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Self-Tie Bow Ties

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574 Results

Self Tie Bow Ties: Make A Statement

Let's face it: self tie bow ties for men is a hard thing to grasp if you've never tied one before.  Not to worry young grasshopper, even the most polished James Bond of the world had to start somewhere.  With a little help from our knot tying guide, you'll soon show off your dapper neck adornments in all its sartorial splendor.  It's like tying a regular tie, once you get it down you'll never forget it.

When Should I Wear A Bow Tie?  Short Answer: Any time you want, but there are rules.  
However, the arbitrary rules of men's fashion are meant to be broken. Although not the end-all be-all, here's a few simple guidelines to help amateur fashionistos pull off that bow tie look like a pro.

1. Stick with the solid suits in grey, navy blue, black, and even shades of brown for the trendsetters.

2. Proclaim your style and make a statement with a pinstripe or plaid suit.

3. The best suit will always be one that fits your body, so get one custom tailored.

4. Depending on your body type, suit, and lapel type, there's a bow tie style that will compliment your look perfectly.  The available styles to choose from are the standard, butterfly jumbo, very slim line, slim line diamond point, and very slim diamond point.

These days, people are wearing self tie and pre tie bow ties whenever they want and however they want.  It's called fashion, everyone has their own unique style.  Don't let a few rules get in your way of wearing a bow tie with a button-up and jeans, khakis, shorts, or even sneakers (unless you're at a wedding or winning an Oscar).
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