How’d your passion for menswear start?

My interest in menswear, or fashion in general, so to speak, came to me late. I grew up with very few options; I was in a school with uniforms for the better part of my middle school years, and even in high school the dress code didn’t change much. Polo shirts and khakis were my go-to. They were functional and practical. When I was exposed to Italian labels I fell in love with the textures and colors. Suddenly, there were so many options now available to me beyond the cotton chinos and polo I had grown accustomed to.

What are your goals as an influencer?

Fashion is instant language. It can tell a story to anyone observing you without you even saying a word. Risk-taker… conservative… or just out of this world. It’s an opportunity to be someone else, but at its core it’s an expression of who you are. My goal is to have influence from all genres of fashion, from fabrics to colors, to different body types.

David Thande

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a combination of a New England aesthetic with a touch of european refinement. Sort of conservative, sort of playful. I’m more hipster than I would care to admit, but I won’t torture others with my love for selvedge jeans. I’m always willing to try new styles while mixing in my own favorites.

Explain this outfit:

My color palette has always been blue. It’s refined strong color in the darker hues and playful and calming in lighter hues. This suit was a bargain and it opened up the possibilities of trying to mix different colors that were outside my comfort level. I love the earthy tones. The suit sort of sets the stage. The pocket square and tie bring in vibrant, romantic colors. I was inspired by the approach of fall, the reds and pinks in nature, and the growing length of evenings. This felt right, and I loved pushing myself outside of the safety of my favorite colors.

Random Fun Fact:

Despite my profile, I’m capable of writing in complete sentences. I just don’t like Oxford commas.

David Thande