the BULLSHIT tie..... Love them all. Thank You!!!!"
- Linda GF Shelton, CT
a little wimpy
"This tie rack is made pretty well. Much better than the Sharper Image tie rack that failed recently. (my bad: I loaded it with 65 ties and it was meant for about 20). This tie rack arrived OVERNIGHT and I paid standard shipping - which was shocking and wonderful. It was tricky to install: the top cover was tough to get off the first time - but that's because the tolerances are very small. I installed it on a 1 3/8 in rail and it tool a LOT of force to get it on, because it's the maximum size rail it will accept. Once I got it together it was straight forward. It really DOES have a 70-tie capacity. And only takes up about 6 inches of space on the rail. Very efficient use of space. The mechanism is good and smooth when the rack is unloaded. HOWEVER, as I put more and more of my 65 ties on the rack it spun slower and slower. I checked to see if I had hung the ties in a way that made them rub on the body of the rack, but they were not rubbing on anything. By the time I got about 40 ties on, it needed a push to spin. When I got all 65 ties on, it would not move in either direction without a big push. After a few attempts, it started to turn VERY SLOWLY on it's own. Maybe something loosened up? You know, 70 ties is a LOT of weight. In summary, it's a well-constructed machine that is seriously underpowered. HOWEVER, I am not sending it back right away. I will see how it works for a couple weeks, then decide."
- Rodney SoCal
Ok, cufflinks. I think prefer metal ones...
"They were OK. I bought them to complete my St. Patty's Da look (along with a skinny Green and White tie). In theory, they are a good ice. Good color and construction, but I found them pretty challenging to put on with my French cuffed shirt. It could be the that my button holes were a bit too narrow to easily squeeze the knots through. All in all, they are cool-- once they've put on."
- Badpene Columbus, OH
Electronic Tie Rack
"Incredibly cool! Cool Cool Cool! I love this tie rack. My closet has the wire rack type shelf/hanger, so I had to add a bar to get it to hang tight to prevent it from rocking. But this thing is sweet, I mean sweeeeet and it works great!! The first one I ordered arrived defective with a broken track, so it jammed before making 1/2 a revolution. I emailed and got an immediate response. They would send me another one right away, and would open it up and test it before shipping. WHAT GREAT SERVICE!! I received the replacement promptly too. Thank you, thank you-thank you. Pros: Immediately my ties are organized and easy to select and hang back up. Smooth operation if you hang it level and the light is a nice touch. Great customer service. I really really like it a lot. Cons: Made of plastic - so be gentle. Has to be adapted to the wire type closet rack if you don't have the rod type. My belts get caught on the ties, so although it is a great idea to have them there, it would work better if the machine were about 2 inches wider. These minor cons will not prevent me from ordering another for myself and for gifts."
- pclooker Georgia, USA
"I love all the colors you offer....I will be back"
- Poppies Alaska
A little off the mark
"Nice tie, but the color was a little different than it appeared online. More golden than pale yellow. It still worked for my brother's wedding. I liked that they had the tie in boys for the ring bearers."
- Robyn Greensboro, NC
"Great looking tie! Looks great on a black shirt!"
- Steve Pacific Northwest
Ugly, but noticable!
"This may be one of the ugliest ties I've ever owned, but it has also received the most number of comments every-time I wear it! Great attention getter!"
- Steve Pacific Northwest
"Stylish, clean looking and one of my favorites. Can hardly wait to wear it."
- Dreamduster Texas
"I really like this tie. I will next follow with a purchase of the cumber bun for use with my tux."
- Dreamduster Texas
Lions Tie
"This is a very eye catching tie - just what we were looking for."
- pridd Naperville, IL
"Great scarf, very lightweight and I wear it constantly. The red is a nice shade but the background stripe is more grey than white. Still very cute."
- BG1213 Oakton, VA
"My tie is on back order, but if the quality is as good as the other ties I have received, I do not expect to be disappointed."
- Bryan B. Wilmington, NC
Closet tie rack
"I am pleased with the product but didn't realize until it arrived that it was meant to be mounted on a standard closet bar. I bought my home new in 2010 and it has the wire rack shelves throughout the house. I was able to wedge a plastic disc in the adjustable holder to stabilize the tie rack but it rocks back and forth depending on the distribution of the ties."
- York Tom Yorktown,Va
Tie rack.
"Haven't been able to use because I'm unable to remove rod cover. I'm waiting for a son with strong hands to see if he can get it off. If not, I'll have to return it. Looks fine if I can get it mounted."
- Dick31 St. Louis.Mo.
Good product.
"Good quality product. Very satisfied."
- BrCrNi Iowa
Good product.
"Good product quality. Very satisfied."
- BrCrNi Iowa
I'll never know
"To me the case seems bulky. I don't normally care more than a single tie with me and I just lay them flat on top of my clothes in the suitcase. The case will take up significantly more room, especially for a single tie. It worked out, though, because my wife liked the case and took it for a jewelry case for when she travels."
- DaveJ Houston
Happy, Happy, Happy
"I've had the smaller version of this tie rack and recently got a couple dozen more ties and needed a larger tie rack. The rod in my closet was right at the upper level of the dimensions that the tie rack would fit. It fits very nicely and is secure. It is incredibly easy to install for the secure fit it has. I like the speed of the ties as they spin around. If they went as slow as my smaller rack, I would be waiting forever for them. They move right along so it doesn't feel like a long wait to go a rotation. The installation instructions could be better. They should have had installation of the batteries last so you don't keep turning it on while trying to take the top off and mount it. Also, they need to check their QC a little better. The adjustment screw was tightened enough of the way it when I got the rack that the top would not come off. It took me a couple of minutes to figure how to get take it apart for mounting. Also, there wasn't any comment about the belt hooks. It wasn't hard to figure out how to mount them, once I figured out what they were, but it would have been more complete if they were mentioned in the assembly directions. I am very happy with my purchase."
- DaveJ Houston
Excellent Tie Rack
"This tie rack is extremely useful if you have many ties, since, of course, it's very hard to store them efficiently in a way that also makes it possible to see them all. The machinery works well and can be attached to a hanging rod without removing it. The process of attaching it is a little difficult. I suggest practicing attaching the top a few times before trying to do it over the rod. Once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be too hard."
- Franklin Tower Tribeca, NYC, NY
"Nice tie I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good silk bow tie."
- big art Milwaukee, Wisc
Great tie
"Ths was bought as a deal of the day. The quality is excellent and was delivered timely. An incredible value."
- Julian Pittsburgh
"Didn't realize it was adjustable, just like a pre-tied bow tie. So it looks the same when you wear it. I should have looked at the photos closer; I was looking for a classic, tie-it-yourself the right size tie."
- skinewmexico Midland, TX
Just what he needed!
"This was a gift for my grandson who is in Law School in Denver, Co., and he wanted to organize his ties, so we chose this one because he could not attach anything to the walls of his apartment, so this worked really well for him and he was quite pleased. Thanks, Grandma Margaret"
- Grandma Denver, Co.
perfect wedding tie
"As the best man I wore this for my buddies wedding and it looked pretty good. Classy tie, and fit the look really well."
- PhantomFastMonk Phoenix, AZ
Tie Rack
"This seems to be a great tie rack that rotates at a speed where you won't be waiting 2 min to go around. The only thing I have an issue with is the fact that the space which holds up the device is only made for large circular racks. I have a wire rack and stuffed paper towel in the hole while screwing the securing mechanism as tight as it will go. It still shifts back and forth because the weight is not balanced on all sides. Other than that....awesome!"
- falafel Las Vegas
Swimmer Tie
"Great Tie - Perfect Gift for Swim Dad ! Quick Shipping - Thanks !"
- jtroj Vermont
Galatians neck tie
"I bought six of these ties and all the ushers wore them for our Christmas Eve services. We received many compliments on the ties and they are great. I will definitely purchase more ties from in the future. Great Job!!"
- Cathiesboy Concord
Love it!
"The Motherboard III Tie is great! Love the variety of colors...goes great with a black or gray dress shirt. The option of transforming it to a clip-on was greatly appreciated!"
- Debra D. Iowa
Slow to Start
"Purchased this unit as a compliment to an identical unit I purchased several years ago (tie collection is growing). Unit is VERY slow to start but seems to pick up speed OK. Figure it is just new and a bit tight (original unit never did this). Will use for a few more days and hope it loosens up or will return for a replacement. Mike"
- Bailiff Bagley, WI
for my stepson
"I bought this tie for my step son. He is a unique and colorful 18 year old who wore a clip-on bow tie to Homecoming. I told him I would one day teach him how to tie a REAL bow tie. I searched for one which is smart and made of silk, but still is as individual as he. It is a beautiful tie. Although the pattern is wild, it remains a very stately tie...not loud at all. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of bow-tying with him. My only negative is it took a week and a half to get. I thought that was a little long...but I would order from here again."
- A Stepmother Madison, WI
I'm wearing it today
"It was fast shipping and it is a great holiday tie."
- Great Tie St. Louis
Best Teacher Tie Ever
"I bought this for myself to wear when I teach, students love it and so do I. I've gotten many compliments on it so what's not to like :)"
- Teacher Tyler Jackson, MS
Creative Santa Chimney Tie
"A very creative tie to help put anyone in the christmas spirit. The graphics on the tie are very nice and shipping was fast."
- Evan Boise, ID
"Well made and excellent for teaching boys how to organize and keep their ties neat. Worth the money.."
