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I have been married for almost thirty years and my husband has always appreciated the finer things in life, including clothing. He is a successful lawyer and has even been one of the few chosen every year to become a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. So, he has to look his best. It has been awhile since I have bought him any ties. I love to shop online for just about anything. However, I have always hesitated to do so when it comes to him because I don't want to have to send it back or have him truly not be happy with what comes in the mail. One morning he came in with a jacket and dress shirt on and the jacket wasn't just all a solid color, like a black suit, etc... He asked me to pick a tie that went with jacket and out of so many ties, much to my shock, he didn't have one single solid colored tie. That was the only tie that could possibly go with the jackets colors. We made due, but when he left for work, I decided to check out what was available on the computer. I have always bought him silk ties, and paid anywhere from $45.00 and up. I went online to several websites and as I would zoom in to get a closer look at the tie, none of them were just the silk smooth look. All of the sites said solid silk ties. Nope, the fabric was raised all the way down the tie. I was just about ready to give up and saw the name of your website. EUREKA!!!!!! I needed three ties. Solid, silk. Black, Chestnut and Navy Blue. Figured that would cover the solid tie needs. Did the zoom in on the photo you showed and was about leaping off of my chair. Exactly what I needed. But what was so shocking was how first class these ties looked. Silk. The price I thought was a misprint. Had to be, I thought no way can I get silk ties, perfect colors, a choice of length for that incredible price. I ordered them, received them super fast, packaged beautifully, and let me just say, I won't buy a tie from anyone else but you. I am sharing my experience with my friends and just want to tell you to keep up the wonderful service, thank you for being a First Class operation. Many businesses could learn from you. Sincerely, L Scott
Hi--The tie I just purchased is for a young friend's January birthday. The black tie I bought him last year with the musical notes was a first-rate home run, so I have every expectation that this year's blue tie with the la crosse pattern will be another smashing success! You guys offer a terrific variety from which to purchase for my discerning young friend, and I look forward to making annual purchases from you for many years to come. Happy 2014! Thank you! --
T. Devers
I ordered the ships anchor tie tack (gold) also the square jet with 3 crystals (gold) and you gave me shamrock green laces. I wish to say the anchor tie tack is fabulous as I searched for one of these along time. I am very pleased with it and will wear it with pride. I am retired Navy of 23 years as I said it looks great and is more than I imagined and others commented said it looked better than the pic on here. They were right as far as the other one with the crystals on it the same as well it will give my ties a nice appeal of classy look. I did have questions on the anchor and the assistance I received was very professional but I don't remember her name. The description said it was 2.5" by 3" so I requested live chat and asked if that was the size as it was described it would have been so big. So the lady I spoke with said please wait and went to the warehouse to check on this information. Was pleased to know it was about 3/4" by 1/2" in size. So I decided to order one that day she also offered me the coupon for this purchase. Your company and emplyees are very kind and helpful. Will shop again here and definately recommend others to your company. Thank you again and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S...............
Thank you,, for being amazing! I placed my second order with this website for a tie for my boyfriend to match my dress, and both have matched perfectly! Although I selected 7-10 day shipping, the tie arrived in 2 days! Instructions for writing on the box were followed to a T each time. This website has the best, most affordable, most diverse selection of ties with excellent customer service. I'll never buy a tie anywhere else.
Sharon T.
Thank you SO MUCH for the IMMEDIATE call to correct the address on this order - I have never had such speedy customer service on an online order. Our son is an airline pilot and can only wear novelty ties on holidays and has a standing request for any, but they have to be clip on, which have been hard to find. When I found your site I was thrilled, and then to have this kind of personal, immediate service = WOW! You guys out do Nordstroms :-) Happy Holidays and special thanks to the lady who called.
Dale M.
The ties are great. The quality for the price are amazing. I will be ordering more when the time presents itself.
J. Rink
I love your company and love your great ties. The person on the phone was so helpful and courteous. The tie arrived so quickly and was wonderful. In this day and age, it's so nice to see such dedication and hard work to create and sustain a great company. Thanks,
A. Sigman
I recently received the three ties I ordered and am very pleased with all of them. They are made by Alynn. I only had one tie in my collection of ties made by Alynn. It was purchased about 20 years ago in Williamsburg and I have worn it many times over the years. It refuses to wear out and I get glowing comments every time I wear it. I wore the The Fall Guy last Sunday and again got many comments on it also. Now I have four Alynn ties and am searching for a reason to buy more. Probably won't take me long. Thanks for the good fast service.
