7 Next-Level Dopp Kit Upgrades Not-so-ordinary toiletries for not-so-ordinary men

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I f you only get your toiletries from the local grocery store, you’re at the whim of big corporations with limited shelf-space and no real incentive to innovate. There are a ton of superior options out there. In this post, we’re taking you off the beaten path to introduce you to a few of our favorite Dopp kit upgrades. These are products that not only out-perform the leaders in their class, they also look a hell of a lot sexier too.

This is NOT a sponsored post — these are real products that we use, love, and recommend.

Quip Electronic Toothbrush


Smaller and sleeker than other electronic models on the market, the quip toothbrush is perfect for avid travelers. No more stressing about packing a bulky charge, Quip is powered by a single AAA battery. You also won’t have to worry about picking up replacement heads. Their refill subscription plan means you’ll have inexpensive replacements shipped to your door every couple of months — so you can be sure your toothbrush working at maximum efficacy. If you appreciate great design and a practical product, this is the toothbrush you’ve been longing for.

Marvis Toothpaste


Goodbye boring toothpaste. Hello Marvis. The understated vintage packaging was what first caught our eye, but the unique flavors were what really sealed the deal. Our current favorite flavor is Ginger Mint, but if you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the Amarelli Licorice or Jasmine Mint. This imported Italian toothpaste may cost a bit more than your standard fare, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll find it well worth the extra pocket change.

Baxter Facial Scrub


Introducing a weekly exfoliator into your grooming routine will help keep your skin looking its best. For our money, we’re going with Baxter of California’s Facial Scrub. Baxter has been in the skincare game since 1965, and they know men’s grooming. This cleanser has an intoxicating cherry almond scent and just the right about of grit. It will leave your skin feeling renewed but not raw. The minimal, sophisticated packaging says it all — what you see is what you get.

Harry’s Shave Kit


Finally — cartridge razors that don’t look like they were created by an ancient alien civilization (Transformers VI: Revenge of the Moustache?). No futuristic handle. No fake technology. Just sleek, well-balanced handles and blades that deliver a reliably close shave. We also appreciate their smartly-designed razor cover and replacement-blade pack. No more worrying about cutting yourself when you dig around inside your toiletry bag. To top it all off, Harry’s delivers replacement blades straight to your door for less than the cost of traditional cartridge razors. Bravo Harry’s.

Billy Jealousy Aftershave


Billy Jealousy’s Shaved Ice aftershave has racked up a mountain of accolades over the past few years. Believe the hype. This aftershave delivers a powerful icy-cool rush and a subtle yet refreshing scent that will leave you feeling like you’ve dipped your face into a glacial pond. Results? Smooth, irritation-free skin. Simple as that.

Brickell Face Moisturizer


The lightweight formula of Brickell’s face moisturizer will alleviate your dry skin woes without leaving you feeling oily. It has a slightly rugged smell which is perfectly complemented by its rugged (but not kitschy) branding. Twice daily use is all you need to keep your skin happy and hydrated. Do your face a favor and introduce this into your lineup now.

Brio Beardscape


Last but definitely not least on our gotta-have-it list is Brio’s new trimmer. The Beardscape can handle any manscaping task from your head to your toes, and everywhere in between. We use it to achieve a perfect 5 o’clock shadow. Versatility, incredible battery life, tank-like construction — what can we say, we’re fans.

The Not-So-Final Word


The products a man puts into his grooming routine should be as personal as the grooming routine itself. If you only settle for what’s right in front of your eyes, there’s roughly zero chance you’ll find the best the world has on offer. We’ve shared a few of our favorites to get you started down the path to Dopp kit nirvana, the rest is up to you.

What are your favorite less-common toiletries? Let us know in the comments. Cheers!