- gloria
Incredible for price
"For this price, there is no possibly way that you can find a better tie rack. Holds a ton, works great and when you wait till it's on sale like I did you get a huge capacity tie rack for under $20. No way any of the ones you get at a department store are better than this, for this price. Would definitely recommend this."
- Terpfan Colorado
No complaints
"I am passionate about my religion and this is a great way to show it without being to pushy. Great tie and great price"
- Terpfan Colorado
Great Customer Service!
"When the first of these (I ordered 2) arrived, it wasn't working properly. No questions asked, customer service immediately sent anther to replace it."
- Andy B Tidewater, VA
Rebel Tie For The Office Nerd
"Cool tie and perfect when you have to wear a tie at the office but secretly don't like them. Muahaha the joke is on them!"
- Matthew CA
Neat Motherboard Tie
"I bough this neat tie for my grandson who is a programmer and it was a hit. He has a lot of fun ties so it was the perfect gift for him."
- Thomas Alabama
Classiest tie ever!
"First off, thefabric and tailoring of this tie bespeaks a MUCH higher price tag! Secondly, it goes with everything from printed sport shirt and jeans to suit or tux. Amazing interpretation of a classic pattern you usually don't usually find in men's fashion. Now, my wife wants to borrow it. It's great. Naturally, the service from was outstanding. Thanks."
- GilMills Orlando, Fl
Festive Pocket Pal For The Holidays
"I'm not very into the christmas ties however I did decide to try out this pocket pal. I have to admit that it's pretty cool and I'll definitely wear it during the holidays."
- Michael V. Arizona
A cool tie for the doglover!
"I bough this my boyfriend who works at a dog shelter and he really liked it! It's a very unique tie and he said that people kept complimenting him on it."
- Julia Ohio
Super Cool Ties
"Loved my tie! I look sharp and will order again."
- Erik the diggity dog Grand Island, Nebraska
Pink Tie is Actually Red
"We ordered the 'pink' ties for our wedding party and they actually arrived to be more of a red color. I love the little gators, but they look like Christmas ties and not the color represented in the photo."
- Marcel St. Louis
Stewart Plaid Tie
"Beautiful tie and nice to wear. Would like to have one in red plaid also if you can stock one."
- East Texas Kid Mesa,AZ
"This colorful tie will go with ANY shirt! Good quality, of course; it came from"
- GameForTravel Huntsville, AL
Great Santa Tie!
"My son bought this tie for himself to wear during the Christmas choir performance this year, he really likes it and it's a great festive tie for the holidays."
- Sonya Lincoln
Great Aviation Tie
"This is the best tie if you work in aviation or are into it. It's a very fun item, I bough this for my brother who is an aircraft mechanic and he loves it!"
- Lucas Florida
Pi Tie For The Math Lover
"A great tie to have for any teacher/math lover, my son and I both have it and we get tons of compliments on it every time we wear it."
- Marcus Washington
Eye chart tie
"Cute idea and a very unusual find. Letters are clear and tie is good quality. I wore this for crazy tie day at work, I think I won."
- Marco San Fernando
something's fishy
"My daughter bought this tie for my birthday since I love aquariums , I thought it was a very smart and funny gift!"
- Dylan Illinois
Satisfied Customer
"So satisfied with this tie! Amazing feel to it and looks very chic. Very happy with the fast shipping as I needed it right away for an important event."
- Christopher Oregon
Real Men Do Wear Pink
"Amazing color! Exactly how it was pictured on the website. Very good price as well, a nice add to my tie collection!"
- Caleb Arizona
electronic closet silver tie rack
"Great tie rack! My ties are finally organized and so easy to install!! I cannot be more satisfied!!"
- Jack Michigan
Hahahaaha. I haz tie.
"Cool tie!!!! I'm a coder. Get it."
- Jackson Texas
Water Polo Tie fro My Son
"My son plays water polo and I thought this was a signature tie for him to wear on game days. Super fast shipping and great packaging. Thanks guys."
- Liam Virginia
Gold Tie for All the Dudes
"I would not recommend this color to anyone but the quality is good. I had to buy this for a friend's wedding. Whatever, at least it wasn't expensive."
- Daniel San Diego
Let the Festivities Begin
"Super festive tie! I'll be wearing this to our annual ugly sweater party."
- Jacob Alabama
Pocket square
"Cool pocket square. A little bigger than I imagined but fits pretty nicely in a suit pocket."
- Roger Oklahoma
Christmas Green Silk Pocket Square
"Amazing quality! I bough this for a fancy christmas party and I can't wait to wear it. Color is exactly like on the photo and it feels great."
- Logan South Dakota
"I'm a teacher and I love ties like these! My students think it's hilarious that I wear them! Great tie and looks exactly as pictured on the photo. Would definitely recommend."
- Hank Utah
Cedar Tie Box
"Amazing box! I bought this as an anniversary present for my husband and he absolutely loves it. The box has great quality and looks exactly how it's pictured on the photo's. Perfect gift for a husband or boyfriend!"
- Cynthia Indiana
Music Ties
"My sister bought me this tie (I am a musician) and I love it. It is fun and has a unique feel to it. Great gift to give or to receive."
- Carl Nevada
Cheetah Tie
"My girlfriend has a cheetah scarf she is wearing to our prom so I had to get this tie. Colors are perfect and excatly how it's pictured."
- Joey Texas
Ties Suck!!!
"We were told we have to wear ties at my office. So I got this for myself. No one knows what it says. Happy I found site since you guys have a lot of fun ties."
- James Las Vegas
The Funnest Tie. Ever
"Awesome tie! Bought this for an animal style party. Served it's purpose. Good quality but not the best you can get."
- Ross NY
Neon Blue Silk Tie
"I am very happy I purchased this tie. Great color, exactly as pictured on the photos. A bit pricey though."
- Peter Nevada
The Alphabet Necktie
"My wife bought me this this tie as a fun gift (I'm a teacher btw) and my students really liked. Amazing tie, I am so happy I purchased it. Great color, exactly as pictured on the photo and fast shipping as well. Delighted with the quality of the tie and service of your company. I will be returning to buys some more ties."
- Tom Arizona
Proud of Our Son
"Our son has come a long way. We gave him this ties because he just landed his first job as a chef. He loved it! Great quality tie."
- Jean G San Diego
International Flags Tie
"Great tie! I wore this to an international conference and it was a hit! The tie is all I expected it to be. Good quality material."
- Lars A. San Diego
Best Tie I Own.
"Great Website. I don't own a lot of ties but I am very impressed with this one. Most of my ties are hand-me downs from my dad. This was my first tie purchase. I'm sure I'll be back to buy some more ties. Especially if I keep getting coupons."
- Nick Ohio
Red and Navy Stripe Bow Tie
"I bought this bow tie for a themed college party and all my friends liked it. At the end of the night one of them had even stolen it! I'm definitly going to buy a new one !"
- Pete D. LA
Hot Pink Necktie for Wedding
"I purchased this tie I while ago for a wedding. and I really liked it. The color is great and adds a pop of color to any suit. Recently I started wearing it out. Looks pretty good."
- Jonathan C Arizona
Christmas Green Tie
"I really like the color of this tie, it's exactly how it's pictured on the photo so I also bought a few different colors of this brand. I really love them; great quality for a great price!"
- Mike S. Ohio
Jelly Beans Tie
"Super fun tie! I had gotten this tie for my birthday and it really added a pop of color to my outfit! Great birthday gift."
- Kevin Washington
Tie Rack for Husband
"Hi, I purchased this recently as a Christmas gift for my husband. The tie rack came in today and it is wonderful. They have fast shipping and the product is in a very cool red box. I don't even want to wrap it. I recommend this tie rack."
- Francine Wyoming
Red Necktie
"I'm a mechnic and don't really have a need for ties. I don't know much about them. But was happy to find this website. They have a fantastic selection. Very cool box."
- Sherman Idaho
Tie Rack For My Closet
"Outstanding product. Quality product that is well built and made to last. I would definitely order another one as a gift. These guys have fast shipping and great customer service."
- Shawn Engles Texas
Music Cufflinks
"Love these music cufflinks. Wish I had found these earlier. Super fast shipping. Thanks for all the prompt emails."
- Frank D. Chicago, IL.
Electronic Tie Rack
"Best gift, I've gotten my husband in a while. The tie rack just came in in perfect condition. Nice box and quick shipping. Thank you"
- Mary I. Chandler, AZ
Cedar 3-in-1 Brush
"received item quickly~ Excellent quality and value for money! Do you know how hard it is to find a shoehorn these days??? This one has 3 functions and goes with me everywhere! Thanks for a great product."
- Normie South Florida
"I love this tie!! It is a great conversation starter. This will be the third time I've bought this tie."
- zeke42 texas
Wrong description
"The functionality of these ties is great. The problem is that the color description is "Solid Red Zipper Tie"; well, it should say instead "Solid BURGUNDY Zipper Tie". I have bought zipper ties at that matched what I needed, basically the exact "red" match of Flight Attendant ties at Delta Air Lines, but the brand label was "Umo Lorenzo". These I received now, were labeled "The American Necktie Company", and were burgundy."
- Willpantin Atlanta, GA
Love it!
"Great tie. It's colorful, but not over the top. My son, who hates wearing anything besides jeans and tee shirts, was willing to wear this tie. I am glad offers fun ties for boys. When the ties are cool, it makes getting dressed up more fun for the kid and less dramatic for the mom!!!"
