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I have been married for almost thirty years and my husband has always appreciated the finer things in life, including clothing. He is a successful lawyer and has even been one of the few chosen every year to become a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. So, he has to look his best. It has been awhile since I have bought him any ties. I love to shop online for just about anything. However, I have always hesitated to do so when it comes to him because I don't want to have to send it back or have him truly not be happy with what comes in the mail. One morning he came in with a jacket and dress shirt on and the jacket wasn't just all a solid color, like a black suit, etc... He asked me to pick a tie that went with jacket and out of so many ties, much to my shock, he didn't have one single solid colored tie. That was the only tie that could possibly go with the jackets colors. We made due, but when he left for work, I decided to check out what was available on the computer. I have always bought him silk ties, and paid anywhere from $45.00 and up. I went online to several websites and as I would zoom in to get a closer look at the tie, none of them were just the silk smooth look. All of the sites said solid silk ties. Nope, the fabric was raised all the way down the tie. I was just about ready to give up and saw the name of your website. EUREKA!!!!!! I needed three ties. Solid, silk. Black, Chestnut and Navy Blue. Figured that would cover the solid tie needs. Did the zoom in on the photo you showed and was about leaping off of my chair. Exactly what I needed. But what was so shocking was how first class these ties looked. Silk. The price I thought was a misprint. Had to be, I thought no way can I get silk ties, perfect colors, a choice of length for that incredible price. I ordered them, received them super fast, packaged beautifully, and let me just say, I won't buy a tie from anyone else but you. I am sharing my experience with my friends and just want to tell you to keep up the wonderful service, thank you for being a First Class operation. Many businesses could learn from you. Sincerely, L Scott
Hi--The tie I just purchased is for a young friend's January birthday. The black tie I bought him last year with the musical notes was a first-rate home run, so I have every expectation that this year's blue tie with the la crosse pattern will be another smashing success! You guys offer a terrific variety from which to purchase for my discerning young friend, and I look forward to making annual purchases from you for many years to come. Happy 2014! Thank you! --
T. Devers
I ordered the ships anchor tie tack (gold) also the square jet with 3 crystals (gold) and you gave me shamrock green laces. I wish to say the anchor tie tack is fabulous as I searched for one of these along time. I am very pleased with it and will wear it with pride. I am retired Navy of 23 years as I said it looks great and is more than I imagined and others commented said it looked better than the pic on here. They were right as far as the other one with the crystals on it the same as well it will give my ties a nice appeal of classy look. I did have questions on the anchor and the assistance I received was very professional but I don't remember her name. The description said it was 2.5" by 3" so I requested live chat and asked if that was the size as it was described it would have been so big. So the lady I spoke with said please wait and went to the warehouse to check on this information. Was pleased to know it was about 3/4" by 1/2" in size. So I decided to order one that day she also offered me the coupon for this purchase. Your company and emplyees are very kind and helpful. Will shop again here and definately recommend others to your company. Thank you again and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S...............
Thank you,, for being amazing! I placed my second order with this website for a tie for my boyfriend to match my dress, and both have matched perfectly! Although I selected 7-10 day shipping, the tie arrived in 2 days! Instructions for writing on the box were followed to a T each time. This website has the best, most affordable, most diverse selection of ties with excellent customer service. I'll never buy a tie anywhere else.
Sharon T.
Thank you SO MUCH for the IMMEDIATE call to correct the address on this order - I have never had such speedy customer service on an online order. Our son is an airline pilot and can only wear novelty ties on holidays and has a standing request for any, but they have to be clip on, which have been hard to find. When I found your site I was thrilled, and then to have this kind of personal, immediate service = WOW! You guys out do Nordstroms :-) Happy Holidays and special thanks to the lady who called.
Dale M.
The ties are great. The quality for the price are amazing. I will be ordering more when the time presents itself.
J. Rink
I love your company and love your great ties. The person on the phone was so helpful and courteous. The tie arrived so quickly and was wonderful. In this day and age, it's so nice to see such dedication and hard work to create and sustain a great company. Thanks,
A. Sigman
I recently received the three ties I ordered and am very pleased with all of them. They are made by Alynn. I only had one tie in my collection of ties made by Alynn. It was purchased about 20 years ago in Williamsburg and I have worn it many times over the years. It refuses to wear out and I get glowing comments every time I wear it. I wore the The Fall Guy last Sunday and again got many comments on it also. Now I have four Alynn ties and am searching for a reason to buy more. Probably won't take me long. Thanks for the good fast service.
B Reed
Thanks! I play in an ass-kickin' blues band called Buddy Reed & the Rip It Ups and I wore my cool lavender tie last night on the gig for the 1st time. I dressed in Black shirt, black pants with my tie and skinny, matching lavender belt and leopard skin shoes! My outfit was a crowd pleaser for sure! Thanks again
R. Jones
t I am a big fan of Alynn, indirectly and directly, owning about 20 ties myself (in an 80- tie collection) and giving about 10 as gifts in the past to clients and family members. My son also owns about a dozen.
Elaine M.
Love the red with white hearts tie..My husband got all kinds of questions of where he bought the tie, so I gave your address to quite a few friends. I also had bought the zebra and leopard ties from you and he always gets compliments on those. So I'll keep looking on your website when he needs a new tie or I need a neat gift.
A Lyle
I bought the Monopoly money tie not too long ago, and every time i wear it i get AT LEAST 5 to 10 comments on how cool it is. I love this site. I love unique ties to wear, because i work at a country club, and i have to look my best. I honestly want all your ties, but i can only spend like 40 dollars. I bought the elements tie last night. I plan on coming back. I told everyone at work about this website so i hope you all stay in business.
This is my second order from and I couldn't be happier. I wrote in a comment for my second order for a tie saying it was for my boyfriend's birthday. The tie was delivered gift-wraped in a red box with a bow. I was so happy with the service. I cannot wait to give the gift to my boyfriend. I also ordered a bow-tie for my brother and it is perfect in every way. He got so many compliments on it. He was the most dashing gentleman in the crowd! The prices are very good! I love and will be doing much more business with them. You guys rock!
Sam and Mark Hershberg
I would come to every time to buy my ties. I ordered some ties online from ANOTHER website for our wedding and they had messed up our order with someone else. I didn't have enough time to get ties so we went to the local mall but could not fine anything we liked. I learned that was 30 minutes from our house. We found the tie we wanted and called them to see if we could pick them up. They were closing and the next day was going to be too late to order them to get the ties on time. After they learned about our horrific situation, their president drove to our house with the ties. I am a life time customer for and my husband is a lifetime customer for Thank you so much for all you guys did for us. We love you!!
Debra L.
Regarding Revolving Tie Rack. Thank you I am buying this for my son who is in College and in the Music program in performance. He has began to wear ties for his program and I thought this would be a great gift for him as he has just moved into a house that he shares with a class mate and this would be a great way for him to keep track of his ties. Thank you so much for offering this as a discount price I am so glad I could be a part of it. I am sure he will love this and get many years of use from it. happy customer Debra Lear.
Jake M.
Customer Support is GREAT! They were very understanding, highly recommended!
Just to say a big huge thank you for a tie i ordered..I couldnt believe how quick it arrived..I will be recommending to everyone..
Ana T
Thank you for great customer service!
R. Cartledge
I'm enjoying my bow ties. The order was delivery in just days.Thanks
I truly love my ties, and thank you for the quality and the quickness in which I received them. I assure you that I will be ordering more ties from your company in the future. Thanks again,
J. McClure
I received my knit ties today! As always, I am a VERY happy client and will continue to do business with you all and promote your company. I am an avid fan of your Knit Ties. I have almost purchased them all over the last several months.
I love your all ties and scarves! You have a great website too! :o) I will be shopping here now.
I just received the package! Thank you, so much, for your help. I must say, despite such a gap between my initial order and when I've received this, I am so glad I dealt with The service that I have received has been so unbelievably stellar. Thanks for everything!
Jane S.
I ordered a great tie for our wedding party. Unfortunately, no one agreed with me. I was able to contact customer service & they pulled my order before it was shipped. The communication was fabulous & they were great to deal with. I appreciate your help very much. Now I know that this is a harder wedding party to buy for than my others. Thank you guys rock.
Alison P.
This company is awesome!! I have been a customer for several years because you offer great products, a variety of prices, but mostly, fantastic service (including customer service!). All the best for 2013!
I was searching for a feedback link, so that I could compliment your company on its fantastic customer service but since I could not find one, I guess this will have to do. I just wanted to reach out and say that I was very impressed by the packaging of your scarves in that purple case. It's so wonderful to see a company that truly cares about its merchandise and delivery to the customer. The scarves are beautiful, very quick shipping...I will definitely be ordering from you in the future :) Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
A triangular cedar tie rack that I ordered for my husband just arrived and I couldn't be happier. It looks great,smells heavenly and seems to be very sturdy and well made. It is a Christmas gift so I am also very pleased that it arrived in time. I can't wait to give it to my husband because I think he will really like it. This is the first time I have ordered from and I am very impressed. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Joy D.
You Guys Rock ! This is my first order I did online and you are right on it!!! Looking forward to surprising my son with this cool Harry Potter look on Christmas. He’s 24 but still likes to be a Big Kid !
R. Bazile
Being that I have ordered ties from multiple times, I can gladly attest that have "Tied" it all Together: T= Tenacity (undying) to provide unparalleled customer service experience, vast selection, and quality I=Integrity to the client to ensure they are happy at all cost E=Excellence in all they do. Customer Service outweighs all S=Standard: sets the standard and trend for eCommerce
R Charlene
I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with my order. No complaints here.
At one time I had looked on-line for the Zebra print ties, however, I did not order anything at that time. Then one day I went on-line to do something else, and the Zebra print tie just popped up. I smiled and decided to order it (I usually have trouble ordering things -- but this went through without any problems whatsoever). I ordered it on 10/2 and it arrived on 10/9. This is the 2nd time I have ever received anything that quickly that I ordered on-line. I asked my husband which Zebra print he liked best, and we received the exact print he liked (I just love the print myself). In fact, we wore our print this past Sabbath. Everyone loved it. I wanted to contact you all to tell you how impressed I was with your promptness, the quality of the tie, its look, and the price -- and you afforded me that opportunity! Thanks for a job well done!
I needed a Kelly green tie for a Green Tie Fundraiser that we are going to in a couple of weeks. You had exactly what I needed at a price that was really low. I was afraid of getting a cheap terrible tie but instead received a high quality tie within a week from the date that I placed the order. Great product and even greater service.
M Swartz
You have lovely products, and I shall be delighted to do more business with you in the future.
Terrance H.
I bought a Groupon for $25 to buy $50 of merchandise from your site. I was pleased with the excellent selection of ties you have. I purchased 3 of them. What I was most excited about was it only took 3 days for my purchase to arrive and the ties were high quality and appeared as they did on the website! I will definitely be using your site again!
Steve V.
Again, have done business with you and enjoy the ease of your service.
Loved the first tie I ordered, so I'm getting another. Good job.
Polly S
I am hosting a golf tournament called "it's a Jungle Out There.!these ties are perfect for the staff to wear.
Len S.
Great site!! Love the ability to view shirt and jacket colors. Need for a wedding and the design was perfect.
S Wilbur
Thought your website was very user friendly, and that your selection was good. THX
My ties were delivered today. They're great.... I'm very satisfied. I will be ordering more very shortly..
...great assortment, may order again. Thanks
S. LaPrade
I just received my ties today. They are beautiful!! I will be doing more business with you in the future.
John M.
Very good easy to process. Very good
Kristen C.
The zebra print tie we ordered for my son's prom was a BIG HIT! It looked great-one of a kind! thank you!
Ana T.
Husband's birthday...gotta order! He's a substitute teacher and the kids go crazy over his ties. they have become his brand!
D. De Courcy
Your web site is very user friendly and I am thrilled with your shipping prices. I will be using you again for sure and recommending you to others.. Thanks to Google for finding your site.
D. Benchoff
I just wanted to let you know how easy and convenient it was to order ties through your website. You can expect more of my business in the future.
T. Koonz
Greetings, Thank you for my recent order. It was received in excellent condition and in less time than was estimated. I am very impressed with the quality of service and your website. Ordering was a breeze. Thank you again.
Eric B.
Thanks so much for the excellent service and selection you provided. You have the only site where I was able to find the perfect green necktie (in extra long of course) and matching pocket square and have it all delivered to me in time for St. Paddy's Day! Thanks again!
T. Dunkin
I recently placed an order with your company for the first time. Ordering online can be tricky because what an item looks like on the internet may not be the same as what it looks like in person. Well....I am writing to say that I am extremely pleased with the ties I ordered from They look exactly as they did on your website! The quality is great and the order came very quickly (another thing that can be a downfall about ordering online). That said I want to say I am very happy and will definitely be placing orders with your company in the future. Thank you for such a positive experience.
D. Dahlin
You rock, thanks so VERY MUCH. Now that is customer service defined. Going the extra mile for a customer looking to buy a $12 item or whatever it is. I appreciate the effort.
Dustin P.
I was compelled to email you guys immediately after I received an order from you in the mail yesterday. I purchased three ties and in the "Special Instructions" box, half jokingly, I wrote, "Include a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar." The box arrived and, sure enough, on the front of it was not only a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar, but a GREAT drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar (my sincere compliments to the artist). The ties look great, and the package arrived all the way over here in Japan in less than a week. You have earned a lifetime customer. Kudos!
Eric B.
I paid $3 extra to buy from you because of your thoughtful "How Would It Look" feature.
D Fernandez
I ordered a tie from you a few days ago and I wanted to say: THANK YOU! The tie is beautiful and arrived 2 days early! I will certainly order here again. :)
D. McLarnon
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for getting my order to the UK so quickly. Package just arrived and I know the cufflinks will be a great hit!
B. Stancel
WAAAY too many ties!!! I sure know where to go when I need another novelty tie!! Thank you for a great inventory!
Brenda S.
Thank you for your help this morning in correcting my order. Unfortunately, in my rush to complete the order yesterday, I actually messed up the entirely. Through your kindness and help, you have made my life so much easier and therefore, my holiday. I wish there were more people like you – it would make the world a much happier and kinder place in which to live.
Carol R.
I just wanted to say I received my order yesterday. I was very impressed with packaging! It was a class act and I will sing your praises! Great job! Thanks!
A. Vandehei
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.  I really appreciate the effort you made to fix the situation in time for the birthday.  I will definately shop with you again.
Syed P.
The ties are EXCELLENT ! I must take this opportunity and compliment your company for their excellent products, range and impeccable service. Please do keep up the mantle. This was my second order and I would love to purchase more of your wonderful products again.
N. Arnold
I just ordered 6 Ties for my bridal party. You're prices are great and your site is really easy to navigate. Thanks :)
R. Williams
I had the pleasure of choosing from a variety of ties which they were all lovely and hope to do business with you again.
Thomas B.
Even though I buy low-end priced ties for work, has always delivered product promptly. More importantly, the colors and styles delivered have always been very accurate matches to the website visual displays. Good job!
M. Davidson
Just got your wonderful ties !!! God bless you all, and those who love you ! You cannot believe how hard it is to get light colored ties, traditional-style.What a siege !!! But you ARE GREAT !!! I'll be back You're the nuts !!!
Sandra C.
I just received my first order from I am very pleased. I order 2 clearance ties thinking that they might not be top quality ties but I am a server and go through them rather quickly. I received them weeks faster than set delivery date and they are really nice quality ties. I am telling everyone at work to check you out. Thanks
Dean Dexter
Words are going to fail me as I try to express my gratitude to your team and to your company.  It was such a blessing to get the box of ties, shirts and accessories.  The “tie thing” is just outstanding and I no longer have to worry about the fly away tie!   I am so excited that I was able to celebrate Flag day today (although a day late) with such a grand tie as yours.  I look forward to the day in a year from now where I can put on my graduation tie to watch my paramedics graduate, and the other occasions I can lighten the moment for them with the other themes I received. I appreciate deeply and I am in your debt for your compassion you have graciously sent my way! May God richly bless you and your company and prosper you.
Andrew M.
And, I wanted to say thanks for all you do on facebook.  I can't think of any other business off the top of my head that is so involved with customer/clients in the way you are in giving so much back. Thank you! Andrew
Burke R.
Our last order came through great. The gift boxes with bowtie instructions were a hit with our club! Very cool. We bought 4 last year, but with your great deal, we were able to load up for this year. Thanks again! Burke, The SRQ Club, Inc
Russell M.
I want to let you know your bowties are bowdacious.I will order more soon.I told everyone about your tie and bowties. Thank-you for your special sale. The colors are great.
Bob W.
So far, I'm very pleased with your website; and I'm awaiting the ties. So far, so good!
Susan C.
Your site was easy to navigate, the zoom images were so helpful at assessing the ties and your confirmation number was not a trillion numbers long. Loved it! Thanks
Angie M.
I just wanted to say Thank you, your site has the best variety of boys ties! My 8 year old nephew loves to dress up and will be so surprised that I got this for him for Christmas!
David L.
Thank you!!!! My friend loved this!!! It was everything I had hoped for!!
Tom M.
Thank you very much, you have a very satisfied and happy customer for repeat sales. Tom
April M.
Your necktie selection is great and the promotions are timely and generous - I will continue to order all of my men's specialty neckwear from -thank you!
Hey, I just got my superman flaming S tie in the mail and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Omar S.
Fastest delivery I have ever seen. I order online all the time. You hold the record for having my neckties delivered. This is a gift for my cousin and I am confident he will LOVE them. Thanks Team.
Minnis H.
Thank you so much... I am a customer for life!
Jim W.
I am a big fan of I really enjoy the ties you have in your e-commence stores. I especially like the plaid ties from your in store brand The American Necktie Company because they are smart, contemporary and affordable. I am also a fan of the layout of your store.
Richaed G.
I love the ability on your site to view ties with different color shirt and coat combinations!