B Reed
Thanks! I play in an ass-kickin' blues band called Buddy Reed & the Rip It Ups and I wore my cool lavender tie last night on the gig for the 1st time. I dressed in Black shirt, black pants with my tie and skinny, matching lavender belt and leopard skin shoes! My outfit was a crowd pleaser for sure! Thanks again
R. Jones
t I am a big fan of Alynn, indirectly and directly, owning about 20 ties myself (in an 80- tie collection) and giving about 10 as gifts in the past to clients and family members. My son also owns about a dozen.
Elaine M.
Love the red with white hearts tie..My husband got all kinds of questions of where he bought the tie, so I gave your address to quite a few friends. I also had bought the zebra and leopard ties from you and he always gets compliments on those. So I'll keep looking on your website when he needs a new tie or I need a neat gift.
A Lyle
I bought the Monopoly money tie not too long ago, and every time i wear it i get AT LEAST 5 to 10 comments on how cool it is. I love this site. I love unique ties to wear, because i work at a country club, and i have to look my best. I honestly want all your ties, but i can only spend like 40 dollars. I bought the elements tie last night. I plan on coming back. I told everyone at work about this website so i hope you all stay in business.
This is my second order from and I couldn't be happier. I wrote in a comment for my second order for a tie saying it was for my boyfriend's birthday. The tie was delivered gift-wraped in a red box with a bow. I was so happy with the service. I cannot wait to give the gift to my boyfriend. I also ordered a bow-tie for my brother and it is perfect in every way. He got so many compliments on it. He was the most dashing gentleman in the crowd! The prices are very good! I love and will be doing much more business with them. You guys rock!
Sam and Mark Hershberg
I would come to every time to buy my ties. I ordered some ties online from ANOTHER website for our wedding and they had messed up our order with someone else. I didn't have enough time to get ties so we went to the local mall but could not fine anything we liked. I learned that was 30 minutes from our house. We found the tie we wanted and called them to see if we could pick them up. They were closing and the next day was going to be too late to order them to get the ties on time. After they learned about our horrific situation, their president drove to our house with the ties. I am a life time customer for and my husband is a lifetime customer for Thank you so much for all you guys did for us. We love you!!
Debra L.
Regarding Revolving Tie Rack. Thank you I am buying this for my son who is in College and in the Music program in performance. He has began to wear ties for his program and I thought this would be a great gift for him as he has just moved into a house that he shares with a class mate and this would be a great way for him to keep track of his ties. Thank you so much for offering this as a discount price I am so glad I could be a part of it. I am sure he will love this and get many years of use from it. happy customer Debra Lear.
Jake M.
Customer Support is GREAT! They were very understanding, highly recommended!
Just to say a big huge thank you for a tie i ordered..I couldnt believe how quick it arrived..I will be recommending to everyone..
Ana T
Thank you for great customer service!
R. Cartledge
I'm enjoying my bow ties. The order was delivery in just days.Thanks
I truly love my ties, and thank you for the quality and the quickness in which I received them. I assure you that I will be ordering more ties from your company in the future. Thanks again,
J. McClure
I received my knit ties today! As always, I am a VERY happy client and will continue to do business with you all and promote your company. I am an avid fan of your Knit Ties. I have almost purchased them all over the last several months.
I love your all ties and scarves! You have a great website too! :o) I will be shopping here now.
I just received the package! Thank you, so much, for your help. I must say, despite such a gap between my initial order and when I've received this, I am so glad I dealt with The service that I have received has been so unbelievably stellar. Thanks for everything!
Jane S.
I ordered a great tie for our wedding party. Unfortunately, no one agreed with me. I was able to contact customer service & they pulled my order before it was shipped. The communication was fabulous & they were great to deal with. I appreciate your help very much. Now I know that this is a harder wedding party to buy for than my others. Thank you guys rock.
Alison P.
This company is awesome!! I have been a customer for several years because you offer great products, a variety of prices, but mostly, fantastic service (including customer service!). All the best for 2013!
I was searching for a feedback link, so that I could compliment your company on its fantastic customer service but since I could not find one, I guess this will have to do. I just wanted to reach out and say that I was very impressed by the packaging of your scarves in that purple case. It's so wonderful to see a company that truly cares about its merchandise and delivery to the customer. The scarves are beautiful, very quick shipping...I will definitely be ordering from you in the future :) Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
A triangular cedar tie rack that I ordered for my husband just arrived and I couldn't be happier. It looks great,smells heavenly and seems to be very sturdy and well made. It is a Christmas gift so I am also very pleased that it arrived in time. I can't wait to give it to my husband because I think he will really like it. This is the first time I have ordered from and I am very impressed. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Joy D.
You Guys Rock ! This is my first order I did online and you are right on it!!! Looking forward to surprising my son with this cool Harry Potter look on Christmas. He’s 24 but still likes to be a Big Kid !
