How’d your passion for menswear start?
Ever since I picked up my first GQ at the age of 12, I’ve had a love for fashion. My blog is an extension of this love. No matter what else I’m doing menswear and fashion always comes into play in all of my activities.


What are your goals as an influencer?
A lot of people have this notion that there is no style in Washington, DC. But DC is much more than Congress and lobbyists. There’s a rising fashion scene and I want to prove that there really is some good fashion to be found.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like tailored looks but I’m always looking to mix it up. I’m a fan of bold prints that most people don’t think that they can wear. I’m probably the one that’s usually overdressed but that’s me.

Explain your outfit:
Now that it’s spring, I wanted to pick a look that was great for this time of year. I didn’t want to go with a traditional blue suit so I swapped out the pants for these light green ones. I knew that these would be perfect for a spring look. The paisley tie was a fantastic match because it has that hint of green which comes into play because of the pants. I’m a big fan of the lapel flower and it made a great finishing touch with my blue jacket.


Random Fun Fact:
I have a shoe obsession which I inherited from my parents. My dad used to say, “Never wear the same shoe 2 days in a row. They need time to breath.” My mom says, “Never buy cheap shoes, you’ll ruin your feet.” I guess I’ve taken that to heart. I love a great shoe and tend to hold onto them for many years. All are in shoes trees and I polish them myself regularly.