How did your passion for menswear start? 

Honestly, my wife.  If you look at how I dressed before we met you wouldn’t believe it was the same person.  I was a typical college kid in an oversized hoodie and bad-fitting jeans.  When we met 10+ years ago she pointed me in the right direction and I haven’t looked back since.  More recently in the last few years, I have developed my own sense of style and have tried to continually strive to elevate my looks with the help of some other Instagram menswear influencers.
What are your goals as an influencer? 
My main goal as an influencer is to help the average guy take one step down the road to being more dapper.  I also like to show guys that style doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money; there are easy ways to elevate your current wardrobe and help you stand out in the crowd.
How would you describe your personal style? 
My personal style would probably be described as business casual – but I hate putting a label on it.  I wear what I think looks good together, and I like to have fun with my style.  I usually am found rocking some denim and a t-shirt/blazer combo or a dress shirt and bold tie.
Describe your outfit: 
I love mixing patterns and textures because it’s unexpected.  Blue is my go to color and this blue Pasco tie has quickly become a favorite.  The blue tie really pops against the dark tone of the outfit.
Random Fun Fact: 
My initials are J.A.W.  In middle school I drew a comic series about a superhero shark based on my initials JAW – hence the shark lapel pin 🙂