How did your passion for menswear start?

Even though I was the youngest in my family (4 other brothers), I always knew what clothes I wanted to wear. From the young age of six, I started to put together suitable looks for myself. I’m not sure if I have a particularly defined “style”, but I like to express myself through fashion.


What are your goals as an influencer?

My goal as an influencer has always been to inspire everyone to wear exactly what they feel.  I am against strict norms and ideals.  I think free minds feed happy souls and that everyone should embrace the opportunity to be themselves.

Describe your outfit.

I am weak for details since I think that small things make all the difference. has so many patterns and color combinations that are so easy to throw together.  The unicorn tie is one of my favorites.  I don’t know if I can be subtle about the fact that I’m extraordinary.  This outfit is one for the Rosé parties this summer, and we all know that the tie knot is getting loosened after the first glass of wine!


Describe your personal style.

I enjoy the basics but I’ll have my moments where I just want to provoke or be a little edgy.  I love asking myself “how do you want to be portrayed today” and I try to incorporate that in my attitude.

Random fun fact about you?

I used to blog about my lifestyle/fashion when I was younger and ended up in the competition: “Sweden’s Best Dressed Casual Man” by the Swedish fashion magazine Café when I was 18.  Fun times!