R. Bazile
Being that I have ordered ties from multiple times, I can gladly attest that have "Tied" it all Together: T= Tenacity (undying) to provide unparalleled customer service experience, vast selection, and quality I=Integrity to the client to ensure they are happy at all cost E=Excellence in all they do. Customer Service outweighs all S=Standard: sets the standard and trend for eCommerce
R Charlene
I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with my order. No complaints here.
At one time I had looked on-line for the Zebra print ties, however, I did not order anything at that time. Then one day I went on-line to do something else, and the Zebra print tie just popped up. I smiled and decided to order it (I usually have trouble ordering things -- but this went through without any problems whatsoever). I ordered it on 10/2 and it arrived on 10/9. This is the 2nd time I have ever received anything that quickly that I ordered on-line. I asked my husband which Zebra print he liked best, and we received the exact print he liked (I just love the print myself). In fact, we wore our print this past Sabbath. Everyone loved it. I wanted to contact you all to tell you how impressed I was with your promptness, the quality of the tie, its look, and the price -- and you afforded me that opportunity! Thanks for a job well done!
I needed a Kelly green tie for a Green Tie Fundraiser that we are going to in a couple of weeks. You had exactly what I needed at a price that was really low. I was afraid of getting a cheap terrible tie but instead received a high quality tie within a week from the date that I placed the order. Great product and even greater service.
M Swartz
You have lovely products, and I shall be delighted to do more business with you in the future.
Terrance H.
I bought a Groupon for $25 to buy $50 of merchandise from your site. I was pleased with the excellent selection of ties you have. I purchased 3 of them. What I was most excited about was it only took 3 days for my purchase to arrive and the ties were high quality and appeared as they did on the website! I will definitely be using your site again!
Steve V.
Again, have done business with you and enjoy the ease of your service.
Loved the first tie I ordered, so I'm getting another. Good job.
Polly S
I am hosting a golf tournament called "it's a Jungle Out There.!these ties are perfect for the staff to wear.
Len S.
Great site!! Love the ability to view shirt and jacket colors. Need for a wedding and the design was perfect.
S Wilbur
Thought your website was very user friendly, and that your selection was good. THX
My ties were delivered today. They're great.... I'm very satisfied. I will be ordering more very shortly..
...great assortment, may order again. Thanks
S. LaPrade
I just received my ties today. They are beautiful!! I will be doing more business with you in the future.
John M.
Very good easy to process. Very good
Kristen C.
The zebra print tie we ordered for my son's prom was a BIG HIT! It looked great-one of a kind! thank you!
Ana T.
Husband's birthday...gotta order! He's a substitute teacher and the kids go crazy over his ties. they have become his brand!
D. De Courcy
Your web site is very user friendly and I am thrilled with your shipping prices. I will be using you again for sure and recommending you to others.. Thanks to Google for finding your site.
D. Benchoff
I just wanted to let you know how easy and convenient it was to order ties through your website. You can expect more of my business in the future.
T. Koonz
Greetings, Thank you for my recent order. It was received in excellent condition and in less time than was estimated. I am very impressed with the quality of service and your website. Ordering was a breeze. Thank you again.
Eric B.
Thanks so much for the excellent service and selection you provided. You have the only site where I was able to find the perfect green necktie (in extra long of course) and matching pocket square and have it all delivered to me in time for St. Paddy's Day! Thanks again!
T. Dunkin
I recently placed an order with your company for the first time. Ordering online can be tricky because what an item looks like on the internet may not be the same as what it looks like in person. Well....I am writing to say that I am extremely pleased with the ties I ordered from They look exactly as they did on your website! The quality is great and the order came very quickly (another thing that can be a downfall about ordering online). That said I want to say I am very happy and will definitely be placing orders with your company in the future. Thank you for such a positive experience.
D. Dahlin
You rock, thanks so VERY MUCH. Now that is customer service defined. Going the extra mile for a customer looking to buy a $12 item or whatever it is. I appreciate the effort.
Dustin P.
I was compelled to email you guys immediately after I received an order from you in the mail yesterday. I purchased three ties and in the "Special Instructions" box, half jokingly, I wrote, "Include a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar." The box arrived and, sure enough, on the front of it was not only a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar, but a GREAT drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar (my sincere compliments to the artist). The ties look great, and the package arrived all the way over here in Japan in less than a week. You have earned a lifetime customer. Kudos!
Eric B.
I paid $3 extra to buy from you because of your thoughtful "How Would It Look" feature.
D Fernandez
I ordered a tie from you a few days ago and I wanted to say: THANK YOU! The tie is beautiful and arrived 2 days early! I will certainly order here again. :)
D. McLarnon
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for getting my order to the UK so quickly. Package just arrived and I know the cufflinks will be a great hit!
B. Stancel
WAAAY too many ties!!! I sure know where to go when I need another novelty tie!! Thank you for a great inventory!
