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I have been married for almost thirty years and my husband has always appreciated the finer things in life, including clothing. He is a successful lawyer and has even been one of the few chosen every year to become a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. So, he has to look his best. It has been awhile since I have bought him any ties. I love to shop online for just about anything. However, I have always hesitated to do so when it comes to him because I don't want to have to send it back or have him truly not be happy with what comes in the mail. One morning he came in with a jacket and dress shirt on and the jacket wasn't just all a solid color, like a black suit, etc... He asked me to pick a tie that went with jacket and out of so many ties, much to my shock, he didn't have one single solid colored tie. That was the only tie that could possibly go with the jackets colors. We made due, but when he left for work, I decided to check out what was available on the computer. I have always bought him silk ties, and paid anywhere from $45.00 and up. I went online to several websites and as I would zoom in to get a closer look at the tie, none of them were just the silk smooth look. All of the sites said solid silk ties. Nope, the fabric was raised all the way down the tie. I was just about ready to give up and saw the name of your website. EUREKA!!!!!! I needed three ties. Solid, silk. Black, Chestnut and Navy Blue. Figured that would cover the solid tie needs. Did the zoom in on the photo you showed and was about leaping off of my chair. Exactly what I needed. But what was so shocking was how first class these ties looked. Silk. The price I thought was a misprint. Had to be, I thought no way can I get silk ties, perfect colors, a choice of length for that incredible price. I ordered them, received them super fast, packaged beautifully, and let me just say, I won't buy a tie from anyone else but you. I am sharing my experience with my friends and just want to tell you to keep up the wonderful service, thank you for being a First Class operation. Many businesses could learn from you. Sincerely, L Scott
Hi--The tie I just purchased is for a young friend's January birthday. The black tie I bought him last year with the musical notes was a first-rate home run, so I have every expectation that this year's blue tie with the la crosse pattern will be another smashing success! You guys offer a terrific variety from which to purchase for my discerning young friend, and I look forward to making annual purchases from you for many years to come. Happy 2014! Thank you! --
T. Devers
I ordered the ships anchor tie tack (gold) also the square jet with 3 crystals (gold) and you gave me shamrock green laces. I wish to say the anchor tie tack is fabulous as I searched for one of these along time. I am very pleased with it and will wear it with pride. I am retired Navy of 23 years as I said it looks great and is more than I imagined and others commented said it looked better than the pic on here. They were right as far as the other one with the crystals on it the same as well it will give my ties a nice appeal of classy look. I did have questions on the anchor and the assistance I received was very professional but I don't remember her name. The description said it was 2.5" by 3" so I requested live chat and asked if that was the size as it was described it would have been so big. So the lady I spoke with said please wait and went to the warehouse to check on this information. Was pleased to know it was about 3/4" by 1/2" in size. So I decided to order one that day she also offered me the coupon for this purchase. Your company and emplyees are very kind and helpful. Will shop again here and definately recommend others to your company. Thank you again and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S...............
Thank you, ties.com, for being amazing! I placed my second order with this website for a tie for my boyfriend to match my dress, and both have matched perfectly! Although I selected 7-10 day shipping, the tie arrived in 2 days! Instructions for writing on the box were followed to a T each time. This website has the best, most affordable, most diverse selection of ties with excellent customer service. I'll never buy a tie anywhere else.
Sharon T.
Thank you SO MUCH for the IMMEDIATE call to correct the address on this order - I have never had such speedy customer service on an online order. Our son is an airline pilot and can only wear novelty ties on holidays and has a standing request for any, but they have to be clip on, which have been hard to find. When I found your site I was thrilled, and then to have this kind of personal, immediate service = WOW! You guys out do Nordstroms :-) Happy Holidays and special thanks to the lady who called.
Dale M.
The ties are great. The quality for the price are amazing. I will be ordering more when the time presents itself.
J. Rink
I love your company and love your great ties. The person on the phone was so helpful and courteous. The tie arrived so quickly and was wonderful. In this day and age, it's so nice to see such dedication and hard work to create and sustain a great company. Thanks,
A. Sigman
I recently received the three ties I ordered and am very pleased with all of them. They are made by Alynn. I only had one tie in my collection of ties made by Alynn. It was purchased about 20 years ago in Williamsburg and I have worn it many times over the years. It refuses to wear out and I get glowing comments every time I wear it. I wore the The Fall Guy last Sunday and again got many comments on it also. Now I have four Alynn ties and am searching for a reason to buy more. Probably won't take me long. Thanks for the good fast service.
B Reed
Thanks! I play in an ass-kickin' blues band called Buddy Reed & the Rip It Ups and I wore my cool lavender tie last night on the gig for the 1st time. I dressed in Black shirt, black pants with my tie and skinny, matching lavender belt and leopard skin shoes! My outfit was a crowd pleaser for sure! Thanks again Ties.com.
R. Jones
t I am a big fan of Alynn, indirectly and directly, owning about 20 ties myself (in an 80- tie collection) and giving about 10 as gifts in the past to clients and family members. My son also owns about a dozen.
Elaine M.
Love the red with white hearts tie..My husband got all kinds of questions of where he bought the tie, so I gave your address to quite a few friends. I also had bought the zebra and leopard ties from you and he always gets compliments on those. So I'll keep looking on your website when he needs a new tie or I need a neat gift.
A Lyle
I bought the Monopoly money tie not too long ago, and every time i wear it i get AT LEAST 5 to 10 comments on how cool it is. I love this site. I love unique ties to wear, because i work at a country club, and i have to look my best. I honestly want all your ties, but i can only spend like 40 dollars. I bought the elements tie last night. I plan on coming back. I told everyone at work about this website so i hope you all stay in business.
This is my second order from Ties.com and I couldn't be happier. I wrote in a comment for my second order for a tie saying it was for my boyfriend's birthday. The tie was delivered gift-wraped in a red box with a bow. I was so happy with the service. I cannot wait to give the gift to my boyfriend. I also ordered a bow-tie for my brother and it is perfect in every way. He got so many compliments on it. He was the most dashing gentleman in the crowd! The prices are very good! I love ties.com and will be doing much more business with them. You guys rock!
Sam and Mark Hershberg
I would come to ties.com every time to buy my ties. I ordered some ties online from ANOTHER website for our wedding and they had messed up our order with someone else. I didn't have enough time to get ties so we went to the local mall but could not fine anything we liked. I learned that Ties.com was 30 minutes from our house. We found the tie we wanted and called them to see if we could pick them up. They were closing and the next day was going to be too late to order them to get the ties on time. After they learned about our horrific situation, their president drove to our house with the ties. I am a life time customer for scarves.com and my husband is a lifetime customer for ties.com. Thank you so much for all you guys did for us. We love you!!
Debra L.
Regarding Revolving Tie Rack. Thank you I am buying this for my son who is in College and in the Music program in performance. He has began to wear ties for his program and I thought this would be a great gift for him as he has just moved into a house that he shares with a class mate and this would be a great way for him to keep track of his ties. Thank you so much for offering this as a discount price I am so glad I could be a part of it. I am sure he will love this and get many years of use from it. happy customer Debra Lear.
Jake M.
Customer Support is GREAT! They were very understanding, highly recommended!
Just to say a big huge thank you for a tie i ordered..I couldnt believe how quick it arrived..I will be recommending Ties.com to everyone..
Ana T
Thank you for great customer service!
R. Cartledge
I'm enjoying my bow ties. The order was delivery in just days.Thanks
I truly love my ties, and thank you for the quality and the quickness in which I received them. I assure you that I will be ordering more ties from your company in the future. Thanks again,
J. McClure
I received my knit ties today! As always, I am a VERY happy client and will continue to do business with you all and promote your company. I am an avid fan of your Knit Ties. I have almost purchased them all over the last several months.
I love your all ties and scarves! You have a great website too! :o) I will be shopping here now.
I just received the package! Thank you, so much, for your help. I must say, despite such a gap between my initial order and when I've received this, I am so glad I dealt with ties.com. The service that I have received has been so unbelievably stellar. Thanks for everything!
Jane S.
I ordered a great tie for our wedding party. Unfortunately, no one agreed with me. I was able to contact customer service & they pulled my order before it was shipped. The communication was fabulous & they were great to deal with. I appreciate your help very much. Now I know that this is a harder wedding party to buy for than my others. Thank you tie.com--you guys rock.
Alison P.
This company is awesome!! I have been a customer for several years because you offer great products, a variety of prices, but mostly, fantastic service (including customer service!). All the best for 2013!
I was searching for a feedback link, so that I could compliment your company on its fantastic customer service but since I could not find one, I guess this will have to do. I just wanted to reach out and say that I was very impressed by the packaging of your scarves in that purple case. It's so wonderful to see a company that truly cares about its merchandise and delivery to the customer. The scarves are beautiful, very quick shipping...I will definitely be ordering from you in the future :) Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
A triangular cedar tie rack that I ordered for my husband just arrived and I couldn't be happier. It looks great,smells heavenly and seems to be very sturdy and well made. It is a Christmas gift so I am also very pleased that it arrived in time. I can't wait to give it to my husband because I think he will really like it. This is the first time I have ordered from Ties.com and I am very impressed. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Joy D.
You Guys Rock ! This is my first order I did online and you are right on it!!! Looking forward to surprising my son with this cool Harry Potter look on Christmas. He’s 24 but still likes to be a Big Kid !
R. Bazile
Being that I have ordered ties from Ties.com multiple times, I can gladly attest that have "Tied" it all Together: T= Tenacity (undying) to provide unparalleled customer service experience, vast selection, and quality I=Integrity to the client to ensure they are happy at all cost E=Excellence in all they do. Customer Service outweighs all S=Standard: Ties.com sets the standard and trend for eCommerce
R Charlene
I just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with my order. No complaints here.
At one time I had looked on-line for the Zebra print ties, however, I did not order anything at that time. Then one day I went on-line to do something else, and the Zebra print tie just popped up. I smiled and decided to order it (I usually have trouble ordering things -- but this went through without any problems whatsoever). I ordered it on 10/2 and it arrived on 10/9. This is the 2nd time I have ever received anything that quickly that I ordered on-line. I asked my husband which Zebra print he liked best, and we received the exact print he liked (I just love the print myself). In fact, we wore our print this past Sabbath. Everyone loved it. I wanted to contact you all to tell you how impressed I was with your promptness, the quality of the tie, its look, and the price -- and you afforded me that opportunity! Thanks for a job well done!
I needed a Kelly green tie for a Green Tie Fundraiser that we are going to in a couple of weeks. You had exactly what I needed at a price that was really low. I was afraid of getting a cheap terrible tie but instead received a high quality tie within a week from the date that I placed the order. Great product and even greater service.
M Swartz
You have lovely products, and I shall be delighted to do more business with you in the future.
Terrance H.
I bought a Groupon for $25 to buy $50 of merchandise from your site. I was pleased with the excellent selection of ties you have. I purchased 3 of them. What I was most excited about was it only took 3 days for my purchase to arrive and the ties were high quality and appeared as they did on the website! I will definitely be using your site again!
Steve V.
Again, have done business with you and enjoy the ease of your service.
Loved the first tie I ordered, so I'm getting another. Good job.
Polly S
I am hosting a golf tournament called "it's a Jungle Out There.!these ties are perfect for the staff to wear.
Len S.
Great site!! Love the ability to view shirt and jacket colors. Need for a wedding and the design was perfect.
S Wilbur
Thought your website was very user friendly, and that your selection was good. THX
My ties were delivered today. They're great.... I'm very satisfied. I will be ordering more very shortly..
...great assortment, may order again. Thanks
S. LaPrade
I just received my ties today. They are beautiful!! I will be doing more business with you in the future.
John M.
Very good easy to process. Very good
Kristen C.
The zebra print tie we ordered for my son's prom was a BIG HIT! It looked great-one of a kind! thank you!
Ana T.
Husband's birthday...gotta order! He's a substitute teacher and the kids go crazy over his ties. they have become his brand!
D. De Courcy
Your web site is very user friendly and I am thrilled with your shipping prices. I will be using you again for sure and recommending you to others.. Thanks to Google for finding your site.
D. Benchoff
I just wanted to let you know how easy and convenient it was to order ties through your website. You can expect more of my business in the future.
T. Koonz
Greetings, Thank you for my recent order. It was received in excellent condition and in less time than was estimated. I am very impressed with the quality of service and your website. Ordering was a breeze. Thank you again.
Eric B.
Thanks so much for the excellent service and selection you provided. You have the only site where I was able to find the perfect green necktie (in extra long of course) and matching pocket square and have it all delivered to me in time for St. Paddy's Day! Thanks again!
T. Dunkin
I recently placed an order with your company for the first time. Ordering online can be tricky because what an item looks like on the internet may not be the same as what it looks like in person. Well....I am writing to say that I am extremely pleased with the ties I ordered from Ties.com. They look exactly as they did on your website! The quality is great and the order came very quickly (another thing that can be a downfall about ordering online). That said I want to say I am very happy and will definitely be placing orders with your company in the future. Thank you for such a positive experience.
D. Dahlin
You rock, thanks so VERY MUCH. Now that is customer service defined. Going the extra mile for a customer looking to buy a $12 item or whatever it is. I appreciate the effort.
Dustin P.
I was compelled to email you guys immediately after I received an order from you in the mail yesterday. I purchased three ties and in the "Special Instructions" box, half jokingly, I wrote, "Include a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar." The box arrived and, sure enough, on the front of it was not only a drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar, but a GREAT drawing of a duck wearing a tie and smoking a cigar (my sincere compliments to the artist). The ties look great, and the package arrived all the way over here in Japan in less than a week. You have earned a lifetime customer. Kudos!
Eric B.
I paid $3 extra to buy from you because of your thoughtful "How Would It Look" feature.
D Fernandez
I ordered a tie from you a few days ago and I wanted to say: THANK YOU! The tie is beautiful and arrived 2 days early! I will certainly order here again. :)
D. McLarnon
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for getting my order to the UK so quickly. Package just arrived and I know the cufflinks will be a great hit!
B. Stancel
WAAAY too many ties!!! I sure know where to go when I need another novelty tie!! Thank you for a great inventory!
Brenda S.
Thank you for your help this morning in correcting my order. Unfortunately, in my rush to complete the order yesterday, I actually messed up the entirely. Through your kindness and help, you have made my life so much easier and therefore, my holiday. I wish there were more people like you – it would make the world a much happier and kinder place in which to live.
Carol R.
I just wanted to say I received my order yesterday. I was very impressed with packaging! It was a class act and I will sing your praises! Great job! Thanks!
A. Vandehei
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.  I really appreciate the effort you made to fix the situation in time for the birthday.  I will definately shop with you again.
Syed P.
The ties are EXCELLENT ! I must take this opportunity and compliment your company for their excellent products, range and impeccable service. Please do keep up the mantle. This was my second order and I would love to purchase more of your wonderful products again.
N. Arnold
I just ordered 6 Ties for my bridal party. You're prices are great and your site is really easy to navigate. Thanks :)
R. Williams
I had the pleasure of choosing from a variety of ties which they were all lovely and hope to do business with you again.
Thomas B.
Even though I buy low-end priced ties for work, Ties.com has always delivered product promptly. More importantly, the colors and styles delivered have always been very accurate matches to the website visual displays. Good job!
M. Davidson
Just got your wonderful ties !!! God bless you all, and those who love you ! You cannot believe how hard it is to get light colored ties, traditional-style.What a siege !!! But you ARE GREAT !!! I'll be back You're the nuts !!!
Sandra C.
I just received my first order from Ties.com. I am very pleased. I order 2 clearance ties thinking that they might not be top quality ties but I am a server and go through them rather quickly. I received them weeks faster than set delivery date and they are really nice quality ties. I am telling everyone at work to check you out. Thanks
Dean Dexter
Words are going to fail me as I try to express my gratitude to your team and to your company.  It was such a blessing to get the box of ties, shirts and accessories.  The “tie thing” is just outstanding and I no longer have to worry about the fly away tie!   I am so excited that I was able to celebrate Flag day today (although a day late) with such a grand tie as yours.  I look forward to the day in a year from now where I can put on my graduation tie to watch my paramedics graduate, and the other occasions I can lighten the moment for them with the other themes I received. I appreciate deeply and I am in your debt for your compassion you have graciously sent my way! May God richly bless you and your company and prosper you.
Andrew M.
And, I wanted to say thanks for all you do on facebook.  I can't think of any other business off the top of my head that is so involved with customer/clients in the way you are in giving so much back. Thank you! Andrew
Burke R.
Our last order came through great. The gift boxes with bowtie instructions were a hit with our club! Very cool. We bought 4 last year, but with your great deal, we were able to load up for this year. Thanks again! Burke, The SRQ Club, Inc
Russell M.
I want to let you know your bowties are bowdacious.I will order more soon.I told everyone about your tie and bowties. Thank-you for your special sale. The colors are great.
Bob W.
So far, I'm very pleased with your website; and I'm awaiting the ties. So far, so good!
Susan C.
Your site was easy to navigate, the zoom images were so helpful at assessing the ties and your confirmation number was not a trillion numbers long. Loved it! Thanks
Angie M.
I just wanted to say Thank you, your site has the best variety of boys ties! My 8 year old nephew loves to dress up and will be so surprised that I got this for him for Christmas!
David L.
Thank you!!!! My friend loved this!!! It was everything I had hoped for!!
Tom M.
Thank you very much, you have a very satisfied and happy customer for repeat sales. Tom
April M.
Your necktie selection is great and the promotions are timely and generous - I will continue to order all of my men's specialty neckwear from Ties.com -thank you!
Hey, I just got my superman flaming S tie in the mail and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Omar S.
Fastest delivery I have ever seen. I order online all the time. You hold the record for having my neckties delivered. This is a gift for my cousin and I am confident he will LOVE them. Thanks Ties.com Team.
Minnis H.
Thank you so much... I am a customer for life!
Jim W.
I am a big fan of ties.com. I really enjoy the ties you have in your e-commence stores. I especially like the plaid ties from your in store brand The American Necktie Company because they are smart, contemporary and affordable. I am also a fan of the layout of your store.
Richaed G.
I love the ability on your site to view ties with different color shirt and coat combinations!
Mary K.
I have been searching for a skinny red tie and until I found you site I wasn't having any luck. Thank you for making my purchase so easy!
C. Smiley
Ties.com is truly a Blessing. I recently rejoined the Church and your ties really stand out. I get so many compliments from other Church members. Thank You and God Bless!!
Terea B.
Thank you so much for all your help.  I am very impressed with everything about you guys - great website, huge selection, great prices, and the most outstanding customer service I have ever encountered.  Thank you again so very much!
Julie S.
Your company is awesome! My daughters wedding is a John Deere theme. The solid green ties matched the bridesmaids dresses from Davids Bridal to a Tee. I than came back to see if ya'll had little boys ties and was amazed to find the exact same tie for him. If I ever need a tie for my husband, son, or my new son-in-law, I will not hesitate to do business with you. Thank you for your quick shipment. Julie (Mother of the Bride)
Rich O.
(Regarding converting old damaged ties to usable clip-ons) I can't believe what a great job you did with my four ties. I really thought you would only be able to salvage two - one of each color. Thank You Very Very Much
Craig P.
I recommend your website to everyone who asks me where I have purchased my bow ties. I wear bow ties about 6 days a week and get great compliments on your ties. The crossword puzzle tie has even elicited attempts by colleagues to FILL IN THE BLANKS! There seems to be a fashion revival going on with bow ties...at least here in New Orleans.
Amir H.
Your site always has a great selection, low prices and prompt shipping options. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
John P.
I've bought a number of freestyle bow ties from you. They are all beautiful. Your website is very easy to navigate. I am a very happy customer of yours.
Bowers J
Ties.com is among the best source for high quality affordable ties. Providing the specs on the ties particularly the width is very useful. As someone who prefers 3.75 to 4" ties knowing this before the purchase is very helpful.
I so appreciate you featuring "How to Tie a Tie" on your site. Watching my husband for 35 years tying his ties and only thought I knew how he tied them. I have a neighbor and he is also a vet, who's daughter is getting married. He has no one to teach him how to tie his tie. He does not want to ask his daughter. I'll pass along your website so his son can log on and they can watch your instructions together. I will surely pass your site on to others as well. Again thank you for such a nice service.
A. Nunez
Thank you so much for the great tie rack. This one is fast and the light is much better. I couldn't find anywhere else, THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!
S. Pasha
I couldn't help but take out some time and write about my experience. I have placed 2 orders in the span of less than a week. I find your website, collection, range,prices, shipment and payment options, ALL EXCELLENT!
Anne J.
I live for that stuff. And free shipping over $50, yay! Unfortunately, I got busy and distracted and let the deadline slip by, rats!! So I hope you will offer another good promo soon, so I can get a discount while enhacing my (extensive) wardrobe! I'm on your mailing list, so lemme know!! Looking forward to spending my money with you.
Chaplain William J. Beat, MSA
I wish to THANK YOUR COMPANY for having splended tie's. I received the first order and I received just what I wanted.
Kelly J.
I just want to provide some positive feedback regarding your website. The site is easy to use and I really appreciated the live chat to get a quick answer to some questions regarding shipping.
