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Bought it for my husband and he loves it. Works great.
doylestown, PAdoylestown, PA
Awesome 👏🏼
Incredibly easy to install . We had purchased a different tie rack and we had to take the pole off to install . This one snaps and installs without having to take the pole down .
Mooers, NYMooers, NY
Only One Thing Could Make It Five Stars Instead Of Four.
Glad I bought it. The only improvement it could use is if the rotate buttons stopped the rotation when you let go. As is, you have to quickly and Gently press the other directional rotation button to stop it. Press it a bit too hard and it just goes in the opposite direction, instead of stopping where you wanted. Not enough of a problem to make me dislike it...just something that could be improved.
Phil W.
Saint Johns, FL
Key advantages to competitors, one drawback
My closet has a shelf one inch above the hanging rod, so other brands won’t fit. Also the rod is 1 inch, and other brands won’t fasten to a smaller rod. Batteries load to front of rack. Other competitors load to back, meaning you have to remove the rack to change batteries - major pain. Drawback: The only way to stop the rack moving one way is to press the button that points the opposite way. But if you don’t press the button just right, the rack starts rotating the opposite way. You have to toggle between the two switches to get it to stop. Would be better to have a middle button that stops all mostion.
Montclair, NJMontclair, NJ
Great Gift
I purchased this as a gift for my husband a few months after starting a new job that requires wearing a tie every day. There are only about 20 ties on it for now, but it works great. It was very easy to install and makes selecting a tie each day easy!
Tie rack
Love it! Bought it for my husband and he immediately put his ties on it
Marana, AZMarana, AZ
Tie rod
The rod in my closet appeared normal size. However it was too big for the tie rack. But I assune it would be great if I could use it
San jose, CASan jose, CA
Works ok light works when it wants too
Ft. Lauderdale
great tie rack
Great tie rack it fits a ton of ties and some belts. and it is of great quality
Makes selecting a tie easier
I like the fact that it holds 70 ties, which I have organized according to color shades. This electronic tie rack makes choosing a selected tie easier. It replaced the other four tie holders I had - ones in which the bottom ties were hidden under top ones.
valley stream, NYvalley stream, NY
Love it
The rotation was a bit fast for me but other than that, this tie rack is so badasssssss.
Great ties !!!
I’ve bought a half dozen ties at this point and I have to say these are the best quality ties on the market for the price. I’ve bought ties twice the price that weren’t as nice. Can’t see myself buying from anyone else!!
Ordered this for my husband for all of his ties and he loves it! The best part...all of his ties fit on it with one spot open for a new one!
Newport News, VA
Great purchase!
High quality rack with strong motor. Item is better than expected.
Davenport, IA
Incredible gadget! Very cool
I got this for my dad. It’s very light and easy to set up. The rotation belt goes smoothly in both directions at the perfect pace. My dad’s saved so much closet space, and he’s wearing ties that he almost forgot about! He can quickly browse through his entire collection of ties and belts now instead of wearing the same ones over and over. 5 stars
Los Angeles
Tie this one on!
What did I ever do without one. My ties are always at my fingertips.
baltimore,maryland 21206
Two things. One is that I got this on sale for 50%off and it works great. Second is my wife was upset that I got this because she wanted to get this for me for Christmas. Oh well. You can always get another one as I have more ties. BONUS
Baltimore MD
Seems like a good purchase.
Caught this item on sale. The boxes they came in were impressive. Have to install the unit . If it works as good as it looks, I will be very happy. Hate to recycle the boxes. A real work of art.
Long Island NY
wish I had ordered 2
cleveland oh
Loved It!
I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my Dad. I had cleaned out and organized his closets, so this was the perfect gift. He absolutely LOVED IT! So did I, my Mom, & my sister! We all took turns playing with it! It's well worth the investment, just to have his ties organized. I highly recommend this product.
The Best
This tie rack takes up so little space, They are neatly hanging easy to see. This has been the best thing I've bought for organizing my closet. All my ties (57) are in one place , easy to see. If you're wanting the best tie rack this is it. The price is well worth it.
Northern Utah
my husbands favorite
I bought this for my husband and he was pleasantly surprised. It works great!
erial, nj
Too Kool
This device is awesome, made my life so much better. Easy installation and all I do is push a button to search for a tie.
