How did your passion for menswear start?
Early in college I reached a point where I knew I wanted to change the way that I dressed. I wanted to be as creative with my apparel as I was in other facets of my life. I started making subtle changes by adding pieces one at a time to my wardrobe and then shaping a new direction.
What are your goals as an influencer?
I hope to inspire others to find their own voice in the fashion world. Whether it is preppy, streetstyle, or some other derivation I hope to provide content that inspires others to create daily. It’s important to have fun with it!
Describe your outfit.
My outfit here is a blend of british menswear and classic pieces. A navy tie is a timeless piece and when a stripe is added it can truly add dimension to the outfit. The Navy Tie which I chose has a subtle red piping around the stripes which tied in really well with my jacket when I looked at them both for the first time next to one another. The pocket square has a wonderful navy piping which nods at the tie but does not look like you are headed to prom with matching vest, tie and pocket square. This outfit is an effortless way to dress for the cold weather and treads the line of professional and casual.
Describe your personal style.
I find my style a balance of traditional menswear and love for street style. I have always enjoyed the heritage, craftsmanship and dignity that went into traditional menswear. On the flip side, I have always respected the culture and creativity within street wear. I land somewhere in between!
Random fun fact about you.
I am actually a musician in a band called Citizen Shade where I cover piano, keyboards and DJ style work. Music is a large part of my life but also works as an inspiration within fashion.