Nice collection of silk novelty ties at reasonable prices! Would like to see you add ties of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Wild & Scenic Rivers, National Park sights/lodges/waterfalls. Cool website-I like the dressing room feature!
Rowe M.
Thanks for value and selection! couldn't find an orange and black bowtie (san francisco giant baseball team colors) anywhere else! my husband will be thrilled! :)
Pink Tie
"Great Tie."
- Mr. Dance Man Columbia, Maryland
Smart looking skinny bow tie
"Great skinny bow tie, which is all cotton, easy to tie and compliments many of my shirts. The tie is adjustable and of good quality . I would recommend this line of bow ties."
- Jack Rockford, Il
"This is a terrific tie - both the pattern and the material/craftsmanship. Also a very good value. I have bought several as gifts and literally gave away one tie off my neck to an admiring friend"
- yyy washington dc
Groosmens' Favorite
"I got these for me and my groosmen to wear in my wedding. The look, feel, and quality is great! A few of my groomsmen commented that it may be the nicest tie they own, and that may be true for me as well."
- Josh O Dallas, TX
Moon Landing
"Awesome Tie!"
- BLD Beaufort, SC
"Beautiful tie - my first bow tie. I’m a klutz but I learned to tie it pretty well in a few tries. Shipped same day."
- Hark St Louis, MO
Bang for the buck
"Great tie at a great price."
- Bow tie Guy Columbus, Indiana
- kingfish baltimore,maryland 21206
Love this tie
"A very unique tie.... with a perfect fit.... will be purchasing more !"
- 9hours Tennille Ga.
"Great quality in cloth and looks ! I ordered one for all the fellas at work so they could wear them on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc. My place of employment honors the veterans on a daily basis. The guys look great in them and they get so many compliments on them. Greatly satisfied."
- CAP Ohio
My New Favorite Tie
"High quality, unique, bright. I have received so many compliments on this tie, just in the first week using it!"
- AlexG Phoenix, AZ
Latest purchase
"Arrived as always extremely quickly and with excellent packaging. Will purchase more"
- graham Bellingham,WA
"Great ties I get a lot a compliments getting more"
- Mikel Las Vegas
A perfect fit
"Love this necktie.... Can wear with several different pieces.... Will recommend to other customers !"
- 9hours Tennille Ga.
Great Color and Pattern
"Great Color and Pattern, one of my favorites to wear with white oxford shirt and jeans."
- Al Tucson, AZ
"These were ordered for Christmas, and i am SOO Excited to give them! I love them!"
- DHubb Anderson, IN
Great Delivery Great Gift
"Perfect gift for the Dr you want to thank & not sure what to get"
- Aunt Sue Lewisville, TX
Great tie
"I loved the color and the size of the tie. It was as expected and contrasted perfectly with the white shirt I had. Although both ends didnt exactly slide off each other when tying the knot as the material is not silk the final look was just like any silk tie."
- Slas New Jersey
My New Favourite Tie Place!
"High quality tie. Really helped me sauce it up at hoco🤑🤑"
- Samtiago Baltimore, MD
My new Tie
"I really like it, very nice Tie"
- phxstyle Phoenix
Hey, I Bought a Red Tie Bar, Read What I Have to Say About It.
"Before I bought this, I was a bit hesitant on how this tie bar would appear. I liked the look of it, but I wasn't sure if it would seem cheap when seen in person. Thankfully, my worries were no more when I got the tie bar. It's a solid metal tie bar that is a gorgeous red color. I bought this to wear with one of their floral ties - the red tie bar because I am wearing red pants and I wanted to add a little red elsewhere. It looks great, holds great, and I would definitely purchase more of these. The colored tie bars here are good too because I feel like people often choose bland tie bars, so adding some color makes you a bit different than all the sheep and it makes dressing up that much more exciting."
- A Guy Who Bought This Red Tie Bar Boston, MA
I Planned My Entire Outfit Around This Tie
"This tie looks as amazing in hand as it does on this site. I am very, very pleased with this purchase and I will definitely buy from Ties.com again. The tie is very well made and is very affordable - especially for someone who is trying to expand the nicer end of their wardrobe. Shipping was also fast and the presentation of the box was very nice. If not this tie, buy something from Ties.com and see how satisfied you will be as a customer. By the way, I rarely review anything I buy, but I think this site - along with the blogs and articles, and the customer service people who gave me advice on what to pair with this tie - is a phenomenal place to look for all of your suiting essentials. With Ties.com, I don't get the whole big corporation vibe with employees who couldn't care less about their customers. Ties.com cares and they are awesome."
- AmIReallyTheFirstGuyReviewingThisTie? Boston, MA
There are plenty of ties in the sea, but this is the only tie for me!
"Excuse the cheesy title, but I really love Ties.com. They have fantastic customer service and their ties are gorgeous. This tie will in no way be a disappointment to whoever buys it. They also included in my box a coupon for $20 off my next purchase - which is fantastic because I am trying to build my tie collection and get some much needed suit accessories, so this is a great place to get all of that and I will come here first for any future tie purchases."
- PlentyofTiesintheSeabutTHISistheOneforME Boston, MA
Great Style and Colors
"Great colors with rich royal blue stripes to accent red/white/navy stripes. Perfect length."
- tman Bertram, TX.
"Perfect pop of color to my suit & overall outfit!"
- Cridge Dallas
Very pleased!
"Well made. Excellent quality. Presented beautifully. Will be back for more."
- KB New Jersey
Beautiful blue tie a great addition to my wardrobe.
"As always I love the wide selection of ties st ties.com. Not only are your ties and pocket squares the best, with some colors impossible to find elsewhere, but your service and helpful employees are exemplary. AK"
- AK Boca Raton, Fl
Black suit or gray
"Couldn't wait to wear it to work!"
- Tie man Milford, DE
Black suit beauty
"Beautiful tie; wonderful price!"
- Tie man Milford, DE
"Great, tie, great price, again!"
- Tom Saint Louis
My Grandson loved the tie
"I was very pleased with my entire transaction and especially the quality of the tie. It made a great Birthday present for my grandson!"
- Mjo Stony Brook N.Y.
My good things
"Very good"
- Pough Forest park Illinois
New favorite
"Very nice tie"
- Nani Florida
So cute!
"This lapel pin is the perfect accessory! Good size and great quality. Love it!"
- Tina Los Angeles
"My boyfriend loves this clip. All his friends at work are always complimenting him on it. It is made great and looks sharp. We will definitely buy more. Thank you"
- Roni Battle Ground WA
Beautiful Tie
"I was looking for something unique as my husband just passed his naturalization testing and will be sworn in next month. I look forward to seeing him wear on that very special day and all the patriotic holidays to follow."
- Goxnadly Ventura County, CA
Wonderful product and service
"First off, I am more than happy with the product i recieved. But I'd also like to mention the other stuff that came in the box with it. I assume this is because it was my first order, but with my tie, there was a ties.com sticker (which is now proudly stuck on my laptop) and a $20 gift card. This was such a wonderful surprise and a great was to secure repeat customers."
- Rylan Lehigh valley, PA
First of many orders...
"Solid tie. Well, striped, actually. Good quality, and all the extras that came with it were a nice bonus. Will definitely be ordering more ties in the future."
- TD 04106
Love it
"Loved the tie, well crafted. Great material, not my normal style, but will definitely wear it again and buy from Ties.com again!"
- Skip Carey Detroit, MI
"It is exactly what I was looking for"
- Debster Mo
"Awesome quality!"
- Tie Lover New York
Awesome Tie
"The tie was perfect. Ordered it for my son's Senior Homecoming. Just want we wanted."
- Big Poppa Arizona
Beautiful Tie
"For my son for Christmas nice fabric & color"
- Birdlady78 Galeton, PA
Ron Burgundy
"awesome tie and quality"
- Wislon Stanton, CA
Ridiculously cool.
"I've gotten an amazing number of compliments on this tie, and I feel smarter just by wearing it. That's a lot of work for one bow tie to pull off, but the Higgs-Boson does it with ease."
- Burly Stone Mystic, CT
Perfect gift for a Preschool Principal
"Loved it!"
- Shhhhh! North Canton, OH
Wild Bow Ties
"This tie is amazing. My best friend loves it and can't wait to order more."
- Drii Greenville, SC
"This scarf (like almost every single scarf I buy off this website) was exactly what I wanted. Looks and feels just as described, and everytime I have ordered from Scarves they've thrown a little goody or bonus gift in the package. I will try and buy all of my scarves here."
- Matty Nashville
Creative Ugly Sweater Option
"My husband is a big guy and finding an ugly sweater for him at the last minute is quite impossible. This tie can be worn all season long, ugly sweater party or not, and takes up minimal space in the closet the rest of the year. What really sealed the deal for this purchase was the fact that I found leggings for me in the same design so we match! Now we are both ready for ugly sweater season but without having to wear actual ugly sweaters."
- Crystal Pocatello, Idaho
I like it!
"This tie looks great, It stands out very well!"
- Gus Bismarck, ND
great color combo
"Loved the tie. The colors were very true. Good material. Got many compliments on the tie!"
- Ian Boo Ohio
My Favorite Tie
"I LOVE this tie. I bought it to wear to a wedding and this tie turned many heads, received plenty of compliments and got lots of mentions and comments. Its classic, unique, and beautiful. the Navy blue color is the perfect hue and the floral design is incredible. One of the most beautifully designed ties. Definitely my new go-to tie for an event."
- captainawesome Leavenworth, Wa
Excellent Product
"Well made, clean lines, looks good, and holds 24 ties in a way they can be easily seen and chosen."
- JRF New Bern, NC
"This seems like a great quality tie at a good price. Bought it for my jeans and t-shirt wearing boyfriend for a wedding, so it'll be worn once then put away for a while. Good quality, good length."
- Marli Denver, CQ
Got a lot of attention
"The number of people talking about my tie went way up when I wore this one. Mostly I think it's that the astronauts don't read well from a distance, so I got a lot of "what is on your... oh" comments. I think it looks great, but I'm a nerd. I bought the standard size, which is slightly wider at the base than I like, but the skinny tie was way too skinny for me."
- MrDude Baltimore, MD
Good Product
"This pocket square matched my outfit perfectly and it was exactly what I was looking for."
- Dapper Valley, AL
love it
"Seems a little too long, but I love it"
- Bubber Montgomery, Al
Handsome Tie
"For a handsome guy. I bought this tie for my husband. It is gorgeous. He is quite pleased with it. We are getting a portrait done and I wanted him to have a special tie. I’ve bought ties from ties.com in the past. They ship fast and arrive quickly. I’ve never been disappointed."
- Garnet NJ
Great Experience!
"Great shopping experience and great product!"
- SunShine Chesapeake
Nice tie.
"Very nice tie. I will wear it often."
- Mrnybo Salt Lake City
"Love these ties"
"I was looking for a good quality tie and enough ties for my mens organization. I like the chose of styles and colors you have available. Thanks!"
- Mike Nashville, TN
Just what I wanted.
"Elegantly communicates a message of support. Fast shipping; all good!"
- Duce Hollywood, CA
Nice tie
"Great tie! Fast shipment."
- C. Wells Charlevoix, MI
love it
"is what i expected"
- monaso84 Ecuador
love it
"its what i expected"
- monaso84 Ecuador
Great Looking Tie
"Great looking tie and shipping was fast."
- Jake Carmel, IN
Versatile floral tie
"Well made, nice colors and goes well with a variety of shirts and suits."
- Big Vince San Antonio, TX
This is my new Favorite
"Really liked the colors on this one. Soft on the eyes making me approachable tie and now my lucky tie"
- The Full Windsor Piney Flats, Tn
Great pick!
"If you can snag this one, I highly recommend. Looks good in the picture but in person, even better!"
- The Full Windsor Piney Flats, TN
The perfect bouquet
"Great addition to the matching tie! Highly recommend this pocket companion"
- The full Windsor Piney Flats, TN
Good company
"Got my order in plenty of time for my son's homecoming... clean and neatly shipped in its box and was exactly what I ordered... good quality! I will absolutely use these guys for any gutter needs of this typ!!"
- Truck6651 Rolla ,MO
Great Accent
"Perfect accent for a suit or sport coat. The color is as true as the photo."
- KentD Tulsa, OK
"The colors are as perfect in the photo. Amazing service and delivery."
- KentD Tulsa
So cool!
"Such amazing quality, it looks awesome, it's fun and my wife loves it!"
- Alex Ocoee, Fl
"This is my third time purchasing a pocket square from ties.com. I absolutely love their products and the quality is incredible!"
- Alex Ocoee, Gl
Plenty of admirers!
"My state senator and I met at a gathering and he asked me where I buy my ties. Should I have told him?"
- Cowboy Milford,DE
Plenty of admirers!
"My state senator and I met at a gathering and he asked me where I buy my ties. Should I have told him?"
- Cowboy Milford,DE
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from Ties.com for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from Ties.com for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from Ties.com for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from Ties.com for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Great value!
"Why do ties cost upwards of $45 when you can get a silk tie from Ties.com for much less with excellent quality? I really don't know any more... This is a great tie for the money!!"
- SunDevil Rob VA
Love this tie!
"Super cute bow tie! High quality- Love, Love!"
- A Christian Heritage mom Dalton, Ga
Excellent Color Match!!
"I had been looking for this exact color match to further compliment my wardrobe."
- GW SF Bay Area
Perfect Accessory
"This accomodates my black jacket / tie and white shirt ensemble perfectly!"
- GW SF Bay Area
Looks Amazing
"The tie looks incredible. I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, but it seems like he doesn’t like me anymore. In fact, I think he’s going to break up with me any second now. I don’t think I’ll be giving him this tie. I’m really not having a good week, but the tie looks incredible."
- Helpless New York
Wedding ties
"The ties are very nice; no issues with delivery."
- Defender San Jose, CA
awsome design
"My initials put together make the pi sign i love the socks!"
- sockaddict420 kansas city, mo
"Had this and lost it. This was the replacement."
- GW SF Bay Area
Perfect Gift
"This was a gift and the recipient was completely satisfied."
- GW SF Bay Area
It's a killer!
"Buying ties used to be a challenge for me at 6'3". Having to try and hide the tail of my ties because they were made for average size people. But not anymore! Ties.com has ties in LONG that fit to a "T"! My black suits have never looked so good!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
It's a killer!
"Buying ties used to be a challenge for me at 6'3". Having to try and hide the tail of my ties because they were made for average size people. But not anymore! Ties.com has ties in LONG that fit to a "T"! My black suits have never looked so good!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
A beauty!
"A plain navy suit is just a suit. Ties.com helps to add a splash of beauty to a suit. I just love the Ties.com selection and prices!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
Always a beauty
"I love all the ties I purchase from Ties.com. Always gorgeous, always a bargain!"
- DECowboy Milford,DE
Ordered all Jefferson ties
"Couldn't believe the quality of the tie for any price let alone $25. I was so impressed that I ordered all Jefferson ties in all colors. Great tie"
- Charlie Northampton MA
summer ensemble
"Beautiful tie, quality fabric, great service, reasonably priced. Keep up the good work ties.com! Can I have a free tie now?"
- peteymac new york
- Ray Las Vegas, NV
Very Nice
"I got this tie for my homecoming date. He liked it a lot. Great color, great quality. Plus the packaging was really cute. I will definitely be shopping from here more often!"
- Maia Virginia
"New tie for my doctor ... he is the best and will LOVE this new tie !!"
- Gracie's Mom Maryland
I love it!
"A tie for those who like ties. Like, like like ties. A winner for sure"
- Robin Hoodie Colorado
Matched Well
"Received the tie in time and it matched well"
- HavanaBill Havana, IL
Katy collection is on point
"Great pocket squares, sturdy and good size too. I got two colors and they are a vibrant addition to the collection."
- JT Oside
Excellent quality tie!
"This is the second Allyn tie that I've bought and they are terrific! Excellent silk, very nice patterns, and they tie exceptionally well. They also hold their shape and don't wrinkle, a testament to the quality. Highly recommended!"
- Tie Man Boston
Awesome Color
"This color matched perfectly to the burnt orange bridesmaid's dresses my fiance picked out. I bought them for myself and all my groomsmen. Great looking quality tie."
- Tie buyer man Somewheresville, NY
the color
"5 stars"
- lucho pty
One the best in my closet
"Great style/ color / design"
- red New York
Martini Bow Tie
"Thanks, just what I wanted. Great tie fast delivery!"
- Les Utah
"Very good quality of a tie! Great service and fast delivery for a reasonable price!"
- Andy W Birmingham, AL
My First Purchase
"Product came quickly and in great condition. Can't wait to wear..."
- Tony Bowie MD
Wedding perfect tie!!
"I used this with a navy suit and I loved it! The thin I was surprised at how 'unthin' it was it isn't like most other skinny ties - it has a real nice fit and length! Plus it has penguins on......so obviously this tie is the ties of all ties!!!"
- C Rees Cleveland, Ohio
My daughter loves this tie
"My daughter is a Doctor Who fan and she felt it necessary to have this tie as a result. She taught herself to tie it and it goes perfectly with her school uniform. The school tried but failed to fault her for wearing one but she persevered in Whovian fashion and wears this tie still, two years later. She has other ties but claims that this one is the simplest to tie, it stays tied and looks great and she just asked for another one in a different color. You've made a 12/13 year old girl very, very happy. Thank you for your attention to quality."
- Zdad Denver
Great ties at a great price
"Good ties and colorful. I was reluctant to buy a cotton tie but they're great. I will buy more."
- Bow tie Guy Columbus, Infiana
"Two things. One is that I got this on sale for 50%off and it works great. Second is my wife was upset that I got this because she wanted to get this for me for Christmas. Oh well. You can always get another one as I have more ties. BONUS"
- Nivek Baltimore MD
Jewish tie for Luke
"He's not Jewish, but he loves it!"
- JAG Bakersfield, CA
"It's a great tie! So many compliments!"
- cgolubieski Denver
Love it
"My son was starting an all boys private catholic high school and wanted to wear this the first day!! He loves math"
- Roni Pittsburgh
"Nice fabric, easy to tie, coordinates well, and a great conversation starter! Extraordinary."
- NewvilleT Newville, PA
Very proper!
"Haven't worn it, but I was looking for something for when I wanted to be fashionable with a bowtie, but also wanted to be serious."
- The King Atlanta
"As described. Very pleased !"
- Holly Columbus Ohio
Very cool
"Great pattern and as described!"
- Holly Columbus Ohio
Skinny tie
"Bought for my son and he loves it."
- Ron Richland Washington
Very Versatile
"excellent material and very versatile with awesome color scheme. I' m matching"
- Bill T Brandywine
Great tie!
"I have been looking for new ties for work and this did not disappoint! Great colors and the fabric is good quality!"
- MP Orange County
Perfect pastel pink tie!
"This tie is great! The color is true to what it looks like online. The texture is silky and nice! I've been looking for a pale pink tie and this did not disappoint."
- MP Orange County
Really Nice Product
"Purchase one before..needed New one since I have added to my tie collection ..very nice product..well made..and the shipping was super fast..thanks"
- P.Babin Baton Rouge, La.
His new favorite
"This tie was for my teacher I admire very much. He loves the tie! It is amazing quality and came incredibly quickly! Still looks professional but still fun!"
- Tay Las Vegas
The Perfect Tie
"I bought this tie for my fathers birthday. He's a tech kind of guy, so this tie design was right up his alley. He LOVES it and enjoys all the compliments he gets when wearing it. Great product, great material, and great service."
- Haasticles Tulsa, OK
Nice sox
"Good stuff"
- MAS Boston, MA
Dagger Tie Bar
"Paired with a skull and crossbones tie and looked fantastic."
- bettytrouble Fremont, CA
Skull and Crossbone socks
"Adorable. Husband matched them with a skull and crossbone tie to complete the look."
- bettytrouble Fremont, CA
What a rack!
"Exactly what was needed. Ties are no longer draped over the closet rod. Functional and efficient organization. Thanks, Ties.com!"
- the wife Warrensburg, MO
They worked well
"It did what I needed."
- Lolikit Louisville Ky
They worked well
"It did what I needed it too."
- Loli kit Louisville Ky
Big hit gift
"I bought the tie for my fiancee as a birthday gift because they love foxes and is going to be a vet so animal themed nice clothes works really well. I loved how it looked and felt when I opened the box to check it and take out any invoices that were inside, but even better was their reaction when they opened the gift yesterday. They loved it and was so excited to wear it to the next important event."
- Padmehlc Worcester, MA
one of my new favorites
"This is absolutely fantastic. I love covfefe more than life itself. This just helps me show that love. I wore this on my first day of college, and everybody loved it as much as I."
- green apple Decatur, Mississippi,
Incredible look and feel
"This tie was everything I expected and more! It adds a little "pop" to my wardrobe. I dress business casual every Sunday through Thursday, and this tie is that extra bit of taste that makes what I wear not boring."
- green apple Decatur, Mississippi
Quite Handsome
"This tie is true to color, a comfortable fit and feels well made."
- TheBhamster Ferndale,Wa
Great tie!
"I love this tie. Very patriotic!!!!"
- JimS Sunrise Beach, Texas
All the pieces fit!