Mary K.
I have been searching for a skinny red tie and until I found you site I wasn't having any luck. Thank you for making my purchase so easy!
C. Smiley is truly a Blessing. I recently rejoined the Church and your ties really stand out. I get so many compliments from other Church members. Thank You and God Bless!!
Terea B.
Thank you so much for all your help.  I am very impressed with everything about you guys - great website, huge selection, great prices, and the most outstanding customer service I have ever encountered.  Thank you again so very much!
Julie S.
Your company is awesome! My daughters wedding is a John Deere theme. The solid green ties matched the bridesmaids dresses from Davids Bridal to a Tee. I than came back to see if ya'll had little boys ties and was amazed to find the exact same tie for him. If I ever need a tie for my husband, son, or my new son-in-law, I will not hesitate to do business with you. Thank you for your quick shipment. Julie (Mother of the Bride)
Rich O.
(Regarding converting old damaged ties to usable clip-ons) I can't believe what a great job you did with my four ties. I really thought you would only be able to salvage two - one of each color. Thank You Very Very Much
Craig P.
I recommend your website to everyone who asks me where I have purchased my bow ties. I wear bow ties about 6 days a week and get great compliments on your ties. The crossword puzzle tie has even elicited attempts by colleagues to FILL IN THE BLANKS! There seems to be a fashion revival going on with bow least here in New Orleans.
Amir H.
Your site always has a great selection, low prices and prompt shipping options. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
John P.
I've bought a number of freestyle bow ties from you. They are all beautiful. Your website is very easy to navigate. I am a very happy customer of yours.
Bowers J is among the best source for high quality affordable ties. Providing the specs on the ties particularly the width is very useful. As someone who prefers 3.75 to 4" ties knowing this before the purchase is very helpful.
I so appreciate you featuring "How to Tie a Tie" on your site. Watching my husband for 35 years tying his ties and only thought I knew how he tied them. I have a neighbor and he is also a vet, who's daughter is getting married. He has no one to teach him how to tie his tie. He does not want to ask his daughter. I'll pass along your website so his son can log on and they can watch your instructions together. I will surely pass your site on to others as well. Again thank you for such a nice service.
A. Nunez
Thank you so much for the great tie rack. This one is fast and the light is much better. I couldn't find anywhere else, THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!
S. Pasha
I couldn't help but take out some time and write about my experience. I have placed 2 orders in the span of less than a week. I find your website, collection, range,prices, shipment and payment options, ALL EXCELLENT!
Anne J.
I live for that stuff. And free shipping over $50, yay! Unfortunately, I got busy and distracted and let the deadline slip by, rats!! So I hope you will offer another good promo soon, so I can get a discount while enhacing my (extensive) wardrobe! I'm on your mailing list, so lemme know!! Looking forward to spending my money with you.
Chaplain William J. Beat, MSA
I wish to THANK YOUR COMPANY for having splended tie's. I received the first order and I received just what I wanted.
Kelly J.
I just want to provide some positive feedback regarding your website. The site is easy to use and I really appreciated the live chat to get a quick answer to some questions regarding shipping.
Nice collection of silk novelty ties at reasonable prices! Would like to see you add ties of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Wild & Scenic Rivers, National Park sights/lodges/waterfalls. Cool website-I like the dressing room feature!
Rowe M.
Thanks for value and selection! couldn't find an orange and black bowtie (san francisco giant baseball team colors) anywhere else! my husband will be thrilled! :)
Awesome tie!
"Great tie! My son in law wore it when he was at the swearing in ceremony to. become an American citizen."
- Jeffry Ashburn, Virginia
Excellent Purchase
"My first time on this site, and I had a great experience. There’s so much ties and socks to choose from. I looked very stylish for my presentation!!"
- Josh M. Upstate, NY
Great tie; great purchase experience
"The tie purchase went very well. A quality product, received within the expected timeframe. I'm a happy camper."
- Virgil Dayton, OH
First of many bow ties
"I've never worn a bow tie and it ended up being a big hit at my friend's wedding. I ordered two more, a floral and a plaid, the following day! The quality can't be beat."
- Michael Colonial Heights, VAHopewell, VA
Love them
"Looks exactly like the picture and very well made. Love them!!! 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
- Chris New York City
Affordable, Wide Selection and Good Quality
"Nice accessory for my other black sports jacket."
- Nicholas Grande Middle Island, NY
Three "Fox's", Looking Good !
"I will be wearing this proudly with the my two son's at the older ones wedding, we all have the same one ! Our last name is "Fox"."
- Raymond San Diego
Adorable owl 🦉 socks
"Cute, nice color, perfect as a gift"
- Karina Los Angeles, CA
Sushi 🍣 socks 🧦
"Cute, nice color, perfect as a gift"
- Karina Los Angeles, CA
Work socks 🧦
"Cute, nice color, perfect as a gift"
- Karina Los Angeles, CA
Unicorn 🦄 socks
"Cute, nice color, perfect as a gift"
- Karina Los Angeles, CA
Mermaid socks
"Cute, nice color, perfect as a gift"
- Karina Los Angeles, CA
Great tie
"Great tie"
- Nick Dallas tx
Tie Shopping
"Product was perfect and ordering was quite efficient."
- Ronica Florida
Best ties on the market ! !
"Best ties on the market for the price. Only place I’ll buy my ties from now on."
- Anthony Indianapolis
Great striped tie!
"I have been looking for a great striped tie for a while, couldn’t ask for better quality or price!"
- Anthony Indianapolis
Love it !
"Great quality and service."
- Anthony Indianapolis
My new tie store !!!
"All the ties I’ve bought from are excellent. I have spent three times as much for ties that weren’t this nice. Great quality and service. My new go to tie store !!"
- Anthony Indianapolis
Decent value
"Haven't worn yet, but like the tie's design and length. Should work fine for the few times I'll wear it during holidays."
- Ed Massey North Carolina
What a steal!
"Beautiful tie"
- Michael New york
"Nice pattern, quality materials."
- Jim Atlanta
Ivy League
"Classic, good quality."
- Jim Atlanta
"Great tie to celebrate a Marine Corp event with my son."
- Marine dad Prattville, AL
Yaaaay! New beautiful handkerchiefs!
"I bought these for my husband for Christmas. I am embroidering them with his initials. Good quality and reasonably priced. They are replacing very old handkerchiefs."
- Diane Longs,SC
"Amazing quality!"
- jacelyn Decherd, Tennessee
"Perfect for wrinkle free ties! Well made too."
- Sheila Elma, NY
Great ties !!!
"I’ve bought a half dozen ties at this point and I have to say these are the best quality ties on the market for the price. I’ve bought ties twice the price that weren’t as nice. Can’t see myself buying from anyone else!!"
- Leroy Indianapolis
Awesome tie!
"Great quality! Festive yet tasteful."
- Maggie Pittsburgh, PA
Fun tie
"Very nicely made and a good length for a taller man."
- Ricky Dothan AL
Nice quality 8 planet tie
"I really like it. Great gift for an astronomer or person who likes planets and space."
- Tanya Burnaby, BC
Great job! Fast Shipping
"Matched perfect. Will shop here again!"
- Pam Birmingham, AL
Vampire Wedding
"Purchased this to wear to a wedding on Halloween. Great quality. Perfect look. Fast shipping. It was the perfect compliment to my overall look."
- Cassandra Washington, DCWashington, DC
Great Bow ties.
"Awesome I will continue to shop here😍"
- Latwlia Blackmon Pine Bluff, AR
Hear comes the man in black!
"I always needed a black tie to go with my black dress shirt, black pants, and grey wool blazer. Perfect!"
- Tara East Hampton, NY
"As a 1963 graduate art student of the original HS of Music & Art (The Castle) at 135th & Convent Ave NYC, Mona Lisa was my favorite painting!"
- Tara East Hampton, NY
A Regimental tie
"Goes great with blue blazer and khakis!"
- Tara East Hampton, NY
Another Beauty
"I am a junior in high school in Alaska, and our school dances get wild. This bow tie was able to keep up with our homecoming. I have been getting compliments on it nonstop since I wore it to the dance. Great texture pattern, lovely colors, and very versatile. I definitely recommend (like with all bow ties) ironing and starching it before you wear it. Much crisper lines that way."
- Alden Fairbanks, AK
"My husband and other friends were very excited about the gifts I gave them. One neighbor asked for your name."
- Arline Naples, FL
candy cane skinny tie
"im looking forward to wearing it this holiday season"
- richard hayward ca.
"Great quality - vibrant colors. Exactly what I expected."
- Jody Naples, FLNaples, FL
Great addition
"Great just a little thick in the pocket"
- Bryan Storrs, CT
Only change one thing
"Difficult to tie because the material is very thick"
- Bryan Storrs, CT
"Love how this tie looks and feels"
- Bryan Storrs, CT
Love it
"Great Tie"
- Bryan Storrs, CT
"I like it the material is just not what I expected"
- Bryan Storrs, CT
Love the color
"Nice color & fast delivery!"
- T Dallas, TX
Tie addict
"Another great tie . Great colors"
- Jnumme West Michigan
Great bunny tie
- Hannah Anchorage Alaska
"I love it"
- Hannah Anchorage Alaska
Great bunny tie
- Hannah Anchorage Alaska
Just what I needed!
"Comfy, breathable and good quality"
- Justin Pflugerville, TX
"Does its job well and it feels fantastic"
- Kaden Fort Campbell, KY
I love it
"Fantastic. Feels great and looks great"
- Kaden Fort Campbell, KY
"All three pairs of socks are really cool and are of good quality. Quick delivery. Very satisfied!"
- Maureen Connecticut
Love it.
"Great service,fast,product was just what was said to be. Thank you. Will be back."
- Craig Encino ca.
A must have!
"From the thicker fabric to the stylish design, I absolutely love this tie. The thicker fabric might bother some folks, as it can show in the collar a little more, but I think it more than makes up for it with a more full bow. This is hands down my favorite diamond tip."
- Reverend Klaus Reno, NV
Paisley fans should definitely consider this one.
"Love the style a ton, and definitely well put together. The fabric is a little in the cheaper side and more prone to wrinkling, but that doesn't bother me much, especial at this price! Definitely considering getting the other colors in this style."
- Reverend Klaus Reno, NV
Loved It.
- Edrico Florida
Loved it
"My favorite one"
- Manal New jersey
Loved it
"Happy with this"
- Manal New jersey
Loved it
"Perfect color"
- Manal New jersey
Love it
"Great one"
- Manal New jersey
"My husband is happy with this"
- Manal New jersey
Loved it
"Perfect color"
- Manal New jersey
"Love it"
- Manal New jersey
"Great addition to my collection looking to buy more"
- Myron New orleans
Best yet
"Will probably become my favorite!"
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
Great tie
"Looks great"
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
"As always great tie"
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
Great looking tie
"Great colors. Quality tie."
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
- Thomas St. Clair, Mi
"A beautiful tie!"
- Michael Ogden, UTOgden, UT
Love it!
"Beautiful color. Great fabric."
- Sheila Douglasville, GA
Best Socks!
"Love these Socks!!!!!!"
- Matt El dorado hills, CAEl dorado hills, CA
Happy Grandma!
"Have to my Grandson. He is 15! He loves them"
- Nancy Semerdjian Wilmette Illinois
No tie bow tie for this guy
"Great quality. It was a hit!"
- Larry Cincinnati
Loved it!
"Very good quality. Great color, true to on-line photo. I didn't realize it was a self-tying tie (rather than pre-tied), but it was very manageable and looked absolutely outstanding on my son for Homecoming!"
- Paula Naperville, IL
Thumbs up!
"Decent quality; color matched my expectations"
- Paula Naperville, IL
Bowtie wonderland!
"Best bowtie I've ordered online, i love all there merch. I buy my stuff here because i trust and love there brand!"
- Ricardo Chicago, IL
Ties worn be father of bride and father of groom
"Perfect match for a hard to match pocket square being worn by the groomsmen who wore a matching tie As the father of the bride, I had to wear a groomsman pocket square but me and the other father (FOG) had to have different ties! Couldn’t be happier with the match or service"
- David New York
Overall a great tie!
"This is a beautiful tie but is a bit wider than a regular length tie. Would still buy again."
- Elisandro Watsonville, Ca
1st time buyer.
"Love the colors and the style"
- Brittani Fort worth texas
Happy Customer
"Great looking bow tie! Came sooner than expected!!"
- Nicole North Carolina
Happy customer
"Well made and so cool. Love them!"
- Lisa Blue Springs, MO
A little to minty....
"Color was a little more green than I was expecting. Overall good quality"
- David Austin
Well made.
"Seems like a good quality. Pattern is nice and farbic is stiff which is good for crisp look."
- David Austin
Who doesn't love socks?
"Cannot wait until December to wear these!"
- David Austin
Just as expected
"The color is just as pictured. Perfect for our botanical themed wedding. Tie was shipped quickly."
- Jeff Cleveland, GA
Quality !
"Very nice tie for the money."
- mike Joliet, ILJoliet, IL
- Kelly Pennsylvania
Great tie
"Perfect color. My husband paired the orange/rust colored tie with a navy suit for a family wedding, it looked perfect! The extra long length was perfect for his 6'3" frame."
- Kelly Pennsylvania
Great tie
"Perfect color. My husband paired the orange/rust colored tie with a navy suit for a family wedding, it looked perfect! The extra long length was perfect for his 6'3" frame."
- Kelly Pennsylvania
My son wore for wedding- age 8
"Very nice tie. It looks a little brighter in the online picture. It’s a bit darker just still beautiful in person."
- Erika Kentucky
"Love it"
- Lourdes Delaware
Lots of compliments!
"I purchased many of this exact time for my sales team for an event. We received a tremendous amount of compliments throughout our 5 day show. These ties truly are 100% silk and were easy to clean. They were easy knot-up and felt comfortable around our necks."
- Paul Landover, MD
Will order again
"Love how it was packaged, great tie for a good price."
- CollegeStudent Atlanta, Ga
love it
- Christopher New York
Love these socks!
"Comfy and great designs"
- Karen J New York
"Same comment as the tie."
- Robert New York, NY
Gold finger
"Golden days."
- Robert New York, NY
Good for job interview.
"Very Professional."
- Robert New York, NY
Love Art
"I like it, but some say “the jury is still out”."
- Robert New York, NY
Make remember God.
"Very nice."
- Robert New York, NY
Move over plain red.
"Same as the ties comments."
- Robert New York, NY
Good for a rainy day.
"Brighten up your suits."
- Robert New York, NY
People think your a teacher.
"A girl said, “I like your tie.”"
- Robert New York, NY
Red brightin up thinks
"I like it."
- Robert New York, NY
Someday you will only have to talk to the keyboard.
"Goes with most of my stuff."
- Robert New York, NY
Snazzy yet respectable.
"See above."
- diana My son-in law needed to look sharp yet not flamboyant for his new job in an administrative environment. The Abbert pattern fit the ticket. Thanks
As nice as it looks online.
"Very nice quality and the colors are just as pictured."
- Catherine Rocklin, CA
Comfy Socks
"I got these as a gift for my neighbor who LOVES vegetables, needless to say when i saw these, i new it was the perfect choice. These socks are great quality, how ever after a 2nd wash I can already see fading in the black color on sock which is kind of a disappointment. All in all pretty good choice."
- Christine Cape Cod, MA
Terrific Teal Tie !!!
"This is first tie i've purchased online. It was well made and tied well. It looked great with my white shirt and navy blue suit that I wore to my son"s wedding."
- Charles Houston
Love it
"I love it"
- Jon Texas
Good experience
"Prompt and timely service; very happy with it."
- Stan Ohio
Good experience
"Prompt and timely service; very happy with it."
- Stan Ohio
Great tie!
"was just what I expected!"
- Ann Plano, TXPlano, TX
Sweet !
"Great looking tie !"
- Julia Louisville Ky
Great stuff!
"I loved my whole order !!!!"
- Julia Louisville Ky
Excellent Tie!
"I'm a doorman on the upper east side of Manhattan. I brought a black silk tie recently. I have to wear it five days a week. I couldn't believe the quality tie I recieved. The tie is perfect match to my uniform. The tie overall is better than the black silk tie I brought from Norstrom's for $75. I will definitely buy future ties from"
- ANTHONY Westchester, N.Y.
A Golden Choice
"The goal brings out the more minor colors in my suits while standing alone brilliantly with my solid color suits as well."
- Zachary Denton, TX
Perfect drug
"Working as a drug counselor this tie is perfect."
- Se7en San Antonio, TX.
Almost perfect
"I love this tie, but it makes me sad that Pluto was left off....growing up it was always a planet and now not even worthy to be on a tie."
- Se7en San Antonio, TX.
"It was a little bit stiff, but the fabric was quite soft."
- Anonymous Atlanta
Fun, professional.
"Very nice tie; the pattern is woven in, and it certainly looks professional enough for the office. It also arrived quickly. I gave it four stars only because it was encased in a long plastic sleeve, non-recyclable; not environmentally friendly. However, the box and paper wrapping were very nice-looking, which I appreciated as it was a gift."
- Morgan USA
Pro Duffer
"Great quality with quick delivery!"
- Clarence Arlington, VAArlington, VA
Perfect Match
"Awesome a perfect match for the suit I bought it for"
- Mike Omaha, NE
"It’s great, thank you"
- Nadeen North Attleboro Mass
- Thurman Alexandria
Nice ties
"Bright tie, very happy"
- John Carmel NY
Great looking tie!
"This is an unexpectedly GREAT LOOKING tie! You could wear it anytime - not as a joke. It was purchased as a gift and I believe the recipient really likes it (and he is particular!)."
- Janine San Antonio
"What a quality tie at a great price! Thank you"
- Thompson Greg Wv
Loved it
"Loved it. Received quickly. Looks great and perfect to go with the school dance theme."
