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5 Easy Dishes for Your Next Holiday Party You'll be everyone's favorite party guest with these recipes

Every December, it feels like your month absolutely cannot get any busier. Until it does. You might be thinking to yourself how you can possibly fit (or afford) another holiday party into your schedule at this rate, especially on top of buying gifts and prepping for your New Year’s Eve festivities. But as always, you find a way to make it happen. And if you’re a modern gentleman (and you are, aren’t you?), you know that you can’t possibly show up to any gathering empty-handed. So what’s a guy on a time crunch, budget crunch, and perhaps even a culinary know-how crunch to do?

Here are 5 easy, affordable, failsafe dishes you can bring to any holiday party this season that are sure to be a hit. Feel free to use the extra time and money on all your last-minute gifts, or, you know, more beer.

1. Mulled Wine


Beverages are sometimes an afterthought when it comes to deciding what to bring, but the holidays are the best time of year to whip up a drink reminiscent of the season. Who doesn’t like mulled wine? It’s warm, filled with rich citrus and spices, and sweet, but not too sweet. AND, if you have a slow cooker, this recipe is as easy as tossing the ingredients in, turning on, and drinking. Transport your mulled wine in a large thermos or just bring your slow cooker to the party and whip it up there. It’s sure to be a crowd favorite.

Get the recipe here.

2. Pretzel Bark


Holiday bark is a winter classic. And, as an added bonus, it’s pretty easy to pull together. Just melt the chocolate, then layer on some pretzels, white chocolate drizzle, and some crushed up peppermint. Wait for it to firm up at room temperature, chop it up, and then it’s ready to serve.

Get the recipe here.

3. Baked Potato Canapés


You’ve probably made a baked potato before, right? Then you’ll know how to put this miniature version together, no problem. A “canapé” is a fancy name for an hors-d’oeuvre, which is a fancy name for a small, aesthetically pleasing appetizer that’s able to be eaten in one bite. Top off little halved potatoes with a dollop of sour cream, some bacon, asparagus, salt, and pepper, and you’re done. To make this dish easier to transport, slice off a tiny bit of the bottom of each potato half so that each canapé can lay flat.

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4. “Angry” Shrimp Cocktail


No, we’re not suggesting you buy one of those lame, sad shrimp cocktails from the store and call it a day. Amplify a standard shrimp cocktail by making it yourself and adding some spice, and everyone will come back for seconds. To make this recipe even easier, ask the folks at the seafood counter of your grocery store to hook you up with fresh shrimp that’s already been peeled and deveined.

Get the recipe here.

5. Beer Nuts


Spicy, sweet, and crunchy, beer nuts are a party go-to that can’t steer you wrong. This recipe is made with an IPA, sriracha, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar for a complex taste that’s sure to please. Make extra, because this dish will be eaten up quick.

Get the recipe here.

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