- ShopperMom Baltimore, MD
Loved It!!!!!
"I ordered this tie rack as a gift for a young man who has many bow ties. He liked it!!! It is handsomely made and holds 22 ties....more if you put more than one tie on each spindle. It is made so that ties don't slide off. Great product!"
- GaMema Georgia
Wine Barrels Tie
"Great Tie, I wore it for a wine tasting fundraiser dinner and everyone loved it!!"
- DeeDee New Hartford, NY
Excellent Quality!
"Great price, super quality and extremely fast shipping! Thanks for everything!"
- snowdust New York, NY
"The tie arrived on time as expected, and it was exactly as it had been advertised. I am quite pleased with my purchase."
- CHUCKY Evanston, IL
"It was not the right color"
- Jackie NJ
"this is a very beautiful one...and very Original to put one of the versions of Die Schrei by Edvard Munch on it...I used Munch's art in an article discussing the difference between art and was great fun to discover it on a tie... :-)"
- Geert Belgium
the iron lady
"My nephew had put a metal shape lady at the back of my car some time ago and guess was great fun to find her picture back on one of your ties... :-D"
- Geert Belgium
Sail Plans
"I bought this tie for my son who attends a Catholic high school. They are required to ware ties everyday so i wanted to get him something a little different.He and his friends got a real kick out of the sail plan design. he said it was a real conversation starter."
- Huey46 Southfield,MI
"Nice tie. The white is not as bright on tie as is in picture."
- Mookie East Hampton, CT
A Gift
"Bought this for my son is a musician and my wife says he isn't going to like it so whatever? We will see? I think it is cool"
- Jim Dandy Greenwich, Ct
"The skulls are tiny yet tasteful. Good to wear everyday. Great quality. Shipped fast!"
- happy DC
Jennifer was great
"Jennifer in customer service did a great job and I will continue to be a customer of your organization. I will also try to find the yellow international flags tie at a couple of the stores that offer them, including Tycoon at NYC"
- BOB JONES Bryn Mawr PA
- Kathy FL
nice tie
"a nice tie with good color and easy to tie. great windsor."
- wayne concord, ca
Gold Necktie
"Had to find a yellow tie quickly for our wedding. has a huge selection of ties and a great customer service team that knows their business. I am a life-time customer. You guys saved my wedding."
- Barbra Colorado Springs
Silk Gray Wedding Ties
"TIe was purchased for a wedding. The color was perfect. Matched all the dresses accurately. I'll be ordering more for all the groomsmen. Great site."
- Rebecca Arizonaq
Green and blue stripe tie
"I purchased this tie for a school play but ended up keeping it to wear out. Looks great actually. I recommend it. My girl friend loves it, my friends love it, and everyone I know has said something good about it. So I'm keeping it. I think I'll wear to my prom."
- Franc Lucko Corona, CA
Jennifer--a credit to
"Jennifer, your order fulfillment representative has helped me with all my questions and I will continue to be a customer of because of her---she is extremely competent and very helpful ! This note should go into her personnel file ! Thank you-- BOB JONES"
- BOB JONES Bryn Mawr, PA.
Nice tie, great price
"Great tie at a great price. Once in a while the tonal stripe ties are the "deal of the day". Perfect time to get them at a steal."
- Jasonfull IL
Better than expected
"I ordered the "Oh Scary Night Tie" as a gift for my son-in-laws birthday. I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp the colors were and very nicely detailed. Very nice quality too."
- unclerepete Canfield, Ohio
Nice Brush
"A well made valet brush. The cedar handle has a nice, smooth finish and a pleasant smell. Both brushes are well made. I've been using my brush on a daily basis and have no complaints. I would consider this brush to be an excellent value."
- HoosierGent Indiana
Red Skinny Tie
"I purchased your red skinny tie for an interview. I wanted to make a statement. And boy did I ever. I got the job on the spot. My dream job!!"
- Reza P. Boston, MA.
"GREAT TIE !!!!!! I received more comments on this tie than any other tie I have ever worn. Young people especially gave me a thumbs up. The children pointed. "JELLY BEANS""
- tonyd Cummingsville, TN
Elements Tie
"This tie was a gift for a brand new high school biology/chemistry teacher. He loved it!"
- Carol Texas
Christmas Santa
"One of the the cutest designs I've seen in a very long time for Christmas ties. Brings the right holiday cheer."
- Morris Henderson
Christmas Tie
"This Cane Tie is perfect for your office Christmas parties. Quality seems top notch and looks great."
- Ali Sal Hunterville
"High quality cufflinks. I purchased a few cufflinks a few years ago and they excellent."
- Brian Murphy La Jolla, CA
Red Pirate Tie
" rules. Finally found the perfect tie for Halloween. Pirates are the best."
- Tom Wilcox Nebraska
Too Many Skinny Ties
"Seriously love all the skinny ties. Stop sending sending me emails! I can't afford to buy all these ties."
- DGD Berkeley, CA
Tie Bars
"Perfect for skinny ties. These tie bars work really and don't slide off. Seems to be well made. No complaints yet."
- Mohammad Al Ferzai Beverly Hills, CA
Ties for My Judge
"My husband is judge so I purchased both of your Scales of Justice for his birthday. Very nice packaging. Thank you"
- Phillis Wilson Texas
Lawyer ties
"My son just gratitude from law school and I thought this would be the prefect gift for him to wear when he gets his first job."
- Angela Chicago
Alligator Ties
"I'll be back to buy more of your Alligator tie. I ordered to see the colors and make sure they will work for our wedding. So far, I'm pleased with what I've gotten from you guys."
- Cameron FWT
nice quality
"Nice quality (silk) and interesting tie."
- fit2Btied NH
Necktie with Dogs
"Your Alynn ties are the best quality ties I've ever worn. Please bring on more, more, and more designs please."
- Gomer Joel South Dakota
Crab Tie
"Wonderful selection of ties. I would recommend them highly. The tie is true blue and has very nice details of crabs."
- Hernk Mieksjov Delaware
"Got this tie for my son who absolutely loved it. He's into boats. And very nice quality for the price! Would definitely recommend!"
- EdmundM Montana
Fish Tie
"Good tie for the fisherman in your life. Came very fast via fedex. The fedex guy claimed he rang my doorbell but it's not true. I had to pick it up from the fedex office which was 1 mile from my house. It an inconvience."
- Mary-Lou Anderson Idaho
Halloween Tie
"I bought your Jack-o-lantern necktie by Alynn a few weeks ago and wore to our Halloween party for work. Great quality. Fast shipping. You guys have a tie for every occasion."
- Fisher Milwaukee
Tie Bar for Skinny Ties
"I always wear tie bars. I bought one from another online retailer and they were so crappy that I ended up sending them back, and they charged me for them. The executive clasp for skinny ties sold by is the best tie bar I've yet tried. I've been exclusively wearing it for the last 2 weeks. I just return to buy some more of your tie bars. I'm sold."
- Cameron Middle America
Most Excellent Belt Holder!
"My belts have been laying on the window seat since we bought our home in December 2012~ It was SO exciting to get this in the all my belts on it and hang it up in the closet! Works GREAT!!!"
- mountaingirl Idaho
Probably GREAT!
"Alas...the bars in my closet were way TOO thick for this to fit over. I had to spend almost $11 sending it back..."
- mountaingirl Idaho
Perfect Ties
"I was so excited to receive all my ties when they came in. REally made well. Much cheaper than buying at department stores. Ties are perfect for the office or going out."
- Dave S. North Carolina
Grandson LOVES!
"He thinks this is Thee Best! Goes with everything and fun to wear"
- Buffy NC
Classical Cars Necktie
"My uncle is a car collector so I hope he loves this tie for his birthday. Nicely packaged, I didn't have to re wrap it. Thanks"
- Conny Herant Olympia, Washington
Christmas Tie
"Love this tie. Great color. It's going to be a gift for my cousin. I would buy again from"
- Jason Wilcox Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Yellow Bow Ties for My Dad and I
"The artisan gold bow tie is perfect color for sunday brunches with the fam. My dad liked it so much, I bought him the same one today."
- Mark H. Gunnison, CO.
Music Sheet Tie
"Shouldn't every music teacher have the Music Sheet necktie by Wild Ties. Great necktie. Fast delivery. I recommend your site."
- Austin Baltimore, MD.
Wedding Ties
"I don't know who comes up with all these color names for your ties but baby lilac is not a masculin name for a musculan product. The tie is the right color though."
- Chris Boyel Boston, MA.
Green Ties
"i took a risk ordering the Spurce Green color tie. Your pictures don't do this any justice. The best necktie in my closet right now."
- Frank Mendell Riverside, CA.
Seersucker Ties for Tall People
"Wonderful ties for tall people. I have a difficult time finding ties that fit me correctly so I was happy to learn about The selection is unmatched."
- Wilfred Mendoza Aurora, CO.
Wedding Solid Ties
"Amazing quality neckties. Our wedding colors were complete once we found and ordered these ties for our wedding. My soon-to-be hubby loves them."
- Tara Wolchski Denver, CO.
White Ties for Wedding
"We purchased 4 of these for our groomsmen for our wedding. The ties were great, exactly as the pictures showed."
- Francine L. Marina Del Rey, CA
Quality Neckties
"Great quality neckties as always. Love ordering from you guys. Everything is always on time and shipped exactly as described."
- Mike Hesser Los Angeles, CA
Architect Ties
"My big bro is an architect. Okay I get it, your "sail plans" is not a typical architecture tie, but it's close enough."