- Shane Post Falls, ID
love it
"even better in person"
- megan bardstown, KYBardstown, KY
modest yet sophisticated
"Great and not too much."
- megan bardstown, KYBardstown, KY
Great Color
"Great Color"
- megan bardstown, KYBardstown, KY
Homecoming tie
"Very nice quality perfect for Homecoming"
- Angie Eldridge IA
Great Pegasus.
"Loved it."
- Sherri Cincinnati
Beautiful color
"Perfect!!!! Bought this to match my dress for an upcoming wedding & as always never disappoints with color or quality! :)"
- MEGAN Chesterfield, VA
"Me and my groomsmen wore these ties for my wedding, We looked baller. Everyone loved them. Great tie, great quality."
- Ethan Everett, WA
"Came just as it shown. Cute packaging as well."
- Jessica Clifton, NJ
You Get What You Pay For
"Quality is unsurpassed. The color I received isn't exactly what the photo in the add conveys, but it'll do."
- Bruce Holly Springs, MS
Satisfied customer
"great product, fast shipping"
- Andres Corpus Christi, TX
Rubber ducky and gold shoes
"Quick shipping and was A Perfect match for his dates Gold heels"
- Dg Louisiana
"My son picked out for his “ out of this world “ themed homecoming Dance .... it was PERFECT ! He got a lot of compliments on it"
- Candi Trinity fl
Excellent value.
"Very satisfied with purchase."
- BAL Moline, IL
Very satisfied.
"Very satisfied with purchase."
- BAL Moline, IL
Awesome tie. Awesome site!
"Perfect color I was looking for to match the shirt I had. It really pulled my entire outfit together. Price was great!"
- GREGORY Connecticut
"This is my second one of these. When I saw it was close out I bought it again."
- Rick Indianapolis
Tie me a knot.
"Nice material and great length."
- GIGi Virginia
Just as Advertised..
"Just was advertised..."
- gbru philly
So Cool!!
"This is an absolutely beautiful bow tie. The rich-looking fabric is silky and the colors are vibrant. It goes beautifully with a dark blue suit and if you're confident enough, a pink or lavender shirt. Learning to tie it is not that hard - instructions are everywhere. Go for it!"
- Jazzbow Saunderstown, RI
Rep Victory
"Ideal for my grandson."
- Charlestown Boston
Love it!!
"LIke the color and the quality. Will be ordering more soon."
- hockeymom Denver, Co
Perfectly Matches Team Colors
"Exactly the color I needed. Love the tie!!"
- hockeymom Denver, Co
Good deal!
"Good tie, good price and delivered on time!"
- Wesley Woodbury, ct
Super cool tie !
"Dance every Friday, ties are fantastic !"
- David Mentor, Ohio
Very Happy with Purchase
"It looks great. My brother is going to love it."
- Katherine Cincinnati, OH
- Oldboy Göteborg
"The tie came really fast and wa a great quality for a low price l."
- Tahari Woods Chicago, IL
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Nice tie.
"Nice tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Nice tie.
"Nice tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Nice tie.
"Nice tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Nice tie.
"Nice tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Nice tie.
"Nice tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Perfect Purple
"Item arrived quickly and was as pictured. Quality tie for a fraction of the cost!"
- Lyndsi Des Moines, IA
Great tie!
"Good tie for both wearing and using otherwise. Love!"
- Jay Connecticut
Mixed feeling
"Looks good"
- Po Hsuan New York
Beautfiful colors
"Fabulous colors and finish. As soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted some diseases. I got the tie and the bowtie to go with."
- Frederick Washington, DC
Great colors.
"I'm wearing this as I speak. It's hard to find a blue tie that's not too dark. This is it. NOTE: these ties are exquisitely THIN (not the width/height dimension, but the thickness of the fabric. This has a delicate elegance, and ties a better knot than a tie with "thick" fabric. Also, imho cotton is superior to silk - something about cotton gives a softer finish. These ties are beautiful fabric and colors."
- Frederick Washington, DC
My favorite brown
"This "light brown" seems darker and richer than the Galveston brown. I liked the brown, but when this "light brown" arrived I loved it. NOTE: these ties are exquisitely THIN (not the width/height dimension, but the thickness of the fabric. This has a delicate elegance, and ties a better knot than a tie with "thick" fabric. Also, imho cotton is superior to silk - something about cotton gives a softer finish. These ties are beautiful fabric and colors."
- Frederick Washington, DC
Makes you want to get a disease!
"This bowtie makes you want to get diseases."
- Frederick Washington, DC
The black bow tie I've been looking for
"This is a great black. Perhaps it's the "blackest" tie I've seen. Maybe it's the fabric (cotton)? NOTE: these ties are exquisitely THIN (not the width/height dimension, but the thickness of the fabric. This has a delicate elegance, and ties a better knot than a tie with "thick" fabric. Also, imho cotton is superior to silk - something about cotton gives a softer finish. These ties are beautiful fabric and colors."
- Frederick Washington, DC
my new favorite bow tie
"This may be my favorite bowtie of all time. NOTE: these ties are exquisitely THIN (not the width/height dimension, but the thickness of the fabric. This has a delicate elegance, and ties a better knot than a tie with "thick" fabric. Also, imho cotton is superior to silk - something about cotton gives a softer finish. These ties are beautiful fabric and colors."
- Frederick Washington, DC
Great finish on the Galvestons
"I said I liked the "light brown" better than this brown. But as I write, I love this more. This is a slightly harder shade to match, but the fabric and colors are great. NOTE: these ties are exquisitely THIN (not the width/height dimension, but the thickness of the fabric. This has a delicate elegance, and ties a better knot than a tie with "thick" fabric. Also, imho cotton is superior to silk - something about cotton gives a softer finish. These ties are beautiful fabric and colors."
- Frederick Washington, DC
The Perfect Anniversary Gift
"I bought this tie for my husband for our 12th Wedding Anniversary-as The theme for 12years of marriage is “Silk”—My husband is an avid biker so giving him this tie was perfect!"
- Merrill Beverly hills, MIBeverly hills, MI
Love My Tie
"Beautiful self-tie bow tie! Very easy to search the site. Love how I can see related products. Will make additional purchases in the future."
- Gary Seattle, WA
"As a gift it was a great hit. This is the go to place for 👔 ties!"
- Willie College Station Texas
From the Groom
"Thank you for making me look amazing on my wedding day! I loved it! And I'll be wearing this tie again!!"
- Mychal Philadelphia, Pa
Magical unicorn socks!
"Love them! Very soft and comfortable! Magical !"
- Misty May Iowa
Flamingo socks
"Beautiful, soft and very comfortable! Love the design."
- Misty May Iowa
THE perfect Tiger Tie!
"It is just perfect for my sons upcoming Fall Homecoming Dance!! Go DHS Tigers!!"
- Theresa H. Minden, NV
Got married in this tie
"Not divorced yet - thanks tie!"
- Stephen the Salami Strangler Brooklawn Nj
Great tie for anyone who loves their music.
"Another sharp tie"
- jan072 NY
"very nice quality, very happy with my purchases, bought as a gift, he's going to love it"
- Kovu MI
"Very cool and very nice quality, bought as a gift im pretty sure this will be one of his favorites"
- Kovu MI
"great quality fabric, the stripes are actually woven into the fabric, bought as a gift, Im fairly certain he's going to love it"
- Kovu MI
Great service
"Exactly what we needed for homecoming. Nice navy color. Great price."
- Jennifer Illinois
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
- Angela West Harrison, IN
F***ing Love It!
"Looks even better in person! Was looking for a tie that would go well with a navy suit and white shirt. Look no further, absolutely killer."
- Christian Dallas, TX
Boys Tie
"Just what we were looking for and received it quickly! Great Job!"
- Aimee Camden, DE
First time to order. Great experience.
"Very nice quality and packaging. Extra long length was perfect. Great value. Actually this tie looked to be of better quality than the $60 ties at the big department stores."
- Laura Texas
Good fit!
"Nice looking! Comfortable! My wife loves these!"
- Daryl OKC
"Really cool fun socks! Great quality!"
- Daryl OKC
Quality is astounding for price point
"I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and weight if these! Very sharp!"
- Daryl OKC
"Awesome! It will go with everything!"
- Daryl OKC
New favorite!
"Fastly becoming my favorite new tie! Good material weight great length!"
- Daryl OKC
"fits well with outfit thank you"
- hilton oakley, ca
- Deepak New Orleans, LA
Just right!
"My grandson loves my 2 French bulldogs and this tie was really appropriate!"
- Maria Aguirre Redlands, Ca
"I bought this for my almost 12 yo grandson who loves sharks"
- Maria Aguirre Redlands, Ca
Get Lucky Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Crimson Red Pre-Tied Bow Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Red & Navy Stripe Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Purple & Gold Stripe Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Cheetah Animal Print Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Scoula Tie
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Christmas Red Bow Tie
"perfect! Although I had ordered the wrong thing. The vendor return was quick and easy and I was able to find and order the correct item in-time for my event."
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
On The Target Cufflink & Stud Set
- Rick Bowling Green, KYBowling Green, KY
Extremely pleased with I'll be back!
"Obviously I was really pleased with my purchases :)"
- David Boston
Wedding Worthy
"I ordered this tie to wear at my wedding. I think the texture and design are awesome and I can't wait to wear it."
- Devin Vista, CA
5 star
"it was exactly what I could not find in numerous stores and it was delivered quickly! I will definitely use the site again!"
"Very nice cloth material"
"Great quality items!! Excellent!!!"
- CHAWN New York
"Great for shark week!"
- Matthew Bakersfield, CABakersfield, CA
- Matthew Bakersfield, CABakersfield, CA
Everyone loves this tie!
"Tons of compliments on this tie."
- Matthew Bakersfield, CABakersfield, CA
Breast Cancer Month is October
"Can't wait until October to wear this awesome tie."
- Matthew Bakersfield, CABakersfield, CA
Great quality, great the ties!
"I’ve ordered around 6 ties now (and some accessories) since I found I’ve found their prices to be extremely reasonable and the quality of the material is excellent. I love the different themes ties and will most likely keep buying from"
- Tom Valley Stream, NY
Not used to bow ties for business attire...
"Great quality bow tie. Unfortunately, due the nature of my day job, it does seem a little out of place...or maybe it’s just that I’m not used to seeing myself in a bow tie."
- Tom Valley Stream, NY
Great tie
"Good color and ties very well"
- John T Poconos, PA
Great tie
"Good color and ties very well"
- John T Poconos, PA
Great bow
"Just how I imagined it in my head."
- Jared Hermantown, MNHermantown, MN
"A must have for anyone who attends GOP events; these are a great conversation starter. Very well made; not inexpensive trinkets."
- Tim Wisconsin, USA
It's a Winner!
"Husband loved it!"
- Nicole Columbia, SC
Change is good!
"My husband said it's not his normal style, but he said as long as I find a shirt to go with it, he'd like it even better!"
- Nicole Columbia, SC
"Ordered this for my husband for all of his ties and he loves it! The best part...all of his ties fit on it with one spot open for a new one!"
- Holly Newport News, VA
Great tie!
"Great looking tie at a great price! Shipping was quick and without issue. I'll definitely be shopping here again!"
- Dwayne Baton Rouge, LA
C. C.
"Perfect Fun Tie!"
- Cyndi valdosta, ga
Good Tie
"It's a nice tie, great color and size. However, I like a thinner "end of tie," and a more relaxed silk."
- Leonard Ligonier, PA
great purchase
"looks good color is very good and so is the construction"
- Carl forest city,pa
"a great addition to my wardrobe and the price was right"
- Carl forest city,pa
"love the color and material"
- Carl forest city,pa
versatile tie and good value
"good quality tie"
- Carl forest city,pa
Nice tie :)
"Awesome design! Got a lot of compliments. Good quality for the price."
- Colin USA
"Great tie. Too expensive, but a great tie,"
- Paul Trommer Bangor, Maine 04401
I love you guys....
"BEAUTIFUL...... that's all I can say..... Thanks... From the bottom of my heart.... Chester......"
- Chester Kosciusko, MS
"Classy and Tasteful!"
- Anthony Chicago
Perfect Touch!
"They look stunning!"
- Anthony Chicago
Need a red-neck tie?
"Good quality, low price with free and fast shipping."
- Old-Roy Nampa, Id
Need a red-neck tie?
"Good quality, low price with free and fast shipping."
- Old-Roy Nampa, Id
"Bought this for my husband and he loves it. Nice quality! Hope he can refrain from feeding it."
- Joe Western Colorado
Great purchase!
"High quality rack with strong motor. Item is better than expected."
- Sue Davenport, IA
"Nice Tie but wish you had more choices in Red Paisley"
- Dennis Boynton Beach, FLBoca Raton, FL
definitely purple as photo
"The description, color indication says blue it is not. Lavender/purple just as the photo shows. which is good because I bought it for the photo. some frizzy strings bu cant be clipped no biggy. great length and again great color just as photo."
- Cameron Chandler, AZ
Math profs gotta have it!
"Old friend math professor wears proudly."
- JOHN HonoluluI, HI
Subtle res[ect for the original Americans
"Christmas gift for bud who is a Yakima Indian."
- JOHN HonoluluI, HI
Great match for grey suit.
"Perfect match with new Calvin Klein suit."
- JOHN HonoluluI, HI
Add a smile to all who see your tie.
"Sea creatures always elate."
- JOHN HonoluluI, HI
1 missing!
"Very nice handkerchiefs however I received 11 in the pack."
- Ellen Los Angeles
Chalk This Tie Up to a Winning Design!
"Who needs to read your lips? You can read this tie! And learn how to write in script. No, not a Hollywood script. Cursive writing! No, not like dropping swear words. Running letters. Sheesh, you know what I mean. Kids of all ages will react to the chalkboard around your neck. If you put it on upside down, do you think people will notice?"
- Frank Brooklyn, NY
I'm Partial to this Particle!
"This tie explodes! If it quarks like a Higgs-Boson then it must be a Higgs-Boson. My new 6th grade students begged me to wear this tie, and I got raves from kids and adults alike"
- Frank Brooklyn, NY
Not With Quackers
"Nice off-beat design. Goes well with a plain blue shirt. Not recommended for duck hunting. Let the poor birds be birds, at least a little longer!"
- Frank Brooklyn, NY
Down to Earth Sophistication
"This tie speaks and lets the world know you're down to earth but sophisticated. Love the color design. Though it's not wool, it has a tweedy look to it both here and on your neck."
- Frank Brooklyn, NY
Great tie.
"These are well made ties that tie well."
- Thomas charleston wv
Great tie.
"These are well made ties that tie well."
- Thomas charleston wv
Great tie.
"These are well made ties that tie well."
- Thomas charleston wv
Great tie.
"These are well made ties that tie well."
- Thomas charleston wv
Love my diamond point
"Wearing this bowtie today. And guys as you know a lady loves a man in a bowtie and this one is getting tons of complements."
- Thomas Kissimmee, FLKissimmee, FL
Incredible gadget! Very cool
"I got this for my dad. It’s very light and easy to set up. The rotation belt goes smoothly in both directions at the perfect pace. My dad’s saved so much closet space, and he’s wearing ties that he almost forgot about! He can quickly browse through his entire collection of ties and belts now instead of wearing the same ones over and over. 5 stars"
- Jan Los Angeles
"Perfect gift for avid cyclest"
- Doris San Francisco
"What prompt service! I ordered it on a Tuesday and had it by Thursday! The tie looks great, as well!"
- Scott Little Rock AR
A great tie
"This is one of four bow ties I bought during a summer sale. I was specifically looking for ties this size, as I already had some skinny bow ties that I love. I've since had the chance to wear all four, and I couldn't be more pleased with them."
- bowtieprof NJ
A great tie
"This is one of four bow ties I bought during a summer sale. I was specifically looking for ties this size, as I already had some skinny bow ties that I love. I've since had the chance to wear all four, and I couldn't be more pleased with them."
- bowtieprof NJ
A great tie
"This is one of four bow ties I bought during a summer sale. I was specifically looking for ties this size, as I already had some skinny bow ties that I love. I've since had the chance to wear all four, and I couldn't be more pleased with them."
- bowtieprof NJ
A great tie
"This is one of four bow ties I bought during a summer sale. I was specifically looking for ties this size, as I already had some skinny bow ties that I love. I've since had the chance to wear all four, and I couldn't be more pleased with them."
- bowtieprof NJ
Nice to have a long, quality tie.
"I really enjoy the feel and size of this tie. Long enough I don't have to worry about the length when tying it, and lovely shades of blue that match what I had in mind for it very well."
- Mark Louisiana
My new go-to tie.
"Beautiful, the colors are what I expected and go with my suit perfectly. This is the first tie I've owned long enough for the thin end to actually fit in the loop."
- Mark Louisiana
Fun tie for a choir leader
"The colors are vibrant and bright, I really like this tie, and have received many nice compliments."
- Mark Louisiana
"It’s amazing and looks fresh as hell"
- Hunter Peoria IL
Final touch!
"adds a little class to an suit"
- Jonathan New Jersey
Star piece to a smooth night out!
"classy and elegant fitting tie"
- Jonathan New Jersey
Great tie!
"Our grandson loved it."
- Pat Leavenworth, KSLeavenworth, KS
Loved it
"Great tie for all American homecoming dance"
- Patty Parker CO
Handkerchief appearance and care.
"Made well; laundered and dried nicely. When new, need to be ironed."
- Doris Lancaster, PA
I would recommend to my friends.
"Excellent and made of very good material."
- Jefferson Rockledge, FLRockledge, FL
I would recommend this pair of socks to my friends.
"This blue pair of socks is excellent and made of very good material."
- Jefferson Rockledge, FLRockledge, FL
I would recommend this pair of socks to my friends.
"Excellent and made of very good material."
- Jefferson Rockledge, FLRockledge, FL
Great Value! Great Service!
"Beautiful tie! High quality for a reasonable price. I’ll be back for more."