Fort Washington, Md
Great product!
This is the highest-capacity, most durable tie rack I have found anywhere. Couple that with easy ordering online and fast shipping, and it's a winner!
Eau Claire, WI
Electronic Closet Tie Rack
This product performes exactly the way i need it to. Being an individual with a handicap i can retrieve and store all my ties with EASE.
LaGrange North Carolina
The "next generation" tie rack
This tie rack is cool! Very fast and quiet as compared to my old one. Hold lots of ties and helps to find just the right one. If you love ties( in my case bow ties because, as we all know now ties are cool!) this is a must.
The Doctor
Hubby loves it!!*
I purchased this electronic tie rack for my husband for Father's Day! Not only is it simple to assemble,it's very easy to use!!! This product operates just as it states on it's packaging and fits perfectly in our closet! Compared to similar products,I chose this one due to reasonable price, chic but not to feminine appearance and how it works!!!
L Nichelle
Smooth Operator
Like the easy install. Only small issue was the "creaking" when tightening to the rod. Afraid it would crack but so far so good.
Love it!
My husband loves the tie rack. He loves that it can hold 70 ties. The only issue we have is the speed is a bit too fast to select which tie you want. Other than that it fits perfect in the closet and is easy to use.
Los Angeles
the light is exactly where it needs to be
Salt lake city
Great Investment
My husbands tie rack died after years of use. I found this one and it was a breeze to install. I hung 60+ ties on it and it spins beautifully. Hopefully it will last many years to come.
Kansas City
I have appox. 150+ ties and they were all on a hanger and hard to find, but this tie rack is perfect I would recommend it for anyone with over 50-60+ ties. I ordered 2
mcdonough Ga
Great tie Rack
This is easy to mount and works great. It doesn't take up much room and hold a good number of ties.
submarier 1
Smithfield VA
Keeps everything nice and clean. I have 30-some ties, so I can do one every other hanger. Works like a charm.
Adaptor for smaller rack
Would of given a 5 star if not for the fact i had to jerry rig it to fit my closet rack. Would recommend an adapter for smaller racks. Other than that a great product.
Great product
I am very happy with the Electric Closet Tie Rack. I have been looking for the right product and found it! Now my ties are very organized and it is very simple to use. Great product for the price!
I read a lot of reviews on ALL of the electronic tie racks, I decided to buy this tie rack from TIES.COM. Was I surprised, it did everything it was supposed to do. I hung 140 ties on two of their electronic tie racks, they worked perfectly, I arranged them by color and now it is sooooo easy to select the perfect tie for my suit of the day. Highly recommend this tie rack if you want to organize your ties and save space in your closet. Very powerful motor moves heavy thick ties around with ease, for the price there is none better than this electronic tie rack. Just as good as the $475.00 tie rack that finally quit!
Joe D
New, Jersey
Electronic Closet Rack!
Best on the market. This is my second one since I keep buying ties from these guys. Great service. High quality products and fast delivery. Can't emphasize how amazing has been to me for the last 5 years.
My Perfect Electronic Closet Rack
My order came quickly, in perfect condition, and just what I wanted.
Arlington, VA
Tie Rack
My experience with the Tie Rack is great. I have about 40 ties and it whirls left to right with no problem. The only problem I had when installing was that there is a plastic pad where the shaft for the hangers go. These pads didn't allow me to clamp the unit to the shaft. Answer was to remove the two pads and everything hooked up just fine. Other than the installation ditty. I'm very satisfied.
The tie rack works as advertised except that because the batteries are in one half of the rack it is unbalanced and tips forward. I was able to put a counter balance on the back to make it level but it is a bad design element.
Poughkeepsie, NY
Good enough
This tie rack works fine, but has some minor flaws. Be aware: It is not too difficult to install, and relies on plastic to support the rack, so these parts may crack or warp over time and if abused in installation. If the batteries fail, it must be uninstalled to replace batteries. Due to the weight of device, ties, and batteries, it will tilt unless installed on tightly on the rod, and if your rod isn't sturdy (weighted by other clothes or affixed to the wall) it can rotate with the tie rack attached - if over time it gets looser, it will wiggle and tilt instead of remaining horizontal. The light works well, the rotation is smooth and powerful, the storage is sufficient and efficient. Overall it is a good device, but not "high-end". I'm satisfied but might prefer a better item if in the market for another one someday.