- Tallon Heronian Glendale, CA
County Flag Tie
"I travel quiet often for business and I love wearing this tie. Very cool depiction of different counties."
- Sam Holstein New Orleans
Neckties for Men
"I lived in the US for 12 years and every single time one of my friends' birthdays come come up I buy them one of the Alynn ties. By far the Rainbow Fleet necktie has been my most gifted necktie. Alynn neckties are hand made and one 100 percent silk. I love the gift wrapping as it makes my life easier."
- Amber S. the Netherlands
Our 25th Anniversary
"For our 5th anniversary my husband took us hot air ballooning. We did'nt have a lot of money back then. We will soon celebrate our 25 anniversary and your ties are perfect gift for a man who still wears ties. I love this hot air balloon necktie."
- Cindy McAlester North Dakota
Ties for Men
"I am a proud daughter, wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister, and now (finally) grandmother. I purchased ties from here for all the men in my family. They all love them."
- Suzanne J. Monte Sereno, CA
Matches David's Bridal Coral Reef
"We got these ties for our wedding. They're almost a perfect match for David's Bridal's coral reef dresses - they look great."
- KWSerendipity Greenwich, CT
Quality Neckties and Bow Ties
"Good quality ties and bow ties. Fast shipping. I am recommending this tie and the company along with it."
- NewBaby Paradise Valley, AZ
Yellow Ties for Brother's Wedding
"I have been shipping with you guys for years. As the best man in my brother's wedding I'm happy I got my tasks completed. Thanks"
- Wayne Timbur Winnetka, IL.
The Perfect Wedding Ties
"I purchased this tie with deal of the day and got an amazing price. We have 22 groomsmen so you can see it would just add up. The ties we found are just the right color for our wedding. Saved me a ton of money buying silk ties. Can't wait to get the neckties in."
- Jennelle H. Bronxville, NY
Music Themed Ties
"I've been a music teacher for 23 years and last month I received this as a gift in the mail from one of my students who just graduated from Carnegie Melon. Makes me proud. I loved the tie so much that I found out where to buy to purchase one for another music teacher."
- Dr. Helm Perfustious Idaho
Sports Ties including Golf and Soccer
"All the ties for every sport you want found on this site. Welcome change from running around department stores having to look for a specific tie. I buy all my neckties here."
- Luke Williams Garland, TX
Yellow Bees Ties for a Bee Guy
"I've always loved bees so naturally when I see a necktie with bees on it, I'm going to buy it. has my full endorsement."
- Pablo Sorenson Fort Wayne, IN
Shamrock Ties for St. Patrick's Day
"Every Irish man, boy, and person should have one of these. I'm not Irish and I bought this for St. Patrick's day. I love this tie. Can't help that I'm married to and Irish woman."
- James O. Fremont, CA.
Handsome Ties for Handsome Men
"My husband is not a shallow guy so this tie is funny for him to wear. But he is a handsome man."
- Bridget J. Amberson Virginia Beach, VA
Republican Necktie
"If you're a republican you'll love this tie. Every single time I've worn it, I have gotten at least one positive comment. If you're a democrat, then this tie will convert you."
- J. Walters Scottsdale, AZ
Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer Awareness Tie
"The tie worked... :) my wife had recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we weren't sure we would be able to attend our pals wedding in Seattle. During the week before the wedding my wife started to feel well enough to attend. I quickly found and ordered "Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer Awareness Tie" and had it shipped to my pals place in Seattle, instead of my home in British Columbia. It arrived in Seattle in a couple days, perfect timing. During the reception I was able to chat with friends & family about breast cancer and so that's why I say "the tie worked" If I had photos from the wedding I'd upload... maybe later when I receive?"
- Steveo.r6 BC, Canada
"I like the texture and colors of the tie. I like mostly the shipping speed and delivery security."
- Jesusman Phoenix, AZ
Tie for Work Event
"My husband needed a tie for an event and he wanted to wear something that was going to open doors. This tie did the trick apparently because he landed a big gig."
- Pauline Loutster Houston, TX
Lobster Bow Tie
"Fantastic looking bow tie. My fiance loves wearing bow ties and this was a great gift for him. Thank you for the fast shipping."
- Anna Tiffinay Georgia
Back to School Fish Tie
"I work at a fortune 500 company and one of my tasks is leadership development. I love the settle double entendre of this "back to school" necktie."
- Mr.Recruiter Dallas, TX
Ties Online
"After years of buying my neckties at department stores, my son showed me this site. This is the first tie I ordered and I will never buy ties from a department store again. I ordered it and it came in the mail. Did not even have to leave the house. The quality is superb and they have lots and lots of choices."
- Frank Roberts Fayetteville
Snellen Eye Chart Necktie
"Who but an optometrist would wear this tie. I bought this Snellen Chart necktie. My patients get a kick out of it every time I put it on."
- Dr.EYES Lancaster
The American Flag
"Great necktie. Good quality. Inexpensive. Wore it once. I'll probably wear it on special American Holidays."
- Stan L Newark
Tapestry Tie For School Teacher
"Purchased this tie for my daughter's Social Studies teacher. The tie came in a gift box. It looked very Nice. I carefully opened the packages because I was so curious :). The tie was well made. I recommend this necktie."
- Emily A. Cleveland, OH.
Neckties for Tall Men
"I'm a tall guy and I have a hard time find the right tie for my neck and hight. But this tie is 100% silk and looks like a well made tie. I feel like your extra long ties are custom made me for me. Thank you."
- Jason Haster Akron, OH
Good Closet Organizer
"YOu can easitly mount this quality belt holder any where you see fit. Looks great and has a nice cedar smell/ finish. The rack is very sturdy and made to last for a long time."
- Bart Wexler Wichita, TX
American Flag Necktie - Original
"Long may she wave. Love this tie. I bought to of it just in case I ruin one. Very pleased with the quality."
- Tony M. Newburgh, NY
Santa Ties for Christmas
"Very funny tie for the guy in your life who loves to golf and enjoys the Christmas season. I purchased this for my husband and now he swears he'll wear it every holiday season."
- Brooke Sheehan Cambridge, MA.
Snow Man Tie for the Boss
"Super cute snowmen on this tie. Great Christmas tie gift for anyone who loves holiday spirit. I would buy this for your jolly boss."
- Will J. New Bedford
Music Ties
"I've been a music professor for the last 15 years. I love this tie. I love wearing it to class for my students. I bought this in both blue and yellow!!"
- BostonProfessor Boston, MA
Blue Zebra Necktie
"Typed in conversational ties and this came up. Glad I ordered it. Good quality and the shipping was timed just right before I had to leave for a vacation."
- Mason > Lawrence, MA
Vintage Airplane
"Our dad loves vintage airplanes. this is the best tie you'll find for plane lovers and connoisseurs."
- Ava Milford, MA
"Higher quality than I could have hoped for. Purchased them two days ago and they arrived already. My husband started using them right away. I'll buy more for him when he runs out."
- Emily Wexler Bowling Green
Purple Skinny Necktie
"Beautiful skinny tie. I would buy this again if I ruined it somehow. Perfect size and I'm 5'9. Recommend!"
- Manuel Constantine Gardena, CA
Lion Ties
"My dad loves lions. We bought this for him for his office attire. Looks great when he wears it. Thanks for sending it so quickly."
- Isabella Drande Chicago, IL
Black skull and bones tie
"Unique skull and crossbones necktie. I wear it every time I have a big meeting. Seems to set the tone just right. I've rocked it at bars and clubs. Wears nicely with a formal suit or just going out."
- Alexander Bloomington, IL.
White Wedding Pocket Squares
"Wore this this for our wedding and ordered them for all the groomsmen. Nicely made. Pure white. No blemishes. I ordered some from another site and it was very cheap looking and you could see through the pocket square and stitching was coming off. This was perfect and was not too thin. Folded nicely."
- Jacob Roberstein Peoria, IL
Pocket Squares
"I'm so happy I ordered this pocket square. Great color. I wish I found out about you guys earlier. Glad I have now!!"
- Matthew Adam Albany
Golf Neckties
"Why would you not love golf. It's one of the most relaxing games there is. When I'm stressed, I go to a driving range and then I'm find. I recommend this tie."
- Nick C. Vermont
War Planes Tie
"I am in the Air Force so I can appreciate this tie well. I recommend this site and the people behind it. They stand by their word."
- Dan Smith Albany
Shark ties for the best Lawyer
"Easily the best tie in my closet and I have at least 200 neckties / bow ties. I just graduated law school and I'll be wearing this to every interview."
- LandonMer. Los Angeles, CA.
Tonal Necktie
"Well made ties here. I buy all my neckwear from these guys. They do a good job on their ties."
- Logan Marks New York
Tennis tie
"My son loves Tennis. You meet and beat my expectations of buying ties online. Very good quality. Thank you for a fantastic product. You will help make his day."
- PringLover New Hampshire
When Pigs Fly Necktie
"When I was young, whenever I asked for something my dad would say, "when pigs fly". He is retiring next month. I think this might a perfect gift for him. Thanks dad for all your hard work."
- Martin Kim NY, NY.
Pink Wedding Ties for Groomsmen
"The quality of these pink silk neckties we recently ordered are superb. They match the bridesmaids dresses just right. I have bought all my ties from you. Glad we were able to find out wedding ties here as well."