- Charles Las Vegas, NV
footies are the best
"who doesn't like a sturdy footie"
- nina palm bay, fl
"business from a far and all fun up close and personal"
- nina palm bay, fl
Many homecoming invitations
"Hope grandson is as excited as I am !"
- Linda Center Cross, VACenter Cross, VA
Homecoming dance with flair
"Hope grandson is as delighted as I am!!!😀"
- Linda Center Cross, VACenter Cross, VA
Ties for my wedding
"Love it! My fiance and all of his groomsmen are wearing it at our wedding next Friday!"
- Ryan Boston, MA
"perfect color to go with the bridesmaid dresses from Davids bridal (color Coral Reef)"
- Ashley Denver
FUN Tie !!
"I LOVED IT & most importantly My husband LOVED IT! Trendy packaging made a very nice presentation and it was so easy to order on line and it arrived in just a couple of days.... all in all a great experience!!"
- Mary Guilford, CTGuilford, CT
"Matched my tie perfectly"
- Michael Jackson, TN
"Perfect for my wedding"
- Michael Jackson, TN
Wedding ties
"Quality was great. Service awesome"
- David Boulder,co
High quality👍
"Very nice quality, and nice length. Love the design!!"
- A whale lover😊 LaMoille, IL
Nice tie.
"It arrived on time. We used the express-shipping. It looked nice on my son. He wore it to a wedding with a white shirt."
- JSCh Washington State
Happy In Wade
"Excellent Quality"
- Larry Wade, NC
Happy In Wade
"Excellent Quality"
- Larry Wade, NC
Happy In Wade
"Excellent Quality"
- Larry Wade, NC
Why Shop Anywhere Else
"Beautiful fabric and tie, easy order, quick delivery and unbelievably inexpensive. Thank you."
- William Ivins, UTIvins, UT
"Exactly what I was looking for love them I do wish you had more choices in colors though"
- gerald toledo ohio
Very good all around
"Needed a cherry blossom tie for my daughters wedding. First pop up on Google shopping. Fast turnaround, As described. Fun packaging. Well done."
- Ben Maine
Best value
"Ties were perfect and I was impressed by the quality. Best value in a tie I have ever purchased. Bought 10 for daughte’s wedding party."
- William Lake Bluff, Illinois
Looks great with navy suit
"My fav color-looks great with navy suit!"
- Mitsi Ok
School bow tie
"Great for a husband of the headmaster of a grade school!"
- Mitsi Ok
"Very professional-looks great with a white shirt!"
- Mitsi Ok
Perfect gift!
"This was a gift for a state Supreme Court Justice who was just new to the bench-PERFECT!"
- Mitsi Ok
Kanagawa Tie
"Everything I expected Beautiful !"
- Don St.. Joseph, MO
This is the tie.
"Got this tie with matching pocket square. The tie is great, well made, but a little long. Should have an option for shorter guys. Have to do a double tie to shorten it’s length. Overall very happy with this tie."
- Andrew Steamboat Springs
Great piece.
"Great pocket square. Thicker than most which is nice for folds. Attractive color as well."
- Andrew Steamboat Springs
Sock Fun
"Fun socks. Luv them. Nice quality."
- Mee New Jersey
Battle Fatigues
"I love this tie. It is definitely one of my favorite ties to wear at work -- especially days where I need to be keenly focused on the battle before me."
- Jerry Los Angeles, CA
Tie review
"True colors. Good quality. Great price."
- Beth Pittsburgh, PA
Very Pleased.
"This tie is beautiful!!!!"
- Jean Kentucky
"Great ties - great price - quickly shipped!"
- Mark MS
bow tie2
"nice tie"
- William G Porter Ranch, California
bow ties
"nice tie"
- William G Porter Ranch, California
Very happy with seahorse tie
"I searched a bit for a nice looking tie with seahorses. had the best looking tie online by far. No cartoonish. I ordered it and hoped it would look just as good in person. It does! Very pleased with purchase. Quickly shipped and delivered. Highly recommend."
- Missmomiss New Jersey
Wedding Party Ties
"Great tie. Loved the color and quality."
- Tracey Lebanon, OH
Pioneer Tie
"Sleek and professional. Good quality feel. Material is just the rigt thickness for a great windsor knot"
- Christopher Fresno CA
Basketball trophy!!
"A real winner tie. Pride, smiles, and happiness spills out when wearing this beautiful, fun tie. Just one of, great ties for boys."
- Alecia Lemon Grove, CALemon Grove, CA
Beyond satisfied
"Extremely attractive, brightly/colorful, textured tie. Every young boy should have this in his wardrobe. It brings smiles in admiration."
- Alecia Lemon Grove, CALemon Grove, CA
Pocket Sq game.
"Love it and learned to fold it different ways. Everything ties in well together. I’ll be ordering again very soon. Thank you."
- Michael Chesterfield VA
Sock game.
"Socks really compliment the bow tie. I love it. They are comfortable and feel great."
- Michael Chesterfield VA
"Perfect! The exact color I needed for the groomsmen tie"
- MEGAN Virginia
Great and casual
"Great look. Has texture and is not silky, gives more of a casual look that I wanted."
- Dillon Tallahassee, FL
purple tie
"Exactly as expected! Beautiful color."
- Kristen Sacramento, CA
Christmas socks to suit all tastes
"For all the guys in the family"
- Margaret Alpharetta, GAAlpharetta, GA
Fit for church
"My minister husband can wear it in the pulpit."
- Margaret Alpharetta, GAAlpharetta, GA
"Exactly the same as the picture"
- Andrea Dallas, tx
Love it!
"Love this tie. Exactly as pictured. Beautiful blend of colors allow for versatility with matching. Lots of compliments!"
- Ashley Baltimore, MD
Nice plaid tie!
"Really complements my tie wardrobe."
- Sam Brooklyn, NY
Matches well to a grey suit.
"Classy, skinny tie."
- Sam Brooklyn, NY
Perfect Skinny Tie
"Really looks and wears well."
- Sam Brooklyn, NY
Bland hubby wears WOW tie!!
"I bought this tie for my picky husband. He is in the medical field and usually wears conservative ties. He liked this one! He told me many have complimented him about his ouch tie. Now he feels quietly stylish."
- Lisa Sacramento, CA
Fun tie
"I bought this tie for my picky husband. He is a WWII history buff and only wears silk ties. He loves this tie!"
- Lisa Sacramento, CA
Fun Socks ;)
"I love these socks!! They are comfortable, stylish, and I get compliments on them all the time. They also go great with clogs."
- Lisa Sacramento, CA
"Husband wore it to Grandsons western wedding, many compliments!"
- Karen Oxnard, CAOxnard, CA
Eye Catcher Tie
"This tie is such a nice quality. My boyfriend got so many compliments at the wedding we went to. He wore it with a grey suit and it looked dynamite . I recommend this site and their ties."
- Laurie Chicago, IL
Perfect black tie!
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! 2 inch width is perfect. Great quality and styling."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
Great tie
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! 2 inch width is perfect. Great quality and styling."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
Great quality and style
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! 2 inch width is perfect. Great quality and styling. Wearing it tomorrow."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! Great quality and styling. 2 inch width is perfect. I wore this one first - with jeans and a black jacket - tons of compliments- one from a VP in my org."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
Exactly what I wanted
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! 2 inch width is perfect. Great quality and styling."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
Nice Look
"The color of this tie is terrific. I wish it had a firmer texture. It gets wind-blown too easily, in my opinion."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Wonderful Color and Texture
"This tie is more versatile than I imagined. Its texture is terrific and the color pops."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Fabulous and Strong
"This tie has wonderful texture and the color is fabulous."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"The color is gorgeous. I wish the texture were firmer. It gets wind-bown too easily for me."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Really Nice
"I got these on sale and they were an incredible buy."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"I had to return it, because I had another tie with a similar color. I wished I could have kept it."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"This tie is simply gorgeous. It goes well with a multitude of colors."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Very Nice
"This tie is conservative with a wonderful pink pop. It has a robust texture and ties well."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"This is an understated tie that enables you to create some interesting colors around it. I add vibrant colors when I wear this tie. It's adds a strong look."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"This bow tie is stout. Very versatile, ties beautifully and truly pops!"
- Byron San Diego, CA
Really Nice
"Terrific versatility. It ties beautifully and holds it's shape well."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"Terrific color and texture. It holds it shape well and is quite versatile."
- Byron San Diego, CA
"Good texture and color. It goes well with many outfits."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Business Flair
"This tie has beautiful colors and texture. It ties well and holds it shape well."
- Byron San Diego, CA
Groomsmen ties
"Bought these for my groomsmen couldn’t be any happier. Also I couldn’t complain about the price"
- Jimmy Chicago, IL
Lovely tie
"Amazing looking tie"
- Geovani Brooklyn NY
Another Happy Client!
"The item came right along quickly ahead of schedule. The cummerbund is exactly as show and the quality is excellent as described. Very happy with service and product!"
- Sean Boston, MA
buy it
"beautiful color"
- anthony hamburg nj
buy it
"great quality"
- anthony hamburg nj
"Bought it for son to wear on game days in October. He is very excited to wear it and after trying it on and looking at the quality. We love it, what a great tie for a great price"
- TIA Ohio
Happy customer
"I love them! they went on sale a day after i purchased 8 of them. Wasn't too happy about that. But, its a good quality."
- Tiara Milwaukee, Wi
Happy Customer
"love the ties!! looks exactly like the pictures."
- Tiara Milwaukee, Wi
Happy Customer
"hubby and i loves the bow tie. Thank you."
- Tiara Milwaukee, Wi
Cute packaging
"Good quality and cute packaging plus an extra little gift!! As a soon to bride buying gifts for my dad and step dad, the cute stuff matters!"
- Lorrin Raleigh, NC
A wonderful bow tie
"Very good quality and the design shows up very nice."
- Kameron Texas
A classic, but bright...
"This is nice although it's microfiber not silk. The red is bright but matches my straw boater perfectly so for me it was purchased as one use tie."
- Tim Wisconsin, USA
Great tie!
"Why this one was on clearance I can't understand. This is one of he most versatile bow ties I now have. This is simply a classic, must have; and it's silk... perfect!"
- Tim Wisconsin, USA
Love this summer tie...
"Great color. A perfect summer tie with seersucker and/or pincord suits (even better along with a real Panama hat!)"
- Tim Wisconsin, USA
Love this tie!
"Great tie!"
Great tie!
"Quick delivery, great quality- love it!!!"
Great handkerchiefs
"The ordering process was painless and quick. I got the handkerchiefs in a timely fashion and they were exactly as advertised. I will order from this place again."
- Dana Las Vegas, NV
Baby pink tie
"Ordered this for my dad for my wedding! Love it!"
- Keirsten Norman, OK
"My son is a doctor, he liked the tie a lot and said his pediatric patients would love it."
- Elizabeth Forest Park, IL
"wonderful tie, my son loved it - he has just recently started biking."
- Elizabeth Forest Park, IL
"My first bow tie since a third grade clipon, I had to review several youtubes before I caught on and to look closely at the picture to see that one point is behind the flap of the forward. And that's what happened in several test runs. But when I went for the real thing, my son's wedding, both tips came out behind! It might be useful to offer a guage of how long or short to make. The real color is pretty well seen on the site, though the design less so. I was very pleased by the quick delivery, inspite of a small confusion on my billing address. Cheers."
- Chinn Holy Land
Love it
"Great costumer service, terrific product."
- James Austin, TX
Great Quality and Length
"Great tie. Great Quality, Love the LENGTH! Looks good on a blue shirt with Pink Polka Dots!"
- Kevin C Washington, D.C
Happy with the purchase
"The color is very good. The texture is not as soft as all my other silk ties. Delivered on time."
- Mike Tampa, FL
Good over all
"The color is very good. The texture is not as soft as my other silk ties. Delivered on time."
- Mike Tampa, FL
As Good as It Appears!
"Great quality. Good fabric, strong weave, well sewn. The print design is crisp and distinct like ties used to be."
- Todd Athens, Ohio
Canary Tie review
"Perfect length; modern width; great fabric & pattern/color!"
- Bryan Fredericksburg, VA
Exactly as expected.
"Exactly as expected."
- Michael New York, NY
👀 ng Handsome
"This tie makes you feel great in the morning!"
- Jay Orange Ct
Hanukkah Tie
"Great tie for the holiday Jay R"
- Jay Orange Ct
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
"Excellent quality..."
- Tom Virginia
Good value
"Good value and excellent service."
- JHK Boston, MA
25th anniversary vow renewal tie.
"High quality, hard to find color, very reasonable price."
- James Homewood, Illinois
Tie review
"Exactly what i expected! great tie got a lot of compliments..👍"
- Shaheen Ferndale MI
Perfect tie!!
"Was looking for a wrestling tie for my nephew who is starting high school and be on the wrestling team. This is exactly what I was hoping to find."
- Eileen Bucks County PA
Astronaut tie ftw!
"I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it, from the design to the material."
- Jessica Los Angeles, CA
"Just what I needed."
- Mark Nampa Idaho
Gift for Recent Graduate
"I got this as a gift for my brother and he loved it! Great quality and a very fun pattern for an Urban and Regional Planner."
- Sara Wisconsin
Looks Great
"Very good quality. Looks great with medium ties."
- Spenseq50 Maryland
I love it
"It's a really nice tie."
Great tie!
"Love this tie. Others have not been received yet, on back order."
- Catherine Waretown, NJWaretown, NJ
Very Preppy
"Although the finish made it hard to tie/hard to get the length right as I am kind of short. This is a great tie that can be paired with gingham, plaid, check, and pastel coloured shirts. Very dapper, would recommend to anyone who wishes to dress nicely."
- Ian Tampa, Fl
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Love these links!
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Love these links!
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Classic, understated
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Love these links!
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Love these links!
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Love these links!
"Outstanding value!"
- I V Prince George’s County, MD
Great Tie!!
"A fine wuslity tie, color just as seen on the website. Good price and fast delivery."
- Daniel Essex Junction, Vermont
Awesome tie and customer service
"Great tie, and exceptional customer service - will order here first!"
- bobbie KC, MO
Very comfortable!
"Neutral colors and great texture. Very comfortable!"
- Tie fan Washington
As flexible as the fabric
"Works well with many shirts. Wasn’t a paisley fan until this one"
- Tie fan Washington
Exceptional cuff links for my custom dress shirts.
"Couldn’t be happier. Great quality. Looking forward to wearing them all. Love bow tie as well."
- Richard Londonderry, NH
"Perfect tie for summer great colors, the tie feel like it was made to last so happy with my purchase."
- Teg Florida
"By far one of the softest tie I've ever owned, but the tie itself looks great, I received so many complements wearing this amazing tie a must have for sure."
- Teg Florida
Simple with a twist
"This tie was perfect just what I needed to bring my suit together, the hints of color in the tie added a wow factor simply elegant."
- Teg Florida
Not too kitchy
"I kept bees with my dad for 25 years. Also, the tie was very nice (in a dignified way)."
- meastwood Hammond, IN
Financial Literacy Boot Camp for HS Generation
"The class was 4 days these ties he wore each. He wore with pants jean like and casual shirt. He was quite handsome and was Perfect for his Generation Same as First tie Review"
- Rachelle Culver City, CACulver City, CA
"My 15 year od Grandson selected these tie both of them. He attended a Financial Literacy Boot Camp Program at a local College here in California and the attire was Business Casual requiring a tie. They were as he said "PERFECT""
- Rachelle Culver City, CACulver City, CA
Ties for Financial Literacy Boot Camp for HS Generation
"My 15 year od Grandson selected these tie both of them. He attended a Financial Literacy Boot Camp Program at a local College here in California and the attire was Business Casual requiring a tie. They were as he said "PERFECT""
- Rachelle Culver City, CACulver City, CA
Quality ties
"Very good quality and arrived on time."
- Kevin Montgomery, Tx
Best tie
"Stars and Stripes Tie very proud to wear. I am an American."
- Dennis Titusville FL
Socks are great
"Very nice and fits well"
- Dennis Titusville FL
America Bow Tie
"Great bow tie"
- Dennis Titusville FL
"Its a great tie..."
- Shawnnelius Pageland, SCPageland, SC
Fair Feathered
"Paddle anywhere looking just ducky"
- Lord Geoffrey Edward McCool Elkton, MDElkton, MD
Topping It Iff
"Every package aught have a bow!"
- Lord Geoffrey McCool Leeds, Md
Definitely will be buying more 🎁 bow ties
"Best ties EVER!!!!!"
- Melvin Madison wisconsin
I love it
"Tie was exactly what I expected. Great service and packaging was great as well."
- Anthony Miami Florida
Exactly what I wanted
"The price was right, the delivery very fast and the hankies are well-made. Thank you!"
- Carol Petaluma, CA
Steppin' out the good old American way.
"An Australian mate,soon to become an Australian/American, smiled from ear to ear with his "put your best foot forward" RED,WHITE AND BLUE socks."
- Edward Miami Beach,Fl.
Stay on your toes with a clean nose.
"The gentleman who rec'd. the handkerchiefs was thrilled as he needed a new / fresh supply."
- Edward Miami Beach,Fl.
Christmas all tied up colorfully.
"Here's my reason for giving 5 star's. Perfect looking Xmas Men's tie. It will be really appreciated. HO-HO-HO and my best to Rudolph and gang."
- Edward Miami Beach,Fl.
They're still deliverying worldwide.
"Great quality. Clever tie. It will be given as a gift."
- Edward Miami Beach,Fl.
Great American Tie
"My son will be wearing it for his senior pictures! He loves it."
- Tammy Niskayuna, NY
A Distinctive Sign of Patriotism
"The tie was exactly the right length to meet my extra long need and a quality product at a reasonable price. I wore it to a reunion of patriots, so it really hit the mark for the occasion."
