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5 Fall Menswear Essentials These pieces should be a staple in your closet


You’ve probably started hearing mention of “fall wardrobe” buzzing around, but you’re still at the beach taking in what’s left of the glorious summer weather. As we come to terms with summer coming to an end, we begin thinking of ways to ready your closet for the cooler days ahead. Soon it will be time to put away the linens, seesuckers, and pastels and opt for warmer duds. We’ve put together this list of wardrobe essentials to get you through the colder months.

1. The Peacoat


This staple coat will probably be the most versatile item in your closet. It pairs well with everything from a suit to a simple white-T and jeans. Though peacoats are undisputably cool, their effect can be muted by an ill fit. Look for one that is slightly tapered on the sides and most importantly, make sure the shoulders fit. If you’re looking to add this as a style staple, go with navy, black, or gray.

2. The Knit Tie


The knit tie tends to get a bad rap for being simply for casual wear. However, pair one up with your suit and you’ll be surprised how well it works. Why knit? They are a great way to add texture and seasonal flair to your outfit. Fall and winter trends tend to revolve around texture, bringing in heavier weight materials like wool and tweed.

3. Chukka Boots


This classic boot brings just as much style as it does comfort. Chukka boots are perfect for the colder seasons and rise above the ankle to protect from fall’s gusts of winds and rain. These boots traditionally come in a variation of brown and give a more casual air to an outfit that’s great for everyday wear.

4. The Shawl-CollarCardigan


This classically cool cardigan gives a traditional spin on the ordinary, collarless cardigan. With the likes of Daniel Craig and John Legend as fans, this  fall staple definitely adds another level of elevated style. The magic of this piece lies in its ability to look very fashionable while looking completely effortless. The shawl neck cardigan also makes a great layering piece for fall. Wear it under a wool blazer or peacoat for a expertly layered look.

5. The Scarf


Men’s scarves are a highly underrated accessory, but its merits don’t only lie in its practicality. This versatile and elevating accessory really shows your worth when it comes to fall style, showing you are no rookie when it comes to curation. With a myriad of patterns, materials, and styles, you’re bound to find one that fits your personal style. When pairing a scarf, think of a scarf like your outerwear’s tie, complimenting your outfit not distracting from it.


Though you’re still soaking up the lingering rays of summer sun, get a head start on the cool days of fall by filling your closet with cozy essentials and deep colors. These key items will serve as staples for fall and into winter for years to come. Remember, when adding to your wardrobe staples, strive for quality not quantity– it will always be worth it. Above all, be confident in what you’re wearing and the compliments will follow.

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