- Marvin Arilavian Glendale, CA
Nautical Theme Ties
"Super necktie for any boat lover in your life. the nautical them is settle and not overwhelming. Very classy."
- Frank Kander Wisconsin
"USA!! USA!! USA!! Great American flag ties. Very well done. Not too corny. Just the right amount of corn. You see what I did there."
- Cameron Sorenson NY, NY.
Closet Organizer
"Love this closet organizer. Holds all my belts plus a few of my wife's purses. Really well built quality product. Smells great in the the closet."
- Jake Sandler Syracuse, NY
Belt Hanger
"This belt organizer is a life saver. Seriously, I think it's going to save my marriage LOL. My husband keep throwing his belts on the floor of our closet and I keep stepping on them... early in the morning. I ordered this last week, and lo and behold he hangs his belts up. LOL. LOVE THIS PRODUCT."
- Addison Sheriff New Mexico
Boat Tie
"I bought this as a gift for my husband. The quality is much better than I had hoped for. Kudos!! We will return to buy more of you ties."
- Sandra Gold Los Angeles, CA
Penguin Lover
"I bought this as a gift for a penguin lover. I was afraid the tie was going to be too comical and childish. But in reality it looks very nice. He loves wearing it. I really like their packaging."
- Angelique V.B Hawaii
Silk Tie
"Was a bit skeptical when ordering but all my ties arrived exactly as they were supposed to. Quality is okay and they look like they will last for a long time."
- Howel Indiana
Orange Pocket Squares for ALL the Groomsmen
"Instead of ties, we had all the groomsman wear pocket squares and I work a tie. I wore the orange tie. The ensemble was perfect. Thank you guys for your guidance and fashion direction."
- Harry Johnson Alabama
Pocket Squares for Suits
"My girlfriend got me to start wearing pocket squares. Great little bonus that adds a little color to any dark suit. I don't have to wear a tie every day but adding a pocket square just completes my look. I love all of their pocket squares. Ver well made and they are nicely hand rolled."
- FashionRzr South Dakota
Novelty bow tie
"Special gift for my fiance. He loves it. I love your scarves on your other site."
- Jeanie Gloveson Rhode Island
Skinny Ties for Wedding
"My wife ordered this tie for my brother who is my best man. I like is so now I want one. Excellent quality. Best skinny tie around these parts."
- Casey Hills Newport Coast, CA
Pink pocket squares
"I never right reviews. But I bought some pocket squares from you guys and I love them. The quality is so much better than what I have been used to from other people. I always where pocket squares so I can appreciate a good quality one. Really fast shipping and handling services as well."
- Oscar Portola Valley, CA
Purple Tie
"Really a great shopping experience. Very easy to flip through all the other colors. I would buy from you again. You're a great "shoption"."
- Rilery Cherry Hills Village, CO
Alynn Animal Neckties Again
"This is a darling design. I have bought Alynn ties for years as gifts for my husband, sons and now my grandchildren. They have good designs, solid company, and I will always buy from them."
- Franny Johnson Sonoma, CA.
Sail Boats
"I don't really like these kinds of ties, but I ordered this because I like sailing. My wife and daughters really like the design. Would order again."
- Tamsin New York, NY
Super Awesome Experience
"They have fast shipping. Great prices. Nice quality. Good website. I trust and recommend them."
- Snowlover Mentone, AL
Classy Ties
"I bought a dozen ties for my husband. Each one was better than the next one. This bird one is my personal favorite. All their ties look like they were handmade. I'm sure they aren't at these prices. Very happy with my order. Thank you."
- Sloan Brevest Thousand Oaks, LA
"The Electronic Closet Tie Racks installed easily, and they work great. They are quiet, well-made, run smoothly, and the light is plenty bright. They can be recommended for a fine tie-organizing experience!"
- Picky-Picky Bakersfield, CA
Bow Ties Galore
"This is a fresh looking bow tie. The contrasting colors look so nice that i bought 4 of them."
- Demetrius Shastov Clarksville.
Rubber duckie bowties
"I love the uniqueness of this tie. I found it on Amazon but bought here since I wanted to buy more things. I got free shipping. I'll be back to buy more bow ties from you."
- Aaron Crampton Huntington Beach, CA
Suit for my Tie
"This tie is the only reason why I bought a suite from Zara. Seriously, I loved this color so much but I could not figure out what to wear it with. I'll send yo guys a a photo when I wear it all together. HAHAHAHA"
- Frank Hermisillo Fontanan, CA
American Flag necktie
"My brother was return from serving his country so we all wore this tie to greet him at his base. Thank you for making this tie."
- Claudia Menroe Akron, OH.
Fashionable black Tie
"For the price, this black tie cannot be passed up. You can tell from the material that it is a great value. Wonderful value all the way around."
- Morgan Freson, CA
Dark Gray Tie
"This tie's quality is uber nice. I would recommend it highly for anyone going to a big meeting. Comes in a nice box and is exactly as the picture shows."
- Chase F. Moreno Vally, CA
Fast Shipping and Good Pictures
"I made the mistake of ordering this color somewhere else because it was cheaper. BIG MISTAKE. The tie came in exactly as pictured and as described. Fast shipping. Thanks you."
- Gregory Oxnard, CA
American Flag Necktie
"Hold your head up high when you wear this tie. I proudly wear this time whenever I get a chance to wear it. This tie is really well made. I've already worn this for several months and it looks great."
- Chad Diverston Tacoma, WA
Good Fashionable Ties
"I bought this for all the boys in my family. I am very happy with the material. Feels very good and looks really nice. Thanks for the fast shipping. We will return at some later point to buy more."
- Stacey Little Rock, AK.
Starfish Necktie
"I needed some ties for my wedding on a beach and thought these would be perfect. They aren't. They're better than perfect. Thank you guys so much!! Had a great experience shopping with you. I'll be sure to return."
- Wilcox Chandler
For My Husband
"I bought this necktie for my husband. I love the little sail boats. This is his fourth Alynn tie. Really great quality. I recommend these Alynn ties."
- Dana Laost Chula Vista, Ca
Absolutely Best Built Tie
"I thought this was going to be a nice tie. I was wrong. This is a SUPER FANTASTIC tie. Exceptional quality. Solid stitching. I appreciate well built products. Great job. I highly recommend this tie. Chester"
- C. Cummings Laredo, TX
Green partridge tie
"Nice play on words. I like a smart tie. Exceptional quality. Comes in a nice gift box. It should arrive fast."
- Chad Emmilton Wisconsin
For Music Teacher
"We purchased this tie for Mr. Melis, our elementary school music teacher. We wish him a happy retirement!! Thank you for the many years of service to your school and community. We love you."
- Francine Merch Austin, TX
Zebra Tie
"This tie will grab anyone's attention. If you're looking for a sure conversation starter then I recommend buying this tie. Fast turn-around service."
- Adam Diaz Pontiac, MI
Bow ties for Us
"So their prices can't be beat on their bow ties. If you're looking for a quick way to build your bow tie collection, I highly recommend and specifically this bow tie. We love it."
- Eric and Kevin Atlanta
Skinny Ties
"I got this skinny turquoise for Christmas to wear to a party and was very happy when it arrived. I recommend it. This is the 5th time I've purchased form and you guys have an amazing selection."
- Brandon Brew Nashville
Black Skinny Ties for Big Guys
"I'm a little larger than the average guy so not all skinny ties look good on me. I think this this the best looking tie. I think I finally found the right width."
- Bradon L. Thousand Oaks, CA
Wedding Ties
"We purchased serveral of these ties for our wedding party and they are just the right shade. The shipping was very fast."
- Jennifer Hornwood West Hollywood, CA
Pink Wedding Ties
"As the best man, I am tasked with pinking the ties. The ties came in nicely wrapped. Got a lot for the money. Seems like they are okay quality. I recommend these ties."
- Andrew H. Billings
Quality Ties
"Good quality constructions. I would recommend this tie to anyone."
- Ryan B. Beverlywood, CA
The LUCKY tie
"I will shamelessly wear this everyday. I wore it once and met the girl of my dreams. This tie has now become my lucky tie."
- Sean San Francisco, CA
Neckties for Horse Lovers
"HORSE TIE FOR RACE HORSE LOVERS!!! I wear this to my office all the time now and my co workers really like it."
- Noah Silver San Antonio
"I love your ties. I'll be recommending you to everyone. I'm coming to buy more of these ties."
- Will Frank West Phoenix, AZ
Alynn Golf Tie
"Great value and great quality. My husband always looks handsome in these Alynn ties. He's been wearing them for a long time now."
- Isabella Witherspoon Philadelphia
Bird necktie
"My husband wore this out about town the other night and got lots of compliments."
- Ethank NY
Musical neckties
"Whenever I wear this tie, I get lost of compliments. Really great quality and fast shipping as always. Love your service."
- Jacob J. Chicago
Alynn Lobster Neckie
"Nicely detailed lobster ties. Great quality print work. I recommend buying from them."
- Ronald Davis Portland
Perfect wedding
"These ties were the perfect color for my wedding party. They Guys looked great and the wedding was beautiful."
- Happily Wed Scranton, PA
"Great novelty tie for my cousin who just got a job at an aquarium. I hope he loves penguins."
- Olivia San Diego
Lobster necktie
"I got this as a gift for my father-in-law who happens to be a captain on a famous sea liner. He loves it. Thanks for making the package looks nice."
