How did your passion for menswear start?

I have always felt that when you dress better you just feel better, which in turn enhances how you interact with the world around you. The effort and care we put into how we dress gives people an indication as to how much effort and care we put into our work as well. For me, menswear has always been about putting my best foot forward.

What are your goals as an influencer?

Connecting with people is really the goal. I like meeting the folks behind the brands that are working hard to get their company’s work out there for people to see and enjoy. I love sharing my passion for menswear with others and hearing from guys that have questions or comments about an outfit or a piece that stands out to them.


Describe your outfit.

This is a pretty typical kit for me, one that works at the office or out on Friday night. I enjoy wearing selvedge denim, but the tweed vest and tie dresses it up enough to be versatile. I try to have a good sock game, nice shoes, and a sharp watch to tie it all together.

Describe your personal style.

I like well-made items that represent an American Heritage Style. I am drawn to classic neutrals and earth tones with looks that would be described as more rugged than refined. I have an appreciation for the original tech fabrics: leather, wool, and denim.


What’s a random fun fact about you? 

I’m a High School Teacher. The students at my school voted me “Best Dressed Teacher” last year.