Brenda S.
Thank you for your help this morning in correcting my order. Unfortunately, in my rush to complete the order yesterday, I actually messed up the entirely. Through your kindness and help, you have made my life so much easier and therefore, my holiday. I wish there were more people like you – it would make the world a much happier and kinder place in which to live.
Carol R.
I just wanted to say I received my order yesterday. I was very impressed with packaging! It was a class act and I will sing your praises! Great job! Thanks!
A. Vandehei
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.  I really appreciate the effort you made to fix the situation in time for the birthday.  I will definately shop with you again.
Syed P.
The ties are EXCELLENT ! I must take this opportunity and compliment your company for their excellent products, range and impeccable service. Please do keep up the mantle. This was my second order and I would love to purchase more of your wonderful products again.
N. Arnold
I just ordered 6 Ties for my bridal party. You're prices are great and your site is really easy to navigate. Thanks :)
R. Williams
I had the pleasure of choosing from a variety of ties which they were all lovely and hope to do business with you again.
Thomas B.
Even though I buy low-end priced ties for work, has always delivered product promptly. More importantly, the colors and styles delivered have always been very accurate matches to the website visual displays. Good job!
M. Davidson
Just got your wonderful ties !!! God bless you all, and those who love you ! You cannot believe how hard it is to get light colored ties, traditional-style.What a siege !!! But you ARE GREAT !!! I'll be back You're the nuts !!!
Sandra C.
I just received my first order from I am very pleased. I order 2 clearance ties thinking that they might not be top quality ties but I am a server and go through them rather quickly. I received them weeks faster than set delivery date and they are really nice quality ties. I am telling everyone at work to check you out. Thanks
Dean Dexter
Words are going to fail me as I try to express my gratitude to your team and to your company.  It was such a blessing to get the box of ties, shirts and accessories.  The “tie thing” is just outstanding and I no longer have to worry about the fly away tie!   I am so excited that I was able to celebrate Flag day today (although a day late) with such a grand tie as yours.  I look forward to the day in a year from now where I can put on my graduation tie to watch my paramedics graduate, and the other occasions I can lighten the moment for them with the other themes I received. I appreciate deeply and I am in your debt for your compassion you have graciously sent my way! May God richly bless you and your company and prosper you.
Andrew M.
And, I wanted to say thanks for all you do on facebook.  I can't think of any other business off the top of my head that is so involved with customer/clients in the way you are in giving so much back. Thank you! Andrew
Burke R.
Our last order came through great. The gift boxes with bowtie instructions were a hit with our club! Very cool. We bought 4 last year, but with your great deal, we were able to load up for this year. Thanks again! Burke, The SRQ Club, Inc
Russell M.
I want to let you know your bowties are bowdacious.I will order more soon.I told everyone about your tie and bowties. Thank-you for your special sale. The colors are great.
Bob W.
So far, I'm very pleased with your website; and I'm awaiting the ties. So far, so good!
Susan C.
Your site was easy to navigate, the zoom images were so helpful at assessing the ties and your confirmation number was not a trillion numbers long. Loved it! Thanks
Angie M.
I just wanted to say Thank you, your site has the best variety of boys ties! My 8 year old nephew loves to dress up and will be so surprised that I got this for him for Christmas!
David L.
Thank you!!!! My friend loved this!!! It was everything I had hoped for!!
Tom M.
Thank you very much, you have a very satisfied and happy customer for repeat sales. Tom
April M.
Your necktie selection is great and the promotions are timely and generous - I will continue to order all of my men's specialty neckwear from -thank you!
Hey, I just got my superman flaming S tie in the mail and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Omar S.
Fastest delivery I have ever seen. I order online all the time. You hold the record for having my neckties delivered. This is a gift for my cousin and I am confident he will LOVE them. Thanks Team.
Minnis H.
Thank you so much... I am a customer for life!
Jim W.
I am a big fan of I really enjoy the ties you have in your e-commence stores. I especially like the plaid ties from your in store brand The American Necktie Company because they are smart, contemporary and affordable. I am also a fan of the layout of your store.
Richaed G.
I love the ability on your site to view ties with different color shirt and coat combinations!
Mary K.
I have been searching for a skinny red tie and until I found you site I wasn't having any luck. Thank you for making my purchase so easy!
C. Smiley is truly a Blessing. I recently rejoined the Church and your ties really stand out. I get so many compliments from other Church members. Thank You and God Bless!!
Terea B.
Thank you so much for all your help.  I am very impressed with everything about you guys - great website, huge selection, great prices, and the most outstanding customer service I have ever encountered.  Thank you again so very much!
Julie S.