"What an icebreaker - people love seeing this quality tie! The colors go with just about anything, including checkered, stripped or patterned! This tie fits with most wardrobes and occasions!"
- RocketGirl Madison AL
Just AWESOME up close!!!
"This tie is so versatile. Super dressy or sexy and sassy, this quality tie will leave an impression."
- RocketGirl Madison AL
Beam Me Up Scotty!
"Living in the shadow of the Saturn V Space Rocket, This tie was a MUST HAVE for my Rocket Man! Quality tie - bold graphics!"
- RocketGirl Madison AL
"Beautiful tie- colors are bright, like a sky lit up with stars at night. We live in the Rocket City (US Space & Rocket Center a few miles from up) Such a fun tie for our area. Good Quality"
- RocketGirl Madison AL
Very Pleased
"The tie is a Christmas gift for a friend. I was very pleased with the tie's appearance and will be proud to give it to our friend."
- Sue Bluffton, SC
Very Nice!
"The lapel pins were very nice! I ordered them for my sons wedding party and I was very pleased. Delivery was prompt. My son is a customer now and he also loves the site."
- Shelli New Jersey
Extremely Green
"Very nice green"
- Deac Indep., KY
Nive color
"I like bright colored ties."
- Deac Indep., KY
Very good
"Very good"
- Lucho Pty
My new favorite hanker hief
"Best wuality hankerchief"
- Jim D Mission Viejo, ca
Excellent socks
"Even better looking in person, love my new socks and ties.com."
- Gsteev Washington
Nice tie
"Very good quality tie"
- Son Danville illinois
new tie
"Good quality and workmanship."
- Danny Riverside
Will Buy Again
"The tie was beyond my expectations! Thought I only bought a "novelty" tie, but was thrilled with the quality. Beautiful tie and my brother in law loved it too. He's in suits all the time and he said hlits a great tie. I called customer service and spoke to a really helpful guy who recommended the longer tie based on what I told him. Can't say enough about the nice conversation we had. And the packaging blew me away!!! I'll be looking for a reason to buy my guy or some other guy a tie soon. No doubt!"
- Leslie Lincoln RI
"Nice material, easy to tie and the perfect length for my extra long upper body. Looks great. Thanks."
- blueteal Huntsville, AL
Great start!
"This is the first Bowtie I've ever owned, but I love it. I believe it's of good quality."
- Sbren Niles, MI
Great socks!
"Grabbed a bunch of these socks for me and my groomsmen at my wedding and they were awesome! They were a little snug on me, but I eventually got them on (I am a size 12)."
- cr62046 Annapolis, MD
Many Compliments
"I love these pocket squares! I no longer wear a tie without a pocket square. Excellent size and material."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"I love these pocket squares! I no longer wear a tie without a pocket square. Excellent size and material."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"I love these pocket squares! I no longer wear a tie without a pocket square. Excellent size and material."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"I love these pocket squares! I no longer wear a tie without a pocket square. Excellent size and material."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com.w"
- GW SF Bay Area
Many Compliments
"Excellent color and I love skinny ties. With the matching pocket square you can not go wrong. Just one of many in my tie arsenal. And yes, most came from ties.com."
- GW SF Bay Area
Great ties
"Bought this tie online. Excellent feel and sleek look. I bought it for a wedding but can use it again at the office or next special occasion. Delivered quickly and on time to make the wedding."
- Last minute wedding guest Maryland
Solid product
"Better than expected."
- Mike Puerto Rico
Fabulous Tie!
"The tie was perfect for my cosplay! I can't wait to show it off at the convention!"
- D Asheville, NC
"The tie was perfect for my cosplay! I can't wait to show it off at the convention!"
- D Asheville, NC
"The tie was perfect for my cosplay! I can't wait to show it off at the convention!"
- D Asheville, NC
"The tie was perfect for my cosplay! I can't wait to show it off at the convention!"
- D Asheville, NC
"These were for the groomsmen. Looks just like picture. Nicely packaged and timely delivery"
- Chez West Chester
"This tie did come as a bow I had to tie it as a tie and it was awesome learning"
- Pam Paterson NJ
Carolina Blue
"Love ❤️ it!"
- Pickleball Jones Reno, NV
Seems like a good purchase.
"Caught this item on sale. The boxes they came in were impressive. Have to install the unit . If it works as good as it looks, I will be very happy. Hate to recycle the boxes. A real work of art."
- herman47 Long Island NY
OK Purchase
"They looked ok. For what I paid them, not complaining."
- herman47 Long lsland NY
Awesome tie!
"I recently purchased and wore this tie on a trip to Santiago, Chile and received at least half a dozen compliments on the couple of days I wore it. Its good quality and looks terrific."
- David L. San Antonio, TX
"The tie itself is awesome, very solid materials and looks great. I was even more impressed with the care that they took in packing the tie. It was very nicely wrapped and they even included free cuff links. I'll definitely be buying from here again!"
- Cody Falls Church, VA
The Bomb!
"Needed a fantastic bow tie for my nephews wedding in Bali Indonesia!!! Scored big! Beautiful and amazing quality! Another gem in bow tie jewel box!"
- HankyPanky Minneapolis MN
Perfect for our wedding!
"They are great quality, look just like the picture, and perfect for any occasion!"
- Alice Las Vegas, Nevada
"Excellent purchase 4 price value and quality thank you"
- DREW Greenacres,Fl
American flag socks
"They were awesome and just came within 3 days"
- Mhumph Bay Village, Ohio
Perfect Tie
"I wore this tie for my wedding it was awesome . It's made a very nice material very soft .it was my first time wearing a bowtie and the fabric wasn't easily fatigued by me learning to tie knots with it for 45 minutes. The color is just like the picture and the shipping was super fast. I will be buying my bow ties from here from now on ."
- Al fitz Chicago il
Awesome selection
"Awesome selection of ties available and also good customer service. Returned a tie that was too long and the exchange was pain free."
- Dan L Washington
Not a True Skinny Tie
"Love the color, material and pattern / design. However, I prefer a skinnier tie. 2" rather than 3". Otherwise, excellent service and delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"Excellent color match for an existing tie in my collection. Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"Excellent color match for an existing crimson tie in my collection. I love the material! Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"Yes, it was acknowledged the first time I displayed this pocket square with my favorite solid gold "skinny" tie. I love it and my peers acknowledgingly did as well. Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Perfect Color Match
"Perfect color match to an existing tie in my collection. Love the material. Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Respectfully '70's
"Worn as a badge of honor having survived the '70's! Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Very Nice
"I wear this as a subtle way of "tooting my own horn". Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
In Honor of China
"Love it! Purchased and worn as a display for my respect of and fascination with Chinese history and culture. Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
Perfect Gift
"Purchased as a gift for a friend of Polynesian descent whom loved it and wears it with pride."
- GW SF Bay Area
Excellent Color Match!!
"Excellent material and color match for an existing tie in my collection! Excellent Service! Delivered promptly as promised. I'll be back."
- GW SF Bay Area
great fit
"My husband likes his ties a little longer to come to his belt buckle and because of his neck girth regular ties don;t fit well. These ties were a perfect fit and color. The material is nice and the price is perfect. I am happy we found a new place to purchase ties and know that quality is also good."
- sandyo Omaha, Ne
"This is a beautiful silk tie, I got it for a wedding incorporating bride/groom colors. Its a tad bulky, so i used a half windsor. Suggest getting XL for full knot. Beautiful design lots of compliments."
- Prof Reg Madison, WI
Great tie
"Nice, elegant design. Goes with many outfits. Fetches lots of compliments."
- Catmondu Vermont
"This tie is super cool. I've been looking for a gothic kind of tie for a while now, and this is perfect. It makes me look more professional while still keeping the gothic style intact."
- Odd Lebanon, NH
Awesome tie
"Ordered the tie and came very fast and I love how it looks"
- Thefightineiten Clemson, SC
"If we ignore how my friends insist it looks like the Arizona green tea can, then it's probably my new favorite tie."
- Lane Cincinnati, Ohio
"wish I had ordered 2"
- dong cleveland oh
"Loved it .Got many likes nice material felt nice"
- Flip District Heights md
Gold is Bold
"These are great! I purchased them for my crew to wear at a 50th anniversary casino party. Everyone loved how we spiced up our tuxes by adding the gold bow tie in celebration of their 50th anniversary. Thank you ties.com for getting the ties to me so quickly!"
- Casino Party John Rockwall, TX
Essential Black
"Exactly what I wanted. Perfect tie. Thank you."
- len23 Austin, TX
Husband Loves It!
"I got this for my husband to wear to a wedding we have upcoming. The red in the tie perfectly matches my dress and he loves how fun the tie is. Very good quality!"
- clf Boston, MA
Eye catching
"This is beautiful!!! Great price and quick shipping."
- Tre Memphis,TN
Happy tie
"We were happy with this tie."
- Christine Falls Church, VA
Nice tie and grerat value for the money
"The picture on the website was extremely accurate. The overall tie construction was solid and making knots with the dimple was seamless. In summary, for the money, this was a very good purchase."
- Marc San Rafael, CA
Wearing this to all my concerts
"Although the tie was a bit large for me (I'm on the smaller side), I was able to adjust it to a reasonable size. The material is so soft and definitely high quality, and the design isn't crazy tacky and lends a bit of quirky class to my outfits. Would definitely recommend to any music lover out there!"
- Musically Accurate Fullerton, CA
bought for my son. He loved this gift!
- Lynn charlotte, nc
Great color
"Bought this bow tie for my husband for our daughters wedding. Loved it"
- Lotsofshoes Pennsylvania
Perfect in every way!
"Exactly as pictured."
- Go Cougars! Colorado
Perfect in every way!
"Exactly as pictured."
- Go Cougars! Colorado
Perfect in every way!
"Exactly as pictured."
- Go Cougars! Colorado
Perfect in every way!
"Better than even expected."
- Go Cougars! Colorado
Loved It!
"I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my Dad. I had cleaned out and organized his closets, so this was the perfect gift. He absolutely LOVED IT! So did I, my Mom, & my sister! We all took turns playing with it! It's well worth the investment, just to have his ties organized. I highly recommend this product."
- BamaLove Alabama
My Patriotic Tie
"This Tie is just what I was looking for July 4th! It is very high quality and has a great look. It is the best US Tie I have seen Your Ties alays leave me feeling glad I have ordered."
- mgrenden Bismarck, ND
Awesome Gizmo!
"Tie rack is super compact and get the job done so well! Ordered a second one I loved it so much!!"
- Betsy Centerville, MA
Groomsmen Socks
"I bought these socks as presents for the grooms and groomsmen!! Loved having a set of socks that went together for every member of the group to wear. I am so glad I purchased them!"
- Mrs. Smith Louisville
Just what needed!
"This tie was perfect for my son as his wife loves sea horses. Everyone who knows her gives a chuckle when he wears it."
- psv10 Northeast US
"great product"
- clyde wa
"I bought 9 of these for my wedding party. Can't wait to wear these, we have matching mustache socks too. They look great. I am giving it 4 stars because I wish for the price that they came in a box, not a cheap looking pouch. But the tie bar itself would get 5 stars."
- Bryan San Diego
"It made my jackets pop! I matched my hankies that have white trim and received many compliments."
- Antid Merrillville Indiana
Dark Matters
"I saw Michael from VSAUCE give this to someone as a gift and I had to have it. Surprisingly well made and nerdy in all the right ways."
- Science Guy Los Angeles, CA
Very nice socks
"They fit well for my 10.5 shoe size, feel great."
- Rob33 Kingsport, TN
- Don Columbia, Maryland
Great gift
"Great gift"
- Don Columbia, Maryland
The best.
"Tie is absolutely beautiful. Excellent quality. The solid purple base allows the addition of the multi-colored polka dots to really pop. Thumbs way up."
- Ricky Portland, OR
Class, class, class!
"Beautiful tie. Very classy and sleek looking. Has a nice hint of reflection with the white bordering on each polka dot. Excellent from top to bottom. My groomsmen looked great."
- Ricky Portland, OR
"Goes with many blue shirts and ties."
- The King Atlanta
"Great looking and a great price."
- The King Atlanta
New to tie.com
"Loved the tie, the quality, and the presentation(packaging)"
- Dress nice Georgia
Awesome Socks
"Love these socks, they're so comfortable and soft and they don't slip easily which is nice."
- BoxxyBrown506 St. Louis, MO
Graduation Tie
"This was a great tie that I wore to my college graduation. The colors matched perfectly and it's a high quality tie that I'm excited to wear to my new job."
- BoxxyBrown506 St. Louis, MO
Love Socks
"I Love All kinds of socks"
- Lucy Poplar Grove IL
Awesome socks
"Great socks to add a little flair to my teenage son's wardrobe!"
- Mom of 14 year old Beverly, Ma
Awesome socks
"Great socks to add a little flair to my teenage son's wardrobe!"
- Mom of flashy 14 year old Beverly, Ma
Product order
"Fabric was on point. Color was on point. Shipping was fast. Product was affordable. I'd say that's a win win."
- Kailey M Indiana
Summertime Blue
"So easy to match"
- VinnyH. NYC
Polka Dot
"I had an event with a neon color theme with polka dots. This tie went well with the theme."
- TAd dallas,tx
Polka Dot Tie
"I had an event with a neon color theme with polka dots. This tie went well with the theme."
- Tad dallas,tx
Great Bowtie!
"Perfect to go with my new Blue Seersucker Suit."
- PACMAN Washington, DC
Great Product, Great Customer Service!
"I am very happy with the customer service - My product got lost on the way and although it showed as delivered I have never received it. The company was willing to sending me a new box with the product and it arrived very fast - I am excited to use ties for our wedding. Thank you for your assistance and for the great service :)"
- Mariya New York
The Best
"This tie rack takes up so little space, They are neatly hanging easy to see. This has been the best thing I've bought for organizing my closet. All my ties (57) are in one place , easy to see. If you're wanting the best tie rack this is it. The price is well worth it."
- Emory Northern Utah
"I loved this tie!!! It was so nice!! My father is going to love it!! I can't wait to surprise him with it on Fathers Day!!"
- Smiley Albany New York
"Great looking tie. The pink squares really pop."
- KenS New Jersey
Hit of the zoo wedding!
"I ordered this for my boyfriend to wear to a wedding at the zoo this past weekend. The ceremony was held next to the flamingo pen, and the birds really seemed to identify with the tie. Complemented my dress well, also! Shipping was very fast, and arrived safely. Will use ties.com again!"
- littlered1978 Raleigh, NC
Good Tie, Too Thick
"The tie is good quality and I would buy it again, however the material is so think that the only knot you can tie it into is the four-in-hand. I attempted a half-windsor and the knot became so thick that there was no way to make the tie long enough."
- Bob Washington, DC
"The tie is gorgeous. Smooth and classy."
- blue cheese philly
Great ties
"Ordered this pre-tied bow tie for a teen attending an academic conference and a high school formal. The tie shipped quickly and is good quality; the fabric has a nice texture to it. The teen's strong approval is a plus!"
- MMac Portland, ME
Stars and stripes
"It wasn't has bright as picture but the pattern was just as you see. It is well made. Wish I had paid more attention --- really wanted pre-tied, since I'm not really good at figuring out without multiple tries how to tie it. Used a you tube video ..."
- Cowhead Ovett ms
Great tie
"Ordering, delivery, everything was easy and "as described"! The tie is great -- colors are exactly as portrayed; silk is great and the fabric weave (look, texture & shine) is fabulous! Thanks Ties, I'm a fan!"
- MN_Trekker Twin Cities, MN
Love it
"Love it"
- Toddmarilynn Mississippi
Beautiful tie
"I love the feel and texture of this tie. It's well made. It's certainly up to the quality of ties I've purchased for a lot more money."
- Norm North Carolina
Added Falal to the prom attire
"I bought this tie for my godson to wear to the prom with his rose gold and black blazer. It was of great quality and added the necessary umph that we needed. Most important of all he was happy."
- Prom Stylist Waldorf, MD.
awesome tie
"The colors in this tie are beautiful, the pictures does not do it justice. Wore this to a Senior Prom w/ a grey suit and lilac shirt. Received a lot of compliments! It seemed like everyone wanted to know where I got it from."
- zeuann Philadelphia
"Background is a deep blue and pattern eye-catching, generates questions"
- jmath Reedsburg, WI
My new favorite place for ties!
"Loved the tie for the new J.D. Also love the way it came boxed! Would like to see the pricing a little lower on the ties though."
- Momma G Valparaiso, IN
"Bought the silver bow that I wore today (5-21-2017) to match silver suspenders as a part of my ensemble for a waltz and the tie was perfect,"
- Mike Indianapolis
Statement maker
"I bought tis tie for my nephew's wedding. It looks great with the fuchsia shirt and my grey suit. I will also be pairing this with the Fresh Floral Sock#TS249282. To hell with just a hint of color. People are going to see COLOR! Yes, I'm THAT Uncle in the family that wants to standout and make a statment."
- Dug E Fresh Oshkosh, WI
Unique Tie Coloring!
"The color changes slightly when the light catches it, definitely one of my new favorites!"
- Alfredo Clifton, New Jersey
Great muted Pink Tie!
"The material used to make this tie is high quality!"
- Alfredo Clifton, New Jersey
"Beautiful product that was loved by the recipient."
- Rabeeah Los Angeles, CA
Exactly what I've been looking for
"I've been looking for something just like this. I'm glad i found them. They look great!"
- James NY
An Old Favorite
"My most worn tie over several years. Love the design and I bought it because it was available in an extra long. When I it started fraying after many years of wear....I bought another one!"
- XPLSV Colorado Springs, CO
Burgundy Pin
"The item is just as it looks online! Sits nice on the lapel."
- Dono Detroit, MI
Fantastic Tie
"The tie was spot on and not guady at all. It impressed my active duty Marines friends where they might order one as well"
- Jarhead1992 Jacksonville, FL
These dots were a hit
"These socks were purchased for groomsmen in my niece's wedding. They loved them, both the look and the feel!"
- tieaunt Piedmont, NC
"I order them for the groomsmen of my wedding, more than perect. I fell in love with them."
- Xiomara9 San Juan, PR
Cannot wait to wear these!
"I love this tie! My groomsmen will look great in them!"
- Nuzzer Raleigh, NC
Teacher Appreciation
"This tie was absolutely perfect for my daughter's music Teacher! He loved it"
- BTFull Orinoco, Mn
Silk tie
"Really pleased with my purchase! Bright white tie of good quality, just what I was looking for."
- Betty Killebrew Indianapolis
Coolest Cufflinks Ever!
"These are my first pair of cufflinks and I couldn't be happier! They are made of high quality material and look amazing!"
- Agui Colorado
Awesome Socks!
"These socks are everything I expect from a dress sock! Breathable, comfortable, and shaped to my foot. Even better is the cool design!"
- Agui Colorado
Love them
"Loved it. Great quality. Loved all the selection."
- Lee A Albuquerque, NM
Perfect service
"Fast shipping, thanks"
- Mirunna Canada
My favs
"These socks add a lot to my day. Very colorful and adds a spark to an otherwise dull...gray blu brwn day!"
- Dubs Rhule San Francisco
Cool pattern
"Fit great"
- Dubs Rhule San Francisco
Great Product
"Great Product"
- Tgreen Mobile, Al
"Like em, just a little too much room (too big) at toes! My new favorite socks 😊"
- SockIt2Me Atlanta
"Like em, just a little too much room (too big) at toes!"
- SockIt2Me Atlanta
"Like em, just a little too much room (too big) at toes! Love the color."
- SockIt2Me Atlanta
"Like em, just a little too much room (too big) at toes!"
- SockIt2Me Atlanta
Nice- Simple
"nice. good quality. Perfect to have engraved for my Groom, best man and dad for my upcoming wedding. T was struggling to find rose god tie clips. These were perfect!"
- MrsFranks Dallas, NC
Husband loved it!
"I ordered this for my husband. He loved it! Great quality!"
- Spsiamese Springfield, IL
Top Quality
"Bracelet arrived within just a few business days. Looked exactly as it did in the online catalog. Would definitely order from here again. NICE JOB"
- Cheffrey70 Millington, NJ
Love the ties.
"Great quality. Loved the price and variety of colors!!!"
- Lee A.. Albuquerque,nm
Great tie
"Whimsical tie yet still tasteful. Know I will receive positive comments about it."
- RP Cookeville, TN
Who Will Win? Hammerhead Shark or Bull Shark
"A sophisticated tie with a subtle if unusual motif and an incredibly beautiful color."
- MiniLin Boston, MA
A long distance biker's dream tie
"My gift was a hit, the recipient loved it. I will be ordering 3 more."
- MiniLin Boston, MA
Excellent Tie in Perfect Condition
"I ordered this tie because blue is my favorite color—and it matches with plenty of items in my wardrobe—and because I don't like zip ties or clip-on ties. I prefer actual, real ties, but they are very difficult to find in boys' sizes. So I was very happy indeed when I noticed it was possible to order a boys' tie in my favorite color—so excited, in fact, that I paid more to have it delivered faster. Now, this tie is an essential piece in my wardrobe that I wear on many occasions."
- Dillon Bay Area, California
The Giraffe Did One Too
"Great tie for a good price. Perfect for a children's book author. He loved it."
