How’d your passion for menswear start?
I played and watched a lot of sports growing up and I remember watching NBA and NFL players walk into the stadiums dressed to the nines. So naturally, I started to dress up before my little league games. From there, I began to take my passion for menswear as seriously as my passion for sports. One of my sports idols said it best: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”

Steve Nuñez

What are your goals as an influencer?
I noticed a void in the men’s grooming world. I found informational grooming sites, but none really resonated with me. I created ‘The Social Cut’ with the goal of providing men’s grooming and style advice that is practical and relatable for the everyday fashion-conscious guy.

How would you describe your personal style?
I don’t have a label to put on my style, but I would say it ranges from modern, to classic, to vintage. I enjoy dressing up but what I really like to do is make a dressy outfit look casual. Layering and mixing casual pieces with dressy pieces are some of my favorite style techniques. You can find me wearing a suit with a baseball cap and sneakers with suspenders. Sometimes, I’ll even wear all of them at the same time.

Explain your outfit:
This outfit is a great example of my love for combining dressy and casual pieces together. It doesn’t get any dressier than a bowtie and vest, but I mixed in a pair of Sperry shoes and a lightweight jacket for a casual look. I finished the look with windowpane pants that can go from the office to a backyard barbecue.

Steve NuñezRandom Fun Fact: 

Most people know that I’m into menswear and men’s grooming, but not many people know I’ve been giving fresh fades way back since high school. It’s always been a hobby of mine, so don’t get upset if I may make ‘hair contact’ before ‘eye contact’.