How’d your passion for menswear start?
My passion for menswear started a few years ago when I realized that most of the men at my office were all wearing the same type of outfits. It got so bad that you would notice basically the same outfit on 3 or 4 guys on any given day. I fell into that trap as well. One day I started noticing a coworker dressing a little better. I read up on cleaning out my closet and building an interchangeable wardrobe. I reduced the number of clothes that I had in my closet which I never wore and started building my wardrobe back up. I started feeling better, looking better, and noticed coworkers valuing my time and opinions now that I looked a step above everyone else. I started an Instagram account with my brother-in-law as a way to keep going and not fall back into old habits.

What are your goals as an influencer?
I want to show people that you don’t need expensive items to look good. With the right fitting clothes, you can take your look and style from average to excellent. I like to keep trying different combinations to explore how items of clothing can interchange with each other.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style would be described as business casual. Or a step above that. My workplace doesn’t require us to wear ties but I usually do most days of the week just to stand out a little more. If I don’t wear a tie I almost feel like I am missing something. I like classic color pairings and pairing brown shoes and belts with gray pants. When it is cool enough to layer up, I am almost always wearing a sweater to add another dimension to an outfit.

Explain your outfit:
My outfit is a charcoal gray suit with a crisp white shirt and a brown belt and pair of shoes. For a pop of color I added the Fuchsia Prague Polka Dot Tie, some fun Long Beach Dot socks, and colored shoe laces from the Americana Pack.


Random Fun Fact:
I love playing poker. I like figuring out what another player is trying to do. I started a small poker league just so I could play more. I built my own poker table and designed my own personal set of poker chips.