- Double D Central Virginia
"great pattern and great material"
- MAXWELL Sacramento, CA
"great pattern and great material"
- MAXWELL Sacramento, CA
Superior Company
"As with the two purchases I made before this one, great tie, great service, fast shipping in a well protected presentation box, A Superior company."
- Gerald Whitestone, New York
Recommend this company !
"great quality price and customer service ! I will buy again !"
- Paula South Carolina
Presentation is everything
"For me presentation is everything. This guys have one of the most amazing presentation of their products, and they have a high quality and variety of ties, I give them the highest recommendation that I could give."
- Hugo Anaheim CA
"Good quality, perfect color and good looking tie"
- Cole Wilmington, NC
Gorgeous colors!
"For that special occasion you feel bold!"
- Paul McAllen, TX
"First bow tie and I WAS A HIT!"
- Paul McAllen, TX
A great statement!
"Fantastic color combination!"
- Paul McAllen, TX
Golden treasure
"Looks great . Folds with ease"
- James Fairfax, VA
"Good quality,better than I expected"
- Richard New jersey
Great for a gift!
"Perfect, campy sock assortment. Hubby loves them all."
- DeeDee Davis Santa Cruz, CA
"Really fun and a great addition to the Fast Food Sock pack"
- DeeDee Davis Santa Cruz, CA
Perfect Derby tie
"Best tie at the Derby Party. Nice look and great colors!"
- Susan New Hope, Pa
"sweet cuffs!"
- Lynn Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Foxy Tie
"It was a gift and he loved it!"
- Auntie Evans Mills, NY
Gettin’ hitched!
"Its the perfect tie for a wedding! And it matches the dress perfectly!"
- Ingrid Portland
"These socks are of very good quality. I would recommend them to my friends."
- Jefferson Rockledge, FLRockledge, FL
Tieing,sneezing & putting your best foot forward in style with every step of the way.
"Same as above. That's all folks."
- Edward Miami Beach,Fl.
Great Tie
"This is an excellent tie, the length is good for a longer torso and the cloth makes a beautiful sturdy knot. The color is also classic and goes with almost anything."
- WSTFRDBYR Massachusetts
- Meredith Ohio
"I couldn't have swatched this color to match my dress any better. This is a like a Rose/Pink color, darker than baby pink, but not orange at all. My husband is 6'8 and this tie was the perfect length, and they got it to us with in two days on normal postage. Great quality, service and I WILL use this company again!"
- Meredith Ohio
Thank you!
"The ties are excellent quality, attractively packaged, and the company went over and above in striaghtening out a problem when Fed Ex caused complications and a big delay in receiving our purchase. service representative was very helpful and did his best to resolve the issue and got our purchase to us as soon as he possibly could. Thank you so much for your assistance . We highly reccomend .......but not Fed Ex."
- Mary Wheelersburg, Ohio
- Winston Queens
Robert tie
"I loved my tie"
- Robert Athens ga
Little foxes
"Good quality and great conversation piece!"
- Matthew Bakersfield, Ca
"Color was a perfect match for shirt and coat. Subtle but stylish - it will work well."
- Curtis Burbank, CA
Buckeye, thick, tie
"My grandson loves this tie-I ordered pocket square to match"
- Pam Lubbock, TX
Starry Cufflinks
"Very nice"
- Pam Lubbock, TX
"WOW, did that come FAST!!!!! Tie was just as advertised and went great with a shirt I had purchased recently. Tie quality was great. Will definatley order from here again!!!!"
- Scott Bedford, Virginia
Go Bears!
"Pretty much Cal Berkeley colors in a bow tie, whats not to lie?"
- Hinds2020 Walnut Creek, CA
5 stars
"Excellent value and a very good looking tie. Many nice complements."
- Hinds2020 Walnut Creek, CA
Perfectly matching !
"Simply flexible to be worn with almost any shirt with the color scheme !"
- William Parlin, NJNew York, NY
Fun tie
"Love it a very fun tie good addition to my colllection"
- Gerald Kansas
Needed a black tie.
"Great value very nice tie"
- Robert New castle, delaware
Great service and product
"Arrived quickly and looks high quality. I had a question and customer service responded fast."
- Leah st paul, mn
Fast and attractive
"Arrived quickly and looks high quality"
- Leah st paul, mn
Crisp looking tie
"Good tie with a crisp look with it. Looks great with a lighter colored shirt!"
- George Boston, MA
Great Tie
"Beautiful tie, it goes very well with solid colored shirts (white and light blue). Would recommend!"
- George Boston, MA
Best Buy!
"Best value in silk knots out there! I have been a fan of Sid Mashburn and Brooks Brothers knots for years. But, the value in these in undeniable!"
- CUTTIE Upper Marlboro, MDUpper Marlboro, MD
Awesome socks
"Love it"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Conversations tie
"It’s a conversation piece."
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Great socks!
"Coffee ☕️ socks rock"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
It’s a good tie
"Like the tie"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Love the color
"Love this tie"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Great socks
"Great 🧦"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Nice socks 🧦
"Nice 🧦"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Great socks
"Love these socks 🧦"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
Great tie!
"Bought it as a gift. He loves it!"
- Ann Marie Aitkin, MN
How to get A-head.
"Odd but nice."
I like the extra long and the design.
"Its nice, I just wish it was brighter."
A new and great tie.
"Great, unusual patter and BRIGHT. I love it. Although I don't much blend it when I wear it."
Pleased Customer
"Thank you. I'm writing one review covering all the things I've received. I'm very happy with your prices, quality and service. Also discounts and sales prompt my to buy. Free shipping is very appealing to the customer. Thank you. Kelly."
- Kelly White Post, VABerryville, VA
Ah, theTies!
"These are five-star ties-- provided through five-star service on the part of! My 4-star review ('I like it') is simply personal preference, not a reflection on service or quality-- I love red, this is more burgundy than I prefer. Nevertheless, I wear it with satisfaction; the others with delight!"
- Thomas Silver Spring, MDSilver Spring, MD
anchors away 2
"My son is a teacher and the mascot is "Sailors" so anchors will be worn often!"
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
"My husband has a handlebar mustache so this fit him perfectly!"
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
anchors away
"teenage grandson loves bow ties - thinks it gives him "swag"; he loves his new bow tie! Anchor design is terrific for school logo!"
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
"when I puled this out of the box my husband loved it!"
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
"Wrestling is huge in our area; this tie was on sale (bonus for me) I am donating it to a Mission Auction; someone will love it."
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
"Many compliments on this tie."
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
"My son teaches History - perfect!"
- preacher Stoneboro, PAStoneboro, PA
Movie Reel Tie
"Looks exactly as I expected"
- Susan Shreveport, LA
"I got same design two colors good for 2 ties"
- Gerald Salina kansas
"Perfect to wear on Valentines Day - love it."
- Samantha Texas
Count me in!
"I am an accountant, and these socks are a hoot."
- Samantha Texas
Ride my way!
"Ride bikes all the time, and enjoy wearing my bike socks."
- Samantha Texas
Tie this one on!
"What did I ever do without one. My ties are always at my fingertips."
- Samantha Texas
My BUDDHA is great!
"Love this bracelet and color. Can wear alone with my black one."
- Samantha Texas
Be nice to the BUDDHA!
"Interesting bracelet and comfortable to wear. Got lots of compliments."
- Samantha Texas
Anchor away!
"I love wearing different pins on my jackets."
- Samantha Texas
And away we go!
"So very cute and a fun wear."
- Samantha Texas
Lighting strikes in unusual places.
"very well made, and very cute."
- Samantha Texas
"Real patriotic."
- Samantha Texas
Terrific purchase
"Great tie at a great price"
- Robert Chestnut Hill, MA
Terrific purchase
"Great tie at a great price"
- Robert Chestnut Hill, MA
nice tie !
"Really nice and good quality silk tie ! I have ordered it for a wedding."
- Guillaume Boston, MABoston, MA
Classic cars
"My husband is a car guy and loves it!"
- Cynthia Templeton, CA
"What a great tie and your prices and free shipping are a great bonus"
- Mitty Brookfield, WI
"One of my favorite ties, microfiber is very nice, allows for a neatly tied Windsor Knot that looks great"
- John New Jersey
Good Buy
"Cotton tie to add to my collection, sales on this site are amazing I have gotten about 20 ties"
- John New Jersey
Anchors Up
"Love the small detail ties, nice colors"
- John New Jersey
Peace for All
"Material feels a little cheaper than other "Wild Ties" brand neckties, but nonetheless has gotten several compliments"
- John New Jersey
Breathable Cotton
"Cotton tie to add to my collection, sales on this site are amazing I have gotten about 20 ties"
- John New Jersey
A must for anyone with a decent amount of ties
"Awesome item, neatly stores ties & belts and takes up almost no space in closet"
- John New Jersey
5 Stars, and Making a Statement!
"I bought this tie to make a statement, and that statement is, "I'm here". With a dark blue suit and a white dress shirt, it certainly does that. This tie in yellow is the star of the show, and I received repeated compliments on it the first time I wore it. As always, great value, lower price than Macy's Department store at $40. The added advantage of no tax and free shipping makes this company unbeatable. Finally, the box it ships in is really a class act, and shows that this company intends to earn their customer's loyalty. They have mine."
- Jerry Whitestone, New York
Floral, floral, floral
"Loved this floral tie so much. Looked lit at a wedding."
- Zacappan Brazil
"Nice but it's a little hard to tie due to the fabric and my fat neck..."
- Turtle Iowa
Fox tie
"Tie looks good wish I had ordered longer version"
- Maguire New york, NY
New Blue
"I needed a new blue tie and this did the trick"
- Phil Allentown, PA
Cosmic standout
"Cool tie and goes great with the lightning bolt tie bar I got."
- Phil Allentown, PA
Great for carry-ons
"I have a regular tie case, but I was looking for something or my carry-on (instead of putting a tie in a sandwich bag) and this did the trick."
- Phil Allentown, PA
Great tool at great price
"Great! Just right for all my belts. Not much of a cedar smell to it, but I have cedar oil if I really want to add more than just a hint."
- Uneeda D. Tallahassee, FL
Sleek and fashionable
"Love it. Got it on sale"
- Torin Seattle WA
Happy client!!
"Nice socks. They were an order for a client. The client loved them. Good quality."
- falbabe Houston, TX
Groom tie
"Perfect for groom in navy suit"
- Groom in Knoxville Knoxville TN
Suitable for everyday use
"Well made, fairly soft. It is a bit thinner than I would have liked, but it is a standard thinness. I'm using these for my everyday, female hankerchiefs. I was going to order from Amazon, but it's hard to choose a quality white bit of cloth from a photo without feeling it, so I decided to order from Ties because from reviews it seemed soft enough and good quality. Also, the return policy is good, and I really like their marketing."
- Ashlynn Janesville, WIJanesville, WI
Great Purchase
"It was everything I expected it to be. Thank you"
- Donnie Clayton, CA
Platinum & Burgundy Tie
"Excellent Product"
- Roberto León Cleveland Ohio
"Excellent Quality, great price"
- George Pittsburgh, PA
"This tie is awesome!! I like the fabric too!! I ordered 2 ties for an up coming wedding. We can’t decided which of the 2 my boyfriend should wear. We ordered the longer length... it is perfect on him. He’s 5’11"
- Jamie IL.
Husband Pleasing
"Beautiful and bold! Husband loves it!"
- Tweets Utah
One Piece of My Memorable Wedding
"The tie was exactly what I wanted. Very nice color!"
- Jarrod Frankfort, KY
One Piece of My Memorable Wedding
"It looked great! I used it for my late-spring/early-summer wedding. The color was perfect! The only suggestion I'd make is to include neck size adjustment holes for the clasp rather than the sliding adjuster. I own a few self-tie bow ties that have the neck measurements stitched into the inside of the neckband, which makes it much easier to start with the correct size."
- Chris Frankfort, KY
Add a little meaning to the bow tie
"Simple, yet unique. I love the design. Highly recommend."
Attention grabbing
"The material [fabric] was better than expected. Will shop at this website again."
Satisfied customer!
"I was skeptical, I have a good tie selection, quality ties. This tie was the exact same color in the picture with great quality. Silk but durable"
- Omar Connecticut
Nice tie
"Great looking tie.....just wish it came in extra long length"
- ctleon Woodbridge, CA
Love it!
"Great quality and festive!"
- Jennifer Maine
Wonderful Holiday spirit.
"one of the best sock brands out there. I have had this sock for a few years now and the colors still pop, the elastic is still in shape. I wear a size 14 shoe, and the sock is great!"
- Super Sharp Dresser Los Angeles, CA
Great Tie
"Very Nice Tie"
- Robert Des Moines, IA
USA Stripe Tie
"States what I want without getting in your face."
- Britt Tucson Az
Great Quality!
"Great Quality for the price!"
- Super Sharp Dresser Los Angeles, CA
Very Nice
"Very nice, well-made tie."
"This is exactly what I was hoping for -- quality product and good design. The packaging is fabulous too!"
- Mary Seattle, WA
"Vibrant colors on dark blue so attractive, getting compliments on this beautiful the."
- cheryl Sacramento CA
"Good quality, fun design and fast shipping. Cant get better!"
- Vanessa New York, NY
Excellent value
"Substantial tie; made of good cotton....nice quality!"
- Charles Little Rock
Just as it appears
"Nice, basic pocket square. True to color on screen."
- Charles Little Rock
On point
"Very nice tie"
- Doreen Rochester ny
Unique color
"I was looking for a pair of mint socks to match with my tie."
- Alexandro Springdale, AR
Super cool socks
"Awesome design and nice and soft fabric."
- Alexandro Springdale, AR
Not satisfied
"Wrinkles too fine material"
- Mitzi Walla Walla WA
Best Company and Tie EVER
"Beautiful tie! Perfect gift for a doctor or a medical student! Loved the excellent customer service and expediting of delivery for a reasonable cost!"
- Sandy Plano, TXPlano, TX
Very happy with my first order!
"Great colors"
- Bryan Myrtle Beach SC
Works beautifully with a number of my suits.
"The quality worked fine with my suit."
- Dan El Chuco
Great Accessory
"The bow tie looks simply elegant with my seersucker suit."
- Dan El Chuco
"Bought as a fathers day gift for my husband and it is PERFECTION. The material is super soft and the blue is wonderfully vibrant. He is a car salesman for Ford so this tie was beyond appropriate."
- Kaytie Valparaiso, IN
Great tie!
"A gift for a teacher. Very nice."
Great tie!
"A gift for a teacher. Very nice."
Great tie!
"A gift for a teacher. Perfect!"
Very good.
"A little thicker than i expected. Slightly more difficult to slip into their pockets because of that. But still, beautiful pieces, very good QC, no burs like i expected from stamped metal. Maybe the gold plating covered any burs? Either way very good."
- Joshua Pittsburgh PA
Everything i wanted
"Exactly as advertised. Better QC than i expected. I deal with chink clothes manufacturers all the time. Half expected it to be misaligned on the underside. Pleasently surprised it wasnt. I am a big man. By big i dont mean obese or diabetic. I power lift and im 6'6". This fits my torso very well."
- Joshua Pittsburgh PA
Very good.
"I wanted something that stood out. A dagger works very well to that end. 1.75" sounds kinda small but the size works very well for what it is used for. I have yet to wear this extensively so i am not sure if eventually the pointed tip will poke through the tie. Will update when i know."
- Joshua Pittsburgh PA
Dapper style
"Great vibrant color just as depicted online."
- Brandon Hampton Roads, VA
"Great selection and quality along with style and pattern."
- Brandon Hampton Roads, VA
Great Purchase
"The tie is even better looking than its picture. Great value."
- Robert Charlotte, NC
Color me Socked!
"Love fun socks, and these ones are beautiful! Unique design."
- McCoy Denver, CODenver, CO
Tie me a river
"Very high quality! Not necessarily the most “me” tie, I now realize, but it’s going to get put to good use with someone I know."
- McCoy Denver, CODenver, CO
Beautiful tie!
"Beautiful! Thank you!! My dad loves it! 😊"
- Emily Thornwood, NY
Democrats in 2018
"Very timely and appropriate. Not for dress up fancy, but worn well to make a comment."
- Ems Arlington, Tx
Chemist tie
"Cool looking and great conversation starter. Nice feel and color."
- Ems Arlington, Tx
Pi Day Tie
"love the Pi tie and all its numbers!"
- Myrna G Wyoming
"great color and easy to wear"
- Myrna G Wyoming
Hiding in plain sight.
"Loved the tie!! I can't wait to wear it to work."
- Richard Kansascity kansas
Purple striped Tie review
"Everyone loved the ties. Plan to order similar ones in the future."
- Jusitn Jackson,MS
Purple striped Tie review
"Everyone loved the ties. Plan to order similar ones in the future."
- Jusitn Jackson,MS
yea stripes
"Love the tie. It matched the outfit perfectly."
- Mark Churchville,ny
Extraordinary Handkerchiefs
"Crisp, clean, well made of beautiful fabric. The fact that these handkerchiefs are made in the USA is frosting on the cake! Thank you!"
- Julie Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT
"Absolutely love this tie"
- SAI KARTHIK Augusta, GAAugusta, GA
Outstanding customer service
"First tie arrived with a crease which would not "fall out". After contacting the company and submitting a photo of the defect I was expedited a replacement which arrived without defect, The Tie was very close to color presented on-line and arrived shipped in a very nice package. I haven't worn the tie yet or even tied it so I can't comment on how it wears but I am very impressed with the packaging and customer service."
- James Franklin, Tennnessee
"Great tie. Highly recommend"
- JARED Syracuse, NY
Only way to buy a tie!!!
"Beautiful and excellent quality. Received my husband's ties quickly! GREAT VALUE"
- JANET Tennessee
I'm a fan!
"Gorgeous colors!"
- Studmuffin Tulsa, OK
Fabulous tie
"Wore this one with a white tux coat to a black tie event this week and it was a huge hit!"
