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California, CA
Great service! The time I expected the tie to come in was actually shorter and I felt as if I made the right choice ordering from this website! The tie itself is very nice. It's very smooth and has the color right. People may have trouble putting it on because of the texture but it isn't that hard. Easy to wash as well! 9/10 :)
Norfolk, VA
terrific timely ties
website easy to navigate. Ordering is easy. Turn around/delivery very quick. Good for folks who obsess or have a short time line. jebva
Las Cruzces
Turquoise neckies
I have bought a few ties from ties.com and from other online shops. Their service is far more superior and they have better product. I highly recommend using them over anyone else.
Turquise Ties for my Wedding
Wedding Ties galore!! Doesn't everyone buy their ties from TIES.COM. I'm got all excited when I found you guys.
Turquoise Tie
I have gotten 2 ties and several swatches. They were all delivered promptly. Tie is a little too long though. Thank you!
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