How’d your passion for menswear start?

Before my menswear transformation, my “style” was simple, a pair baggy pants, sneakers and XL t-shirts (totally not my size — what the hell was I thinking?!). As I grew older I got tired of the way I dressed. So I went online, subscribed to GQ, read a bunch of great menswear blogs and started learning the basics of classic men’s style. Within a few days I was infatuated by it. The rest is history.

What are your goals as an influencer?

I started blogging as a way to document my journey into menswear and also to help other guys along the way. I hope to continue inspiring men who want to improve their personal style but have just don’t know where to start.

Gio Serna

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a mix between West Coast & East Coast — dapper with a hint of casual. Although you don’t always see me in full-blown suits, I’m constantly mixing and matching my ties with anything from blazers to Members Only Jackets. I’m a proponent of using classic essentials to create a timeless wardrobe. Items like navy suits, oxford shirts and classic wingtip/captoe shoes should be part of every man’s closet.

Explain this outfit:

Fall is all about textures, fabrics & earth tones. That’s why I went with a brown wool tie and navy cotton pocket square. During fall, I’m a huge fan of wearing field jackets with ties. It’s a great way to dress up any casual outfit. I tied the entire look together by wearing denim jeans and leather boots to really bring out that fall feel. The brown socks were something I used to give the outfit a little pop of color.

Gio Serna

Random Fun Fact:

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan from the moment I saw “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” back in 1999. That was my favorite movie as a kid hands down. That same year I wore a Darth Maul costume for Halloween and it was the best. Sadly my mom gave that costume away. Apparently, I would use it to scare my little bother. I guess you can say the force was never strong with him (jk I love you bro).