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Lee Belding
Jackson, MI
High Quality!
Very high quality and thick tie that is soft to the touch. It was great to wear for breast cancer awareness day. I received lots of compliments while wearing it! Highly recommend!
BC, Canada
Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer Awareness Tie
The tie worked... :) my wife had recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we weren't sure we would be able to attend our pals wedding in Seattle. During the week before the wedding my wife started to feel well enough to attend. I quickly found and ordered "Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer Awareness Tie" and had it shipped to my pals place in Seattle, instead of my home in British Columbia. It arrived in Seattle in a couple days, perfect timing. During the reception I was able to chat with friends & family about breast cancer and so that's why I say "the tie worked" If I had photos from the wedding I'd upload... maybe later when I receive?
Making a statement
A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so we decided that it was time for us to start doing our part and making people awair!! I purchased about 10 of these ties and handed them out to several of the men I know, as well as my friends husband. Everytime I wear mine I get comments and people ask me where I found it. I tell them everytime! thank you for supplying such a great product!
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