How did your passion for menswear start?

My passion for menswear started very soon after I began my first corporate job upon graduating college. I was in a business setting everyday and was influenced by menswear enthusiasts on social media. When I noticed that most men at work were not putting much thought into their wardrobe, I was inspired to become an influencer in what to wear at the office. From there, I started blogging and creating photo content for social media. The intention was to inspire other like-minded individuals and provide recommendations on what I thought would be trendy ideas for work.


What are your goals as an influencer?

My goals as an influencer are to motivate menswear enthusiasts to wear what they love wearing and to bring confidence upon themselves. I hope to achieve that through my style on social media as well as my business entrepreneurial spirit. As co-founder of Seattle Gents, I’ve been able to build a community around being a gentleman and fashion influencer. My goal to motivate enthusiasts ties with my aspiration to be a motivational leader. Through social media, I can speak my mind to my audience and provide an inspiration of incorporating style with the pursuit of your passions.

Describe your outfit.

My outfit is a tailored windowpane blazer with pocket square and lapel pin. I usually rock a dress shirt with no tie and slim fit slacks. I have an obsession with classic dress shoes which I will wear on a daily basis. To top off my outfit, I usually incorporate colorful socks in my outfit.


Describe your personal style.

My personal style is dapper professional with a trendy and colorful twist. Although I love the classic look, I try to incorporate current trends with my style.

Random fun fact about you.

I love playing indoor volleyball!