- Aubrey Biloxi
Purple Stripe Bow Tie
"I recently started wearing bow ties. For about a year, I bought them online. I'm so happy I found you guys. I order 6 bow ties for the price of one at the Nordstroms near me. They came in fast and they are perfect."
- Kenneth Main Myrtle Beach
Aqua Necktie
"Wow what an amazing color. Great combination with navy suit. Decent quality and stitching."
- Donald New York, NY
Turquoise neckies
"I have bought a few ties from and from other online shops. Their service is far more superior and they have better product. I highly recommend using them over anyone else."
- George Las Cruzces
Pink Neckie
"This shade of pink is my personal favorite. The boyfriend loves wearing it so far no problem. I have to commend him for making the effort. He looks very handsome in it."
- Maria S. Miami
Wedding neckties
"Like others, I needed this a wedding. They are very good quality. I had my reservations about ordering online, but I had no problems. I recommend this."
- Daniel Detriot
Orange Necktie
"Like clockwork orange this tie came in just in time for our art exhibition. We are doing an "orange" theme. Color is true orange, quality construction."
- Zack New York
Blue neckies
"For my wedding we chose this color as the base color. Found them online at these people are super knowledgable and shipped out groomsman neckties right away. Now I have to get them to everyone."
- Heripsemie Glendale, CA
Sea Neckties
"I've been a big fan of Alynn for a long time. This is another great design and great quality tie from a small little company. I love the colors of all your ties. Keep up the good work."
- Robert Smith Connecticut
Boat Neckties
"Very cool "novelty" tie for boat lovers. I think my kids will get a kick out of this when I wear it. Your quality is pretty good. Shipping was fast."
- Marlon New Jersey
Cool Neckties
"Unique neckties are very hard to find. This tie looks amazing."
- Aziz M. Mission Viejo, CA.
Music Lover Necktie
"No one knows that I love music and that I am learning how to play the piano. The tie has great construction and I recommend the product very much."
- Anonymous Valencia, CA
Coral Bow Tie
"Coral bow ties. My two favorite things. I love this color and I really enjoy wearing bow ties more than I like wearing neckties. All doctors should wear bow ties."
- Dr. Camerson Westchester, CA
Bow ties for me
"Great looking bowtie. I used to wear them before they were cool but i'm happy they've come back in style because the designs are so much better then they were a few years ago. is my one-stop bow tie shop."
- Jay Nashville
Lobsters on Ties
"Good design and great delivery. I recommend these guys and gals. I've bought ties from them for 7 years now and love dealing with them."
- Marion Shebly
Executive Tie Ladder
"Not sure what's so executive about this tie rack, but it functions great. It's compact and takes very little room. The quality is really good. The package came in very fast."
- Anita B. Los Angeles
"Super compact cedar rack. Smells great. looks great. Fits in our closet just fine. Looks very sturdy. My husband has been using it for oever a month and he has no complaints."
- ElaineF. Bolsa City
Coral Wedding Ties.
"I'm not sure why my fiance had such a hard time finding coral ties. It took me two minutes to order these and they came in right away. Just the right color. Thank you for all your help."
- Michelle b. Baton Rouge
Wedding Ties
"My whole wedding is aqua color and this tie is amazing. i'm so happy i was able to finally find it. This matches all the bridesmaids dresses really well."
- Bobby St. Paul
Turquise Ties for my Wedding
"Wedding Ties galore!! Doesn't everyone buy their ties from TIES.COM. I'm got all excited when I found you guys."
- WorksEveryTime Spartanburg
Teal Ties
"Amazing teal colored tie. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Would recommend."
- Abrahim S. Parker, AZ
Dutch Orange
"I'm originally from the Netherlands and this is absolutely the perfect shade of orange. I will be purchasing ties from you for a very long time to come for our company."
- MJos Florida
USA Flags
"I'm a proud marine. This is a great tie with American Flags on it. They offer discounts to veterans. I recommend their service."
- PV Montana
Nautical Theme Tie
"If you love boats, this is your tie. The overal quality is exceptional. I like the color combo."
- Ford Harisburg
Bird Ties
"Lucious designed tie with beautiful detail of birds. I highly recommend their ties. I ordered it a few days a go and it was delivered right away."
- Karl Santa Barbra
Wonderful choice
"OK, this tie might seem designed for a WWII vet, but its character and nostalgia make it a good choice for most any modern guy. The deep red background makes the WWII planes stand out -- no camouflage here! My husband likes it and he's hard to please. You won't be disappointed."
- Janie USA
A beaut!
"I bought this tie for my husband. (Aren't most ties bought for men by women?) He loved it. Who wouldn't like the little green turtles on a beautiful blue background? The tie is silk and the quality seems excellent. He's happy, I'm happy and the turtles look quite content, too. A good choice!"
- Janie USA
fire engine red
"tthe tie is very red. It was a big surprise because on the screen it doesn't looks that red. But overall happy."
- Alex Azusa, CA
Red, White and blue.
"The colors and design is great. I highly recommend. Would come back to buy more."
- Bob Wyoming
Horse Cufflinks
"These are my first pair of cufflinks. My fiance got me a french cuff shirt for my birthday but for got to buy me cuff links. I really the weight. They are not too heavy. they are metal so no cheap plastic feel which is what I was afraid of. Looks like they will last a long time."
- David San Francisco
American Patriotic Ties
"Great patriotic tie. I'm happy I found this online. Couldn't decide between this one and your other American flag tie. Your ties have very high quality. Maybe in a few months I'll come back and buy the other one hahaha. Thank you"
- Niel Vermont
Skinny Red Tie
"I love the color and the price. I just wish you offered more colors than what you have. But overall I recommend the quality."
- Chris m. Minnesota
"I'm no in horse racing but really liked the design. I'm particularly pleased with the overal quality and packaging when it arrived. I've worn it once so far and the tie is of exceptional quality. I'll be back to buy more when it's appropriate."
- Richard Palo Alto, CA.
His First Skinny Tie
"This will be his first skinny tie. I really like the color. I hope he enjoys wearing it for a very long time."
- D. Deloris Pennsylvania
New Ties
"Good looking tie for the nights out. I was pleased with the selection and time of delivery to Canada. A little expense to ship to Canada. Wish you guys offered cheaper shipping options to Canada."
- Zoomer Toronto, Canada
For the Races
"Well built tie for all horse-race lovers. we love goign to the races and my husband will get a lot of use out of it htis upcomign season."
- J. Cole Texas
Little Penguins
"Cool little penguin design tie. I will wear it everywhere."
- FOrdan Finland
Cufflinks for Our Wedding Party
"I love these cufflinks. Came in fast. Packaged nicely in a good box. Gave them to all of my husband's groomsmen to wear to our wedding."
- Dani McMiller Boston
Red Horse Tie
"I purchased this tie as a gift for a co-worker. He loves it so much that I bought one today for my husband. I hope he likes it as much as my worker."
- Sophia M. El Segundo, CA.
Cool Horse Cuff links
"I purchased these a few years ago and they last a long time. I lost one of them going out so I had to order new ones. Great quality. Shines very nicely. Would buy again."
- Jeremy Goldberg Miami, CA
Strippe Bow Tie
"I am in love with this bow tie. I got the for my fiance last week and he looks great in it. I was put a waiting list to get mine but came in as promised. Nice thank you note."
- DrKolter Boulder, CO
Alynn Wine Bow Tie
"Very good construction and holds it's shape very well. I work at an upscale winery and I'm constantly asked where I get my bow ties. I only buy Alynn bow ties. They last a long time."
- Donkey and Goat Winery Berkeley, CA
Wine Lovers' Bow Tie
"I have always loves Alynn products. This bow tie however is my absolute favorite. I only wear bow ties. The details are just exquisite the colors are perfect."
- Sherman Atlanta
Yellow Ties
"Going to an even where all the men have to wear yellow ties and all the women have to wear yellow shoes. This match my wife's shoes perfectly. Good quality."
- Alex San Juan Capistrano, CA
Celadon Green Tie
"Handsome ties for the handsome men. Bought them on Friday and they're already in my hand. looks great. Exactly as the pictures show. We will definitely be back for more."
- Ryan Burningham Beverly Hills, CA.
Quality Ceder Tie Rack
"Love the sleekness of this tie racks. Nice cedar wood smell. Construction, fit and finish all high quality."
- Tommy S. Pittsburgh
Red Tie
"I love all shades of red ties. Fast service. Got it just in time. Thanks"
- Adam Grossman NY
Lobster Tie
"My favorite lobster tie finally came in. I get compliments on it all the time. Thanks for fast deliver."
- Darnell Michigan
American Flag Bowtie
"Easy to put on bow tie. The quality is decent. I wish it was a little cheaper to buy but I bought a the other bow ties and got free shipping."
- Lamar Fresno
Green Ties
"Just wanted to thank my soon-to-be wife for making it easy to by my tie. Better get here fast!"
- Kyle Argousalous Chicago, IL
Fancy Black Tie
"I'm invited to a black-tie event. I hope this is what they mean... lol. I tied it on. Feels very smooth and has a nice shine to it. I hink it will look nice at night."
- Jose A. Tempe, AZ
Two Ties
"No complaints. Got the same tie in two different colors. Very happy with both."
- Big John LACA
Penguin Ties
"The quintessential tie for penguin lovers. Good fast service. Good quality tie."
- Derek M. Denver
Horse Tie
"Spent the afternoon online looking for just the right tie. Glad I chose this one. Exactly as described. Quality product. Would recommend."