- Studmuffin Tulsa, OK
Great Quality, Great Price, Great Service
"Color is perfect as well as style. Great for my teenage son; he looks fantastic! Ordered, shipped and to my door in 4 days with standard shipping! Outstanding service. And also packaged very well."
- Joy Corpus Christi, TX
Will never buy a tie anywhere else again
"Perfect color; ordered, shipped and to my door in 4 days with standard (FREE) shipping! Great quality."
- Joy Corpus Christi, TX
Cool Tie
"Great tie, went perfectly with my outfit for my concert. Getting the adjustment right was a bit tricky (no length markings), but since I had another I knew fit I just adjusted it to the same length as that one. Definitely would buy again."
- Stephen Maryland
"Satisfied with the quality and style"
- Richard San Diego, CA
Perfect Geek Gift!
"This was the perfect gift for our sock loving geek!"
- marge bolingbrook, ILbolingbrook, IL
A tie to get hitched in
"Beautiful! We built my future husband's entire wedding outfit around this tie. We also bought one for our dog so they will match."
- annmarie valley village, CAvalley village, CA
perfect tie for daughters college graduation
"beautiful tie! DePaul university colors!"
- Daniel illinois
Good product, but a little pricy
"It’s a good product and you get what you pay for! It’s worth it! It’s a good tie! However, it is a bit pricey."
- Liz Pine Hill, NJ
- Zee Cordero Branchburg, NJ
So urban yet so sleek
"I work as front desk at a hotel. And so many people had complimented the tie. It has such an urban look yet still professional."
- Zee Cordero Branchburg, NJ
I like it
"I had contacted the company and gave them a description of what I was trying to use the tie for and the knot I wanted to use. I like the tie but it was a heavier thickness for the knot I wanted to use. It was quite bulky so again I like the tie but it was quite a bit heavier than expected"
- Charles Menasha WI
Great tie!
"Great looking tie! Will be back to buy more"
- Scott Lebanon, TN
Fushia tie is...
"An awesome color and design!"
- Carlos El Paso, Texas
Nice Tie-Nice Price
"Exactly what I wanted.. Go's real well with a dark navy -blue shirt"
- Regular Guy Chicago
"Love learning to tie a bow myself. It is a great color, I get lots of comments on the design and I will probably stick to patterns like this for the individuality I was looking for in a tie."
- cheryl Sacramento ca
"Nice colors, holds shape."
- cheryl Sacramento ca
- Margaret NYC
- Margaret NYC
1st Bow tie
"Nice product, very happy with purchase"
- Charles E.O NJ
Exclusive place for ties!
"Guys, I've been in the corporate world for many years and a shirt tie dress code is mandatory. These ties are equally if not better than all the "high end" ties that I've purchased. Save your money! Shop for ties exclusively from this site!"
- Anthony Chicago, Illinois
It shines like something shiny
"It's just so pretty wow wow wow"
- Jaime Happy Place, CA
Loved the pin
"The pin was of high quality and I will wear it with pride. It is much better than the common "flag" pins."
- bmomjian Newtown Square, PA
Quality tiebar
"I bought this to fit out with compliment a recent shirt/tie combo. and it matches wonderfully. the spring is sturdy. Looks great! Very happy on this purchase."
- DJ TW Michigan
Possibly my Favorite Tie
"It's hard to see in the picture online, but when I got it I could see how rich and amazing the dark texture behind the green is, in addition to the gold stripe. (I got it in green)"
- Jeffrey Virginia
I like it
"This is a great tie, but know that if you wear it, it will attract attention. Not for your more serious occassions, but great for a springtime Friday casual."
- Jeffrey Virginia
Even better than it looked in the picture
"Very nice pattern, and I always love a diamond tip bow tie. I wear it with a navy suit and it looks great."
- Jeffrey Virginia
The Do-it-all Pocket Square
"I just love the pattern, and it can go with a wide variety of ties. If I could only have two pocket squares, this would be one of them."
- Jeffrey Virginia
"If any cotton tie were to be able to look good in a semi-formal setting, this is it. The textured solid pattern gives it elegance while the cotton keeps it low-key"
- Jeffrey Virginia
Excellent tie
"Looks great with a navy suit: conservative but tasteful. Thank you Guapbox for picking this out!"
- Jeffrey Virginia
Love it
"Very comfortable, great design. Fun to wear"
- Jeffrey Vienna, VAVienna, VA
no one dares to AVOID LOOKING AT YOU !
"Artistic, Charming, Flamboyant"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
your secret final touch!
"looks great with, without the tie"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
"it looks great, the stones gives you an impression they are from a Volcano !"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
"finest SILK 100%, hand made and the mixture of color are attractive"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
For the professional DOCTORS !
"microfibers are well manufactured, you can tie it very well to look professional while working inside the Hospital !"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
"fine SILK 100%, hand made, luxurious, elite combination of color and style"
- Yousif Sarasota, FL
I’ve enjoyed tie
"I’ve really enjoyed this tie. It has a unique look."
- Brent West Jordan, UT
Nice tie
"This is a really nice tie. I like the look and material."
- Brent West Jordan, UT
Reasonably priced ties for tall guys!
"Bought this for my very tall engineer husband. He loves it! Very professional looking and yet a bit of whimsy. LOL! So happy I've found a place to buy reasonably priced ties for tall men! Now we need some nice Mardi Gras long ties."
- Mlschmidt Louisiana
A beautiful, subtle tie at a very fair price.
"A beautiful, subtle tie at a very fair price."
- George Houston, TXHouston, TX
A beautiful, unusual tie at a very fair price.
"A beautiful, unusual tie at a very fair price."
- George Houston, TXHouston, TX
A beautiful, unusual tie at a very fair price.
"A beautiful, unusual tie at a very fair price."
- George Houston, TXHouston, TX
A beautiful tie at a very fair price.
"A beautiful tie at a very fair price."
- George Houston, TXHouston, TX
"I wish more ties came with the longer option"
- Richard T. Washington, DC
"Goes with anything"
- Richard T. Washington, DC
"Very happy"
- Richard T. Washington, DC
High Quality
"Great springtime pick, quality tie, delivered quickly, and colors appear as portrayed in photo."
- Polka Dot no. 7 Vienna, VA
Great Tie
"Loved the colors and got many compliments for it!"
- vincent chapel hill, NC
Gets the job done
"I was surprised by how much I loved this simple bow tie. Great quality."
- Donasia chula vista, CA
Such classy. Much intellectual.
"This bow tie is so beautiful. I love the details."
- Donasia chula vista, CA
Super Aware
"This one definitely stands out. It's perfect."
- Donasia chula vista, CA
Spaced Out Perfection
"My favorite bow tie right now. I want to wear it everywhere with everything."
- Donasia chula vista, CA
My New Favorite!!!!!!
"Been trying to find a pair of bitcoin socks for a long time. Wore these to work and everyone loved them!"
- Jason New York
Perfect for work!
"Stylish socks for the week. No more scrambling around my apartment looking for socks!"
- Sock Lover Miami
My New Favorite Crypto Socks!
"Everything I ever wanted! Love these cryptocurrency socks. my favorite has to be the bitcoin!"
- Crypto Lover Oakland
Great Quality
"I have a few Sock Genius and I love the quality. When I saw they had crypto currency socks my wildest dreams had come true. I have to say that I love and every product I've gotten from them has been top notch."
- Peter Heel Chicago
Just what I needed!
"Great quality and awesome design! Got lots of compliments at work!"
- Trader M NYC
Wearable map!
"Reminds me why I still work, so I can go on frequent trips all over the world!"
- John O. University Place WA
Awesome Trip Tie!
"Fun tie to talk with others about Triathlons and being active"
- John O. University Place WA
Good for work!
"Love the more retro pattern on this silk tie. I wear ties every day and this is different from anything else I own. More of a royal blue than a navy."
- Max Los Angeles, CA
Love this silk
"Really nice quality and great pattern! Love the smaller and more subtle paisley print."
- Max Los Angeles, CA
Great deal
"Love all these socks! The breakfast and pizza ones were my favorite, and getting the other food socks was a great addition."
- Max Los Angeles, CA
Cool tie!
"Really nice pattern and nice quality. I was looking for something nice for Valentine's day and I'm gonna wear this next year too!"
- Max Los Angeles, CA
Solid tie
"Solid and strong"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Good Square
"Strong and satisfying"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Great stripss
"Good for Christmas"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Bright for the foot
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Get fancy
"Nice and Fancy"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Fancy Square
"Smooth and consistent. Vibrant."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Eye Catching
"“Fresh Floral” is the best description"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Yes to Red
"Vibrant and bold."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Compliment Sock
"Instant favorite. Quality fabric. Cool design."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Good Square
"Outfit specific but nice"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Nice combo
"Bright and Bold"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Solid Square
"A little dull but cool"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Great tie
"It was a great gift. Definitely satisfied purchase."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
"Love the pattern and the tie thickness"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Silver magic
"Love the Paisley. Love The thickness of it."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
A compliment and conversation
"Leave it to cleaver to impress"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Good Sammy
"Pretty and smooth silk."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Solid and Sturdy.
"Lightning in a tie clip"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Great Clip
"Sophisticated for the compliment."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Make the pocket smile
"Kirkland has a nice pattern blend. Lightens up my pocket."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Go Tempe
"The square to have."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Good Square
"Great for winter. Love the pattern and the fabric"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Tioga Favorite
"Bright and Beautiful"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Red Flare
"Love the Tioga"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Best Rocket
"My favorite pair of sock."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Bold and Royal
"I really like the vibrancy of this tie. Definitely a statement tie."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
As expected
"Wedding’s best"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Wedding Worthy
"All that I expected for my ring bearer."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Groomsmen Tie
"Nice and solid Tie"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Wedding Tie
"Solid and strong"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
"Cool Square"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Bright and Beautiful
"Instant compliment getter."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Great Cora!
"I love the thickness of the tie."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Nice, simple, and sweet.
"Basic but effective. I need all the colors for the Tioga"
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Cool Bow tie
"Nice design. It’s been a great gift."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Nice Pocket Love
"I like the linen fabric with the rolled edge."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Nice Square
"I like the linen fabric with the rolled edge."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
Nice Pocket Square
"I like the linen with the rolled edge."
- Christopher H. Cincinnnati, OH
best bow tie in texas
"It's great absolutely love it matches my uniform perfectly very professional looking will definitely order more"
- Abrams K. lindale texas
Thumbs up!!!
"Deserves more than 5 stars!"
- Qzhazelnut New Haven, CT
Love the simplicity.
"Simple classic tie. It's great for my workplace and matches a lot of stuff I wear. Great quality too."
- Moe San Francisco
Good Quality
"Very good quality."
- Robert Texas
Nice Looking
"Nice looking and good quality."
- Robert Texas
Great Look!
"Just what I expected and look good!"
- Robert Texas
Great basic stripe
"Ordered this gray stripe for my everyday wardrobe. REALLY good price and it's super easy to match since it's so basic."
- Jacob Seattle, WA
Really nice color
"Chose this tie bar for an upcoming wedding I'm attending. Super impressed with the rose gold color and loved the little pouch it came in."
- Ethan Columbus, OH
wore this navy tie to a wedding. super versatile and great quality. will shop here again!
"Great, versatile tie"
- Zach Los Angeles, CA
peony pink bow tie
"good color, good quality"
- Deborah Portland, OR
Coachella Ready
"I got these for Coachella and they fit perfectly even though I'm a girl! I even have small feet, but they're so comfy and don't slip or anything. I can't wait to show these off in a couple months! They've become my favorite socks."
- Irene Los Angeles, CA
Great for a science teacher gift
"My son has a science tutor who's also a good family friend of ours and so we got this tie for him for his birthday. His face lit up and the next time my son had a tutoring session, he was wearing it. He said it's his favorite tie! Thanks so much for creating niche ties like this. It's great quality and not cheesy like some other products out there."
- Maureen Austin, TX
Classy tie for work
"Super great quality. Got lots of compliments at work! Love the colors too. It's definitely a little unique and classy."
- William Portland, OR
Comfy Socks
"I had to get them for my boyfriend because his favorite food is tacos. They're his favorite socks now. He says they're the comfiest socks he owns too."
- Hannah Arcadia, CA
Perfect for Foodies
"Surprised a foodie friend with these socks and he laughed right away and loved them! These socks are just so fun and it's hard to NOT make someone smile with these!"
- Lauren Los Angeles, CA
Nice and extra long.
"Very nice tie."
- CharlesFrank Mayfield, OH
Great Closeout
"Very nice tie for the price, esp. as it was on closeout."
- CharlesFrank Mayfield, OH
Fun Socks
"Well made and designed"
- Stormy Eagle River WI
"I loved the bow tie, the intructions that came with it on how to tie it was very helpful as well."
- Danish Stockton, CA
"I have never had a tie before, I got this one and it was a hit with my friends and when at the club it illuminates, I love this tie."
- Danish Stockton, CA
The tie is a great substitute for a slick pick-up line!!!!
"A great conversation starter - strangers have a reason to talk to me, finally!!"
- Bobby Ray Doylestown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Wedding Gift
"We bought fun socks and coordinating ties for each of our groomsmen to wear in our wedding. We even got neck wear for the ring bearers. Ordering from has been such a convenient experience! We are happy with the quality of the ties and socks and are excited to be giving them as gifts."
- Bride Newtown, PA
Terrific Tie
"Loads of compliments on ties I have purchased from this site. Will definitely order from here again. Great quality and speedy delivery too!!"
- PrinciPal IA
Awesome Tie Bar Clip
"Amazing gift for a Music teacher or music student major. High quality - will default order from this site again!!"
- PrinciPal IA
Terrific Tie
"Great quality - speedy delivery- will definitely order from this site again!!"
- PrinciPal IA
Terrific Tie
"Great quality - speedy delivery - will definitely be ordering from this site again!!"
- PrinciPal IA
Terrific Tie
"Great quality - speedy delivery - will definitively order from this site again!!"
- PrinciPal IA
Very SHARP Tie Bar
"Love the two tone finish and it grips really well!"
- Jones Pinkerton Alabama, USA
White Tie
"The Quality and workmanship are awesome"
- Stumpy Salt Lake City, Utah
"Being in the clothing business for thirty years I would strongly recommend to anyone the quality of the ties are awesome."
- Stumpy Salt Lake City, Utah
Camouflage Woodland Extra Long Tie
"Perfect for us Rednecks!"
- Bwa-Na Fl.
Flying High Tie
- Bwa-Na Fl.
Camouflage Woodland Extra Long Tie
- Bwa-Na Fl.
I was speachless
"This was just so cool i always wanted to own one and we I got this I was just so excited to sport it I love the size so perfect"
- Juan Philadelphia
Awsome bow tie
"Was looking for a bow tie that would Match my tie at and I came up on this website and it was my first time I did I hesitated if I should get it or now but man when I got it it made me supper excited and everyone loved it at my job I am getting more very soon quality it perfect"
- Juan Philadelphia
"Will definitely order from here again."
- BrianP48 Bradley, Illinois
I think they're pretty good
"The first pair of socks I've ever owned, and they seem to do the job pretty well. I'm giving them 5 stars, but I really don't have a point of reference for this. I'm gonna order another pair from another company today and I'll update with how they compare"
- Trogdor T. Garden Grove, CA
Dot Dot Dot
"Can't lose with polka dots — and believe it or not, brown is a very versatile color. Great quality, knots well. What's not to love?"
- Jelly's Dad Los Angeles, Ca
Be sure to wear it "right side up"!
"Many bow ties, which are patterns or stripes, it doesn't matter, but you want to be sure with this one that the signatures are right side up, so be sure to check prior to starting to tie it. It gets lots of attention and of excellent fabric. I took it in bright read."
- Craig Beaufort, South Carolina
Wedding Day Ties!
"The ties came in and matched perfect to the bridesmaids. We had to order last minute because a color we ordered was not right and the ties came on time. Stress free for the Bride and groom! Thank you!!!"
- Katie Arcand St. Paul Minnesota
Nice Tie
"Nice tie; great value"
- Pete Richmond, VA
Great Tie!
"Great quality and beautiful fabric...!!!"
- DJ565 Montclair, NJ
"Okay so when i received it, it is a fat tie but everyone loves it! I work at a hotel and so many guests have told how they've never seen something like that and how amazing it is. Wear the right shirt and this tie will easily be one of your favs. I was just lucky to get it on sale for $6 or $7! One of my favorite ties!"
- Edd NJ
Excellent tie
"Being a huge fan of argyle pattern socks, when I saw this tie, I knew it was a must- have. The sliver is a bit darker in person, but it's a very solid tie. Well made an ties well."
- Dazzle Action Dan OH
Great Quality and designs
"Great Quality and designs"
- Jeauxseph New Orleans
Great Quality and designs
"Great Quality and designs"
- Jeauxseph New Orleans, La
Great Quality and designs
"Great Quality and designs"
- Jeauxseph New Orleans, La
Cool socks
"Love em"
- Jeauxseph New Orleans, La
"Cool socks"
- Jeauxseph New Orleans , La
This is the one you want.
"Super great quality and it looks and feels so awesome!"
- SJ Houston
Great Tie
"I bought this tie to wear in dance competitions and found it completely satisfactory. The colour is as advertised and it looks great."
- Dancer Vancouver, Canada
perfect match
- red nyc
Love Them All...
"Brought 7 Linen pocket squares this go around, summertime will be fun time..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Plaid Pocket Square...
"Something different... Changing up the game..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Pink trim...
"Summertime color..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Something Light...
"Getting ready for springtime..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Linen Pocket Square...
"Nice fall color..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Love The Color...
"This will be a summertime favorite..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Sweet Math Tie
"I wore my math tie to work (3rd grade teacher). It was a big hit! My students loved it and the other teachers thought it was a heap of fun. Coupled with a Darth Vader tie bar, my kids said I was "The Darth Vader of Math!" Dorky, I know. But fun."
