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Wall Mounted Tie Racks

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Wall Mounted Tie Racks

A suit is nothing without its tie and a tie is nothing without its tie rack. Two iconic pairs that should never be apart. If style is the name of your game, great maintenance should also be a part of your repertoire. Crinkley and scragley is never becoming of any man. Up your game with a wall mounted tie rack.

The first step in maintaining your tie collection is putting it away properly. Regardless of the type of fabric, ties (even bow ties) are delicate and vulnerable to creases, wrinkles, and wear-and-tear. When not wearing your tie, always hang it in a closet or cupboard, no place that hits the sun. And never lay it down or throw it on the ground. Properly hanging a tie prevents the creases from the knot to fall out and hanging it in a cool, closed spot keeps it out of bright sunlight that can fade the fabric.

Our wide selection of wall mounted tie racks has something to fit everyone's bill. Keep your large tie collection in line with an electronic tie rack or save space with a flip down rack. Keep away the moths with a cedar selection or keep all of your accessories in one place with the an accessory mate tie rack. Be a champion of style and maintain your tools of the trade with a rack fits your lifestyle.
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