Your company is awesome! My daughters wedding is a John Deere theme. The solid green ties matched the bridesmaids dresses from Davids Bridal to a Tee. I than came back to see if ya'll had little boys ties and was amazed to find the exact same tie for him. If I ever need a tie for my husband, son, or my new son-in-law, I will not hesitate to do business with you. Thank you for your quick shipment. Julie (Mother of the Bride)
Rich O.
(Regarding converting old damaged ties to usable clip-ons) I can't believe what a great job you did with my four ties. I really thought you would only be able to salvage two - one of each color. Thank You Very Very Much
Craig P.
I recommend your website to everyone who asks me where I have purchased my bow ties. I wear bow ties about 6 days a week and get great compliments on your ties. The crossword puzzle tie has even elicited attempts by colleagues to FILL IN THE BLANKS! There seems to be a fashion revival going on with bow least here in New Orleans.
Amir H.
Your site always has a great selection, low prices and prompt shipping options. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
John P.
I've bought a number of freestyle bow ties from you. They are all beautiful. Your website is very easy to navigate. I am a very happy customer of yours.
Bowers J is among the best source for high quality affordable ties. Providing the specs on the ties particularly the width is very useful. As someone who prefers 3.75 to 4" ties knowing this before the purchase is very helpful.
I so appreciate you featuring "How to Tie a Tie" on your site. Watching my husband for 35 years tying his ties and only thought I knew how he tied them. I have a neighbor and he is also a vet, who's daughter is getting married. He has no one to teach him how to tie his tie. He does not want to ask his daughter. I'll pass along your website so his son can log on and they can watch your instructions together. I will surely pass your site on to others as well. Again thank you for such a nice service.
A. Nunez
Thank you so much for the great tie rack. This one is fast and the light is much better. I couldn't find anywhere else, THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!
S. Pasha
I couldn't help but take out some time and write about my experience. I have placed 2 orders in the span of less than a week. I find your website, collection, range,prices, shipment and payment options, ALL EXCELLENT!
Anne J.
I live for that stuff. And free shipping over $50, yay! Unfortunately, I got busy and distracted and let the deadline slip by, rats!! So I hope you will offer another good promo soon, so I can get a discount while enhacing my (extensive) wardrobe! I'm on your mailing list, so lemme know!! Looking forward to spending my money with you.
Chaplain William J. Beat, MSA
I wish to THANK YOUR COMPANY for having splended tie's. I received the first order and I received just what I wanted.
Kelly J.
I just want to provide some positive feedback regarding your website. The site is easy to use and I really appreciated the live chat to get a quick answer to some questions regarding shipping.
Nice collection of silk novelty ties at reasonable prices! Would like to see you add ties of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Wild & Scenic Rivers, National Park sights/lodges/waterfalls. Cool website-I like the dressing room feature!
Rowe M.
Thanks for value and selection! couldn't find an orange and black bowtie (san francisco giant baseball team colors) anywhere else! my husband will be thrilled! :)
Ahoy Mate
"Perfect match with the Anchor Tie Bar"
- Drew Picayune, MS
Old World Exploration Tie
"My husband LOVED it."
Periodic Table Blue Tie
"My husband LOVED it."
Completely Satisfied
"I love the contrast of the bright blue and yellow diamonds on the gray background. The socks are comfortable and fit well. A great pair of socks."
- Smoky Joe Raleigh, NC
Great buy!
"Was needing something leopard to fit in with a group of people at a meeting. Worked pefectly!"
- DreDad Tahoka, TX
Year Round Wear
"Classic and classy. Perfect color for navy or gray suits. Beautiful for all seasons."
- BohoBeachPeach St. Augustine, FL
Good pin
"Love little details"
Buzz buzz
"Very nice!"
- Suzy Q Clearwater, FL
"Different look and trendy"
- Greg from Red Kingdom Raymore, MO
Dark tie
"Perfect dark tie."
- Joseph R Lorena, TXLorena, TX
American Connoisseur
"Fine quality, excellent price. Thank you!"
- Michael Anthony Wappingers Falls, NYWappingers Falls, NY
Gray perfection
"Ties well and looks great"
- Joseph R Lorena, TXLorena, TX
Great Purchase
"Great purchase. Nice quality material and I love the design. Both 2 for sons"
- Rogers, AR
Dapper in this
- Michael Los Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA
Tie for Son's Wedding
"Great tie, quick delivery, good price"
- Anthony Woodstock, VAWoodstock, VA
Money well spent
- William San Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TX
Fun, conversational tie
"We ordered this tie to go with an aqua/teal sport coat, worn to a wedding with a suggested dress code of “colorful cocktail”. It was absolutely perfect. We ordered it a bit late and they shipped it to our hotel in Utah. It arrives as promised in a timely manner. Second time I’ve ordered from here and have had to overnight the tie. Absolutely no problems and I would definitely order from again."
