How’d your passion for menswear start?
My passion began when I was pretty much a kid. My parents did not have the means to buy me a pair of sneakers every month or a tee every weekend, so I had to work with what I had and make my outfits look like a million bucks! “Hand-me-downs” and discounted clothing were my best friends. Being limited to the number of items in my wardrobe, I learned how to mix and match different patterns and styles, and to this date I enjoy mixing these different items together.

Alex Salcedo

What are your goals as an influencer?
My goal is to inspire others to dress as THEY please versus dressing to please others. Don’t be afraid to mix it up here and there; make your own style according to what you like and embrace it!

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is best defined as a “clash” between casual and formal attire. I strive to create a balance between casual and formal wear with looks that can be used all day long around town–outfits fit for running errands, hitting the mall, grabbing a drink, and ending the day walking by a pier (or boardwalk 😉). Button-up shirts and denim jackets are my best friends; you can seriously style these two pieces together with some Chucks or some dressy boots and look like a million bucks. A must on every outfit (and my finishing touch): the perfect eye-popping accessories (sunglasses, ties, socks…) to polish your look and tie everything together.

Alex Salcedo

Random Fun Fact:
I dislike cheeseburgers! I haven’t had one since 2010 (and this was only because I lost a bet against my wife!).

Photography by Henry Young