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Tie Racks & Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tie Racks

A tie rack is the easiest way to elongate the life of your tie. There are electronic and wooden tie racks, both of which will keep your ties organized and off your closet floor.

Why do I need a tie rack? 
Hanging up your ties and bow ties is the best way to maintain your collection. Ties are vulnerable to creases or wrinkles if they aren’t stored properly. There’s nothing worse than reaching for your favorite tie and realizing you need to steam it. That won’t happen if you use a tie rack.

Why are tie racks made from cedar? 
Tie hangers are made from cedar to protect your ties from moths looking to munch on some silk or cotton. 

Where should I put my tie rack?
Store your ties somewhere cool and dark, making your closet an ideal place. Keep your tie hanger away from any sun to avoid the fabric becoming faded. 

Should I go with a hanging tie rack or a mounted tie rack? 
A hanging tie rack is great if you’re currently renting or moving around fairly often. If you’ve put down roots, a mounted tie rack can make your ties more accessible on a day-to-day basis. 

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