How’d your passion for menswear start?
Mine started due to performance review from my boss. That sounds strange but I have progressed quickly in my career. As I have moved up the ‘ranks’ one of my biggest challenges has been my appearance (I have a baby face). So my boss advised me to improve my dress so that I can gain respect and confidence. The rest is history.


What are your goals as an influencer?
A few things:
1. Promote small business. There are so many awesome small businesses out there not getting the visibility they deserve! My mission is to help them.
2. Inspire. I got into this because of other influencers so I need to pay it forward.
3. Have fun and continue to learn/evolve style.
4. Create lasting relationships.

Describe the outfit
The tie says it all. I like to run to reduce stress. I haven’t run in a while (since to my children being born) but I like doing it to help relieve the stress of working in IT.


Random Fun Fact:
I have two dogs…one is named Bruce and the other is Willis… get it?