- Maureen Park City, UTMurrells Inlet, SC
Bent. Received in envelope. Great pin!
"Great pin! The package came as a bubble wrap envelope and the pin was bent though. It still works and the bend is not apparent being worn. I suggest shipping in a box instead. 5 star product. 1 star for the damage."
- William Tacoma, WATacoma, WA
"Great Quality"
- Kirby Walworth, WIWalworth, WI
Good tie
"This tie looks like it's woven wool but it's not its just the picture on the material. But it's still looks really nice people won't know unless they touch it. I would buy it again"
- Nicolette Tacoma, WATacoma, WA
Nice tie needs to be a little larger
"3.5 Stars isn't an option but that's would be my review. My complaint is that its a little on the skimpy side compared to other bowties we own. Otherwise 5 stars"
- S Zeolla Shelby Township, MIShelby Township, MI
Satisfied Customer
"Ordered this tie to wear myself. I was impressed by the expert tailoring and the high quality materials used. The color was exactly as depicted on the website and exactly what I wanted and needed. I will definitely use again."
- Ralph The Plains, OHThe Plains, OH
"Beautiful pin! I love it so much I would buy again"
- Alyssa Ohio
Packaged so well!
"Great tie."
Just the right gift for the family rowing enthusiast!
"The colors and fabric look sharp. Very pleased with your quick service!"
- Cape Girl Placida, FL
Buckeye Beauty
"All I gotta say is...OH"
- Mark Dublin, OHDublin, OH
Sarah Smith
"This is a beautiful tie and it arrived much quicker than expected. The nice gift box was a bonus."
- Sarah Tempe, AZRochester, NY
Great tie for the price
"Really like the color and happy its cotton. Cotton knots don't slip like silk ones do."
- Terence Winnetka, CAWinnetka, CA
So many selections and this is the one I wanted
"Exactly what I wanted"
- justin jacobus, PAjacobus, PA
Love my tie
"Great product and service"
- Louis Lakeland, FLlakeland, FL
Great fishing tie/joke/eccentric addition to my wardrobe.
"I absolutely love this tie, though I haven't found a shirt to match it to yet. The catfish are interesting, and the necktie is appropriate for semi-formal and dress-up occasions."
Extra length needed
"Nice for tall or big men"
- Lisa Maplecrest, NYMaplecrest, NY
Great gifts.
"The ties are just great. I order them every year as gifts for my boys."
- J C Williamson Ronceverte, WVRonceverte, WV
Favorite tie
"Love the texture"
- Marcus Oceanside, CA
perfect groomsmen accessory
"nice material, good length, color was just what I was looking for"
- INGRID Elizabeth, NJ
Super value for stylish organization
"Great value for a low price. Was worried about the quality at such a low price point, but there were no problems with the construction. The bottom part was just a bit more rough than I would have liked, so I just put shelf liner at the bottom and it's perfect now."
- Dan Denver
Tie Shopping
"Product was perfect and ordering was quite efficient."
- Ronica Florida
Great tie.
"Great tie."
- Shawn Toledo OH
Chalk This Tie Up to a Winning Design!
"Who needs to read your lips? You can read this tie! And learn how to write in script. No, not a Hollywood script. Cursive writing! No, not like dropping swear words. Running letters. Sheesh, you know what I mean. Kids of all ages will react to the chalkboard around your neck. If you put it on upside down, do you think people will notice?"
- Frank Brooklyn, NY
Fun tie for a choir leader
"The colors are vibrant and bright, I really like this tie, and have received many nice compliments."
- Mark Louisiana
Great quality and style
"My husband loves Lucy Liu’s suits on Elementary. He’s been searching for that look for my business attire. I convinced him it’s the tie he loves. After searching several sites for the right size for a woman, I stumbled across The selection was amazing! I bought 5! 2 inch width is perfect. Great quality and styling. Wearing it tomorrow."
- Donna Mabry Nashvile
5 Stars, and Making a Statement!
"I bought this tie to make a statement, and that statement is, "I'm here". With a dark blue suit and a white dress shirt, it certainly does that. This tie in yellow is the star of the show, and I received repeated compliments on it the first time I wore it. As always, great value, lower price than Macy's Department store at $40. The added advantage of no tax and free shipping makes this company unbeatable. Finally, the box it ships in is really a class act, and shows that this company intends to earn their customer's loyalty. They have mine."
- Jerry Whitestone, New York
Chemist tie
"Cool looking and great conversation starter. Nice feel and color."
- Ems Arlington, Tx
Great Quality, Great Price, Great Service
"Color is perfect as well as style. Great for my teenage son; he looks fantastic! Ordered, shipped and to my door in 4 days with standard shipping! Outstanding service. And also packaged very well."
