How’d your passion for menswear start? 

I have always been interested in social psychology. It amazes me how something as simple as a shirt could change how one is interacted with or treated in a social situation, as well as how one perceives themselves on a daily basis. If I were to walk into an interview wearing casual and ill-fitting clothes, the interviewer would most likely judge me negatively, no matter how well I answered his or her questions. However, if I went into that same interview wearing a suit, the opposite would be true. Dressing in formal menswear would make the interviewer respect me more, even though my personality wouldn’t have changed, nor would my answers. Clothing has such a huge psychological impact on society, and this impact has driven me to want to get more involved in the fashion, and more specifically, the menswear world.

Ryan Fisico

What are your goals as an influencer?

I want to educate men about why they should dress better and about the kind of impact that clothing choice has on others and themselves. Dressing well shows self-respect and self-value and also gives a person confidence. Style is contagious and will continue to reach more people, thus growing menswear as a whole.

 How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is professional with a hint of European street style, inspired by my time in Germany. Despite my more formal style, I do not like the traditional formal fit and am often criticized for trying to tailor my pants to fit like jeans. But I personally love the look and think it fits my personality.

Explain this outfit: 

When I think of fall, the colors that come to mind are neutrals like maroon, brown, and tan. These colors are the theme of my outfit. I chose a tie that combines those colors, a maroon scarf to match the maroon in the tie, and a tan pocket square with hints of brown to complete the accessory trio. I am a sucker for scarves. Scarves add distinction and individuality to outfits.

Ryan Fisico

Random Fun Fact: 

I was born and raised in Guam, a small but culturally rich island in the Pacific. A lot of my style is influenced by island style in the summertime, and my love for floral prints came from the lifestyle of the island.