- farnz422 Half Moon Bay
"I wore it with a black suit and it looked stunning!!!"
- Fitzbaby Montgomery, IL
Very good looking goes with a lot
"Looks good"
- JJ Reno
"Got tons of great comments. People were very jealous of my tie"
- JJ Reno
Jolly Ol' Snowy
"Great for a snowy winter day."
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
Blue Christmas
"Just subtle enough to wear all winter. Not just for Christmas."
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
"Too thick for a Windsor but just right for a a four-in-hand."
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
"Just the right amount of grain"
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
Pi Ti
"Can't wait until March 14th!"
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
Christmas Classic
"Just Cheesy enough"
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
"Will be great for spring"
- Langschwarza Eau Claire, WI
clean on the scene!
"I just wore this Bow tie with my navy suit and white dress shirt. I felt clean on the scene and got a lot of compliments. Love the skinny look and the great price. Thanks"
- Coolie Atlanta, Ga
Awesome tie!
"This is an excellent tie! I am a high school debater and we use legal pads all the time. This was a hilarious gag tie to wear during the finals round. All of the debaters in the audience thought it was hilarious. I have referred 6-8 people to here to get theirs. Everyone LOVES them!"
- GreatDebater Atlanta Ga
Looks fantastic
"This is the perfect tie for a navy suit and pink shirt. Professional, with just the right amount of color contrast to turn heads."
- JM_law Houston, TX
My new favorite
"This tie came faster than expected and I just love it"
- Kp Louisville
Love this tie!
"Best solid black tie ever!"
- Jove MI
Beautiful Tie
"I'm 6'4" tall so I have to buy extra long ties. These ties from are the best I've ever purchased online. Free shipping was just icing on the cake."
- BigCid Tuscaloosa, Al
I Love Wild Ties
"I'm 6'4" tall so I have to buy extra long ties. These ties from are the best I've ever purchased online. Free shipping was just icing on the cake."
- BigCid Tuscaloosa, Al
I Love Wild Ties
"I'm 6'4" tall so I have to buy extra long ties. These ties from are the best I've ever purchased online. Free shipping was just icing on the cake."
- BigCid Tuscaloosa, Al
I Love Wild Ties
"I'm 6'4" tall so I have to buy extra long ties. These ties from are the best I've ever purchased online. Free shipping was just icing on the cake."
- BigCid Tuscaloosa, Al
I Love Wild Ties
"I'm 6'4" tall so I have to buy extra long ties. These ties from are the best I've ever purchased online. Free shipping was just icing on the cake."
- BigCid Tuscaloosa, Al
Man, this looks good!
"Well the tie looks classic in every way, and the microfiber looks and feels like silk. I have worn good quality ties for about 50 years. This is the first time since being a kid that I got one that is pre-tied with a clip-on. I got it for my father in law for Christmas to use with a new button-down oxford cloth shirt. In his mid 90s, he has trouble doing the buttons; so having the clip-on allows him to leave the collar buttoned and still use a tie. I was delighted to find “” and its willingness to convert any of its ties, for a small fee, to a clip-on. The knot is a beauty, a symmetrical Windsor with a dimple below. The longest tie length the offer was just a bit shorter than I had measured (he is 5’10 and big belly now), but when he wears the tie, it looks very good. He was able to operate the clip the first time trying it, even with his rough fingers that don’t work well anymore."
- Ted Bridgehampton, NY
Great Bow Tie, great color
"I love this bow tie so much. The color is very nice and I will be wearing it for a couple of weddings in New England this summer. Another fine product from"
- AJ Fairbanks, Alaska
"Very Nice Quality"
- Joe VA.
"Nice, good quality"
- Joe VA.
Cuff Links
"Very nice quality. I like the mosaic design."
- JPM New York
Cuff Links
"Very nice design and quality"
- JPM New York
A wonderful tie
"A beautiful, well made tie. Matches pretty much everything and really adds a lot of "pop" with the texture. I was on the fence about knit ties, but now plan to own more colors. Do yourself a favor and get one, you will not be disappointed. This particular tie is very well made with clearly high quality material. It was an instant favorite for me!"
- Dazzle Action Dan OH
Awesome socks!
"These are probably my favorite socks ever!"
- Dazzle Action Dan OH
Great argyle socks
"Purchased several colors of this style, and love them all! Very comfy, very stretchy, and the colors are bright and vivid. I also love the fact that they are size 7-13 instead of 6-12, being a shoe size 11.5-12, they fir perfectly. I doubt I will ever buy socks from anyone else ever again. Highly recommended!"
- Dazzle Action Dan OH
Everyman needs this
"If you’re a man or tie/belt collector; This will free up so much of your space and it just looks nice and shows you care for your things."
- Nate USA
"This is a really cool piece I like it!"
- Nate Kabul, Afghanistan
Great tie and color!
"Overall nice fit and good color"
- Rya n Rocklin, CA
My new favourite Ties.
"When I walk in the streets of New York City. everybody love me just because of the Ties, I feel it in my hearts!"
- Future President New York City.🗽🇺🇸
Pleasant Experience
"Nice tie; very happy with purchase"
- Lewbo Central Florida
Wardrobe upgrade
"This pocket square is just what the doctor ordered, my next purchase is the orange lapel pin to accent the pocket square against my tan suit."
- Fashion knight Dover, DE
"They are great, no complaints whatsoever"
- Tieme-UP Chicago
Love the Tie
"Great service, tie arrived ahead of time and great product!"
- RJB Grand Rapids, MI
"It was exactly what I had in mind for my boss (He is MD) It came quick and the whole process was perfect. Definitely will order from here more. Thanks!!"
- aliasmari Fort Lauderdale, FL
Good for semi casual
"Good semi casual tie, good quality, got here in just a few days. Definitely loving this store."
- Maroon Indiana, PA
What a Pill!
"My son-in-law is a pharmacist and he said he can't wait to wear this to work after the holidays!"
- Janners Maryland
Very nice
"The tie was a gift. He's very happy with it"
- bb seattle
Great First Purchase
"This was my first tie I bought from Great durable material. I look forward to buying more ties."
- Jtovar Salt Lake City
He loved it.
"Great tie for a doc. Cute and witty sayings. Came beautifully packaged in a box with tissue paper...didn’t even need to wrap the box."
- Anonymous Morris Plains, NJ
I didn't even think it was ugly!
"Bought this for my 14-year-old, who loves it. Personally, I don't think it qualifies as "ugly christmas sweater," because it's a very nice design. It's a skinny tie as described, and quite nice. Delivered on time in perfect condition. 5 stars"
- MiddleAgedMama new york
Great stocking stuffers
"Everyone thought the patterns were great and the comfort was amazing"
- Momof4 New Jersey
Awesome purchase!
"Bought this for my nephew who is a music major. It was a hit! I also bought some ties and the quality is great! Will definitely order from this site again!"
- Hwkphnz IA
"Great quality, quick delivery"
- Kate Union, KY
Grandson's fav.
"My grandson loved them.."
- Gram Chico, CA.
Order every year
"I order my vet boss an animal tie for Christmas every year and they always have such a great selection and new choices every year!"
- Emily Birmingham, al
Tie clips like in the 50's!
"It was hard to choose from among all the cute, clever tie clips. He loves it and I will be getting more for him and as gifts."
- addiesmom Milwaukee, Wi 53208
Love your knit ties!
"This is beautiful! I love the knit and texture. Now I want my husband to have lots more knit ties."
- addiesmom Milwaukee, Wi 53208
new socks
"Really like the quality and the fit of these socks."
- Colin Tampa Fl
Great tie!
"I got this tie for my husband and he loves the look of it! Trying to find an opportunity to wear it now! But the material is so great!! We can’t wait to put it to use!!"
- Trudy Dallas, TX
Such a great tie!
"I bought this tie for my husband and he LOVES it; as do it! Great, quality material and it looks so sharp!! Will definitely be wearing frequently!"
- Trudy Dallas, TX
"My autistic son loves crazy socks. Especially the hamburger and free socks. His favorite meal...."
- JazzyJacqueline Spring, Texas
"My son loved this tie he got for Christmas!!!"
- Janie Plymouth,MA
Astronomically Cool
"This is a beautiful tie. I'm a novice at self tie and the material is a little slick so give yourself a little extra time to perfect the knot. I love it!"
- Steve Atlanta, GA
Christmas touch
"Wore this to a church cantata where the orchestra had to wear all black. This tie added just enough color without being to conspicuous."
- Steve Atlanta, GA
Its all about the music
"Perfect for every musician!"
- Steve Atlanta, GA
Love you long tie
"Greatest place to order ties ever! Great selection and super easy website. Stop what you are doing and order from here!"
- Jeff 5308 Los Altos road
Music Man Style
"My future son in law is a musician and loves to hit the town in Washington, DC. This tie keep him true to his musical roots!!!! Pared with a pocket square he can fit in any venue or event!!!"
- Kenny Augusta, GA
Perfect for my son
"My son loves trendy fun items. He wears uniforms for work, so when he can dress for outings and events, he likes to check every detail and make it memorable. These socks pared with a bow tie are perfect"
- tommy Augusta, GA
"My son has to dress up for hockey tournaments. The black & gold are his team's colors. The bow tie is perfect and he loves it!"
- Jolee Massachusetts
Great Gift
"This was one of two Christmas gifts for my teenage niece and it was a big hit!"
- Xlr8tr Visalia Ca.
Great Gift
"This tie was one of two Christmas gifts for my teenage niece and it was a Big hit! The tie was beautiful, the website was smooth to work with,and shipping was timely. Side note: things like how to tie a tie Made all the difference. XLR8TR"
- Xlr8tr Visalia Ca.
Much character
"Got for my 14 yo and he loved it"
- Mom of 2 boys Titusville, Florida
"Everything from the workmanship, material quality and even the shipping carton was first rate."
- Mrs. R Orange, MA
Great Company
"Fast shipping! Great communication. I would definitely do business with these guys again. Thanks"
- Hinkman Philadelphia, PA
Such fun!
"This is a fun tie. I volunteer at the library and the kids love my crazy ties. This one was a bit hit. I will not save it just for Christmas."
- marthamom Syracuse,ny
Hand-Down Best Tie
"I wore this tie out twice this Christmas, and it was all he hype among family and friends. I love how the tie is a major eye-catcher, but it can also be worn in a formal environment. Five stars, I would definetely recommend, and I guarantee you will get many compliments when you wear this tie."
- Santaclaus Saint Louis, MO
Star Tie
"It is great. Very well liked. Thanks."
- Sheila Jacksonville, NC
"Love it."
- FS1 Greensburg
Yay mate
"My husband loves his bow tie. Will wear with a red velvet jacket for the holidays!!"
- Yabbadabbado Memphis, tn
Duck love
"Great bow tie. So fun. Love the red beak."
- Yabbadabbado Memphis
Exceeds Expectations
"Nice pair of socks; not too thin, not too thick. Tall and seem to have adequate elasticity. They are new so time will tell but so far I'm impressed"
- steben53 Denver, CO
Great tie
"Love the names on the ties."
- Sam Shaker Heights
Great tie
"Love seasonal ties."
- Sam Shaker Heights
Very happy!
"Great company! I’m really pleased with the quality of the ties and the speed in which I received them. I look forward to shopping with you again."
- Lauren Roanoke, Virginia
Love it!
"I think it’s great, and I’m sure who I’m giving it to as a gift is going to love it!!!"
- Jess New York
Love it!
"I think it’s wonderful, and I’m sure who I’m giving it to as Gift is going to live it!!!!"
- Jess New York
Fun Socks!
"The socks are of good quality and they arrived on the date as scheduled. Thank you!"
Very Satisfied Customer
"The socks are of good quality and they arrived on the date as scheduled. Thank you!"
Great fit!!
"I got these socks for my husband and he absolutely LOVES them!! They are a great fit and super comfortable. We have washed them probably 5 times now and they have kept their shape and color! I will be investing in more Sock Genius Socks FOR SURE!!!"
- Jen Buena Park, Ca
Like Your Tie
"This great bow tie has a rich appearance while also being reserved with an light accent of resplendence."
- ABC Auburn, AL
Crazy Quality
"definitely not the quality I was expecting for a $25 tie...the texture of this tie feels like an $85 vineyard vines tie. Really a great surprise!"
- jbro Westchester, NY
Perfect tie
"My twin 5yr olds picked this tie out for their day. They love it & I know he’ll love it too. It’s super father friendly!"
- Twinmama Kentucky
The design comes through
"The image was really good on the tie. I am familiar with the painting by Katsushika Hokusai and was worried that on a tie, Microfiber no less, the image would lose its impact. However, though you could slightly see the lines of the microfiber, the image was still very powerfull. I know my husband will love it. It is an xmas present, so can't give you anymore than just looks for now."
- SnowdogHERA Maine
Fun socks
"I like fun socks"
- Fireaxe14 Chicago
"My husband loves his new master sword tie bar. You guys have the best quality and selection. Thank you"
- Roni Vancouver, WA
"Great-looking tie. Got a few double-takes first time I wore (as a woman)! If you don't normally wear ties, give it a go! They're not tough to tie nicely, and they make a button-down look extra-professional and cool. The shine on this one is subtle but kicks up the formality a notch."
- Jaime Silicon Valley
Great gift!
"My boss is a dentist and it was perfect for a Christmas gift. Quality of tie was on point. Would definitely buy here again!"
- Sofs Hollywood Florida
Pop - pop - pop!!!
"I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves popcorn. He was SO happy with it and his other friends are telling him how much it fits his passion for the buttery treat! Quite a hit!"
- rickbgky Bowling Green, KY
Patriotism Displayed!
"I LOVE my new patriotic tie! Classy and true!"
- rickbgky Bowling Green, KY
Great Holiday Tie
"Festive, but not too festive. Nice thickness."
- Atticus Madison, WI
Great Purchase
"The pocket square matched the tie I purchased perfectly. Looked when wore with the matching tie."
- Ernie Aubrey, TX
Great Product
"The pocket square matched the tie I purchased perfectly. Looked when wore with the matching tie."
- Ernie Aubret, TX
Great Purchase
"Made of quality silk. When I wore the tie, everybody asked where it was purchased. Referred them to"
- Ernie Aubrey, TX
Great Tie
"The tie was great. Wore it to my granddaughter's wedding and got nothing but complements. Will purchase similar items in the future."
- Ernie Aubrey, TX
Christmas Tie
"Great tie. Love the design, it looks fly with my grey suit."
- Swindle Provo, Utah
It's Me!
"Great tie; goes well with so much of my wardrobe and draws lots of compliments, and "Where did you find THAT tie, Tye?""
- Tye Aye Yippee Yay Scottsdale, Arizona
Looked great, perfect size.
"Looked great, perfect size."
- Spock 32561
Lovely tie!
"Lovely tie - nice quality, a great value. Thank you so much!"
- JTie Pine, CO
Loved the gift
"It was a gift. Sent to San Francisco. He loved and has already worn it!"
- Loey Mt Pleasant, Iowa
Hot Sauce
"I liked the tie I showed my 8 year old god son the ties I liked and this was his favorite. I wore it to work and received a few compliments."
- DMAC Philadelphia, PA
Awesome Sauce
"We were looking for a school bus tie to wear to trade shows that wasn't cheesy. was easy to find, great website to navigate and had a great looking tie that is made with quality! Thank you for making our purchase a piece of cake!!"
- Bus Dealer Minneapolis MN
Best tie I have
"This tie looks great with most dress shirts and i get many compliments"
- Rachel Shaffer Colorado City Colorao
"The perfect little piece to add a little "rock star" accent to a tie. I've received tons of compliments!"
- Red New York, NY
"Quick delivery, beautifully packaged, and item looked even better than the picture! I've already ordered from again!"
- Red New York, NY
eye catching!,
"My boyfriend loves this dagger.... all his friends are asking where we got it so i’m telling them about :)"
- Roni Vancouver, WA
"Love this tie"
- Gkehrier Los Angeles
My secret weapon
"Loved IT!"
- Allen Clarksville
"Great looking tie"
- Gkehrier Los Angeles
Awesome Quality
"The quality of this tie is great, and was well worth the money. The tie also came nicely wrapped in the box. In fact, it looked so good I'm just leaving it as is and wrapping the box it came in for my Christmas recipient."
- Alyssa Denver, CO
Loved the socks
"Very awesome and lots of comments....if you are trying to meeet these socks NOW!"
- BKSfromEHS Baltimore and Lucy to be alive
Great socks!!
"Great Christmas gift! The socks look just like the picture and seem to be high quality."
- Gift Giver 18 Los Angeles, CA
So fun!
"Great Christmas gift! The socks look just like the picture and seem to be high quality."
- Gift Giver 18 Los Angeles, CA
"Great Christmas gift! The socks look just like the picture and seem to be high quality."
- Gift Giver 18 Los Angeles, CA
Subtle Stipes
"I think this is my favorite out of the three that I ordered in my first order. A covert way of wearing the Red White and Blue."
Stars and Bars
"Great tie for Patriots, without hanging Old Glory around your neck."
Black Tie
"Great black tie. Good quality and workmanship."
Beautiful Tie
"Very beautiful quality made tie. Great service. Arrived very quickly."
- SillyCat VA
Love this skinny tie
"Awesome ordering experience. I ordered for the first time from and the experience was stellar. Love the quality of the tie I received. So much variety on the website and the prices are very competitive, especially for 100% silk ties. The shipping was lightning fast. I think I got my order within 2 days of ordering. The packaging is fun and is great for gift-giving, I highly recommend."
- PLong Los Angeles, CA
Just what we needed
"Will be wearing these ties for my upcoming wedding. Can't wait!"
- Groom to be Seattle
Just what we needed
"Will be wearing these ties for my upcoming wedding. Can't wait!"
- Groom to be Seattle
Awesome tie!