- Joy Corpus Christi, TX
Wearable map!
"Reminds me why I still work, so I can go on frequent trips all over the world!"
- John O. University Place WA
Cuff Links
"I like the quality, stones, and design."
- JPM New York
Great Gift
"This tie was one of two Christmas gifts for my teenage niece and it was a Big hit! The tie was beautiful, the website was smooth to work with,and shipping was timely. Side note: things like how to tie a tie Made all the difference. XLR8TR"
- Xlr8tr Visalia Ca.
Bravo Zulu
"The tray is high quality construction and perfect for sorting and storing my 60+ tie collection!"
- The CDR Las Cruces, NM
Derby Appropriate
"Getting ready for Derby day, sure to be a hit!"
- DapperDan Cleveland, OH
Chirstmas ties
"Great tie, well made, and it ties beautifully. I like the colors and the material, nice texture"
- Bow Tie Guy Wilmington, NC
Rocked these socks all October!
"Loved these breast cancer awareness socks. They are bright, vibrant, good quality, and support a good cause. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing them."
- Weird0 Greater Houston Area,Texas
Perfect gift for my tax guy
"This High Quality Silk tie made the perfect gift for my tax accountant. He loved it!"
- Joe Los Angeles, CA
Perfect except for the bottom
"This is the perfect size and shape for tie and accessory storage. The cedar smells fantastic. It is well constructed. My only complaint is that the floor (bottom) is made of Masonite and was marred a bit. I would prefer solid cedar, or a better quality flooring."
- cdcmfa San Antonio, Texas
My new fav tie
"Loved everything about it!!!!❤️"
- Puchky New York
Excellent Bow Tie.
"Really looks great. I bought to wear on a cruise. I also bought the green one as well."
- GJHPub Richmond, VA
My favorite
"Great look."
- DrV Swansea, Il
"Matches the bridesmaid dresses perfectly! I had a really hard time finding anything in the store and was worried these would not match but they're perfect."
- Caity Sacramento is my new favorite place to shop for teacher gifts!!!!!
"I bought this tie for my son's 6th grade band teacher and the quality was SUPERB, the presentation (the box, the tissue wrapping, etc.) was BEAUTIFUL and it arrived quickly. My son and I were so impressed that we placed a second order for a different tie for his science teacher!"
- Momma Snow Oxnard, CA
So cute
" is my new favorite tie place. I bought this tie and another for my husband. They're nice ties, great designs, free and quick shipping, and they're inexpensive."
- hollyann SLC, UT
Good stuff
"Great quality, fast shipping, will purchase again."
- Blitz Houston, tx
"Came exactly how pictured! Will fit perfectly to the groom's outfit for our wedding! Fast shipping as well! Thanks so much!"
- KB Illinois
Social Studies/ History Tie
"Awesome tie for a future social studies/history teacher. The material is high quality and it fits well."
- Ulrich Lansing, MI
Perfect Necktie
"Found the perfect tie to head to Kentucky for some horse racing. What better than a tie full of Mint Julep cups, mint and ice? Now I must learn to tie this thing."
- Hired Hand Wisconsin
Storage Unit as Catch All
"I have been looking for a "catch-all" type of a tray that is bigger than the average tray out there. This storage unit is just perfect. This is a high quality cedar product and just like all's other cedar products, it smells great. I use it to hold my phone, wallet, keys, and change on my dressers."
- Larson Jakeson Virginia
Very satisfied
"Products were exactly as advertised, delivered promptly and at a great price. Don't usually write reviews, but want to acknowledge companies that do things right, since it is relatively rare. Thanks."
- David Idaho
Mustache You Do This
"I've been buying from you guys for years and love the products. This will make a nice edition to my tie bar collection. I've been looking for the right mustache tie bar for a little while. It actually kind of looks like my own mustache. I wish you guys offered a way for me to upload my own image. Great quality product and comes in nice packaging. I highly recommend these tie bars."
- Carl M. Chicago
Cute patter
"Great tie with cute catfish pattern. I hope he likes it as much as I do. Seems to be made with quality fabric."
- Lorrotgeslave NY
"I bought this tie for my boyfriend and it is more versatile than it looks, you can wear it with blue, white, pink, grey, the options are endless! I am blown away at the quality of these ties for such an affordable price!!"
- xoshilajane Los Angeles, CA
What a DEAL!!!!
"I've purchased a tie from in the past and was very pleased when I received it. However, this time around was a bit different. Not only was the tie I purchased on sale, also sent me an additional $5.00 off my purchase when I signed up to receive emails on more of their great products! I am beyond pleased with my purchase and even more so knowing that I'm getting good quality products at a extremely great price. I will be sure to share my experience and suggest to all my family and friends! Thanks!"