- MiniLin Boston, MA
"Great quality. Works well for Harry Potter.."
- J Michael Wisconsin
Beautiful tie.
"First order from Ties.com. Understated but elegant. Material and construction seem to be solid. I will order again."
- Shane Hillsboro, OR
Great tie
"Nice quality. Great purchase."
- Heat1 Ohio
Extra long tie colors perfect for wedding event
"Love the tie. Love the website. Finding a good selection of extra long ties is rare. This site does the job with great quality for reasonable cost."
- Dee South TX Coast
Gr8 all-around hanger
"Super versatile and great smelling tie hanger. I can hang my ties, bow ties, belts, bracelets and even my winter scarf on this thing (if I fold it just right). Cheers!"
- Dr. Pepper, MD Venice, CA
"Beautiful color. Exactly what we were looking g for."
- Mumof3boys Pittsburgh PA
Yellow gold tip and black bow tie
"Loved it 😻😻"
- Kssgirl Orlando fl
So cool
"Exceeded my expectations! Got so many compliments! Definitely coming back"
- FE Brooklyn NY
So cool
"Exceeded my expectations! Got so many compliments! Definitely coming back"
- FE Brooklyn NY
- Rj San Diego
Absolute Perfection!!!
"Love this tie bar! Construction is super solid! The length is perfect and the design is flawless! My new favorite accent piece to my daily work wear!"
- Jakes on a ✈️ Spokane, Wa
Who Will Win? Killer Whale vs. Great White
"Beautiful color despite the tie not being made of silk. All over pattern is not repetitive, the Orcas facing different ways all over. A fun tie."
- MiniLin Boston, MA
Who Will Win? Jaguar vs. Skunk
"I had been searching the"
- MiniLin Boston, MA
love the workmanship
"Fast shipping, love the color"
- Graduation magnolia, tx
"Well I wrar it last Sunday and got a lot of compliments from this tie. very good quality."
- junbug Va
My wedding tie
"Excellent quality and look"
- Groom for Bride Washington DC
Love this website
"It came in surprisingly fast and their items are fashionable and affordable"
- Lupita Humble Texas
"Cute and good service"
- mabymommy Dayton,OH
Super smooth
"THE MATERIAL and colors are of very good quality. The texture and style very mod. The delivery time blew me away."
- Cincere New York city
Deeeeeeeep Blue
"When I purchased this tie it was listed as black, but I also purchased 5 other black ties from ties.com at the same time. Each was for a different member of my wedding party. When compared side by side, the material of this tie makes it appear to be a deep, deep blue rather than black. This likely has to do with the general sheen of the material, which the matte products don't have. Nevertheless, the tie is well made and would be good for any semi-classic music lover. (It is not vinyl, after all)."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
Delightfully Macabre
"I am a fan of skulls on things, but not flames which are dumb. This tie has all of the skulls you want with none of the useless flames that people tend to pair with them out of incredible ignorance. The pattern looks good from a distance, and is even better close up. This tie was a present, and he enjoyed it. Or, at least, he pretended to enjoy it. I would have enjoyed it, but I did not get it for myself."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
Crowd Pleaser
"This was a gift for my father-in-law who is a Sharks hockey fan. I suppose it would also be good for fans of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel or Shark Tank on ABC. Fans of sharks in general, I suppose. I feel like I am getting off topic. The tie is well constructed, and is a true black so it went well with his black suit."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
A favorite with the ladies
"I got this as a present for my friend and his wife really likes it. I realize that this might not be the "ladies" implied by the title, but wives are ladies too and they are entitled to like how their husbands look. The tiny heart pattern looks good at any distance, and the tie, as always, is well put together. I think he is going to enjoy it for years to come."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
Hauntingly Good
"I bought this tie for my brother who enjoys a certain trademarked superhero with an affinity for bats. I was going with an individual interpretation on an all black-tie wedding. He seemed to enjoy it. The tie itself is, of course, well made and looks great."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
The NW on your neck
"A well-built tie that delivers on the promise of NW goodness. I feel better wearing this tie and people often comment on it. If they are from the NW as well, they ask if it is Sasquatch. If they are not, they will occasionally ask "is that a guy in the woods?" At which point I get a good self-congratulating laugh at their expense. Fun times all around."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
A great gift
"I purchased this for my wedding officiant to wear at the ceremony. He is a great lover of bicycles and bicycling. The quality, as always, is top notch. The tie is fairly thick and sturdy, and seems like it would last him a long time."
- Tesdal Arlington, TX
perfect for Prom
"The first tie we received was all purple- not at all like the photo. Called customer service and the gentleman hand-picked one from stock that had more of the blue swirls. He was able to apply a coupon to offset the needed 2 day shipping so the price was equal to our original order. Great customer service- thank you!!"
- mamasan Virginia
Spring/Easter tie
"I wore this tie to work and got a lot of compliments on how pretty this tie is from men an women."
- Samuel Montgomery, AL
Amazing Find!
"The tie looks and feels so nice! Looked just like the picture and the price hit the spot!"
- JK Arlington TX
Chambray floral perfection
"Love it! My husband looks great in it!"
- momof3 Greenville, SC
Tonal Bamboo Tie
"Just as advertised. Perfect for the upcoming destination wedding in Maui!!"
- EDH Florida
- tj Delaware
- tj Delaware
Nice socks
"Good socks."
- cakedog02 Utah
Love Colors
"Order matching ties for husband and son ..love the fit..the colors...and quality...super fast shipping"
- Samantha Simmesport ,La
Killer ties
"I love your ties good price with the coupon and I get lots of compliments. I'm going to be a lifelong customer your stuff is that good"
- Phil South Dakota
Killer ties
"Awesome ties,great price. Also the delivery was super fast"
- Phil South Dakota
amazing customer service
"I couldn't figure out how to fix a previous review, so I'll leave a new one. I had some problems with a tie clip that had snagged a tie. Not only was I contacted within an hour of leaving the review, but they sent me a new clip & a new tie at no cost. I had it 2 days later. No questions, no hassle....it was amazing. Thanks ties.com team!"
- snazzyb Nebraska
"Husband will wear on Good Friday."
- GG Opelika, AL
Most beautiful tie I've ever bought my husband!
"Just gorgeous for Easter!"
- GG Opelika, AL
Pretty Sweet Socks
"Ordered these maybe a day and a half ago, and they're already here! Pretty excited to wear this pair, as well as many others I ordered. They're a little long on me since I'm short, hopefully they shrink a little in the dryer. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the quality of these socks and how fast they arrived. The packaging they came in was very handsome and neatly packed, I can tell whomever assembled my package actually cared and took the time to do so. All in all, a great and fun way to show off a little style. Will definitely be ordering from here again!"
- Mvaz Chicago
"Reminds me of my undergraduate days in mathematics. My professor had a doctorate in Astro-Physics, Mathematics and working on one in Astronomy. Mine is in chemistry."
- Old Will Sierra Nevada Mountains
""The God Particle" from a chemist."
- Old Will Sierra Nevada Mountains
"Love the tie! Starts my morning."
- Old Will Sierra Nevada Mountains
Nice Tie
"Great design and quality"
- SPties Houston, TX
Great design
"The silk is great and the tie ties very well. The pattern is a great conversation starter."
- tinman Sciota, PA
Many Compliments
"As every tie I have bought from Ties.com it is a quality product and I had many people commenting on how much they liked it. It was perfect for the concert I emceed on St. Patrick's Day! Thanks!"
- RogaSinger Chattanooga
Great tie
"This tie is very nice and light weight"
- Leon Louisiana
Old Glory
"this is going to make everyone hungary"
- Charley Brown Bountiful Utah
Old Glory
"great, this will definitely get many comments"
- Charley Brown Bountiful Utah
Old Glory
"this is great"
- Charley Brown Bountiful Utah
Old Glory
"I like it"
- Charley Brown Bountiful Utah
Old Glory
- Charley Brown Bountiful Utah
Bravo Zulu
"The tray is high quality construction and perfect for sorting and storing my 60+ tie collection!"
- The CDR Las Cruces, NM
- Flipside Bayfield, WI
"This tie is very good quality. The colors are true to the picture. Would definitely buy from Ties.com again! They are perfect and match the bridesmaid dresses."
- VJK Fargo,ND
Quality Product
"Seems like a quality product so far. No loose pegs or other defects that I can tell."
- TieMaker USA
Irish celebration
"Got socks for family St Patrick's day celebration; they are winners."
- jets Oregon
Great tie
"Will order again. Great service."
- Tyler, Texas Texas
Looks and wears great!
"Love the tie, has a great pattern, sturdy construction."
- Cole SF Bay Area
My Easter Tie
"I have a 20-1/2" neck and a long torso. This tie is plenty long. I'm very happy with my purchase."
- Rickstar Bethpage, NY
....and he LOVED it!
"The foreman of our pipecrew has a colection of bowties and every Friday and Saturday we work, he wears one. He goes above and beyond consistently as a boss, so the crew got together and all pitched in to get him this one. In his own words "I love it. It's f*n rad!""
- Pipe Crew Lacey, WA
Always Great
"Love this tie - as I have all my ties from ties.com. The color and brightness of this tie is so much better than pictured (and that was good!)"
- Eddie B. Stroudsburg, PA
A perfect match!
"I'm so happy with this tie! It matches the shoes I wanted it to PERFECTLY. The color swatches online are very accurate! Shipping was so fast; I got in in just a couple days. 10/10 would recommend."
- amurph46 Massachusetts
"This tie was perfect!"
- K.Mac. Birmingham, AL
Good shade of blue. Versatile.
"The quality was very good; as anticipated. The color blue goes with a lot of different shirts and ties."
- The King Atlanta
Compliments Galore
"I received instant compliments while wearing this tie! It is too cute!"
"This tie is exquisitely amazing! No complaints!"
"I love the skinny tie look & this tie makes me happy yet hungry while wearing it. I absolutely love it!"
"The color is quite vibrant & who doesn't like hula girls?! 2 stinking cute of a tie!"
Classy Chic Tie
"This tie looks good with nearly every shirt. It looks much more expensive than $20. Just loving it!"
- MannieBananie Logan, Utah
6 Classic Handkerchiefs
"Size and quality exactly what I was looking for. Delivery time was exceptional. Don't mind "blowing" my own horn."
- TommyT West Nyack, NY
Great Quality - looks great!
"Quality is excellent and I love the design; subtle but makes a good statement. Good addition to any collection."
- Brandon Vero Beach, FL, USA
Fave new tie!
"My son attends a private school where they wear dress shirts and pants all fall and winter. Since literally every item they wear is regulation except the tie, your ties for juniors really hit the spot! This was our first purchase and we will be SURE to buy more. Great size, quality and design. Please add more fun designs for boys, they are awesome!"
- Hummer's Nashua, NH
Wonderful tie!!!
"Wonderful tie i love it!"
- Daz CA
"Awesome ties!!!"
- Rj San Diego
My new favorite
"Great and classy bow tie... I love it.. thank you for my free gift, unexpected and great, thank you."
- Tonytigeru2 Phoenix AZ
Awesome tie!
"Such an awesome tie! The color, the look, the feel - supurb!"
- daveandchel South Carolina
Awesome tie!
"Great color, great look, great feel! This is an awesome tie!"
- daveandchel South Carolina
Touch of class!
"This linen product is handsome and high quality. Can't beat the price."
- The King Atlanta, GA
Super Soft, Party Favorite
"Bought these socks for a party and everyone commented on them while I was there! Sock Genius products are super soft and very enjoyable to wear. Slightly more orange than the picture shows but still great for what I wanted!"
- Blake L. Bloomington, IN
Great site! New go-to
"The prices are affordable, the selection of products is great, and the service was excellent! Ties.com will be my new go to for ties and I'm looking to buy socks and scarves in the future too!"
- andy Washington, DC
Great with black.
"Looks great with my black suit!"
- Jim D Milford, DE
Smoking Tie!!
"I've been swayed to "Bow tie" and it's all good. I wore this tie last Sunday and the compliments never stopped. The colors are subtle yet stunning against a white shirt; most importantly it was the easiest tie to tie I have ever had. Tightening and adjusting it was effortless because of the quality of the fabric. If I could find a blue one, even similar to this one, I I would buy it in a heart- beat."
- Wysguy Litchfield Park, Arizona
American Pride
"We got these socks for our groomsmen for the wedding and they look absolutely amazing! Great purchase and amazing quality!"
- KT Boston, MA
happy find
"wished I always had this one"
- bud Florida
I have a heart
"As one of the FEW people at our church, people look forward to seeing my tie each week!!"
- Ted Sunny Flotida
Super accessory blazer
"Never so pleased with the color style texture of my selection.."
- Great Scorpio birthday tie Franklinton LA
Good and affordable
- Nick Crofton Md
My son liked the tie
"My son liked the tie."
- AndersH Fairfax, Virginia
It's so pretty!
"It looks just like the picture and it's quite the handsome addition to a jacket. It's not cheaply built, either, so it won't fall apart. It can work really well if paired with the right colors. Buy it, you won't regret it."
- Henry Los Angeles
My first self tie!
"Great pattern, maybe a little lighter pattern color than the photo suggested. Still a great looking bow tie though! The instructions it came with were very helpful!"
- Jack Philadelphia, PA
I'll be back!
"Exquisite! could not be more fashionable!"
- Jon New York City,NY
Mother Function
- Ts Nj
Spring Casual
"Great spring color to complement any seasonal shirt."
- DapperDan Cleveland, OH
"Neutral grey with the stripe pattern works great for a variety of outfits!"
- DapperDan Cleveland, OH
Great wool tie
"For price , it;s a great tie. I would recommend this for four in hand or prince Albert Knot. Definitely not for windsor or full windsor though. Great customer service by ties.com. You guys rock"
- Amit New York , NY
Great Tie
"Great conversation piece. Qualiyt fabric"
- Lor Lumberton, NJ
Nice tie
"This tire was nicer than I expected for the price."
- Tie wearer Philadelphia
Best Shark Tie!!!
"My favorite shark tie!"
- Rob Salem MA
Great gift
"Bought it for my boyfriend as a gift for Valentine's Day and it came quickly with no damage. I love how it looks and I'm sure he'll love it too."
- QT Poulsbo
"The tie quality is awesome and the color is vibrant. I was skeptical as this was my first order, but was more than pleased with what we received. The best part...the price! Paying $50 or $85 for a tie at at high end department store is crazy. So I have now found a new tie destination."
- Bernnz TN
Great colors
"Great colors and quality"
- Rogsip4727 Lexington, SC
Awesome tie!
"Good quality!"
- Rogsip4727 Lexington, SC
My school tie.
"This nice looking tie also features the colors of my alma mater, Columbia blue!"
- Sutter Sailor Hertford, NC
"Great quality and my husband loved it - success!"
- Kade Casper, WY
Great Place
"This tie is of good quality and, as always, the shipping and servicing were the best. Good prices too!"
- Jim Stewartstown, PA
my husbands favorite
"I bought this for my husband and he was pleasantly surprised. It works great!"
- dar erial, nj
Can't wait for 7/4
"Flashy, but not too."
- The King Atlanta
Compliments Galore
"Great quality and color"
- The King Atlanta
Great Product!
"I got 5 leatherette gift roll tie cases for my groomsmen and couldn't be happier! Product came as advertised, and they work great!"
- Dominick Johnstown, PA
Great tie.
"Nice modern skinny look. Great color. Looks sweet. Good quality."
- Mak Daddy Cincinnati, OH
Yes my favorite conbo
"Love this one my little conbow"
- Gentlemen rodney Philadelphia
"Way better product that I thought"
- Ky OG Lexington Kentucky
"Cool socks Mr. Taylor"
"I like to wear fun socks. I teach high school and my students always get a kick out of looking at the socks I'm wearing. They think these are cool socks and I have to agree with them. They are really comfy!"
- bntyl85 Kahoka, MO
"With so much color in the tie, it goes with many different solid color shirts and spruces up a white button down."
- DapperDan Cleveland, OH
Derby Appropriate
"Getting ready for Derby day, sure to be a hit!"
- DapperDan Cleveland, OH
Love the dark color with the purple squares
"Great quality, look and feel.. PLUS that it came in extra long size!"
- pisani777 Rutherford, NJ
Great Classic Tie
"Great tie that I can wear to any occasion. The quality is great too, and it seems that this tie will hold up for a while, and not come undone like other ties I have. This tie is also the perfect width. I'm a slimmer guy, but I also don't like super thin ties. This one is slim enough for me, but still looks very classy. Very pleased with this tie."
- Jacob H. Bentonville, AR
"It matched my tie perfectly."
- Aaron Elk City, OK
"It was exactly what I had hoped."
- Aaron Elk City, OK
Stylish Tie
"Not only is this tie exceptional in it's appearance but the return policy that Ties.com has in place is exceptional to say the least."
- Stephen New York
Red Tie Bar not upto quality. Red paint coming off.
"The red tie bar I received has its paint/color chipped off at all the 4 edges. Only noticeable when you have a closer look. Still ended up getting a lot of compliments. Please, do something about the issue regarding the color being chipped off easily."
- sid Michigan
Great tie
"Well made and attractive."
- jaeger Vilas, NC
super great tie
"Very good tie solid quality"
- Lynn Grand Prairie TX
"my husband loves anything I get him from ties.com. this year I ordered socks which were a new item and he loved them too"
- ohiobelle Toledo, Ohio
One of my Favorites
"love the graphics. Bold and stylish"
- Tie Beau las vegas
Quality, Elegance and Price
"I love the Extra Long ties that Ties.com sells. I almost shop exclusively from them because of the availability, selection, quality and price of their ties. I always struggle to find a beautiful and reasonably priced extra long tie in the department stores. Thank you Ties.com! Please keep these coming!"
- pisani777 Rutherford, NJ
Fancy AtTIEre
"I wore this lovely tie to my all district band audition today. It looked splendid and I received countless compliments on it all throughtout the the day. Can't wait to wear it to my jazz audition next weekend!"
- Chloboe North Carolina
Chirstmas ties
"Great tie, well made, and it ties beautifully. I like the colors and the material, nice texture"
- Bow Tie Guy Wilmington, NC
Great tie
"I love this tie. Love the quality fabric and design."
- 513C Cincinnati, OH
Great Tie
"I love this tie. Love the quality fabric and design."
- 513C Cincinnati, OH
Compliments galore!
"Great color and quality."
- The King Atlanta
War Eagle!
"Perfect colors for football season. Good quality. Stay up well."
- The King Atlanta
Excellent silk tie / Great pattern
"Allyn ties are among the best made. All silk, very good design, and they tie exceptionally well. They are well worth the extra price (and a steal when they're on sale). Highly recommended!"
- GM Boston, MA
When Pigs Fly Tie
"Excellent silk tie for a man who wears suit & tie daily & likes unusual patterns ~"
- shoobaby TOLLAND, CT
Kelly Green Tie
"This is my son's tie. His school colors are Kelly green! Perfect!"
- carolynmegry Clinton, Ok
Brightest Orange Tie
"Been looking for a bright Orange tie! My husband is an OSU-OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE & they have the brightest orange! He loves his new Orange tie!"
- carolynmegry Clinton, Ok
Brightest Orange Tie
"Been looking for a bright Orange tie! My husband is an OSU-OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE & they have the brightest orange! He loves his new Orange tie!"
- carolynmegry Clinton, Ok
Rhino Tie
"My husband LOVED it!!! Has gotten lots of compliments on the Rhino tie!"
- carolynmegry Clinton, Ok
Extra Long
"Love holiday novelty ties."
- Oldtall1 Salt Lake City
Extra Long
"Can't go wrong with a nice extra long tie."
- Oldtall1 Salt Lake City
loved them
"Beautiful and great quality!!"
- Chata San Diego
Great Tie
"Son lives this Tie!"
- Mom Daytona, Florida
I get nice comments
"Beautifully executed tie, solid construction, quality materials, I received 4 nice comments the first day I wore this..."
- Iceclimber42 Franklin
Fantastic tie!
"Looks great"
- Doc Russ Indiana, PA
Fantastic tie!
"Looks great and doesn't hold wrinkles"
- Doc Riss Indiana, PA
"Great product, delivered on time. Just like pictured."
- Tie123 La
Perfect gift!
"My husband loves this! Works and looks great!"
- Kayla Warren, OH
Great Tie
"Material is nice, looks good and was a bargain at the regular price. The price I git it for I consider a steal!"
- Chieffuncap Milwaukee
super great tie
"well made ,looks great"
- Lynn Grand Prairie TX
"I have only used this a few times but it works perfectly. The only downside is having to roll the tie myself. Keeps the tie protected in your luggage. I don't worry about wrinkles as much now."
- J. Walsh Iowa
Great product
"Amazing product,as advertised"
- John NY
Love Anything Ugly Christmas Sweater Related
"It was $5, so I had to order it. Got in the mail the other day, and I already love it. It's one of those ties that you can wear any time of the year, not just during Christmas. I always enjoy putting a smile on people's faces, and I think this will do it on Sundays."
- Swindle Provo, Utah
Great for services
"As a Rabbi, my 'work uniform' is shirt and tie (and pants etc!) so I try to have a tie for all seasons! This is a great tie for the Shabbat in Chanukah."