Queens, NY
electronic Closet Tie Rack
The first one i received failed to work. When I called the woman who answered was extremely nice about it. Asked a few queries about what was wrong with the rack and offered to send a replacement. I got the new one four working days later. I'm looking forward to using it. Looks great. A really good experience. Most customer service experiences these days are lousy. This one was as good as one could hope. Thanks to I will buy from them in the future.
Danny Boy
New Jersey
a little wimpy
This tie rack is made pretty well. Much better than the Sharper Image tie rack that failed recently. (my bad: I loaded it with 65 ties and it was meant for about 20). This tie rack arrived OVERNIGHT and I paid standard shipping - which was shocking and wonderful. It was tricky to install: the top cover was tough to get off the first time - but that's because the tolerances are very small. I installed it on a 1 3/8 in rail and it tool a LOT of force to get it on, because it's the maximum size rail it will accept. Once I got it together it was straight forward. It really DOES have a 70-tie capacity. And only takes up about 6 inches of space on the rail. Very efficient use of space. The mechanism is good and smooth when the rack is unloaded. HOWEVER, as I put more and more of my 65 ties on the rack it spun slower and slower. I checked to see if I had hung the ties in a way that made them rub on the body of the rack, but they were not rubbing on anything. By the time I got about 40 ties on, it needed a push to spin. When I got all 65 ties on, it would not move in either direction without a big push. After a few attempts, it started to turn VERY SLOWLY on it's own. Maybe something loosened up? You know, 70 ties is a LOT of weight. In summary, it's a well-constructed machine that is seriously underpowered. HOWEVER, I am not sending it back right away. I will see how it works for a couple weeks, then decide.
Electronic Tie Rack
Incredibly cool! Cool Cool Cool! I love this tie rack. My closet has the wire rack type shelf/hanger, so I had to add a bar to get it to hang tight to prevent it from rocking. But this thing is sweet, I mean sweeeeet and it works great!! The first one I ordered arrived defective with a broken track, so it jammed before making 1/2 a revolution. I emailed and got an immediate response. They would send me another one right away, and would open it up and test it before shipping. WHAT GREAT SERVICE!! I received the replacement promptly too. Thank you, thank you-thank you. Pros: Immediately my ties are organized and easy to select and hang back up. Smooth operation if you hang it level and the light is a nice touch. Great customer service. I really really like it a lot. Cons: Made of plastic - so be gentle. Has to be adapted to the wire type closet rack if you don't have the rod type. My belts get caught on the ties, so although it is a great idea to have them there, it would work better if the machine were about 2 inches wider. These minor cons will not prevent me from ordering another for myself and for gifts.
Georgia, USA
Closet tie rack
I am pleased with the product but didn't realize until it arrived that it was meant to be mounted on a standard closet bar. I bought my home new in 2010 and it has the wire rack shelves throughout the house. I was able to wedge a plastic disc in the adjustable holder to stabilize the tie rack but it rocks back and forth depending on the distribution of the ties.
York Tom
Tie rack.
Haven't been able to use because I'm unable to remove rod cover. I'm waiting for a son with strong hands to see if he can get it off. If not, I'll have to return it. Looks fine if I can get it mounted.
St. Louis.Mo.
Happy, Happy, Happy
I've had the smaller version of this tie rack and recently got a couple dozen more ties and needed a larger tie rack. The rod in my closet was right at the upper level of the dimensions that the tie rack would fit. It fits very nicely and is secure. It is incredibly easy to install for the secure fit it has. I like the speed of the ties as they spin around. If they went as slow as my smaller rack, I would be waiting forever for them. They move right along so it doesn't feel like a long wait to go a rotation. The installation instructions could be better. They should have had installation of the batteries last so you don't keep turning it on while trying to take the top off and mount it. Also, they need to check their QC a little better. The adjustment screw was tightened enough of the way it when I got the rack that the top would not come off. It took me a couple of minutes to figure how to get take it apart for mounting. Also, there wasn't any comment about the belt hooks. It wasn't hard to figure out how to mount them, once I figured out what they were, but it would have been more complete if they were mentioned in the assembly directions. I am very happy with my purchase.