- SilverMerc Texas
"Great service. Received item fast. Good quality. Not using the tie rack for ties but for my son's hanging medals. Looks real nice on the wall and the shelf is used for his small trophy's."
- bonnie Trout Run, Pa
Father's Daay
"This was a great gift for my father and grandfather they both love this tie. They both wore it to work since as they work in the same building."
- DijaJ lIncoln
Perfect Price for Ties
"Some pay a lot for their ties other's pay little, but your prices and selection is perfect for anyone who is looking to refresh their closet with fashionable ties. This lavender colored tie has a nice texture as described. I recommend."
- JG Oregon
Great Tie Rack With Tray
"Was tired of my husband leaving his ties every where. Got him this cedar tie rack and his ties fit neatly. Seems like a quality product. Looks great in the closet. Smells really nice. I hope the smell stays. Bonus: It has a nice little tray up top for loose change or keys."
- Alexi W. Casper, WY.
Shakespear Tie
"Good quality tie. Great conversation starter. I'm in sales and love unique and different ties that call attention."
- SmokinRods Albany, NY
American Flags
"'Merica!!! Cool tie. Got it amazingly fast. I would highly recommend."
- JJump Ogden
Awesome American Flag Bowtie
"I am very pleased with the quality and design of this very American flag bow tie."
- Melissa Meyers Tacoma
Birthday Gift
"Bought this form my grandfather in law who lives with us. He really likes them a lot. I've washed them a few times they seem to hold up relatively well compared to other ones I've bought on Amazon or from the local open air markt."
- Brittany Astrada Mission, CA
"Got this stunning tie for my husband. I love him in it. He has over 300 ties. It's nice to see him smile when he gets a new tie that he likes."
- Audrey Rapid City
Black Tie for Work
"I was looking for a black tie to wear to the office. Something simple, not too expensive. Ordered online. Got it fast in the mail. The packaging was great and the tie seems to be of decent quality."
- Joel San Antonio, TX
"Bought this for my boyfriend. He has a slim color suit and a slim color shirt. The tie looks wonderful."
- NutellaRules Philadelphia
Love Your Site
"Great quality tie. Spend lots of days looking for the perfect tie and I found this online. Wasn't sure of the color but exactly as described."
- Shandra K St. Louis, MO
Lots of Selection
"Love the selection you guys have. Fast response. I would recommend shopping here. I also got this in a bow tie."
- AGoldberg NY
First TIe
"This will be my first of many ties. I keep hearing tht I have to have and everyone has to have a black tie so i started with this one. I hope i like it."
- William Georgia
Patriotic Tie
"Nice patriotic tie. I like wearing it. Good to show off what country your from time to time. I wear it once in a while."
- Samuel May Arkansa
Silver Tie
"This tie is perfect. It looks great and has a nice texture. I will buy this in other colors. When you're ordering, ask them to draw something on the box. I got a picture of a monkey eating a banana in a bow tie."
- Derek Shuster Maine
Sweet Name
"Great. Hides stains well. looks great from far and close. Recommend this over the other ones they sell."
- SBelongov Seattle
Another Alynn Tie
"I love these Alynn ties. Every so often I check out the site for their new designs. I had not seen the Shark ties before but I love this one. Can't wait to get it. Wish it came in other colors as well."
- Shane Murdock Boston, MA.
Gift of All Gifts
"The tie came in yesterday it was nicely packaged. It had a beautiful box with tissue paper along with a bow. I didn't even have to gift wrap it. Thank you for taking such good care. It makes a world of difference. Nice to see that companies still do this for their customers."
- Sandra Silverstein Beverly Hills, CA.
Electronic Tie Rack
"Great product. Easy to install. Performs as described. Free shipping was faster than stated. Very satisfied."
- Sloopster47 Kannapolis, NC
Father's Day Gift
"Purchased this for my father. They do the job well. The price is okay. They are of decent thickness, overall no complaints."
- Ashlee C. Oklahoma City, OK
Nice Tie
"Great website. Easy to navigate. Received the tie in 3 days. Just as deciribed. Fits good. Love your tutorials."
- Dane V. Virginia Beach, VA
"I love bright colored ties. They add a little flair to your everyday wardrobe. I work in a suit and tie office and seeing the same ties day in and day out gets a little old. These ties are made with good construction and I'm sure they will last a long time. Wish you had more knit ties though."
- Hank R. Cleveland, OH.
Groomsman Ties
"Last week, I ordered 1 for our wedding. I needed to make sure it was the right color. The color was good and the quality seems decent. Hopefully they will all be here on time."
- Marian T. Mesa, AZ.
basic black tie
"Good price for the quality. Will be back to buy more. The tie is a little short for me (I'm 6'3). Thanks for shipping fast."
- Conner Dickson Kansans
"The name of this tie says it all. My son is 14 and loves the american flag. He wore it to the block party on 4th of July and he loved it."
- Joann Raleigh, N.C.
Little Gift
"Last week was our anniversary. I wanted my husband in a black tie like our wedding day. It arrived 2 days later in a pretty package with a nice note."
- Samantha Bourdin Long Beach, CA
For My Husband
"My husband just passed the bar! YAY @Eric!! I'm so proud of you. I bought him this tie as his first official gift. I wish you the best. You are going to do great things and all your hard work will finally pay off. No more late night studying. We can go to bed at a normal time."
- Mason Aster Charlotte, NC
Really Cool Bowtie
"I was looking for a unique bow tie to wear to our summer office party. Really great construction, looks good, and got lots of compliments from co workers. I will say that if you're a tie guy, it will get some getting used to wearing a bowtie for the first time. It feels a little strange but you get used to it."
- Austin F. North Carolina
"Oh' Romeo, Oh' Romeo. This tie is too much drama. But I'm all tied up buying this tie."
- Mark Cintaer Indianapolis, IN
"Every year, I buy 4 cases of this and I really like the quality of your handkerchiefs. They last a long time, they feel great against my nose, and they are soft. They clean well in the wash and you can bet I'll be back next year to buy some more."
- Peter Smiley Florida
"I work for South Bay BMW and I am always in ties. I love this tie. It has become my lucky tie. Every time I'm closing a deal, I wear this tie. It looks good and works for both office and dinner out. Wish you guys had more of this pattern."
- SouthBayBWM Torrance, CA.
"The selection of your ties if crazy. Love your site. Easy to navigte. We'll be back fro more."
- John Wisconsin
"Thank you to the girls and guys at your customer service for helping me find the right color ties for our wedding. I'm happy to say I can move on the my next item."
- Jasmine Nebraska
"sweet name. thanks for all the hlep lily, as always. not sure what i woudl do without you gusy."
- Jason Los Angeles
"Every attorney needs one of these."
- shytown Chicago, IL
"Great product. Not sure why I haven't bought this before. Should have thought of this myself."
- Mike Boston
"I bought this for my grandson last year as a wedding gift and every time I see him he thanks me for it. Earlier this year, I bought one for his father (my son-in-law). He loves his as well. This is the third one I've bought and I love it my self. It rotates with ease and the light is very useful inside the closet. I'll be back for more."
- Shmozer NE
"just what I was looking for,meets all expectations well made thanks"
- batman rossville,ga.
"I bought this tie as an option for my upcoming wedding. I love it!!! Getting ready to purchase 5 more! Great color!"
- Lohan Nashville
"Got this to add to my husband's tie wardrobe.The design is tasteful, and cute without being cartoon-ish. Quality is very nice."
- Lauren Michigan
"My fiance and I purchased four of these ties for the ushers at our wedding. The coral color coordinates well with our navy and coral wedding. the stripes are a nice width. The tie feels fabric is quality and we are very pleased with the purchase. ALSO, the ties came in very nice gift boxes. That was an added bonus as we will be giving them as gifts."
- kdmdan denver, co
Love the Shamrock Tie
"Living in Savannah Georgia which is a big party town when it comes to St. Patrick's Day, this tie is truly perfect. My son-in-law loves it and can't way for March 17, 2014"
- Peachy Savannah, GA
"The color looks even better in person!"
- cwimett Virginia Beach, VA
"Tie is perfect! Color almost dead-on with on-line pic. Very well made. Prompt shipping. I'll come back."
- Ronxx Ct
Looking Good!!!!
"Good looking tie, extra long is the big plus...looks great with my green and white striped shirt."
- Rocky
Hot Pink Wedding Ties- For the WIN
"I am more than pleased with our purchase of both regular Hot Pink ties and extra long Hot Pink ties. The groomsmen in our wedding will be wearing these ties and they match the bridesmaid dresses perfectly! The picture online is very accurate to how it really looks, and we got the order in less than 3 business days (for 13 ties!) I am SO impressed with this order, we'll definitely be shopping here first for any upcoming tie purchases! Sincerely, ecstatic bride :)"
- SadieSarah California
Great tie
"Got an awesome bacon tie for a great price. Shipping was very fast. I am extremely pleased with"
- Vanny NT,N.Y
Perfect for the 4th
"This tie is perfect for any American holiday! Makes one appreciate just how blessed we are! It's all good!"
- TeddyK Dundalk, MD
Heh, Heh, Heh!
"My cuff links were not quite what is pictured. The verbage on the links that I received reads "Nicked." Very British! Makes me want to go out and buy a 007 flick and snuggle with my bride whilst viewing same. Very cool!"
- TeddyK Dudnalk, MD
What a help!
"Finally! All of my ties in one place and easy to see and retrieve. Installation is a breeze. Very nice and highly recommended."