- Jonathan Melbourne Australia
Great for Chanukah parties
"As a Rabbi, my 'work uniform' is shirt and tie (and pants etc!) so I try to have a tie for all seasons! This is a great fun tie for Chanukah."
- Jonathan Melbourne Australia
Perfect holiday tie for me to wear working at the phoenix symphony!
- Liz Phoenix
Nice Tie!
"Great look, nice quality & quick shipping!!!"
- Adirondacks Troy, NY
falls out of hole
"the back is not big enough, falls through slit on shirt. needed to tape in place with scotch tape. not very prince like"
- kelvis New Jersey
It's cool
"4 stars because it is a bit pokey when you put in on, but the classiness makes up for the very temporary finger pain. One of the coolest tie clips out there. High quality and the price can't be beat."
- Robin Hoodie Colorado
Pocket Squares...
"Got it... Love it... Will keep getting it..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Pocket Squares...
"Can't have enough of them..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
Pocket Squares...
"An important part of your wardrobe that can set you apart from the rest..."
- John W. Harlem N.Y.
A great gift!
"A gift for my father in law- In the colors of the Napoli soccer team! Perfect, high quality, he loved it! Thank you!"
- SabrinaP Maryland, USA
Great look, quality feel and fast shipping!!
"Great look, quality feel and fast shipping!!"
- Adirondacks Troy, NY
Great look and quality feel
"Great look, quality feel and fast shipping!!"
- Adirondacks Troy, NY
Nice tie
"I like the tie. The colors and pattern have a nice flair to them."
- C513 Cincinnati
My son's new favorite.
- Mom Indiana
Good quality, good price!
"Item shipped very fast and just as described. Highly recommend!!!!"
- RN Rob Chicago, IL
He loved it!
"Great quality"
- Elaine Houston, Texas
Very nice.
"Nice product."
- Heart mom Huntsville, Alabama
Zika never looked so good!!
"Every Christmas I buy my colleague a tie with some medically related theme. He loves them!! These are very reasonably priced and well made ties. Highly recommended 🏩"
- ID DOC Greenville SC
Very attractive and wonderful quality
"My vet-to-be son wears a tie to his clinic everyday. I have purchased many dog and animal ties from ties.com for him to wear, but I thought that the doghouse and bones tie was a fun variation on a theme. He wore it the week after Christmas and has already received many compliments on it. The green background is lovely and the design is crisp. Another winner from ties.com"
- Pat's Mom Los Angeles
Update on Yappy Howlidays
"My son must wear a tie to his clinic everyday, so he likes to wear something interesting. He wore this throughout the Christmas season and received many compliments on it. One of his classmates liked it so much that she took a photo of it."
- Gingerale New Hampshire
My boyfriend loves it!
"soft, cool patterns, super comfy and loved the packaging, great colors, pictures don't stretch so thats great!"
- katylib New York
"My son whom I got it for really loves it a lot."
- Carolyn Phillips Canterbury NH
cool tie with a nifty name
"This tie is a good conversation starter."
- Former Epidemiologist Stephens City, VA
Nice tie
"Nice tie. Loved the pattern. I plan on buying more ties from ties.com."
- Devin M. Melrose, Louisiana
Great accessory
"Great accessory, very modern and cool. I will definitely purchase more from ties.com."
- Devin M. Melrose, Louisiana
Awesome tie
"Perfect tie for the holiday. super fast shipping"
- James Green Bay, WI
Nice Tie
"Very pleased with the blended color / pattern of this tie!"
- Fitnes1408 New York
"Very professional mixed-colored tie!"
- Fitnes1408 New York
Xmas gift
"Perfect international gift. Easy order, good prices and quick delivery."
- Goosey U.K.
Awesome Gift
"I needed a gift for a special "Horse Racing Fan"!! This was PERFECT!! Excellent packaging! Super fast shipping!! And he LOVED IT!! That's what matters!!"
- VegasVixen Las Vegas, NV
Great Tie!
"I love the tie! the colors are exactly as displayed, the quality seems great. Loved the packaging! Would definitely order from ties.com again!!!"
- LiketoYak Kingston, NY
great gift for cyclist
"Bought this for a colleague. Perfect novelty tie. Blue is striking and details are as pictured"
- CHS girl Charleston, SC
"Nice fabric, nice colors."
- Bassrep Baltimore, MD
"Very nice fabric, awesome colors."
- Bassrep Baltimore, MD
"I now have a pair of each and every Westminster socks and several other styles as well and I really really like the way the feel and look! I have sent three co-workers the ties.com link and know all of them are buying socks as well, The Westminster socks are by far my favorite, except for the black socks with the skull and crossbones they are alot of fun to wear and I get many comments from students and teachers."
- David Lehigh Valley PA
Buying more!
"Bought these and 4 other pairs for my husband. He loved them and is buying more on his own from this site. So far, they have not faded through machine washing. To early to tell, but if they don't stretch out with repeated wear, they will be perfect socks!"
- DayZ Southern California
Looking good!
"I'm a female (size 6 shoe) and the socks are a little big foot length, but still work great as trouser socks, I.e., look great with mid calf boots. Love the color and have machine washed twice now without any fading. 5 stars!"
- DayZ Orange County, CA
Great Option for 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' Party
"Lots of compliments! Unique. Great for using if you aren't into wearing Christmas sweaters."
- ChristmasTieRy USA
Really like this tie
"I have not owned it for very long. I have worn it a couple times and I really like the feel of the fabric. This tie also seems to be more wrinkle resistant than most of my other ties."
- Mines4Food Canyonville, OR
"These are nice looking. Will have wait and see it they will wear well. They are not slim and have a sharp point. Never the less....they look nice!"
- DaTu Seattle, WA
"Well made cufflinks. They look just as nice in person as in the photo."
- DaTu Seattle, WA
"Seem to be well made. I like the design and would like to have a pair in white and black also. These are cream and black."
- DaTu Seattle, WA
Better than expected quality
"This item was on sale and I was positively surprised by the quality."
- The King Atlanta, GA
Stays up
"Very high quality and stay up well for a mid calf sock"
- The King Atlanta, GA
Perfect and Fast
"This bow was perfect for Christmas parties and got here really fast."
- The King Atlanta, GA
My new favorite Tie Co.
"Husband dresses up daily, loves silk ties, is member of Rep. State Legislature....the perfect Christmas gift & great packaging; happy I found your company."
- shoobaby1 Hartford
Give A Dog A Bone Tie
"Perfect Christmas gift for my husband who wears suits & silk ties daily & loves dogs; packaging is great; can't wait to give this gift to him."
- shoobaby1 Hartford, CT
Goes great with the ties.
"It was shorter than I expected, but the quality is really good."
- pj Twentynine Palms, CA
Great Stocking Stuffer
"Good Quality and the color of the tie is true to the picture on the site."
- pj Twentynine Palms, CA
Navy blue and yellow
"This tie is easy to match my dress shirt, it is my go to tie for navy blue attire."
- Sumatran Rhino Brigantine, New Jersey
I just love rhinos
"My love for rhinos made me want this tie. The quality of this tie is great ."
- Sumatran Rhino Brigantine,NJ
Lots of complements
"Wore it while singing many of my Christmas programs at healthcare facilities around the Chattanooga area and received many compliments. It's a quality tie and long enough to look good on my 20" neck"
- RogaSinger Chattanooga
"Dude, this pocket square is super classy."
- Patrick Salem, OR
"Quality material, nice color, well-made tie."
- "Doc" Tennessee
Handsome, Hefty, Delicate
"This is a really handsome tie with some heft. It pairs nicely with a winter ensemble and the heavier weight produces a hefty knot. My only concern is the stitching on the back, which seems very delicate and may need to be re-sewn at some point."
- Chris New York, NY
My New Go-To
"Love everything about this tie: it's versatile, understated, and feels great!"
- Chris New York, NY
Excellent tir
"Perfect in all ways!!! I will be purchasing more from this company excellent quality and Superior delivery"
- Debbie Fort Walton Beach, Florida
"Fun tie, good quality"
- Coop San Marcos, TX
Beautiful Kelly Green
"I love green and especially kelly green and this tie is such a classic and so affordable like everything on ties.com!"
- Camelversosfashion Sacramento, CA
One of my favorite ever ties
"I saw this tie in someone's Instagram picture, instantly fell in love, found out it was affordable and bought it! Now it is my favorite tie!! AWESOME!!"
- Camelversosfashion Sacramento, CA
Love Ties.com
"This is a gift for my son for Christmas. He's a middle school teacher and has to wear a shirt and tie every day. Isn't this a great tie clip for a middle school teacher? He loves it!"
- DD Dallas
Sweet Hearts
"I love this tie and the price is great I will be ordering from them again."
Great Christmas Tie
"I Bought several ties and this one is Christmas. I really liked all the ties."
"i bought this for my brother for christmas and i love how good quality it is for such a reasonable price! The material is not thin and is well made. the only thing i was surprised with was the color...this yellow was more of a bright neon yellow ratther than the pure yellow in the pic. other than that, i am pleased with this company and the order!"
- casadillla boise id
Very Nice.
"You should receive nice comments upon wearing. : )"
- Luther T. Baltimore, MD
I Like It
"A really nice, well made, simple, and practical piece. It helps make good use of my man-closet space."
- Mac East Coast
great color rich love it
"I like the quality of the tie, it falls great on y husbands shirt. He also like the tie alot"
- cathiean altmar ny
Just what I was was looking for!
"Got this tie with the matching bowties for my fiancé and groomsmen, and am extremely happy!"
- Shay Weimar CA
Great product and delivwry
"As always your delivery of this product was excellent ( as good as Amazon!!) The product was as expected and will go with other ties from your company. Merry Xmas"
- Graham Bellingham,WA
Tie looked better in person!
"Tie looked and felt great. You can tell it's a quality tie. Looks like ties you would pay double the price for. Great packaging too!"
- Adirondacks Troy, NT
"My fiance was deemed "best dressed" in part to this amazing accessory!"
- alexa Tampa FL
First Bowtie
"It's very nice. I have a somewhat large neck and it is long enough that I can have it somewhat loose. It was odd tying it for the first time because it looks somewhat asymmetrical but I've worn it twice and have gotten only compliments on it. It's not too flashy but it's unique and interesting. The fabric feels like it's good quality and it won't break anytime soon."
- TV San Francisco
Nice Bow Tie
"I bought this bow tie for husband and I have yet to give it to him since it is a Christmas present. It seems like a nice quality tie and I hope he likes it."
- cbrok NJ
Very Different
"Get compliments all the time!"
- Jas New York
"A great quality tie that shipped the day I ordered it and arrived only around 4 days after. :)"
- Serotonin329 NJ
Very Nice
"This is a fairly high quality tie that is very versatile. I've used it in both formal and casual settings, and it looks great!"
- Cameron Florida
Love 'em!
"I bought some two years ago and they are still like new. Great quality, great value, and they stay up."
- Richard AZ
Love this tie!
"Will be a favorite for years to come, with matching square"
- Bill Milwaukee, WI
Good, cheap, fast
"As usual with Ties.com, this is a good quality tie at a good price, delivered very promptly. It's hard to find stores that carry real bow ties, so I appreciate the selection I can find here."
- John B OH
"Received in the mail and wore it for our Cities x-mad tree lighting. It was a hit. Nice to Tie and looks great. Many compliments. Directing men to this website."
- Whit Atlanta
Dots everywhere
"I also bought these for my son-in-law for Christmas for his consecutive side. He will love these also. All of your patterned/printed socks are great and full to wear."
- Sami Pie Galveston, Tx
So dang cute!
"I bought these for my son-in-law as one of his Christmas gifts. He likes socks that are different. I know he will flip when he sees them.."
- Sami Pie Galveston, Tx
Lord have MRSA
"I work in an infectious disease clinic and my supervising doc loves his ties. I am so excited to see his face when he opens my gift this Christmas."
- ManLaw Arlington Heights, IL
Tremendous Value
"For under $5; plus Free Shipping, I saved myself the cost of buying larger dress shirts. The item came quickly and works great."
- Eddie Philadelphia
New tie
"Loved it!"
- Debalah Overland Park kansas
so many compliments
"Funky, cool fabric, love the diamond tip bow, color is precise - went great with my brown tweed suit!"
- nathanils milwaukee, wi
I Like It
"Well-made. Fits well in a masculine closet. Saves lots of space."
- Mac East Coast
"Well-made. Fits well in a masculine closet."
- Mac East Coast
Xmas Joy
"Love the color and the reindeer make it pop. Goes well with multiple colors although the color is not a true red- more brick red"
- Jimbo Upstate /NY
Best runners gift
"Gorgeous!! Love the packaging and it got here very quick! Can't wait to give it!!"
- Frog girl Commack NY
"Great price for a fantastic product. Well made and great quality."
- DrewMc Orlando, FL
gift for my bro
"perfect christmas option for my brother this year. I can't wait to give it to him. :)"
- emjay Nashville, TN
Attention getter!!!
"Everyone loves the flash as light goes up with every sound. Big hit. Bright colors. Love it."
- Mac2660 Kentucky
Rainbow Wild!!!
"This is just as bright in person as it is in the picture. It is a perfect match for my yellow suit jacket. Love it, love it, love it."
- Mac2660 Kentucky
wonderful addition to my holiday collection
"I got lots of compliments from coworkers and family for the smile this tie brought to their faces. The whimsical design is subtle enough to wear in a professional environment."
- DJ Pittsburgh, PA
Helpful Button
"I got one of these for my husband and my father. They both have issues with the necks of their dress shirts being tight. This gives just enough room to be comfortable while wearing a tie."
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
Candy Cane Striped
"I love this candy cane striped tie. It's very festive and will look great on my husband on Christmas Day!"
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
Lovely Red
"I was skeptical about this necktie because of the color. It is beautiful! It is a lovely shade of red and I really like it."
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
Ribbon Candy
"These cufflinks remind me of ribbon candy. I got them for my husband who loves ribbon candy and loves these cufflinks."
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
Love the colors
"This tie has so many beautiful colors that you can wear it with most anything. It looks exactly like the picture. I will definetely order from this company again!"
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
my first order
"tie came as advertised and on time. may be even early. great tie. will continue to buy from here."
- Hewski Denver, CO
Perfect and classy music tie
"Love the tie!! I've searched everywhere for a music tie that wasn't wild colors or chintzy, and this is the only one I've found. Very classy. It is a bit longer than usual tho. Will definitely be ordering more for my wedding!!"
- Beth Berne IN
4th of July
"very nice quality the colors are very bring"
- teddog Freehold, NJ
Great ties
"My son-in-law loves your ties, especially the musical one. I understand they tie nicely and don't bunch up."
- Tiffany Madison, WI
My Favorite!
"Love it and so will my son who is a teacher."
- Mother of Boys New Jersey
Perfect in every way
"Wonderful experience from start to finish."
- Mother of Boys New Jersey
"Went Great with my outfit . Classic !!!"
- JB New Jersey
Best tie ever!
"I thought it looked great in the picture, but when it arrived, it was even better than I expected. The material is good and the colors are vivid. It even arrived much quicker than the website stated. I will certainly buy from you guys again!"
- Lizzy Gainesville,FL
Outstanding company great products
"Wow. What a great company and their cedar organizer products are great. Highly recommended."
- MM Florida
Outstanding company
"The first one that arrived had a crack in the wood so I emailed a picture and I received a replacement by return post. This company is fantastic. We have also bought a belt holder and some socks. I cannot rate them highly enough."
- MM Florida
"This was my first bow tie! High quality and it looked great once I'd figured out how to tie it. I'm now a convert to bow ties. Helpful instructions are included for novices like me."
- John B OH
Shamrock Tie
"Excellent quality, great tie, several compliments the first time I wore it to work."
- David Lehigh Valley PA
Tie Carrier
- David Lehigh Valley PA
My New Favourite
"I am a concert pianist and my profession requires me to wear bow ties. I have always used pre-tied bow ties, but this time I decided to go with this one. And I loved it! Quality and material are so great and it looks amazing! Never going to wear pre-tied bow ties again!"
- Domantas New York
Nice Tie1
"Nice tie."
- Seahawks Fan Seattle, WA
My new favourite tie!
"Beautiful, vibrant colors. Really stands out and a great pop of color for the outfit. Paired it with dark denim jeans, white oxford, brown leather jacket, and wingtip shoes. Sharp!"
- Jonathan Idaho
Favorite tie
"The quality is nice, I get complements on this tie and they are shocked I tell them it's Herpes. Lots of fun, will order more. My physicians all like them and wanted to know where they can get them."
- Arnoldp63 Lubbock, Tx
Nice tie
"The quality is nice, I get complements on this tie and they are shocked I tell them it's Ebola. Lots of fun, will order more."
- Arnoldp63 Lubbock, TX
"The tie was better than the picture and I thought the picture was great. I would buy from ties.com again The packaging was classy."
- Casey Nanticoke pa
Great socks!
"These socks wear very well. Very comfortable. I was given a free pair of socks with a purchase of ties, which caused me to look into buying 2 pairs since I liked the free pairs so much."
- Flashy Sockaroos Dallas, TX
Love the material of this tie
"This tie, wow. The material is super awesome, it ties well, and I got lots of compliments. You should absolutely put this in your regular tie rotation."
- Drew Indianapolis, IN
Love the material of this tie
"This tie, wow. The material is super awesome, it ties well, and I got lots of compliments. You should absolutely put this in your regular tie rotation."
- Drew Indianapolis, IN
School colirs
"Like it colors are great love old school rep ties"
- Bruni Gainesville ga
Best Tie Ever
"My son LOVES this tie. It is one of his favorites and he loves how it lights up his day. Great product!"
- Roni Florida
Great ties
"Bought these ties for my son's wedding. Color is perfect and are nice quality. Reasonable prices and not going to break the bank. Very happy with product and quick service."
- MTMom Helena, MT
NIce ties
"The color is perfect. Wished there would have been boy's bow ties in this color, but this will be fine. Nice quality"
- MTMom Helena,MT
"Impressed. I'm ecstatic to wear it. Very unique."
- Heater Ohio
"This is also a gift for one of my sons. I like the unique look of these ties so much that I've purchased 6 different ties as Christmas presents for the different males in my life. This one is great because of all of the different colors you can wear with it!"
- mom of 4 New Iberia, LA
Good find
"48" length is just right for adolescents. Very good quality. Great find. Will recommmend to other parents"
- Terry Philly area
"Great quality and price! Love them"
- workingmom2 Hanford, Ca
"Great quality and price! Love them"
- workingmom2 Hanford,Ca
Love These!
"Great quality and price! Love them"
- workingmom2 Hanford,Ca
"Great quality and price! Love them"
- workinggmom2 Hanford, Ca
Love these!
"Great quality and price! Love them"
- workingmom2 Hanford, Ca
They were sharky awesome!
"He loved them. They were a hit."
- debora22 Indiana
great company
"I received these rose gold tie clips and it was definitely worth what I paid, had a small issue and the company called me right away and made it right. I will for sure shop with them again."
- kiki Houma La
"This tie is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The quality is AMAZING!!!! I will continue to buy my husband ties through this company!!"
- Ashley Washington
Love these socks
"Awesome quality! Will be ordering socks only from ties.com"
- workingmom2 hanford, ca
"The bow tie is pretty and went well with the pink pocket square. It was our first time using a Bow tie and it took us awhile but we eventually got it tied successfully! It was a little stiff which I think helped us tie it."
- Jackiejacks737 San Rafael. CA
"This pocket square is great! The color is wonderful! It's kind of big and floppy since it's silk so we had to make a design with it not like a straight line with other pocket squares that are more firm."
- Jackiejacks737 San Rafael CA
Very cool, can't even see it!
"First experience and all was great! "I'll Be Back!""
- dB San Francisco Bay Area
Great Tie!!
"I love this tie! It's long enough for me, and it is well constructed. Look forward to buying more."
- The Old Dane Indiana
Disney Dapper Day
"Bought it to do Disneyland Dapper Day, and not only was it the perfect color, sizing and tying was a snap. Pricing was perfectly reasonable and shipping was fast. Enjoying using it for other events as well."
- Dave Cerritos, CA
Ties.com Rocks
"Been a big fan of Ties.com for a long time. Glad they'r getting into sock. Giving these a try. Haven't been disappointed yet. Great customer service, eager to help and very generous. Lost a package once and without hesitation a new one was sent. Happy companies like these are still around."
- J.G. Mozal New Hampshire
Everyone Needs A Pair
"I LOVE SOCKS!!! My wife got me a set of these for a wedding. I was specifically told I had wear black socks. Naturally I dreaded the mere thought. I mean who says that. I can't stand my wife's friends sometimes. But I have to admit, Sock Genius socks are comfortable to wear, light but not thin, supportive but won't make your feet sweat. I just ordered 18 socks. Their designs are so cool!!"
- NewBuyer New York
Great Basic Socks
"I've never purchased socks online. But so happy I did though. Hate buying bulky socks from Costco. These socks are soft, feel great and they stay around my calfs most of the day. I find myself pulling my socks up with the Calvin Klein or Gold Toe socks. Great socks. Definitely recommended."
