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Danny Boy
New Jersey
electronic Closet Tie Rack
The first one i received failed to work. When I called the woman who answered was extremely nice about it. Asked a few queries about what was wrong with the rack and offered to send a replacement. I got the new one four working days later. I'm looking forward to using it. Looks great. A really good experience. Most customer service experiences these days are lousy. This one was as good as one could hope. Thanks to I will buy from them in the future.
a little wimpy
This tie rack is made pretty well. Much better than the Sharper Image tie rack that failed recently. (my bad: I loaded it with 65 ties and it was meant for about 20). This tie rack arrived OVERNIGHT and I paid standard shipping - which was shocking and wonderful. It was tricky to install: the top cover was tough to get off the first time - but that's because the tolerances are very small. I installed it on a 1 3/8 in rail and it tool a LOT of force to get it on, because it's the maximum size rail it will accept. Once I got it together it was straight forward. It really DOES have a 70-tie capacity. And only takes up about 6 inches of space on the rail. Very efficient use of space. The mechanism is good and smooth when the rack is unloaded. HOWEVER, as I put more and more of my 65 ties on the rack it spun slower and slower. I checked to see if I had hung the ties in a way that made them rub on the body of the rack, but they were not rubbing on anything. By the time I got about 40 ties on, it needed a push to spin. When I got all 65 ties on, it would not move in either direction without a big push. After a few attempts, it started to turn VERY SLOWLY on it's own. Maybe something loosened up? You know, 70 ties is a LOT of weight. In summary, it's a well-constructed machine that is seriously underpowered. HOWEVER, I am not sending it back right away. I will see how it works for a couple weeks, then decide.
Georgia, USA
Electronic Tie Rack
Incredibly cool! Cool Cool Cool! I love this tie rack. My closet has the wire rack type shelf/hanger, so I had to add a bar to get it to hang tight to prevent it from rocking. But this thing is sweet, I mean sweeeeet and it works great!! The first one I ordered arrived defective with a broken track, so it jammed before making 1/2 a revolution. I emailed and got an immediate response. They would send me another one right away, and would open it up and test it before shipping. WHAT GREAT SERVICE!! I received the replacement promptly too. Thank you, thank you-thank you. Pros: Immediately my ties are organized and easy to select and hang back up. Smooth operation if you hang it level and the light is a nice touch. Great customer service. I really really like it a lot. Cons: Made of plastic - so be gentle. Has to be adapted to the wire type closet rack if you don't have the rod type. My belts get caught on the ties, so although it is a great idea to have them there, it would work better if the machine were about 2 inches wider. These minor cons will not prevent me from ordering another for myself and for gifts.
York Tom
Closet tie rack
I am pleased with the product but didn't realize until it arrived that it was meant to be mounted on a standard closet bar. I bought my home new in 2010 and it has the wire rack shelves throughout the house. I was able to wedge a plastic disc in the adjustable holder to stabilize the tie rack but it rocks back and forth depending on the distribution of the ties.
St. Louis.Mo.
Tie rack.
Haven't been able to use because I'm unable to remove rod cover. I'm waiting for a son with strong hands to see if he can get it off. If not, I'll have to return it. Looks fine if I can get it mounted.
Happy, Happy, Happy
I've had the smaller version of this tie rack and recently got a couple dozen more ties and needed a larger tie rack. The rod in my closet was right at the upper level of the dimensions that the tie rack would fit. It fits very nicely and is secure. It is incredibly easy to install for the secure fit it has. I like the speed of the ties as they spin around. If they went as slow as my smaller rack, I would be waiting forever for them. They move right along so it doesn't feel like a long wait to go a rotation. The installation instructions could be better. They should have had installation of the batteries last so you don't keep turning it on while trying to take the top off and mount it. Also, they need to check their QC a little better. The adjustment screw was tightened enough of the way it when I got the rack that the top would not come off. It took me a couple of minutes to figure how to get take it apart for mounting. Also, there wasn't any comment about the belt hooks. It wasn't hard to figure out how to mount them, once I figured out what they were, but it would have been more complete if they were mentioned in the assembly directions. I am very happy with my purchase.
Franklin Tower
Tribeca, NYC, NY
Excellent Tie Rack
This tie rack is extremely useful if you have many ties, since, of course, it's very hard to store them efficiently in a way that also makes it possible to see them all. The machinery works well and can be attached to a hanging rod without removing it. The process of attaching it is a little difficult. I suggest practicing attaching the top a few times before trying to do it over the rod. Once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be too hard.
Las Vegas
Tie Rack
This seems to be a great tie rack that rotates at a speed where you won't be waiting 2 min to go around. The only thing I have an issue with is the fact that the space which holds up the device is only made for large circular racks. I have a wire rack and stuffed paper towel in the hole while screwing the securing mechanism as tight as it will go. It still shifts back and forth because the weight is not balanced on all sides. Other than that....awesome!
Bagley, WI
Slow to Start
Purchased this unit as a compliment to an identical unit I purchased several years ago (tie collection is growing). Unit is VERY slow to start but seems to pick up speed OK. Figure it is just new and a bit tight (original unit never did this). Will use for a few more days and hope it loosens up or will return for a replacement. Mike
Incredible for price
For this price, there is no possibly way that you can find a better tie rack. Holds a ton, works great and when you wait till it's on sale like I did you get a huge capacity tie rack for under $20. No way any of the ones you get at a department store are better than this, for this price. Would definitely recommend this.