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About Seersucker Neckties

Seersucker. A fun word, we know. Derived from the Urdu "kheer", meaning milk and "shakkar" meaning sugar, "kheer-shakkar" was a fabric originally created in India and named for its texture which resembled the smoothness of milk and roughness of sugar. Naturally, "kheer-shakkar" was adopted by the US and so was the easier derivative of the word: "seersucker". It's a lightweight fabric most commonly made from cotton and it's easy care makes it perfect for summer clothing and best of all, it requires no ironing. Follow these simple care steps and tips to ensure your seersucker stays puckerful for a lifetime. Good news! Seersucker is machine washable!

1. Bleach is okay for white seersucker fabrics, but can cause yellowing in dyed seersucker.

2. Set washer temperature to cold

3. When finished washing, place your necktie promptly in the dryer at medium heat. Drying at a hotter temperature will shrink the necktie. And that's really all there is to it.

Seersucker ties have the most unique textures of all the fabrics used for ties. They're a bit smooth, and a bit bumpy and wrinkles are only part of their charm, which keep all ironing needs to an absolute minimum. They may not be your typical silk-woven tie, but they sure do look great and offer a refreshing take on men's fashion. The world could definitely use some more seersucker action---and more milk and sugar!
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