- Socks Awesome Chicago
Fantastic Service
"My son LOVES this tie bar. We're so pleased with how well CS took care of us and can't wait to order again!"
- Veronica Cape Coral, FL
Rocked these socks all October!
"Loved these breast cancer awareness socks. They are bright, vibrant, good quality, and support a good cause. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing them."
- Weird0 Greater Houston Area,Texas
I want your skull
"Great quality, comfortable and looks fantastic."
- johnjohn watervliet ny
Classy Scary
- The Witch King of Angmar College Park, MD
Perfect "Power" Tie
"My son had a job interview at an audio video company and I bought this tie for him. I thought it made the perfect "power" tie for the occasion. It was a great conversation starter and the HR director loved it! Thank you ties.com for making my first purchase a huge success! I am a customer/fan for life!"
- Just J Oklahoma City, OK
"Great colors and feel perfect for creative professionals"
- Fadedsneakers LA
"Got a ton of compliments made a lot of people smile."
- FadedSneakers LA
Lovely tie clip
"It is so pretty and comes in a lovely jewelry type bag. Very nice!"
- nicey Houston, Tx
"So sweet, I bought it for my boyfriend for our one year, it was amazing he loved it"
- RBO New York, NY
Great For Halloween
"Wore to Uni for Halloween and got a bunch of compliments."
- Mack Florida
Great for Business Casual
"It works great with 90%of my shirts, which happen to be black. It's great for a casual day, or when I'm not feeling up to wear a plaid shirt."
- Mack Florida
"These cufflinks are good for the price, have not worn them yet, we will see."
- Galen Delaware
my Husband Loved It
"The colors bright and vibrant. My husband has a rust shirt and a sports coat that matched perfectly. Received many compliments"
- Sandy Maryland
my Husband Loved It
"The colors bright and vibrant. My husband has a rust shirt and a sports coat that matched perfectly. Received many compliments"
- Sandy Maryland
Amazing tie!
"The tie was incredible. Perfect for Halloween and great quality!"
- Nick Cincinnati, OH
Another Great Tie
"They Always have the Best Ties"
- Tie Guy New York
Perfect Coral Tie!
"Love this tie and it' s the coral color matches my wedding colors perfectly."
- Compton Minneapolis, MN
Perfect for salad toss fanatics!
"I love tossing salad. So much so that my friends call me the Salad Toss King of Salt Lake! Imagine my luck when I stumbled across this tie! Now everyone I meet will asks me about my tie and I can tell them all about my love of tossing salad! Thank you Ties.com! Call me and I'll toss your salads free of charge!"
- The Salad Toss King Salt Lake City, Utah
Great color match
"The color matches almost exactly to a silk handkerchief I currently own. The silk material is very nice. Can't beat the price."
- jupina Miami, FL
New go to tie clip
"This is now my favorite tie clip. It looks to be sturdy enough for day to day use. Looks good on wide ties."
- Jesse Ohio
Nice socks
"Nice socks, very comfortable. They feel like they should hold up too. Plus boat anchors!!!!"
- Jesse Ohio
"Very comfortable and they stay in place thanks to the little grippy things inside."
- Jesse Ohio
Halloween Tie
"Great tie! Purchased as a gift. Has not been given to the recipient yet."
- PJ Pennsylvania
This tie with dachshunds is a winner
"I bought this for my vet student son who must wear a necktie in his clinic. I bought it as a fun Christmas tie rather than the usual Santa or Christmas tree tie. He likes it very much and is looking forward to wearing it during the Christmas season."
- Gingerale New Hampshire
Great Bow tie!
"I really love this bow tie. The fabric is a lot softer than I thought it was going to be but it ties great and is a really beautiful color. I received lots of compliments at the wedding I attended recently. I paired it with a micro polka dotted shirt and the grey polka dots really brought out the grey in the tie."
- Drew Indianapolis, IN
Hallowedding Hit
"I got this tasteful skulls bow tie to wear at my sister's Hallowedding. It was a hit! Great bow tie, shipping was fast, and I felt good wearing it."
- Drew Indianapolis, IN
Love the site
"Great deal!"
- Pete Buffalo, NY
"I purchased this tie for my son's homecoming. It was perfect. He and his date were by far the sharpest dressed couple"
- Ray Arizona
Great Reds
"Reds can be tricky to coordinate, but this is a versatile shade that will work well with several of my husbands ties or patterned shirts. It felt like a nice quality & held the folds well."
- Jen Denver
It's a Green Tie
"You'll get a nice green tie and not have all the hassle of the Department Store. What a deal ..."
- STipps21 Irving, Texas
Perfect match
"Perfect color match for a tie I had bought somewhere else over a year ago. I've been looking for a matching handkerchief for some time and finally found it. Thanks."
- jupina Miami, FL
Perfect match
"Perfect match for the lavender tie I purchased. Very happy."
- jupina Miami, FL
Great color
"Exactly the color and material I was looking for. Excellent choice."
- jupina Miami, FL
Cute packaging
"The tie matched my daughters dress perfect exactly as pictured! Love the packaging came in a cute box wrapped like a gift with a little book inside showing how to tie a tie loved it!!'"
- Suzkess Las Vegas, NV
"I need that color to go with my new suit! Love it!"
- Junie Hampton
Damn fine bow tie
"Title says it all. It has a lovely texture and the metal tips will make any man the sexiest one in the room"
- Le Lapin Blanc California
"If you liked "Quadrophenia", then youll dig this tie! Its a decent quality silk and lays flat! Cant beat it for the price!!"
- ModStyleFan Mobile, AL
Zues approves!!!
"Marvelous product!!! Clips and lays flat, and is a real "zinger" to any outfit!!"
- ZuesSuit Mobile AL
"I came across this gem of a tie and had to have it for my suit. As soon as I donned this classy 'Merica lovin expression of awesomeness a bald eagle landed on my shoulder and started whistling the star spangled banner. Next thing I know, I'm boarding Air Force one and people are calling me Mr. President. It's been 3 days in the Oval Office and I just need to go home."
- Bob Los Angeles
So awesome!!
"They are perfect for our wedding!! Thank you!!"
- Kelly and Erik Seattle
Awesome quality
"Needed these for an upcoming wedding. They are going to work perfectly. Thank you for having such a large selection."
- Deb Ypsilanti, MI
"Great material and Tie. Cultured and expensive looking."
- Doc Cincinnati
"Quick shipping and exactly like the pictures."
- Keekermong Tallahassee,fl
Higgs Boson Tie
"Best tie I've ordered all year. I love ties.com. They always have so many great selection and awesome quality products."
- J.G. Mozal Bolder, CO
Nice, neat!!
"Love the look. Love the accomplished lack of clutter (ties hanging over jackets and hangers). Love the pegs that are smooth and do not pick toes and keep them from sliding off."
- Donni South carolina
Love this company
"The product is excellent and i received it in no time! The Pocket Squares match perfectly!!"
- Groom Michigan
Love this company
"The product is excellent and i received it in no time!"
- Groom Michigan
"Good size pocket square. Very classy design."
- GQ Minnesota
"Very classy pocket square. Have it to a friend as a birthday gift. They really liked it."
- GQ Minnesota
"Not too gaudy. Great design. Good size. Two thumbs up."
- GQ Minnesota
Exactly As Described
"Packaging was great and I really felt special opening the box to discover a great tie! A wonderful blue color with quality material and drawings. Got many compliments!"
- Pie Virginia
My favorite blue tie
"Great color"
- Joe Birmingham, AL
Just what I wanted
"Great color, length and look"
- Joe Birmingham, AL
Just want I wanted
"Great quality and look"
- Joe Birmingham, AL
Just what I wanted
"Great look and quality"
- Joe Birmingham, AL
Just what i wanted
"Great quality, color match, length and look"
- Joe Birmingham, AL
My first Jesus tie
"Very good, pattern is well-placed to position the figure correctly when knotted."
- Blackrobe Wausau, WI
Good enough
"Good product, not quite up the Allyn standard, but good enough"
- Blackrobe Wausau, WI
Awesome! Wow!
"The colors of my musical!"
- A.Ham Manhattan, NY
Dont let the bastards grind you down.
"Love this silk tie with " don't let the bastards grind you down" in latin. Perfect gift for my nephew who is graduating law school. He loved it!"
- Joe Los Angeles, CA
Great Quality tie for runners.
"I wasn't sure what quality I would get for $25, but what a surprise. This tie is as nice as some I paid $125 for."
- Joe Los Angeles, CA
Perfect gift for my tax guy
"This High Quality Silk tie made the perfect gift for my tax accountant. He loved it!"
- Joe Los Angeles, CA
Homecoming - match with the dress
"Perfect..... worked out awesome and quick delivery. Thank you."
- HavanaBill Havana, IL
Love it
"Good quality tie. Lots of nice comments from everyone with what is going on in our nation with reciting the pledge and standing for the national anthem."
- Tieaholoc Wichita ks
Love it
"Awesome tie. Wore it the other day and got lots of laughs. Good quality tie."
- Tieaholic Wichita ks
Lovie it
"Nice quality tie. Waiting to wear it in November during the election."
- Tieaholic Wichita ks
Great value
"I've bought several ties from ties.com and have always been happy with my purchase. This one did not disappoint. Nice rich colors, well made, and great quality for the price."
- A.B. Redondo Beach, CA
Great looking tie at a great price
"This bow tie has already become one of my favorites"
- Tommy Tuscaloosa , Alabama
"50th High School Reunion was enhanced by the show stopping orange and blue bow tie. Product quality is without equal. Your service in exchange from the untied to the pre-tied bowtie was astonishing. Thank you."
- Larry of Evanston Mundelein, Illinois
Wonderful tie
"Very high quality and I'm very satisfied with the purchase I made for me and my groomsmen"
- Lumberchief Chesterfield, VA
Too Kool
"This device is awesome, made my life so much better. Easy installation and all I do is push a button to search for a tie."
- Jflow3 Fort Washington, Md
"adorable for groomsmen"
- cmo asbury park, nj
Great product!
"This is the highest-capacity, most durable tie rack I have found anywhere. Couple that with easy ordering online and fast shipping, and it's a winner!"
- Tommy Eau Claire, WI
Happy Hubby
"I wanted something unique for my husband to wear to our daughters wedding and being that we live by the ocean I thought the Seahorse tie was perfect. He loved it and it went perfectly with his suit! Thank you!"
- Bakes Belmar, NJ
Great Tie
"The tie I received is exactly what I ordered. The color is great and the length is just right. A great tie."
- Ted194 Columbus, OH
Love the color scheme
"I'm very pleased"
- Ron Sylacauga, AL
Great Customer Service!
"I ordered this pin for my husband for our anniversary. There were a few issues that came up: my order was not delivered at first and then my replacement was the wrong color--through all of it, ties.com was extremely helpful and courteous! They sent me replacements twice and never questioned why. They were very prompt in responding to my emails and even called me personally to make sure I got the order in time. Even though I encountered some hiccups, I will definitely be ordering from this site again. And I love the pin! It's perfect. Thank you!"
- Rachel Kansas
Excellent tie
"Great ties, fast service, legit. I will by again"
- Beetle New York
Great merchandise!
"Awesome tie awesome handkerchief awesome tie clip All Bright and shiny and new and goes just great with a dark blue suit great quality and I appreciate your timely delivery within 3 days as promised. Thank you very much I will be using you again in the future"
- Darren Palmdale
Great Bow Tie
"Good quality, great look and better packaging!"
- Arquitefa Uruguay
Great Quality! Looks Better In Person
"The Tie Was Way Better Than Expected! Great Quality!"
Great tie, no surprise!
"Needed 5 ties for the gents in my wedding party. I was skeptical ordering online but the ties came in on schedule, were packaged beautifully and looked lovely on my guys.. I'll be ordering from here again should the need arise."
- Lola New York
"This tie was everything I needed. I was struggling to find the perfect tie for my son to wear to my sister's wedding and I finally found it here! The colors were exactly as pictured. The tie is great quality and came quickly."
- MLE Tehacahpi, CA
"This was exactly what we were looking for and could not find it in stores near us. Perfect!!! Thank you!"
- Natalie Stafford, VA
skinny ties
"exactly what I was searching and couldn't believe the price!"
- Mare Arley, AL
Honoring 9.11
"I got this one as a gift to my husband. He's very patriotic (being an army vet and all) and I thought this tie was perfect...and it was!!! He loved it. He wore it today to honor 9.11 and got a lot of compliments and handshakes. Thank you for a wonderful tie that he'll get to wear often"
- Jacq. Medford, Oregon
Looks Great
"Both my Astronomy Professor and the majority of my Astronomy class immediately complimented me when they saw this tie. Made quite the impression."
- Mack Orlando
Piano Keys necktie
"I have been looking for this tie for over a year and when it came available I bought it. I received it last Wednesday and I absolutely love it. I recently found the perfect French Cuff dress shirt to go with it. Ties.com is DEFINITELY the place to get the best ties. Period! Thanks Ties.com from a very satisfied customer!"
- Classical Music Lover Richland, Washington
Great design
"We ordered these for our groomsmen and the groom to match! They will go great with our wedding colors and add a fun twist to the guys suits!"
- Excited Bride Indiana
Electronic Closet Tie Rack
"This product performes exactly the way i need it to. Being an individual with a handicap i can retrieve and store all my ties with EASE."
- piccolo LaGrange North Carolina
Great Style and Quality
"This was exactly what I was looking for. A skinny tie with texture and style that will last. The tie is very subtle and I received a few compliments at the wedding I attended. Great price as well."
- TheTiesThatBind San Jose, CA
Not Too Shabby
"My only complaint is that it could have been just a bit longer. Otherwise, I really like it."
- Powersurge Cincinnati Ohio
The stars in our ties
"This has been one of the most beautiful ties I've ever purchased and the shopping experience was one of the best. The whole process was quick and I got my purchase fast. Thank you for a wonderful product and experience. Will definitely recommend you to my friends."
- Sirchlight Corpus Christi, TX
Perfect except for the bottom
"This is the perfect size and shape for tie and accessory storage. The cedar smells fantastic. It is well constructed. My only complaint is that the floor (bottom) is made of Masonite and was marred a bit. I would prefer solid cedar, or a better quality flooring."
- cdcmfa San Antonio, Texas
"Hot electric oranges and blues make this bow tie a real killer!"
- Magic Mike Southlake, Texas
" beautiful colors and workmanship!"
"More of a winter tie, I can't wait to wear it in cooler months"
- Magic Mike Southlake, Texas
"I love the look of the bow tie! I just wish the texture was different"
- Angie Miami
Super Conductor
"My favorite super conductor. Looks awesome. Love all the scientific themes. Awesome novelty collections."
- Sparkle elf South carolina
Rotary oerfect
"Exceptional rotary tie for youth exchange program with flags from all around the world. Symbolic for Rotary program. Tons of compliments."
- Sparkle elf South carolina
Excellent Tie!
"Very nice Tie! Fast shipping."
- Ruben New York
Brown socks
"Great product as always, but we need more brown type socks. You only have a couple to choose from"
- Graham Bellingham, WA
Love them!
"Got this for my wedding and they were perfect. Light-weight, breathable, and bright! Love them!"
- Matt M Ann Arbor, MI
"The man i got this for LOVED it. He explains it will be hos firt tattoo design, well the caffeine molecule symbol anyway..."
- Shell Sterling, Il
"Perfect for the recipient of this gift. Sentimental feelings "Tied" to it...."
- Shell Sterling, Il
Just what I needed
"I own a lot of pocket squares. I needed a classic silk white one for a wedding. This was perfect. Well done."
- DG Pocket Square Kansas City
Classy and timeless
"I never got around to the tie bar. Used it with my black tie at a formal event. It was solid. Well done."
- DG Pocket Square Kansas City
Perfect for black tie optional event
"This was the perfect tie for a black tie optional wedding. Looks classy and sophisticated. Well made."
- DG Pocket Square Kansas City
Wish it was a bit bigger
"It's a decent tie - looks nice and is bright. I'm not the biggest fan of the material as it feels stiff. Also, I wish the bow was a bit bigger to really provide a punch of red."
- madhat Amarillo, TX
Easy tie
"These ties are the most consistent tieing ties I own. I've got several like this one. Easy to tie and looks great. The Heather coloring is a nice touch."
- madhat Amarillo, Tx
Ketchup to these hot socks!
"These socks make me drool too much. Can you make another sock where the burgers have 2 or 3 beef patties? I like my burgers stacked to the ceiling. Highly recommend Sock Genius!"
- Peeperz Jones Hawaii, USA
Great addition to my cuff links
"I purchased these set of cuff links and am very satisfied with the quality of these. Certainly, have added ties.com to my go to online store when shopping for quality ties and cuff links."
- Rob Z. McAllen, Texas
BioTie-Great Physician Gift
"I purchased the C.Diff BioTie for one of our physicians at work. He specializes in Infectious Disease and is known for always wearing a bow tie. He was so impressed with the concept of the Infectious Awareables, quality of the silk and the attention to detail of the image. Everyone got a big kick out of it & we all got a lesson on the proper way to tie a bow tie! I'm sure he will be expecting a new BioTie every birthday and Christmas. This makes a great gift!"
- PWick Dothan, Al
Lovin' it
"I used to have the battery operated revolving tie rack (not from Ties.com). It eventually broke and I have been using regular hangers. It was such a pain to go through every morning. I came across ties.com and ordered the 42 ties hanger and I'm very satisfied. My closet looks organized, ties look neat, nice cedar wood aroma, and overall good quality. I will definitely order again for birthday or Christmas gifts to friends and family."
- Tigger Los Angeles, CA
"Love the fabric and style of this skinny bow tie!"
- Bow Tie Guy Dallas
Perfect Formal Tie
"After cutting up my Donald Trump black tie (could not stand the thought of owning one) I needed a replacement for formal wear. This was the perfect replacement."
- BMan0812 Oceanside, CA
Replaces Another One
"Ripped up my Donald Trump tie (on purpose)and needed a new solid black one for more formal wear.(on purpose)"
- Bman0812 Oceanside, CA
Replaces Another One
"Ripped up my Donald Trump tie (on purpose)and needed a new solid black one for more formal wear.(on purpose)"
- Bman0812 Oceanside, CA
Great Socks
"Perfect design for a beach town."
- BMan0812 Oceanside, CA
Loved it!
"Great width and length. The physical tie colors matched what I saw online, which was a huge plus considering that many of the ties I purchase elsewhere aren't true to the color you see online. Thanks!"
- Mel new york, ny
Galveston Grey = Grey with a hint of green
"I LOVE THESE TIES! I ordered 3 of them for the ushers in my wedding, and I think they will look really great with their suits. Just as a hint, the Galveston grey color is really beautiful, but it has a hint of green in it! This worked out perfectly for our wedding, but that is because we are using earthy tones! Just keep this in mind, its not necessarily the pure grey that I expected."
- Detail Oriented Bride Birmingham AL
Amazing Service and Product
"My order came SO fast and product and even packaging was done exceptionally well!!"
- Lisewa ogden UT
"This is a beautiful bow tie that I gave my brother. Nice quality and very nice to learn with."
- Kendra Montana
Bacon and Yasss
"Who would not love socks like these! They are fun they are unique and above all quality is fantastic and the color is true to the picture. I love them!"
- Smiles Houston, TX
I am in love with these fun socks!
"I thought these socks were pretty great I wear them all around the house and they are true to the picture shown as well. Great quality in love with them!"
- Smiles Houston, TX
Love it!!
"This was a gift to my husband for our 7th wedding anniversary.I try to get him the traditional gifts each year that represents our years being married. Well 7 years is wool and with my husband having to dress up everyday for work, I really wanted to find him something different. This bow tie is beautiful made and he loves it! It's so different and of course he love the compliments he recieves all the time from it. This was my first order from ties.com and it definitely won't be my last!"
- Jallen New York
Higgs Boson Bow Tie Celebrates Science
"Great bow tie for celebrating a wedding. Most people will not get it, unless there is a therotical physicist present. My scientific salute to all researchers at CERN LHC."
- Charlie Dallas, TX
Just what I needed...
"I think that every man should own a bowtie AND know how to tie one properly. I don't wear bowties often, but it's nice to have one for those special occasions."
- Bond. James Bond. San Francisco
Nice Tie
"A bit expensive for a non-silk tie, but it's not a cheap quality tie either. It has something on its label like "industrial strength" and it really seems to be quite durable and good-looking at the same time. I took it on a trip for a wedding, and it made the whole trip in luggage and being worn without getting any wrinkles. I recommend it."
- tapowe Salt Lake City
Perfect Color!
"The color is perfect! I've been looking for the perfect shade/hue to match my Maid of Honor's dress (cranberry red) and I also love the cotton material - not into satin or silk b/c it makes it shiny."
- Cassie Baltimore, MD
Best lapels on market
"Totally different from anything I've seen out there"
- Dpbi08 Boston
Nice color
"I really love the pattern and the color of the pocket square it was very different and a really good quality"
- Dpbi08 Boston
"Bought these for my son and he really likes them. He likes to wear fun socks and says they are comfortable."
- Deni Pennsylvania
Great Square
"I love this little simple yet classy square. A must have in your pocket square arsenal."
