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Solid Satin Silks

Our best-selling wedding solids are a fabulous choice for your special day. These gorgeous ties feature 100% silk construction & a
lustrous ultra-satin finish. Available in more than 35 colors & 10 styles! Choose a style or color below to see more details.
  • Black Tie
  • Charcoal Tie
  • Wedding Silver Tie
    Wedding Silver
  • Medium Gray Tie
    Medium Gray
  • Wedding Day White Tie
    Wedding Day White
  • Cocoa Brown Tie
    Cocoa Brown
  • Chestnut Tie
  • Candy Apple Red Tie
    Candy Apple Red
  • Crimson Red Tie
  • Hot Pink Tie
    Hot Pink
  • Peony Pink Tie
    Peony Pink
  • Baby Pink Tie
    Baby Pink
  • Bridal Rose Tie
    Bridal Rose
  • Purple Plum Tie
    Purple Plum
  • Lavender Tie
  • Wisteria Tie
  • Concord Grape Tie
    Concord Grape
  • Baby Lilac Tie
    Baby Lilac
  • Sky Blue Tie
    Sky Blue
  • Aqua Tie
  • Caribbean Blue Tie
    Caribbean Blue
  • Navy Blue Tie
    Navy Blue
  • Baby Blue Tie
    Baby Blue
  • Blue Aster Tie
    Blue Aster
  • Royal Blue Tie
    Royal Blue
  • Teal Tie
  • Mallard Blue Tie
    Mallard Blue
  • Turquoise Tie
  • Cornflower Blue Tie
    Cornflower Blue
  • Spruce Green Tie
  • Christmas Green Tie
    Christmas Green
  • Celadon Green Tie
  • Kelly Green Tie
    Kelly Green
  • Sunshine Yellow Tie
    Sunshine Yellow
  • Bright Gold Tie
    Bright Gold
  • Rich Gold Tie
    Rich Gold
  • Artisans Gold Tie
    Artisans Gold
  • Orange Dream Tie
    Orange Dream
  • Burnt Orange Tie
    Burnt Orange

Wedding Ties from

Thanks for stopping by! Thousands of customers have trusted to provide their wedding party with the perfect necktie. Whether you're looking for elegant silk wedding ties, bold polka dots, subtle stripes, or lively tropical neckties to compliment your destination wedding, we've got it all.

Our line of solid silk neckwear for men boasts more than 35 colors in standard length, extra long, skinny, and boys neckties. Polish off the look with our selection of cummerbunds, self-tie or pre-tied bow ties, boys and infant bow ties, and pocket squares. Our ability to outfit your entire wedding party in the color of your dreams is truly unparalleled.

We know how stressful wedding preparations can be. If you have any questions, or would just like a little extra help in finding the perfect thing for your nuptials, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer care specialists are eager to help make your special day a resounding success.