Excellent Tie Rack
This tie rack is extremely useful if you have many ties, since, of course, it's very hard to store them efficiently in a way that also makes it possible to see them all. The machinery works well and can be attached to a hanging rod without removing it. The process of attaching it is a little difficult. I suggest practicing attaching the top a few times before trying to do it over the rod. Once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be too hard.
Franklin Tower
Tribeca, NYC, NY
Tie Rack
This seems to be a great tie rack that rotates at a speed where you won't be waiting 2 min to go around. The only thing I have an issue with is the fact that the space which holds up the device is only made for large circular racks. I have a wire rack and stuffed paper towel in the hole while screwing the securing mechanism as tight as it will go. It still shifts back and forth because the weight is not balanced on all sides. Other than that....awesome!
Las Vegas
Slow to Start
Purchased this unit as a compliment to an identical unit I purchased several years ago (tie collection is growing). Unit is VERY slow to start but seems to pick up speed OK. Figure it is just new and a bit tight (original unit never did this). Will use for a few more days and hope it loosens up or will return for a replacement. Mike
Bagley, WI
Incredible for price
For this price, there is no possibly way that you can find a better tie rack. Holds a ton, works great and when you wait till it's on sale like I did you get a huge capacity tie rack for under $20. No way any of the ones you get at a department store are better than this, for this price. Would definitely recommend this.
Great Customer Service!
When the first of these (I ordered 2) arrived, it wasn't working properly. No questions asked, customer service immediately sent anther to replace it.
Andy B
Tidewater, VA
electronic closet silver tie rack
Great tie rack! My ties are finally organized and so easy to install!! I cannot be more satisfied!!
Tie Rack for Husband
Hi, I purchased this recently as a Christmas gift for my husband. The tie rack came in today and it is wonderful. They have fast shipping and the product is in a very cool red box. I don't even want to wrap it. I recommend this tie rack.
Tie Rack For My Closet
Outstanding product. Quality product that is well built and made to last. I would definitely order another one as a gift. These guys have fast shipping and great customer service.
Shawn Engles
Electronic Tie Rack
Best gift, I've gotten my husband in a while. The tie rack just came in in perfect condition. Nice box and quick shipping. Thank you
Mary I.
Chandler, AZ
Probably GREAT!
Alas...the bars in my closet were way TOO thick for this to fit over. I had to spend almost $11 sending it back...
The Electronic Closet Tie Racks installed easily, and they work great. They are quiet, well-made, run smoothly, and the light is plenty bright. They can be recommended for a fine tie-organizing experience!
Bakersfield, CA
Electronic Tie Rack
Great product. Easy to install. Performs as described. Free shipping was faster than stated. Very satisfied.
Kannapolis, NC
I bought this for my grandson last year as a wedding gift and every time I see him he thanks me for it. Earlier this year, I bought one for his father (my son-in-law). He loves his as well. This is the third one I've bought and I love it my self. It rotates with ease and the light is very useful inside the closet. I'll be back for more.
What a help!
Finally! All of my ties in one place and easy to see and retrieve. Installation is a breeze. Very nice and highly recommended.
Dundalk, MD
Great device
This tie rack is a great deal for te money. It's easy to install and simple to use.
Cookeville, TN
Just as expected
Holds all my ties, both current and expired models! I wear a tie every day, and this helps me sort through my options. When I consider how much I paid for the ties and how many I have accumulated over the years, this is a very good way to protect my investment. Quiet, smooth and convenient. That's a lot to pack into a $30 package.
Works well for my needs , may order another for a present for friend. Installs fast,looks good in my closet.
Temple Tx.
Not bad
Purchased a sharper image tie rack and returned it 3 days later. FOund this one and gave it a shot. Easy to install, easy operation. I feel like it was smoother at first but this might be because of the batteries. So far its working fine, much much much better than the sharper image one.
Alex M
Newark, NJ
Great for ties!
This tie rack is great for keeping the closet organized. It moves smoothly to display the available ties. We love it!
Naperville, IL
Great accessory!
This was the best purchase I have made all year! My husbands ties were all over the place! Now he has them all neatly on his revolving tie rack. They stay nice, don't get wrinkled and are easily accessable to him whenever he is looking for a new one! Thank you for supplying such a great product!
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