- jsuazo New Orleans, La
Love them
"They are a perfect match for our wedding...bought these for my groomsmen and just just adds a nice touch to their tux."
- Samplesr2 Jacksonville, NC
Quality ties
"Needed green ties for a funeral in a hurry. Ties were high quality and received in time."
- Sharon Hamilton, NJ
What a great deal!!!
"They contacted me to make sure my order was correct the next day. The shipping was very fast and inexpensive and the tie which I bought too of for my boyfriend and brother was liked by both. The only critique I would give is that the time looked upside down with the Stars down instead of up. But otherwise great tie and great price!"
- Toriaalexis Arlington, Tx
Fine tie
"The item was what was advertised."
- Joe Mississippi
Better than expected
"Nice fabric. Vibrant colors. Exactly as I had hoped - better."
- Hank Detroit, MI
4th of July Tie
"I wore it that weekend. Got lots of compliments."
- Patriot San Antonio, Texas
Great for mother's Late Outings
"Very good color, works great with suit!"
- Noah's Ties Houston, Tx
good tie!
"good color!"
- Noah's Ties Houston, Tx
good ties
"good color!"
- Noah's Ties Houston, Tx
Personality Flare Adjustment
"Hope my order arrives in time for the wedding ceremony. Making my scientific statement for CERN's LHC. An added touch of celebratory wedding fireworks should help, wouldn't you agree?"
- ScienceRules Dallas
Excellent Bow Tie.
"I bought this green tie and also the blue tie for an upcoming cruise. Well made and really look great."
- GJHPub Richmond, VA
Great Tie For School
"Love the tie. Can't wait for school to start to wear this one. Nice quality too!"
- Mad Scientist (Teacher) PA
New tie
"very colorful"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
New tie
"Given as a gift"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
New tie
"Given as a gift"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
New tie
"Great looking"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
The Groomsmen
"All of my groomsmen wore this tie for my wedding in June. Everyone loved it! all of the guests and even a different wedding party we met loved them. I love the material it doesnt shine like a silk tie instead it has a subtle classic look that I really liked. Overall love the tie and quality! Looks great in the pictures!"
- The Groom Chicago Illinois
We the people
"It fits in with my other patriotic ties very well."
- Qualibear Riverton, UT
Excellent Bow Tie.
"Really looks great. I bought to wear on a cruise. I also bought the green one as well."
- GJHPub Richmond, VA
My new fav!!
"Love the color and material!!!"
- Divad Jersey City
Great for a Wedding Party
"The groom wanted something patriotic & the bride told me this was her choice. I was afraid that the tie would be too thin (as in not a high enough thread count) but this tie paired with a 3-piece suit worked perfectly. The colors were bright, the knots didn't crease the fabric, the material held up to being in a checked bag going halfway across the US, and the price was more than reasonable (an easy groomsman gift). I ordered 5 ties (be sure to google around for a promo code b/c I ended up getting an extra one for free) that came in a medium-sized box (so you'll want to lay the ties out a couple of days before debuting them -- but these ties really did hold their shape so no biggie if it's a grab & go situation). Like I said, no complaints here. Would buy again & will look at Ties.com for future tie purchases (especially in bulk)."
- Bestest Man Kansas City, MO
The "next generation" tie rack
"This tie rack is cool! Very fast and quiet as compared to my old one. Hold lots of ties and helps to find just the right one. If you love ties( in my case bow ties because, as we all know now ties are cool!) this is a must."
- The Doctor Omah
Great Tie 2
"I'm sure I will get positive compliments like the other one."
- JazzKing Lincoln,NE
Great Tie
"I received a lot of compliments about this tie."
- JazzKing Lincoln,NE
My New Favorite!
"Love this tie! The color is a very deep teal, and it looks excellent with a variety of color shirts. It's a solid and thicker tie, which I like. Definitely one of my new favorites!"
- ageiger Phoenix, AZ
Summer Tie
"Love the palm trees for a nice California touch! The tie is a little lighter blue than the photo, but it is perfect for summer. Everyone compliments him on this tie."
- susical8 Pasadena, California
Totally Trippin
"I bought this tie for my very best friend. He is now a real estate agent and I wanted to help him lock in his first sale. First, the tie looks stunning on him. He shredded the golf course the first time he wore it. 9 epic holes, eradicated. I hope nobody was injured; I was not informed. Second, when he shows it to his friends and family, he gets compliments on how it pops, the way it feels, and its size. Everyone wants to touch it. Third, he has not yet sold a home. I don't know what is going wrong, but it cannot be this tie. I will definitely buy 4 or 7 more."
- Raw-B California
Perfect for my husband
"My husband is retired Air Force and loves wearing this tie. With the 4th of July coming, he is looking forward to wearing it this Sunday at church. The fabric is really nice for this dress tie."
- Roz Apple Valley, CA
Grandson's reaction
"My 21-year old grandson loves computer games and absolutely loves this tie."
- Roz Apple Valley, CA
very nice ties
"Very impressed with not only the quality of the tie but they way it was wrapped and boxed. Shows this company takes pride in the items they sell and the little extra way it is shipped and packaged makes this customer very satisfied and will definiteley purchase from here in the future."
- Lbow Beaver Dam, WI
Almost perfect
"Love the pattern, love the colors, wish it was a bit wider, which I thought it was as I avoided your narrow ties. Otherwise I'm happy with it."
- Jimster North Augusta, SC
Huge hit!
"This was a gift for a physicist who LOVED it!"
- TieBuyGuy Atlanta, VA
What I Was Looking For
"I chose coral as my main wedding color and it was tough to find a coral tie, especially a shade that went with my bridesmaids' dresses. I needed a tie that was a little bit darker than the pink-colored coral, as the dresses are a little bit more of on the "orange-y" side. I decided to give this tie a try, and I am very happy that I did. The ties shipped fast, I'm happy with the shade, and they seem to be good quality."
- Wisconsin Bride Wisconsin
Hubby loves it!!*
"I purchased this electronic tie rack for my husband for Father's Day! Not only is it simple to assemble,it's very easy to use!!! This product operates just as it states on it's packaging and fits perfectly in our closet! Compared to similar products,I chose this one due to reasonable price, chic but not to feminine appearance and how it works!!!"
- L Nichelle Ohio
Cool Product
"The Douglas Pocket Square was just the right finishing touch for our annual Men's Choir of New Morning Star Baptist Church on Father's Day. It's a great Square that can be used for either a classic look or casual. Furthermore, i do like that you were able to accommodate the order of 36 within a short amount of time. The Men of New Morning Star Thank You!!! I was shown you site late but I will return in the future J LaRoc"
- J LaRoc Chicago, IL
A great tie for a holiday collection
"It is a good quality tie, that is fun and festive without being cheesy."
- baker virginia
Candy Apple Red
"it's great"
- snesters2 McCordsville, IN
Just lovely
"Because of the color for the wedding, my son didn't want a silk tie. He found these woven ties in just the right color. They were just right. I would have liked regular width ties for the dads, but the groomsmen looked very hip in these skinny ties."
- Mother of the Groom Spokane, WA
the eyes have it
"Great design for my opthamologist"
- M Colleen albuquerque, NM
pill poppin' perfect
"Great design. perfect gift for pharmacist friends."
- M Colleen albuquerque, NM
Nice Tie
"I like it very much. It is a fabric type tie and not smooth like silk. Works for me."
- Joe Allentown PA
"GREAT !!!"
Perfect Sock
"Great weight, perfect colors!"
- Andy Colchester
- Zo Chicago
Great Formal Look
"Bought this tie to wear at weddings (I'm a DJ) and it looks great with a crisp white shirt and black slacks. My new go-to for weddings."
- Bow Tie Man Durango, CO
Good looking tie
"Had a little trouble getting the sizing right, but once I did this tie looked great with the shirt I chose for it."
- Bow Tie Man Durango, CO
Great looking tie
"It's comfortable and very classy looking. The green looks like money green, which makes it a great tie to wear when closing a deal."
- Boris Johnstown
Great socks
"Thanks for the free gift of socks. Gave this gift to my wife and she loved them. Thanks, another nice thing that you do for your customers. Appreciated."
- Jim MD
Excellent quality and quick delivery as always
"Excellent quality and quick delivery as always"
- Graham Bellingham, WA
Excellent quality and quick delivery as always
"Excellent quality and quick delivery as always"
- Graham Bellingham, WA
Wedding Tie for 12 year old son
"Gorgeous ties for big boys are difficult to find! I had ordered two from Amazon and returned them as they looked like something for a very obese, short-in-stature adult male (the tie was very wide). I wanted something slim, and long enough for my son. His tie was the nicest tie I saw at the wedding! I would not hesitate to buy from Ties.com again!"
- Mom6 Dallas, TX
"Bought this tie for my husband who is a infectious disease physician. Loved the colors and that part of the proceeds from the sale of the tie went to HIV research."
- doctor's wife detroit, michigan
Compliment magnet!
"Color caught my eye and apparently, caught the eyes of all my coworkers and friends because I got compliments all day!"
- JB New York, NY
My soon to be veterinarian son loves this tie
"My son started his rotations in his final year of Vet school. He needed dress shirts and ties, so I thought I would buy a few themed ties for fun. He loves this tie and says he received many compliments on it. He likes the blue color. Nice quality silk."
- Pat's Mom Los Angeles
My soon to be veterinarian son loves this tie
"My son started his rotations in his final year of Vet school. He needed dress shirts and ties, so I thought I would buy a few themed ties for fun. He loves this tie and calls his his bad "hair" day tie. Likes the green color color. Nice quality silk."
- Pat's Mom Los Angeles
My soon to be veterinarian son loves this tie
"My son started his rotations in his final year of Vet school. He needed dress shirts and ties, so I thought I would buy a few themed ties for fun. He loves this tie and says he received many compliments on it, the most of any of his ties. He likes that the dogs look like true breeds. Nice quality silk."
- Pat's Mom Los Angeles
My soon to be veterinarian son loves this tie
"My son started his rotations in his final year of Vet school. He needed dress shirts and ties, so I thought I would buy a few themed ties for fun. He loves this tie and says he received many compliments on it. Nice quality silk."
- Pat's Mom Los Angeles
Nice bow tie
"I really like this bowtie and the colors are perfect. The reason why i didnt give it 5 stars is because the bow tie did not come tie already. The instructions were included but i still can't seem to get it right. Bummer."
- Leslie Houston, Tx
Baby Bear done right
"Understated for WOW!"
- AuntH Seattle, WA
"Love the style"
- Johnnym Clearwater florida
Love the Colors
"I just turned 25 and and wanted to have sort of a hura last party before it gets lame to have bday parties. I purchased this tie to wear with my new suit I got from Bonobos.com and I have to say it looked really good. I'm trying to upload the photo but I can't. Ties.com needs to fix this."
- J.Stong Queens, NY
Very Cool Tie!
"Well, the review title says it all. I bought this tie for a wedding and got a lot of compliments on it. I love it!"
- DharmeshR Atlanta, GA
Seahorse Party
"These ties are awesome! We ordered these for our wedding that was in Florida and received so many compliments and the groomsmen were ready to party! The quality is great and the colors are exactly what are in the photos. 2 thumbs up!"
- LindsGMoney Jupiter, FL
"Classy. Well-made. Clever design. Eye-catching without unnecessary jazz. My Senior son wore this snappy tie to prom; the Black Carpet announcer stopped and walked over to my son & his date, announcing the entrance of the couple after commenting on the stellar appearance of his tie."
- Jenny Ft Knox, Kentucky
Tie Status Unknown
"I loved this tie on the screen, but when I got it, I was not sold on it. Still debating if I want to take it out of the package and wear it or just send it back. I'm kinda unsure..."
- Vamsinator St Louis
Great Colors
"The tie is a little thick but the knots come out exactly how I like them. I have a normal sized neck to sometimes I appreciate a more pronounced knots. This is my 3rd purchase from Ties.com and I love the fast delivery and the cool boxes they products come in,"
- Shrikhie Chicago
What it should be
"Silk black skinny tie - good quality, holds a knot well, truly an essential for any collection. Buy it; you're going to need it."
- TieSoFly Fairfield County, CT
the favorite tie
"I bought this for my 4-year-old and he loves it so much. He has a special place for it on the top shelf of his closet. I got his older brother the long version of the this tie so that they match. The colors and pattern and texture are beautiful. Yay!"
- Jnuck minneapolis, mn
Nice deign but...
"I really enjoy this tie. The design and fabric (nice and thick) where on point. Now here's the 'but.' The back of it, around where it would touch your neck for a full Windsor, has started fraying! And as an unfortunate plus the stitching behind the thick end has come undone. it's been roughly 40 days since I've received it so I'll be fixing the fraying myself (stitching is no problem either.) I also bought other ties at the same time as this one and they where fine. Bad luck probably."
- LarsBloodaxe Los Angeles
My Favorite Tie
"I received excellent customer service from ties.com. My purchase arrived promptly. It was everything I expected. I would definitely purchase from ties.com again!"
- Amy Las Vegas, NV
Smooth Operator
"Like the easy install. Only small issue was the "creaking" when tightening to the rod. Afraid it would crack but so far so good."
'Now That's Class'
"This has an authentic style of class that fits me to a T. And it was easy to put on."
- sando064 Hempstead, New York
Tie for my son in law
"I was thinking about getting a matching tie for my 11 year old grandson, for Father's Day. He's on the tall side. Please advise!"
- Jill NY NY
Perfect for my Groomsmen
"I bought these so my groomsmen would have matching socks, love them."
- Sam Chicago
"I am graduating in June and I bought this bow tie for my graduation. These are the colors of my university, exactly the colors I need... This bow tie looks, feels and fits amazing!!!!"
- Will Corozal, PR
"I bought this bow tie as a symbolic thing. I am graduating in June and I would like to go to New York University for grad school. Their colors are purple and silver. There is a big chance I get in so I will be using this bow tie for the awards ceremony since I am graduating with honors. This bow tie looks, feels and fits amazing!!!!"
- Will Corozal, PR
Perfect for all occasions
"Got this for my boyfriend's little brother so he can dress up or wear casually. The fabric is great and pattern isn't too busy."
- Jtrinsic NJ
Conversation Starter!
"This is a pretty cool, subtle tie. It is made with quality fabric and stitching. Highly recommend!"
- Jtrinsic NJ
Beautiful Tie
"Love this tie. It is a very nice silk, made well and great color!"
- Class Mom Beverly, MA
Great product
"Product as advertised,great value for the price and my new place to purchase ties."
- Mickey New York
Very pleased with the bowtie and color! :)
"I got this bowtie for my now husband for our wedding. We needed this to match our groomsmens ties and bridesmaids capri dresses from David's Bridal. We are very pleased to say that we were very happy with it and it was the closest match to the color of the dresses! My husband weighs about 255 and his neck is fairly wide (maybe about 17 1/2 inches) - This tie fit him perfectly with a little bit of slack to spare if needed. Very happy with our purchase! :) **also got the groomsmens ties here: Pale Blue Tie #TS240092"
- Adriana Nevada
Very satisfied with the tie and color
"We got these ties for our groomsmen to match our bridesmaids Capri dresses from David's Bridal. The match was amazing! Closest to Capri (from David's Bridal) as it comes!!"
- Adriana Nevada
Classy and timeless
"The simple elegant design is pretty timeless, and not something you can really go wrong with"
- Puri Illinois
New Favorite!
"The clear cufflinks looked a little strange in the online picture, but I am SO glad I went with these! They are really beautiful!"
- Puri Illinois
Lovely, but color was off
"This tie is lovely and great, but the color is much different than it appears, and than what I was going for. It's darker and more of a plum color in person. I'm keeping it and just going to go for it now (wearing it in my wedding), but would have been nice for the photo to be truer to the actual color. If you're thinking of purchasing I'd reference the Marsala bowtie for color, which appears a little darker and closer to the in-person color. Otherwise though, great tie and amazing price! I'm thrilled I was even able to find something close to this color at all, since it's a bit untraditional and has a novelty quality to it. Thanks for the great experience!!"
- Al Bay Area, CA
"The colors are spectacular and bright; perfect for spring."
- Kleos Miami, FL
Loved it
"My Daughter loved her new Shark Attack socks"
- TMM Bluffton, SC
The best.
"This is my favorite tie to date. The pattern and stitching is like no other and I have received so many compliments on it I have lost count! If you want a sharp, dapper tie to add to your collection then what are you waiting for?! Buy this!!"
- Jason @oxfordandhenley Pa
New Favorite Website for Ties
"I stumbled upon Ties.com while looking for a tie for my husband for our nieces upcoming wedding. Imagine my delight when I found a tie that was the right color AND it had anchors on it!! Now he has the perfect tie for our upcoming cruise too! This is a wonderful, high quality, fun product."
- usfourandnomore Indiana
"My grandson absolutely loved the tie. He plans on wearing it for Memorial Day."
- dot Springville, NY
- RED Long Island NY
"Great tie. love it."
- RED Long Island NY
Best Tie Ever
"Presentation of the tie was CLASSIC!!! Quality and color was just as advertised! I will be buying all my ties from you guys! THANK YOU!!!"
- Rell J. Baltimore, Md
Unique Tie
"very nice"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
New tie
"Very nice"
- gene Takoma Park, MD
Love it
"I purchased a youth tie for a special event. I thought it would be average quality like all kids ties. It was not ! Great fabric and quality. He looked great and lots of men were giving compliments! I will definitely order again."
- Onlineshopper Az
Absolutely adorable!
"I bought this tie for my Elder who's an engineer major. He wears ties all the time and I'm sure he'll love this nerdy new addition to his arsenal!"
- 3-19-16 Los Angeles
Larger than expected
"Cool style, excellent quality cufflinks. However, they are bigger than any other pair I own. This suckas are nearly the size of a quarter a piece, if not even bigger. I will have to use them with very specific outfits."
- JohnWayne Los Angeles, CA
Remove Before Flight
"Wait until I walk into class with this on..."
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Black Blaid
"Goes great with black, white or red shirts"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Wonderful addition for both purple or black shirts
"Wish I had this when the school colors where black and purple"
- Math Teacher Extraordinaire Mercer, WI
Great product
"Just like the pic, well packed, very fast ship."
- Chris Atlanta, Georgia
"Just like the pic, well packed, very fast ship."
- Chris Atlanta, Georgia
Great Quality
"Fast Shipping and High Quality"
- SS Southeast
It's a tie
"The tie is a tie. The customer support though are awesome! I would do business with them again, if I ever have to buy another tie."
- Shawn Austin Texas
Nice Nuance
"I like the design with the hearts. Fabric as expected."
- Heat OH
Very Comfortable
"They feel like they're giving my feet a hug."
- kyisaacs Detroit, MI
"Excellent quality, will be perfect for my wedding day!"
- kyisaacs Detroit, MI
My favorite
"Great look."
- DrV Swansea, Il
Jockeying for position
"Very versatile tie, good quality"
- swg Chattanooga, TN
One of my Favourite Ties
"It is an amazing tie, with many vibrant colours, and even if you don't realize or know that it is a physics particle, it is still an awesome tie design regardless."
- Johnny Bravo Spokane, WA
My Fav
"Out of 4 I bought this was the best."
- Ron Pittsburg
Big Hit
"I got a lot of compliments when I wore this for a presentation. Gave me a spark of confidence that I carried throughout the rest of the day."
- Mack Orlando,FL
Need for speed
"High quality cufflinks, even though they were on sale."
- Scooter Victorville California
No surprises
"Item arrived on time and as expected. It is very sturdy and nice that it is made of cedar to help repel moths."
- Anon Long Beach, CA
Perfect color!!
"This was the perfect color of gold needed for the outfit. It is as shown....& better. Really nice gold color not too yellow or orange. Thank you, we would definitely recommend."
- E's Charleston, SC
Perfect for the wedding
"This tie came promptly and was exactly what we needed for the wedding. Absolutely pleased with this purchase!"
- The bride Phoenix, AZ
Great buy
"Just what I ordered, seems like very good quality, and a great value."
- Van Racine Wisconsin
- Sir Pineapple NOVATO CA
"Great quality and shipped fast and free!"
- JQ Alabama
Birthday Gift
"The recipient, who is a huge fan of pizza, thoroughly enjoyed it. The colors and appearance are great. However, the fabric is a little stiff and need to be broken in a little bit more."
- Pizza Monster Florida
"This was given as a birthday gift! The recipient, who is a huge fan of pizza, thoroughly enjoyed it. The colors and appearance are great. However, the fabric is a little stiff and need to be broken in a little bit more."
- Pizza Florida
Great Tie
"Wonderfully diverse ties of good quality an affordable prices!"
- Firifish5 Adelaide, Australia
"Matches the bridesmaid dresses perfectly! I had a really hard time finding anything in the store and was worried these would not match but they're perfect."
- Caity Sacramento
exceeds expectations
"Great pair of socks. Well constructed and vivid colors."
- steve SW Minnesota
"I bought this for my son, who is interested in studying astrophysics and is graduating high school this year. He loved it. He wore it for his senior presentation and everyone commented on it. It is difficult to find unusual or novelty ties like this, especially in extra long. The only thing I did not like was that it didn't really lay right under his collar after he tied it. It took a few tries to make it come out to his liking. Bonus: comes with instructions on how to tie a tie printed on the inside of the box! Happy with my purchase."