"It blends well with my other red dress shirts. Fun tie."
- Woody64 Newburgh, In
Very festive!
"Beautiful tie! Looking forward to wearing to all the Christmas special occasions."
- Woody64 Newburgh, In
Wrong Color
"Unfortunately I didn't realize this tie has a brown background. It's a gift for my son who does not like to wear brown so I'll have to return it. However, I ordered 3 other ties that I love and have used for years without a return until now. Also this was my mistake not the company's mistake."
- CatLover11 Chicago, IL
Great Tie for the unique tie person
"This tie is great! My son has hundreds of ties and likes ties with color, that are unusual without being gaudy. This tie fits the bill. Really love it!"
- CatLover11 Chicago, IL
Very nice tie
"The tie is beautifully understated and looks more expensive than it is."
- CatLover11 Chicago, IL
the best ties
- architect virginia
Love it!
"Love this tie! It's stylish and well made. :)"
- Whitney St Louis, MO
Customer Service
"I have only called and spoke with customer service a handful of times over the past 5 years. When I have called the folks that handled my questions or concerns have done a great job. Each and every one of them really seemed to care that I was pleased with my order or answered my questions. That latest call back was returning a answering machine message that I had left a few hours before just this morning. I have been in customer service for many, many years and appreciate your help."
- Marie Hidden Valley Animal Adventure.
Perfect gift for travelers
"I purchased six of these for my husbands sales reps. They travel weekly. The material is sturdy and I love the added touch of color. Well made!"
- Nella Blue Bell, PA
Humorous Tie
"This tie is for everyone that gets "Snarky" around Christmas."
- doug Indep. KY
Bought for Wedding
"I decided to order these to give to my groomsmen for my upcoming wedding. I couldn't turn down the price on Black Friday, so I gave in. I'm glad I did. It's a great looking tie with a nice slim look. I'd recommend."
- Bert New Jersey
Class Act
"Love this, combines whimsical with distinction. Looks great...I do wish it had been tied in advance with the snaps that close behind the neck but I'm not the one who has to tie it!"
- Gossamer Long Island, NY
Class Tie
"Love the way this looks, made a great gift for an attorney. Highly recommended it."
- Gossamer Long Island, NY
Great tie
"This tie was a big hit. Got lots of oohs and ahhs. Love it."
- Gossamer Long Island, NY
Beautiful tie
"Looks nicer than it did on website. Very happy with purchase."
- Gossamer Long Island, NY
Perfect for the number geek
"Pi socks are a fun idea for the number geek in your life..."
- BeLo CA
"Very nice, skinny tie"
- TLS Nashville, TN
A+++ Lapel Pin
"Beautiful, very nicely sized and looks JUST like picture!"
- TLS Nashville, TN
"This was the perfect gift! Unique to his hobby, he LOVED the skinny tie!"
- Autie Provo, UT
Excellent Product!
"My bestman and I got the same one! It looks great with our suits! Excited for the wedding to wear it!"
- Tyler S. Tampa, FL
Gift for my son
"My son plays a variety of instruments and has a couple of shows this month. ( DEC 2017) I bought him this tie clip to "jazz" up his outfit a bit. It's awesome and THANKS!"
- BKSfromEHS Baltimore, MD
"Very nice quality. Arrived timely and nicely packaged. Will order again."
- Pleased Florida
Fun tie for wedding!
"I bought this tie for my husband. The color is true to the picture and looked really nice in person - a deep hunter green. I did have quality issues with the tie I first received (loose threads) but the customer service was great and they sent a replacement right away. Good tie for the price!"
- tieATL Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Gorgeous floral.
"This bowtie is stunning in person, especially with a nice crisp dress shirt. There's something that really caught my eye about this one, and the color is very unique. Do yourself a favor and add this bowtie to your collection."
- Bowtie Fanatic North Carolina
Gorgeous floral.
"Another gorgeous floral bowtie! I purchased two others during the Black Friday sale and was not disappointed by my purchases!"
- Bowtie Fanatic North Carolina
A Great Purchase!
"I was required to purchase a black tie for my job and as a tall guy (6'4") I've always had problems with the ties being just a little bit too short. I found this tie came in the XL length and decided to give it a shot. When it arrived I tried it on and it fits perfectly! I will only be purchasing extra long ties from now on! The color looked exactly the same as in the picture too. I would recommend this product any tall guy who needs a black tie."
- Nick Indiana
Friend favorite
"We purchase it fora friend, who love the color and material"
- Mickey Cincinnati, Oh
Purple Tie
"Love It! Always had ties made of silk. Pleasantly surprised by the cotton tie. Tied perfectly the first time, with the dimple and everything!"
- Jerbear Kalamazoo MI
Purple Socks
"Love 'em!!!"
- Jerbear Kalamazoo MI
My boyfriend ADORES this tie!
"I gifted this to my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! The quality is super nice."
- Amanda New York
Love it
"I was hoping this color would be green enough to go well with my blue suit, and I’m not disappointed. The white is really an off-white color, which goes really well with the blue/green combo."
- Samuel Jackson MI
Good Quality Pin
"I was surprised to find such a good finish on a relatively inexpensive pin. Being in the submarine business, I have come to own many of the anchor pin variety and this one ranks among the top. I gave four instead of five stars because of the keeper or clip. It is useless and you will lose your nice pin unless you upgrade it to a more secure fastener."
- Submarine Builder Westerly, RI
My new Tie
"great tie"
- phxstyle Phoenix
My son's lucky charm
"Great quality. Fast shipping. My son loves it!"
- stellamg Miami Beach, FL
Love it.
"The ties are great! They are a little darker in color than I thought but because of how nice they look, they will be perfect."
- Ashley Laguna Beach, CA
Great Tie
"This was a beautiful tie, great value and quality, this is now my go to tie store!!"
- brittn1 Burlington, NC
"Good quality, fun design, nice box, all at good price."
- Newmominlaw NYC
- DANIEL laurel,ms
Not as Expected, but Great Tie
"Just a heads up, but the “black” tie is black with an olive green color mixed in. Wasn’t expecting the green, but it still looks clean."
- TheTieGuy Michigan
"gorgeous tie--love it"
Great service
- Sue Jamaica, NY
Great color
"Great tie, good quality."
- Swampranger Houston Tx
"love it"
Pink Tie
"Great Tie."
- Mr. Dance Man Columbia, Maryland
Smart looking skinny bow tie
"Great skinny bow tie, which is all cotton, easy to tie and compliments many of my shirts. The tie is adjustable and of good quality . I would recommend this line of bow ties."
- Jack Rockford, Il
The most beautiful tie I've ever seen
"Ecellent quality"
- Zu Plano Tx
"This is a terrific tie - both the pattern and the material/craftsmanship. Also a very good value. I have bought several as gifts and literally gave away one tie off my neck to an admiring friend"
- yyy washington dc
Moon Landing
"Awesome Tie!"
- BLD Beaufort, SC
"Beautiful tie - my first bow tie. I’m a klutz but I learned to tie it pretty well in a few tries. Shipped same day."
- Hark St Louis, MO
Bang for the buck
"Great tie at a great price."
- Bow tie Guy Columbus, Indiana
- kingfish baltimore,maryland 21206
"Great quality in cloth and looks ! I ordered one for all the fellas at work so they could wear them on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc. My place of employment honors the veterans on a daily basis. The guys look great in them and they get so many compliments on them. Greatly satisfied."
- CAP Ohio
My New Favorite Tie
"High quality, unique, bright. I have received so many compliments on this tie, just in the first week using it!"
- AlexG Phoenix, AZ
Latest purchase
"Arrived as always extremely quickly and with excellent packaging. Will purchase more"
- graham Bellingham,WA
"Great ties I get a lot a compliments getting more"
- Mikel Las Vegas
"These were ordered for Christmas, and i am SOO Excited to give them! I love them!"
- DHubb Anderson, IN
Great Delivery Great Gift
"Perfect gift for the Dr you want to thank & not sure what to get"
- Aunt Sue Lewisville, TX
My New Favourite Tie Place!
"High quality tie. Really helped me sauce it up at hoco🤑🤑"
- Samtiago Baltimore, MD
My new Tie
"I really like it, very nice Tie"
- phxstyle Phoenix
Great Style and Colors
"Great colors with rich royal blue stripes to accent red/white/navy stripes. Perfect length."
- tman Bertram, TX.
Very pleased!
"Well made. Excellent quality. Presented beautifully. Will be back for more."
- KB New Jersey
Black suit or gray
"Couldn't wait to wear it to work!"
- Tie man Milford, DE
Black suit beauty
"Beautiful tie; wonderful price!"
- Tie man Milford, DE
"Great, tie, great price, again!"
- Tom Saint Louis
My Grandson loved the tie
"I was very pleased with my entire transaction and especially the quality of the tie. It made a great Birthday present for my grandson!"
- Mjo Stony Brook N.Y.
My good things
"Very good"
- Pough Forest park Illinois
New favorite
"Very nice tie"
- Nani Florida
Beautiful Tie
"I was looking for something unique as my husband just passed his naturalization testing and will be sworn in next month. I look forward to seeing him wear on that very special day and all the patriotic holidays to follow."
- Goxnadly Ventura County, CA
Wonderful product and service
"First off, I am more than happy with the product i recieved. But I'd also like to mention the other stuff that came in the box with it. I assume this is because it was my first order, but with my tie, there was a sticker (which is now proudly stuck on my laptop) and a $20 gift card. This was such a wonderful surprise and a great was to secure repeat customers."
- Rylan Lehigh valley, PA
First of many orders...
"Solid tie. Well, striped, actually. Good quality, and all the extras that came with it were a nice bonus. Will definitely be ordering more ties in the future."
- TD 04106
Love it
"Loved the tie, well crafted. Great material, not my normal style, but will definitely wear it again and buy from again!"
- Skip Carey Detroit, MI
"It is exactly what I was looking for"
- Debster Mo
"Awesome quality!"
- Tie Lover New York
Awesome Tie
"The tie was perfect. Ordered it for my son's Senior Homecoming. Just want we wanted."
- Big Poppa Arizona
Beautiful Tie
"For my son for Christmas nice fabric & color"
- Birdlady78 Galeton, PA
Ron Burgundy
"awesome tie and quality"
- Wislon Stanton, CA
Ridiculously cool.
"I've gotten an amazing number of compliments on this tie, and I feel smarter just by wearing it. That's a lot of work for one bow tie to pull off, but the Higgs-Boson does it with ease."
- Burly Stone Mystic, CT
Perfect gift for a Preschool Principal
"Loved it!"
- Shhhhh! North Canton, OH
Wild Bow Ties
"This tie is amazing. My best friend loves it and can't wait to order more."
- Drii Greenville, SC
"This scarf (like almost every single scarf I buy off this website) was exactly what I wanted. Looks and feels just as described, and everytime I have ordered from Scarves they've thrown a little goody or bonus gift in the package. I will try and buy all of my scarves here."
- Matty Nashville
Creative Ugly Sweater Option
"My husband is a big guy and finding an ugly sweater for him at the last minute is quite impossible. This tie can be worn all season long, ugly sweater party or not, and takes up minimal space in the closet the rest of the year. What really sealed the deal for this purchase was the fact that I found leggings for me in the same design so we match! Now we are both ready for ugly sweater season but without having to wear actual ugly sweaters."
- Crystal Pocatello, Idaho
I like it!
"This tie looks great, It stands out very well!"
- Gus Bismarck, ND
great color combo
"Loved the tie. The colors were very true. Good material. Got many compliments on the tie!"
- Ian Boo Ohio
"This seems like a great quality tie at a good price. Bought it for my jeans and t-shirt wearing boyfriend for a wedding, so it'll be worn once then put away for a while. Good quality, good length."
- Marli Denver, CQ
Got a lot of attention
"The number of people talking about my tie went way up when I wore this one. Mostly I think it's that the astronauts don't read well from a distance, so I got a lot of "what is on your... oh" comments. I think it looks great, but I'm a nerd. I bought the standard size, which is slightly wider at the base than I like, but the skinny tie was way too skinny for me."
- MrDude Baltimore, MD
Good Product
"This pocket square matched my outfit perfectly and it was exactly what I was looking for."
- Dapper Valley, AL
love it
"Seems a little too long, but I love it"
- Bubber Montgomery, Al
Handsome Tie
"For a handsome guy. I bought this tie for my husband. It is gorgeous. He is quite pleased with it. We are getting a portrait done and I wanted him to have a special tie. I’ve bought ties from in the past. They ship fast and arrive quickly. I’ve never been disappointed."
- Garnet NJ
Great Experience!
"Great shopping experience and great product!"
- SunShine Chesapeake
Nice tie.
"Very nice tie. I will wear it often."
- Mrnybo Salt Lake City
Just what I wanted.
"Elegantly communicates a message of support. Fast shipping; all good!"
- Duce Hollywood, CA
Nice tie
"Great tie! Fast shipment."
- C. Wells Charlevoix, MI
love it
"is what i expected"
- monaso84 Ecuador
love it
"its what i expected"
- monaso84 Ecuador
Versatile floral tie
"Well made, nice colors and goes well with a variety of shirts and suits."
- Big Vince San Antonio, TX
This is my new Favorite
"Really liked the colors on this one. Soft on the eyes making me approachable tie and now my lucky tie"
- The Full Windsor Piney Flats, Tn
Great pick!
"If you can snag this one, I highly recommend. Looks good in the picture but in person, even better!"
- The Full Windsor Piney Flats, TN
Good company
"Got my order in plenty of time for my son's homecoming... clean and neatly shipped in its box and was exactly what I ordered... good quality! I will absolutely use these guys for any gutter needs of this typ!!"
- Truck6651 Rolla ,MO
Great Corporate Tie!
"Excellent value"
- Corprebrkr Franklin Lakes, NJ
Great Accent
"Perfect accent for a suit or sport coat. The color is as true as the photo."
- KentD Tulsa, OK
"The colors are as perfect in the photo. Amazing service and delivery."
- KentD Tulsa
So cool!
"Such amazing quality, it looks awesome, it's fun and my wife loves it!"
- Alex Ocoee, Fl
Plenty of admirers!
"My state senator and I met at a gathering and he asked me where I buy my ties. Should I have told him?"
- Cowboy Milford,DE
Plenty of admirers!
"My state senator and I met at a gathering and he asked me where I buy my ties. Should I have told him?"
- Cowboy Milford,DE
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Love this tie!
"Super cute bow tie! High quality- Love, Love!"
- A Christian Heritage mom Dalton, Ga
Excellent Color Match!!
"I had been looking for this exact color match to further compliment my wardrobe."
- GW SF Bay Area
Perfect Accessory
"This accomodates my black jacket / tie and white shirt ensemble perfectly!"
- GW SF Bay Area
Wedding ties
"The ties are very nice; no issues with delivery."
- Defender San Jose, CA
awsome design
"My initials put together make the pi sign i love the socks!"
- sockaddict420 kansas city, mo
Perfect Gift
"This was a gift and the recipient was completely satisfied."
- GW SF Bay Area
A beauty!
"A plain navy suit is just a suit. helps to add a splash of beauty to a suit. I just love the selection and prices!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
Always a beauty
"I love all the ties I purchase from Always gorgeous, always a bargain!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
Ordered all Jefferson ties
"Couldn't believe the quality of the tie for any price let alone $25. I was so impressed that I ordered all Jefferson ties in all colors. Great tie"
- Charlie Northampton MA
- Ray Las Vegas, NV
Very Nice
"I got this tie for my homecoming date. He liked it a lot. Great color, great quality. Plus the packaging was really cute. I will definitely be shopping from here more often!"
- Maia Virginia
"New tie for my doctor ... he is the best and will LOVE this new tie !!"
- Gracie's Mom Maryland
I love it!
"A tie for those who like ties. Like, like like ties. A winner for sure"
- Robin Hoodie Colorado
Matched Well
"Received the tie in time and it matched well"
- HavanaBill Havana, IL
Excellent quality tie!
"This is the second Allyn tie that I've bought and they are terrific! Excellent silk, very nice patterns, and they tie exceptionally well. They also hold their shape and don't wrinkle, a testament to the quality. Highly recommended!"
- Tie Man Boston
Awesome Color
"This color matched perfectly to the burnt orange bridesmaid's dresses my fiance picked out. I bought them for myself and all my groomsmen. Great looking quality tie."
- Tie buyer man Somewheresville, NY
the color
"5 stars"
- lucho pty
One the best in my closet
"Great style/ color / design"
- red New York
Martini Bow Tie
"Thanks, just what I wanted. Great tie fast delivery!"
- Les Utah
"Very good quality of a tie! Great service and fast delivery for a reasonable price!"
- Andy W Birmingham, AL
My First Purchase
"Product came quickly and in great condition. Can't wait to wear..."
- Tony Bowie MD
Wedding perfect tie!!
"I used this with a navy suit and I loved it! The thin I was surprised at how 'unthin' it was it isn't like most other skinny ties - it has a real nice fit and length! Plus it has penguins obviously this tie is the ties of all ties!!!"
- C Rees Cleveland, Ohio
Great ties at a great price
"Good ties and colorful. I was reluctant to buy a cotton tie but they're great. I will buy more."
- Bow tie Guy Columbus, Infiana
"Two things. One is that I got this on sale for 50%off and it works great. Second is my wife was upset that I got this because she wanted to get this for me for Christmas. Oh well. You can always get another one as I have more ties. BONUS"
- Nivek Baltimore MD
Jewish tie for Luke
"He's not Jewish, but he loves it!"
- JAG Bakersfield, CA
"It's a great tie! So many compliments!"
- cgolubieski Denver
Love it
"My son was starting an all boys private catholic high school and wanted to wear this the first day!! He loves math"
- Roni Pittsburgh
"Nice fabric, easy to tie, coordinates well, and a great conversation starter! Extraordinary."
- NewvilleT Newville, PA