- TeddyK Dundalk, MD
Great device
"This tie rack is a great deal for te money. It's easy to install and simple to use."
- Reid_GA Cookeville, TN
Great fun tie!
"My son has to wear a tie everyday. He prefers to wear the novelty ties and is "known" at school for his ties. He has gotten tons of compliments on his novelty ties from your site. He stand 6'10" and the extra long ties have worked great! This tie is great to wear with several different color shirts. Colors hold up well and do not fade. Recommend."
- Bigness Mom TN
Great eye exam tie!
"My son has to wear a tie everyday. He prefers to wear the novelty ties and is "known" at school for his ties. He has gotten tons of compliments on his novelty ties from your site. He stand 6'10" and the extra long ties have worked great! This tie is great to wear with several different color shirts. Colors hold up well and do not fade. Recommend, expecially for eye exam days. Opthamologist LOVED it!"
- Bigness Mom TN
Great tie!
"My son has to wear a tie everyday. He prefers to wear the novelty ties and is "known" at school for his ties. He has gotten tons of compliments on his novelty ties from your site. He stand 6'10" and the extra long ties have worked great! This tie is great to wear with several different color shirts. Colors hold up well and do not fade. Recommend."
- Bigness Mom TN
Great tie!
"My son has to wear a tie everyday. He prefers to wear the novelty ties and is "known" at school for his ties. He has gotten tons of compliments on his novelty ties from your site. He stand 6'10" and the extra long ties have worked great! This tie is great to wear with several different pastel color shirts. Colors hold up well and do not fade. Recommend."
- Bigness Mom TN
"Great for on the road men! Takes care of any time of lint or hair quickly! It also is the perfect size to store in any carry-on bag when flying! Not to mention the shoehorn, and cedar smell! Another, MUST BUY!!"
- Rabbitman26 Plymouth, WI
Quality wood
"The wood is quality! This is a great product. When I got it in the mail I immediately opened it up and hung it in my closet. I put all my ties and belts on it as well. When I open up my closet I can smell the cedar. JUST WONDERFUL!!! Not to mention made in WI...."
- Rabbitman26 Plymouth,WI
"This is a very exceptional quality product! I cannot wait to use it in my travels!!!! Recommended must buy!"
- Rabbitman26 Plymouth, WI
Green Tie
"Fast delivery!! Looks great"
- Rozee Oxbow, SK
"I have been searching for the right tie for the groomsmen to wear in my wedding; I wanted it to match the bridesmaid dresses and needed them available in extra long for a few of the boys. I ordered one tie to preview before I bought the whole group, and received it in 3 business days. It looks just like the picture! It is exactly what I had in mind and I'll definitely be ordering the rest to complete our groomsmen' attire. Thank you!"
- SadieSarah California
"Perfect gift for my son's birthday! Will be worn often when he tutors students in algebra & calculus and has already been a fun conversation piece at award ceremonies. Item arrived promptly as promised in excellent condition."
- Dom's mom Venice, FL
Excellent Tie
"This tie is fantastic! I was so happy when I opened the box up and saw this inside! It looks even better in person and it is surely a great gift idea for any patriots in your family. 'Merica!"
- David Florida
Hang Ups
"Everyone needs an organizer for belts and ties. This cedar hanger works and even smells great."
- High Class in Borrowed Shoes NS
"I bought this cherry blossom tie for my groomsmen to match with the bridesmaids dresses for our wedding in July. I cannot express how perfect they look together! Thank you!"
- wicketwoman British Columbia, Canada
Great wedding tie
"I had a hard time finding yellow ties that matches the sunbeam yellow bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal for my wedding. I finally happened upon the sunshine yellow tie here. Great match! :) we also got the matching pocket squares which look great as well."
- Bride Colorado
I don't use it with the bow tie
"perfect match, too perfect to use together with bow tie but nice quality good price and it will be used often"
- Jim Dandy Greenwich, CT
My favorite color
"Nice quality, heavy enough to keep shape although that made it a little more difficult to tie. No complaints"
- Jim Dandy Greenwich, CT
Royal Blue!
"Excellent quality, fast deliver, fair price"
- Jim Dandy Greenwich, CT
Just as expected
"Holds all my ties, both current and expired models! I wear a tie every day, and this helps me sort through my options. When I consider how much I paid for the ties and how many I have accumulated over the years, this is a very good way to protect my investment. Quiet, smooth and convenient. That's a lot to pack into a $30 package."
- Matthew Wyoming
"I loved the tie, the color was perfect and it is great quality"
- nana14 az
Head-turning Style
"I wore this tie to a wedding. I received almost as many compliments as the groom. EVERYONE loved this tie, from teenagers to the 50+ crowd (of which I am a part)! The perfect choice to complement a brown suit or any other earth-tone ensemble. CLASSIC!"
- TeddyK Baltimore, MD
"Unique bow tie and adds to the the American Holiday events. I own both the pre-tied and the self tie model but prefer the self bow tie."
Turquoise Tie
"I have gotten 2 ties and several swatches. They were all delivered promptly. Tie is a little too long though. Thank you!"
- etisher89 NC
"Very sharp...matches perfectly. Excellent and fast service! Thank you!"
- Melodee Montgomery, AL
Autumn tie
"Not only did one sock got knocked off but both did.Delivery was ontime, colors were perfect as shown and owner received lots of comments. Burnt orange pocket square was perfect with it. Would definitely recomend this tie."
- ACeee New York
Perfect Color
"Needed to find a tie that matched my bridesmaids dresses and this was a near perfect match! Thank god for and their partnership with Ebates!!"
- LA2136 Boston, MA
Long Tie
"Being very tall, I never seem to find quality ties that are actually as Long as advertised until now. Over the past month or two, I have ordered seven or eight ties and I am extremely pleased with the quality of all and definitely the length. All my future tie purchase will be through Rich"
- Rich K New Jersey
"I bought this item to go with a set that I had already purchased from (bowtie, reg. tie & pocket square). The color matched perfectly and the selection before I made my purchase was great! The material quality is superb and fit is perfect! I am very pleased with ALL of my purchases from! Their order processing and shipping is very fast too."
- KatyTXmom Katy, TX
"Tie looks and fits great"
- Wesley Central, Fl
"Teaching the renaissance has never been better!"
- samoo Ny. NY
"This tie looks great and catches attention without being awkward. It is cleverly designed and highly recommended."
- samoo NY. NY
The metal look
"This tie is shiny and looks as if it has been made from metal."
- Customer OR
Most complimented tie I own
"I have many ties, when I wear this one I get many compliments. I work at the airport and see many people. It is amazing on the amount of compliments I can rack up in one day wearing this tie."
- JonN. Tequesta, FL
"I love this tie. It catches everything America is and will be for the next 4 years."
- The Gent With A Bowtie Orlando,FL
"I am wearing a coral dress for a friend's wedding this spring and have been searching for a coral tie for my boyfriend to wear that would compliment my dress. I searched multiple department stores and websites, but could not find anything I liked. I actually came upon this website via Pinterest and was so excited to find the Jefferson Stripe tie in Coral. I ordered it and a coral pocket silk and could not be happier! The quality is great and the price is unbeatable! I will definitely be shopping here again! Thank YOU!!!"
- Megan Oklahoma
Breaking stereotypes
"People with computers often negl ected fashion and, as a rule, stretched sweater dress , not shirts and ties. This tie is the case, when to change the stereotypes and give to fashion. This tie will unobtrusively understand others, that's something you sense in the computer, in the same time the fashion-conscious. Contrasts are always intriguing. Six stars."
- Helena PA
looks real
"I gave these to my boss for Xmas. He is a coffee lover, and he loves the cufflinks. Looks as much like the real thing, as it can"
- nordy Washington, DC
"Works well for my needs , may order another for a present for friend. Installs fast,looks good in my closet."
- Ranger Temple Tx.
"Nice product and fast delivery. Would have given 5 stars if the pegs were spaced further apart. As is, difficult to see hang a tie on every peg."
- Danimal Fishers, IN
Super Fast Service
"This is not the first time I've ordered from I have 2 kids in the teaching profession and I LOVE buying them fun ties. The only place to get fun ties at a reasonable price is at They are a great quality, great price and ship super fast. Just sign up to get the email alerts when they have their big sales! Great item for a great price!"
- Jude S. Oxford, CT
Great Packaging for Ties
"Purchased 100 units of these Gift Roll Tie Cases to wrap ties/gifts for clients. I am very impressed with the quality of the item, and the customer service rep was extremely helpful in assisting me with placing an order this large. I will recommend this item; the photo does not do it justice. It actually looks like real leather and it is lined with a nice material. A very nice presentation - the ties were nice gift to begin with the case makes it so much classier!"
- Corp Gifts New York, NY
Great gift
"Bought this for my boss and he absolutely loved it. We work with customers so this was definitely an attention getter. Fits perfect in suit pocket, great for holidays."
- Alex M Newark, NJ
Not bad
"Purchased a sharper image tie rack and returned it 3 days later. FOund this one and gave it a shot. Easy to install, easy operation. I feel like it was smoother at first but this might be because of the batteries. So far its working fine, much much much better than the sharper image one."
- Alex M Newark, NJ
"I love the way this one looks. Subtle, colourful pattern from a distance... and the surprise musical theme upon closer inspection. Nice quality too, and a good value."
- Fiddler Reston VA
Fantastic Tie!
"My son loves this Rock On Santa Band Tie!"
- Dipsy Fairfax, VA