- supapam Delaware
"Amazing Service & Great Tie!!"
- Lola Blue New York
Right on time
"Big hit with my fellow sockerz and right on time for 3.14 (Pi Day)"
- JJBluePhi Orlando, FL
My son LOVES this tie!
"I told my teenage son (who is a computer geek) that I bought him a tie as a surprise. He was pretty sure it was going to be lame, but when he saw this tie, he said it was awesome! He admitted I nailed it with this tie. Thank you for making ties fun again."
- Happy mom Abingdon MD
Look even better in person!
"This was my first purchase from ties.com and I bought these socks because I wanted something that would catch someone's eye. When I was discussing buying them with a friend he said, "I don't know if I like those..." After they arrived he admitted that he may have been wrong, and that they are a unique and beautiful sock. I loved the box they arrived in, the smart remarks on the exterior and interior made my day. I will definitely be shopping at ties.com more often, and recommending it to all my friends."
- Pledgident Lincoln NE
simply marvelous
"great color. superb construction"
- steve minnesota
Explanation not needed.
"This thing speaks for itself. It appears to be well constructed, and looks just like the picture. My new personal favorite tie."
- RB New York
"These socks were purchased for my Veterans Award Ceremony at my college and I am very, very happy with the quality of these socks overall. Very comfortable and more durable than most other dress socks, not to mention they grab the eye when the pants raise making everyone envious of their sheer awesomeness!"
- GoatSlayer Boca Raton, FL
Great Gifts!
"I bought these for my ushers because they were a good price and I wanted something to go with a tie. These were perfect! I was surprised by how nice they actually are in person. I will be purchasing more of these in the future."
- merg2283 Ann Arbor, MI
John Wick loves it!
"Tie's appearance is exactly as pictured. I chose it because it will go nicely with many things my husband already has. He was very pleased with my selection."
- Joan Wick Denton, Texas
Best Bow Tie
"Great color"
- Gigi Albuquerque, NM
Best Bow Tie
- Gigi Albuquerque
Great purchase
"Love this, was the exact color in the photo, perfect for our wedding for the ring bearers. Came super fast!"
- Bow TIe Lover Seattle, WA
Loved it!
"This is perfect for the bow tie Friday my office does. The skulls look like small dots from farther away, but they're so perfect up close!"
- Heather Austin, TX
A beautiful piece
"I own this and Avian Flu, and this is my favored of the two. Having already worn Avian Flu to work, several people commented right off that this was the more eye catching and beautiful. The purple stands out wonderfully against the black and the vaccine spots aren't so dense that they crowd the face of the tie. The quality of this company's products is excellent and I look forward to many years of use. If you have some shirts or pants that can highlight the purple in this tie you'll get some attention for it. I'll be buying more of their ties for certain."
- Reif Kansas City
An excellent conversation piece
"The tie itself is well made and has a nice feel, as well as tying easily. In this color the picture is accurate. The body of the tie isn't quite black. There is a blue hue to it, and in normal office lighting the red rods stand out as a nice accent against the various blue shades. Some ties seem to have a trickier time settling in, but this was excellent from the start. Right off, walking into work, I caught glances and people stopped to ask about the tie. Telling them about the pattern had them either intrigued or laughing at how happy I was with the Avian Flu my wife gave me. I have Vaccine as well and look forward to buying more of Infections Awareables products."
- Reif Kansas City
Love it!
"My husband loves the tie rack. He loves that it can hold 70 ties. The only issue we have is the speed is a bit too fast to select which tie you want. Other than that it fits perfect in the closet and is easy to use."
- AandK Los Angeles
Great tie for the price
"Great tie; great price"
- Pete Richmond, VA
In case you get cold feet.
"Perfect colors for my groom!"
- talltoileteller Amarillo, TX
Good quality tie
"I realized i didnt have many solid ties, so I ordered this and a blue 2" skinny tie. The quality is very nice. They are a thick material, which made it a little hard to tie. Once tied, it looked great. It was a little too narrow though to wear with a suit, in my opinion. I guess I was looking for 2 1/2". They will be nice to wear with a dress shirt, nice jeans, and dress shoes though."
- webreality Staten Island, NY
Brokerage hit
"I was wearing this tie at a gathering of people in the financial services industry, and this tie was the hit of the occasion. One gentleman looked closely and observed that it was obviously from before the Apple stock split."
- Harley Ed Boston
President's day hit
"Almost everyone I met loved this tie, and many tried to read the signatures as I wore it."
- Harley Ed Boston
It's Okay.
"The orange edging is very thin and cheap looking. I like the idea, but the execution was off."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
Nice Tie
"A little brighter red than I expected, but still nice regardless. Solid foundation tie."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
"The color of the tie is perfect. I like the shine that it gives off too. Feels and looks luxurious."
- Jordan Louisville, KY
gator tie
"this gator tie is awesome! perfect for any gator fan!"
- g8rfanz brentwood, tn
Long May She Wave
"I'm very pleased with this tie, it is a beautiful representation of our flag. I will wear it with pride."
- Eddie Louisville, Ky
He will love it!
"I bought this for my boyfriend for a Valentine's present. He performs in a men's chorus and loves music so I know he will love it!"
- Tootie Green Bay Wisconsin
My New Favorite
"Ties really easily and does its job"
- Connor Baton Rouge, LA
Love it
"Great quality. Great price. Easy to order. Free & fast shipping. Glad to be able to find self tie bow ties for my son. It's getting harder to find them in retail stores. Love it!"
- MamaBee West Virginia
Favorite Christmas Tie
"Looks great! Even though I'll have to wait a year to wear it."
- Matt Wichita, KS
Ties for new job
"I needed a couple of ties for my new job and was happy to find Ties.com. I chose 2 perfect ties, got a great deal (2 for the price of 1), had super-fast delivery in durable packaging, was pleased with the quality of the ties, and got a cool sticker, too! I was completely satisfied, and highly recommend Ties.com"
- joemhinds3 Piqua, OH
Ties for new job
"I needed a couple of ties for my new job and was happy to find Ties.com. I chose 2 perfect ties, got a great deal (2 for the price of 1), had super-fast delivery in durable packaging, was pleased with the quality of the ties, and got a cool sticker, too! I was completely satisfied, and highly recommend Ties.com"
- joemhinds3 Piqua, OH
"Made a great change to the way my ties were hung in my closet. Even have room to hang more."
- adjret Spring Valley CA
The Taco the Town
"By far the most delicious socks I have ever tasted. They feel like dipping your feet into a steamy vat of ground beef and sour cream at the same time."
- Buzzy NunyaBeezwax
a new winter favorite
"This isn't "christmas" or any other holidaesque pattern that comes across as cheesy. It reminds me of a frosty winter morning...and winter is precisely when I wear it. Quality workmanship and excellent materials. Very pleased."
- Andy M. Nashville, TN
"Super comfy and also really obnoxious, just the way I like it."
- P. Scooper USA, Earth
"Great socks!"
"I like the looks and feel of the material. I have only used these a couple times so I can not speak for longevity or durability yet. I also like the color and pattern variety that ties.com offers. The shipping was prompt and in good order."
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"Nice Tie!"
"This Tie is very nice and looks like I expected it to. The only reason I did not rate it five stars is because I was not able to get one that is short enough for me. If I position the front bottom of the tie just above my belt buckle, the small end of the tie hangs down a couple inches below the wide end. I either have to pin it up with my tie bar, or cut some of the small end off. If you offer shorter lengths on your ties in the future, or more length variety, I will give five stars on it. "Just do it!". :)"
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"My first Tie Bar"
"I only used this product a couple times, and it seems to work good so far. The color looks like I expected it to, and the shipping was prompt and satisfactory."
- Elmo Ashland, Ohio
"I think it is great! Can't wait for my next order: Purple and white stripe."
- Harper601 Upper Marlboro, MD
A Good Deal
"As I first viewed this square, I found the color accurately depicted as well as well made. It was a good purchase."
- Don Somers Point, NJ
"the light is exactly where it needs to be"
- Nic Salt lake city
Wht you see
"This is a great tie. Good quality - good length - good design. What you see in the picture is what you get."
- the4mco New York
They thought it was a clip on!
"I love the tie.awesome looking. But I have one problem. Since I have a small neck the adjustment piece is very close to the knot and can get in the way. But really its no Big deal"
- Someone Pennsylvania
Doctor Brother Loves It!
"I was looking for a cool and unique gift for my brother who is doing his residency. Sometimes he thinks that things I get are too cutesy - but this was the perfect balance of fun and professional/usable/serious!"
- BigSister Chicago, IL
"This was exactly what I wanted! Used it for my band at our Christmas Services. Went well with suspenders! Solid and a great price!!!!!!"
- Amarr Whitehouse, OH
History Teacher Gift
"I gave this tie to a history teacher and he loved it!"
- Secret Santa Chicago
The material is great!
"Material feels great. The tie itself, if paired right, looks good and adds texture to the outfit as well"
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Good price for good quality
"Got these on a sale and they're a nice shade of simple cufflinks."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Decent square
"Material is ok. Decent pocket square. Adds some texture to the blazer."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
Soft cloth, gets noticed
"The cloth is soft and design is subtle. The color is nice and gets compliments."
- TurboTie Philadelphia
my favorite
"I loved the look and feel of the .tie. It was exactly what I wanted to compliment my suit"
- portmorris clackamas, oregon
Fun Stuff
"Bought for a gift....I love them...hope he does! All good with qulaity and delivery."
- Michar Phoenix, AZ
Love this tie!
"My friend is into infections and curing them...He will love this tie! I think it is Beautiful...gonorrhea and all!! lol"
- Sherrie Mullica Hill NJ
Easy to Use Tie
"I really like the tie. However, it is more on the pink side than the plum/purple side."
- PWtheCat Virginia
cute and classy
"I sent this tie to my brother for his birthday. He liked it! It's pretty, well designed, and classy. Love ties.com!"
- hollyann SLC, UT
Who Wouldn't Love This?
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect. Great for Holiday functions and to get a giggle out of people."
- tblnton1 Memphis,TN
Absolutely Awesome
"Love this tie! Everything about it is perfect. Great for Holiday functions and it is so soft."
- tblnton1 Memphis,TN
Great Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Holly Jolly Good Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Great Tie
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
"Love this tie. Everything about it is perfect."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Ties.com is my new favorite place to shop for teacher gifts!!!!!
"I bought this tie for my son's 6th grade band teacher and the quality was SUPERB, the presentation (the box, the tissue wrapping, etc.) was BEAUTIFUL and it arrived quickly. My son and I were so impressed that we placed a second order for a different tie for his science teacher!"
- Momma Snow Oxnard, CA
Fun Professional Tie
"I work in a hospital and this is a fun tie that elicits a great response from everyone, fellow workers, patients and families alike."
- DoctorC New York
Cool tie!
"I wanted a nice tie for the attorney in our office. He is a fashionista and this tie compliments his stylish taste. It was a difficult choice all three lawyer ties were cool and I liked them all but could only afford one so this is it. Fabulous!"
- Sunnygirl Oakland, CA
Great Tie!
"My husband received just as many compliments on his tie as I did my dress for our holiday event :) The quality of the tie was even better in person! We will definitely order from ties.com in the future."
- Naaya Littleton, CO
Sock it to Me
"I am so glad that I made this purchase. These socks are amazingly soft and comfortable. I will definitely shop here again for my future sock related needs."
- tblnton1 Memphis, TN
Hands On
"This tie is for my son's Dr. who is retiring and moving on to speak at conferences for Children with chronic diseases. He will love the bright small hand prints representing all children. It is very well made and delivered very quickly."
- Sheri Henrico County, VA
Very seasonal
"Great tie."
- Nick Chicago
"Great tie."
- Nick Chicago
So cute
"Ties.com is my new favorite tie place. I bought this tie and another for my husband. They're nice ties, great designs, free and quick shipping, and they're inexpensive."
- hollyann SLC, UT
Too big
"Great bowtie, well made. Just a bit too long for average neck sizes."
- fry Maryland
perfect political statement
"great tie which allows one to be subtle yet express one's political leaning"
- cjbrn Yorktown, VA
Great pocket square
"One of several pocket squares I've purchased from Ties.com. Folds great, looks great. Got compliments from the get go. Get one, you will love it."
- Jim R II Charleston, SC
fun for the holidays
"Much nicer looking than the photo on the web page. The colors are vibrant and the pattern is traditional yet Christmasy. This tie also arrived very quickly. I was please with the entire experience."
- Lulu80 Boxford, MA
Black bowtie
"Its a great bowtie, and is solidly built. One issue I had though, which I didn't expect, was that it doesn't have a hook thing at the back. Other bowties have a hook at the back, with slits in the lining, with the neck size indicated on them. This one didn't have that."
- tieman Illinois
pills to you
"This will be perfect for a friend in Pharmacy."
- owl Albuq., NM
yep it will do
"This will work just fine with a couple of embelishments to fit the season"
- owl Albuq. NM
the beat goes on
"Perfect for a couple of cardio guys"
- owl Albuq.NM
it will do
"perfect for a friend in Pharmacy"
- owl Albuq.NM
yep it will do
"This will be perfect with a couple of embelishments to fit the season."
- owl Albuq, NM
Great Cancer Awareness
"Gets the message across"
- jennifertujo@comcast.net Oregon
"Understated seasonal"
- jennifertujo@comcast.net Oregon
Fishy days
"Great color"
- JT Oregon
My New Favorite
"The tie was what I needed for the suit I was wearing. Many compliments."
- portmorris Clackamas, Or
Boo Tie
- Deb Atl, GA
price point value
"Great tie at this price point. It ties neat an stays crisp. Because it is made of microfiber I expect to "tie one on" for many seasons to come (Bengals fan here!)"
- Anubis Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
love it
"Great tie!!! Will order again"
- ctu nyc
Artillery Red Tie
"I bought this tie for my son who volunteers at a veterans organization. He said it was a success with the veterans and some of them mentioned that that they want one too! Great job Ties.com!!!"
- Mike Sanders Atlanta, GA
Solar Systems Tie
"This tie was a hit with my students! I'm a science teacher and I bought this tie to wear during my classes. I have a bunch of science ties but this one is probably one of my favorites right now! Thank you ties.com!"
- Hank Nebraska
Pewter Skinny Tie
"This tie is already becoming an essential in my wardrobe.. It goes with almost every suit and shirt I have and and price/quality on this tie is absolutely great!"
- DavidM Kentucky
Zinfandel Pre-Tied Bow Tie
"I ordered this tie to wear at my cousins wedding and it definitely lived up to my expectations! Color was great and the fact that it was pre-tied really made it easy for me."
- Will G. Colorado
Eclips Blue Skinny Tie
"This tie is really nice, the color is as pictured on the website and even more vibrant in real life. it goes well with most of my suits and shirts, which is a big plus for me."
- Michael St. Louis
Really Cute Hearts Navy Socks
"These socks are super cute! The red hearts in combination with the navy blue color really makes them stand out! I also like how they feel to my feet, so soft!"
- Tara T. CA
Blue Pi Socks
"I bought these socks and a Pi tie for my husbands birthday (he's a math teacher) and he absolutely loved them! He wore them to class and his students thought it was very clever :)"
- Joey Portland
Awesome Bacon & Egge Socks
"These socks are so awesome! Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and they are just a party on my feet; great fit and soft on my feet too!"
- Danielle Las Vegas
Cool Christmas Trees Socks
"I ordered these socks as a Christmas gift and I liked them so much that I just ordered them for myself and my husband too! As big Christmas fans we can't have too many Christmas/Holiday items LOL."
- Karen P. Minnesota
Elf Stripe Socks
"I just got these in the mail and I really like them! The colours are as shown on the site and they are nice and soft. These socks are perfect for the Holidays but I think I could also get away with wearing them outside of the Holiday season ;)."
- Kristin Atlanta
Pizza Part Socks
"I looooooveeeee these socks! These are my favorite socks at the moment!! Everyone keeps asking me where I got them so I ordered a bunch of them to gift my friends for Christmas. Pretty sure they're going to like them ;). Definitely a party on your feet!"
- Jessica Freis Washington
Preppy Argyle Socks
"I'm really into these preppy socks! I like the classic argyle pattern (I have some sweaters that they match) and I usually wear them with my dress shoes. Really pulls my look together and I get compliments when I wear them so what's not to like!?"
- Joyce P. Seattle
Blue Anchor Socks
"Really cool blue anchor socks! I bought these and a few others for myself since I really wanted some fun socks. This one is my favorite! They make me smile every time I look at my feet and I'm wearing them :)."
- Sarah K. Sacramento, CA
American Socks
"I have so many american flag products so when I saw these socks I knew I had to get them! The pattern is really cool and they're nice and warm. I just ordered these as a Christmas gift for my dad as well!!"
- Jackson Orlando, FL
Black Stripy Socks
"Awesome stripy socks that my daughter stole from me so I just ordered them again LOL."
- Anthony M. Florida
Unique Christmas Tie
"Every year I try to find a unique looking Christmas tie for the office Holiday part and I was very happy to have found this one. The colours are as on the picture and the unique shape will definitely attract attention. Can't wait to wear it at the office holiday party!"
- Jack Michigan
Anchor Socks
"I've been really into quirky socks lately and these colourful anchor socks really fit the bill. The fabric feels soft to my feet and I had no problem with the size (size 9)."
- Caroline M. North Carolina
Geometric Eye catching Socks
"This pair of socks will definitely catch your eye when worn underneath a casual suit or even jeans. They're very comfortable too! Great purchase."
- Casey NY
Colourful Polka Dot Socks
"These colourful polka dot socks are a party on your feet! I wear them with loafers and get tons of compliments every time I wear them. I ordered these in other colours as well, can't get enough :)."
- Sabrina K. Ohio
Cute Polka Dot Socks
"These black and white polka dot socks are super cute and comfy! I really like how they feel, I even bought these for my sister since she kept stealing them from me!"
- Natasha Lopes San Diego, CA
Awesome purple socks
"Super fun socks. Got them for my boyfriend and don't think he's worn them ones since I wear them all the time."
- Mary Jones Los Angeles, CA.
Climate Change Tie
"Love this tie. Purchased it for my husband to wear to work and everyone loves it. Thank you ties.com"
- Jane Wisconsin
Great Investment
"My husbands tie rack died after years of use. I found this one and it was a breeze to install. I hung 60+ ties on it and it spins beautifully. Hopefully it will last many years to come."
- Suz Kansas City
HO Ho Ho
"I got these for my son to wear to work during the holidays. He really likes them. So far so good. Hopefully they will continue to wash up nicely."
- Suz Kansas City
Love it
"I have this in green, blue, and brown. Sadly, the brown is discontinued. It's so hard to find a great brown tie. That said, both the green and blue have brown in them and work well with similar color schemes. Good think (but not too think) wool tie. Dresses up or down in hot or cold weather. So glad I got these."
- Tieguy Chicago
It's decent
"Good style. Decent quality. Worth the price with a coupon code."
- Tieguy Chicago
Great Tie and Value
"This was one of two ties I bought on my first pruchase with ties.com. I originally was surfing to find out a way to tie a bow tie. Ended up buying a couple ties in the process. The quality is excellent and the price was even better, Email updates and sevice was awesome."
- John P. Shroeline, Wa
Great Tie
"Very colorful ,will go with just about anything."
- Larry Milledgeville, Georgia
"love it"
- bob rhode island
Best sock ever!
"I wore this sock to a wedding, everyone wanted to know where I got it. They are super soft and feel really high quality. I recommend!"
- Sock Man Los Angeles CA
"I have appox. 150+ ties and they were all on a hanger and hard to find, but this tie rack is perfect I would recommend it for anyone with over 50-60+ ties. I ordered 2"
- artiet mcdonough Ga
Ti(m)e to celebrate the New Year
"This is the perfect tie for the upcoming New Year Celebrations."
- Just me Milwaukee, Wi
Simple, elegant
"The color is nice, subdued and adds a nice touch to my blazer. Quality is good."
- Carlos G Montana
great tie place!
"great design; great price"
- Buddy Jackson, Mississippi
Yeah for fish socks!
"We always need fish socks to go with our shirts on Fish Shirt Friday in Orlando and Fish Tie Friday in NYC. Hope to see more tropical fish socks in the future!"
- Fish Shirt Friday Group Orlando, FL
"Great classic tie that can be worn year around! #loveit"
- Blakk Washington DC
Love your ties
"Great holiday tie for my grandson who has to wear ties to school everyday!"
- SRWKnoxville Knoxville TN
Great Value
"vivid color just what I was looking for"
- Jrg8453 Greenwich CT
Advanced Math Red
"I love this for my PreCalc and Calc classes -"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
Black Geometry
"I have always wanted something for Geometry - this adds to the wardrobe...thank you"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
50 Digits of Pi
"Beautiful plot - deep story line - I may have to buy a new shirt just to show it off"
- Mr W. North Woods, WI
Really great neckwear products
"Although the prices were kind of steep, I really love the concept of the product!"
- Happy Customer QSK3