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Can I return my order if I don't like it?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell. We offer a 30 day cash back and 90 day store credit program. Items received within 30 days of the purchase date receive a full refund of the purchase price. does not reimburse shipping and handling fees. Items received after 30 days, but before 90 days from the purchase date, are eligible for a store credit only. Store credits are good toward future purchases at Significant restrictions apply; please see our terms of sale for full details. To initiate a return now, click here.

How much is Shipping and Handling?

To get quote for shipping costs, go to our Shipping Calculator.

Is it safe to shop online?

We utilize 128-bit SSL certificates to keep your information safe and secure. Our website is certified secure by Verisign and the Better Business Bureau Reliability Program. As an extra layer of protection, we only store your payment information in our order database long enough to complete the transaction - then the information is discarded.

How long will it take to get my package?

We will pack & ship your order within one working day of you placing it. The time it takes to receive your package will vary greatly by where you live, and what you order. All orders are shipped from Southern California. 98% of all our orders are delivered within eight working days or less. Some packages may take longer.

How do I get my receipt?

We made it easy for you to print a receipt from anywhere. Simply log into your account, select the correct order and choose "print a receipt". It's that easy! If you don't have a printer, please call a customer service representative at 1-800-289-2843, or email us at and we will be happy to mail you a receipt. To log into your account now, click here.

How do I track my order?

You can track any order right from the "My Account" page on our website. Simply log into your account, select the correct order, and choose "track this order". It's that easy! If you don't have a computer, please call a customer service representative at 1-800-289-2843, or email and we will be happy to track your package for you. To log into your account now, click here.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do offer gift certificates; you can even get an instant gift certificate that you print yourself or have emailed to the recipient instantly. Of course, we do also have the professionally printed version which can be sent by mail. To purchase a gift certificate, please click here.

Do you offer Gift Wrapping?

We offer a very lovely little black box with a silver bow that is available on most neckties and a few accessories. If you would like to add a gift box to an item, just click the gift box icon under each item in the shopping cart. It's that simple.

How can I get a printed catalog?

Unfortunately, our inventory changes too rapidly to keep a printed catalog current; however we do offer 7,000 items on our website, in addition to offering an email newsletter that will keep you up to date on new items, sales, and discounts. And if that wasn't enough, on occasion we do print and ship specialty catalogs that highlight a small selection from our website. To sign up to receive these mailings or our newsletter, simply log into your account and select preferences.

What is the difference between a self tie bow tie and a pre-tied bow tie?

A self tie bow tie, also referred to as a traditional bow tie, is the most common and regularly worn bow tie type. It consists of a lengthy strip of cloth that features widened ends that are used to manually tie a bow with. While challenging at first to master, the carefully knotted bow of a self tie bow tie brings with it a stylish yet timeless look that can only add to the charm and sophistication of your attire. Smart, sharp, and sexy. Think James Bond.

A pre-tied bow tie, also known as a ready-tied bow tie, is a bow tie in which the bow has been previously sewn into shape, giving you a crisp and sharp bow without the hassle of trying to tie the bow yourself. Its ease of use as well as its ready made nature has made it a very popular choice among men who are on the go and without the time to knot up a regular bow tie.

While either style of bow tie brings with it a smart and stylish look, there is a noticeable difference between the two, and that difference is one of convenience. With the pre-tied bow tie, the bow comes pre-crafted, giving you the sharp and handsome look of a regular bow tie without bothering you with the time consuming and difficult dilemma of trying to knot it up yourself. The self tie bow tie does not come pre-tied, giving you the liberty to knot the bow up yourself and thus giving you and the bow the freedom and finesse to look smart and casual or to look sharp and elegant, depending on what sort of affair you are preparing for.

What is a zipper tie?

The zipper necktie has long been one of our most requested and most popular sales items. This is because it brings a simple yet effective solution to the age old problem of quickly and successfully tying a tie, without resorting to a clip-on. It does this by way of a discreet zipper mechanism, attached to the backside of the tie, which allows you to easily slide the knot of your necktie up and down your shirt, giving you the ability to look your best, when it matters most.

To put on a zipper tie, start with your shirt collar up and the tie set around your neck. From here you will need to adjust the knot. To do this, simply take hold of the small end of the tie as well as the knot of the tie. Then, keeping a firm hold of the small end, adjust your tie by pulling the knot up or down your shirt (much like a zipper on a jacket). Once you have your knot set comfortably in place, finish by setting the lock on the backside of the tie (which will keep your tie set firmly in place for as long as you need it) and your necktie will be good to go! And of course once you're done, all you'll need to do is unlock the tie and pull the knot down for an easy and quick removal.

Simply put, the zipper tie has become so popular because it effectively brings together the grace and finesse of a regular necktie with the ease and convenience of a clip-on. A perfect combination.