- Odvaungh Decatur, GA
"This was a "daily special" marked down to $4.95!!!! It's actually beautiful, and worth the regular price. (But I'm glad I got in on the deal!)"
- Chuckles Las Vegas
A little off the mark
"Nice tie, but the color was a little different than it appeared online. More golden than pale yellow. It still worked for my brother's wedding. I liked that they had the tie in boys for the ring bearers."
- Robyn Greensboro, NC
Beautiful Tie
"I will be wearing this time for a while."
- jel1955 Washington, DC
Best Tie For The Musician
"My boyfriend is a guitarist and he hates dressing up and wearing ties. The only way that I can make him wear something formal is when I add a fun tie to it like this one. He really loves this guitar tie!"
- Angela NYC
Amazing box!
"I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. Great quality and looks exactly how it's pictured on the site. Perfect gift for a husband or boyfriend!"
- Cynthia Indiana
Red Neckties
"Guys!! I love your little video but wish you could show each color individually. Good neckties for weddings and other formal events."
- Chad. N. Eagle Pass, Tx
My favorite color
"Nice quality, heavy enough to keep shape although that made it a little more difficult to tie. No complaints"
- Jim Dandy Greenwich, CT
"Very pretty scarf. Would add refinement to any outfit, dress it up a little. Goes with just about anything."
- scarveswhat
Love it!
"Scraves are essential for Alaskan it's always a plus when the scarf you're wearing is adorable - like this scarf :) The packaging and everything are absolutely top-notch - will be ordering again and again!"
- AngieMarie Anchorage, AK
"Beautiful scarf! This will make any outfit dressier. It's very soft and high quality. I love it!"
- Scarf_Lover
Classy Antiquarians
"If donning a tie is a put-off chore because it takes you from your study and mental adventures, relax. You will ease into dreaded social hours in this tie. The silk construction and soft drape go well under a cardigan sweater with a pair of cord trousers and provide a conversation topic for the reticent. Professors, antiquarians, and would be story tellers will especially like this necktie. Service was speedy."
- Untie Helena MT
So soft and pretty!
"This pashmina seems very well made and soft. It goes with my favorite coat and is very comfortable!"
- Katie
Love Love Love!
"This has quickly become one of my absolute favourite scarves! The color is vibrant and beautiful and it is amazingly soft. It's quite long and versatile."
- Veronika California
Very Pretty
"This scarf was more pink than I anticipated but still love it. It lays very nicely and the wrinkly material makes it look less perfect which I love."
- Mallory Madison
Loved it!
"This scarf is very soft and comfortable. I have only worn it a few times but seems to be of a decent quality. I would definitely order other colors of this scarf."
- Mallory Madison
Nice pop of color
"This pink/red flower scarf is a great pop of color to add to an outfit! I like the lightweight fabric and the natural crinkle texture."
- Brianna California
"Got this scarf in the mail sooner than expected! As soon as I opened the box and saw the scarf I knew I was going to like it more than I already did. Good length scarf; you can wrap it around your neck more than once. Also great colors - I feel you can use it all year around because it's colorful yet subtle and has a nice gentle feel to it. I use it with casual outfits and with formal attire as well. Glad I purchased this!!"
- j'sha Los Angeles
so happy I bought this tie!
"I am so happy I bought this tie!!! It looks good in the pictures, and looks better in person. I swear, I seen this same tie at a menswear store for a much higher price. The tie is soft, ties nicely, and drapes well with a suit, plus the colors and pattern go with almost anything."
- Dutchy Salt Lake City, UT
Very pretty colors
"Bought for my 22 year old daughter for Christmas, she will love it! Very pretty colors."
- Debra
Love it!
"This scarf has great colors! The light blue background lends itself to bring a spring scarf. But the deeper colors will make it easy to use in the fall and winter too. Will be a great year round scarf!"
- Lagingerich Fort Wayne
The Perfect Gift
"Love this! I bought it as a gift for my sister, and I was tempted to sneak it into one of my outfits before giving it to her! Thin material, but it's pretty wide, so with it doubled up, it'll be perfect."
- aiminator
Very soft
"The color of the scarf is spot-on and it is incredibly soft! I am quite literally wearing this right now and I love it. It seems to be made very well, no loose threads or anything like that. My only concern is that it is not as long as pasminas I traditionally purchase so I am unable to wear it in various sylings (such as a bolero) - but I love it as just a warm, soft, beautiful scarf!"
- Jessica D Kalamazoo
"This is absolutely beautiful! I love the color! Wonderful quality!"
- laauuryynn Louisiana
liven up a dark winter sweater
"Just got this scarf in the mail. Thin fabric, but is quite thick in the width so it will definitely be doubled up to provide more warmth. Love the print. It will definitely liven up a dark winter sweater."
- HannahJoy
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