How did your passion for menswear start?

My passion started in 2011 when I left New Jersey for design school in Philadelphia.  I was older than the other kids entering the program, so I knew that I would have to work harder in order to overcome the financial support that my classmates had.  Dressing well was my daily goal because I wanted my teachers and fellow students to see past my age and appreciate my design talent and personality.


What are your goals as an influencer?

I think the word “influencer” can sometimes leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.  The social media world has numbed our society and can make people desire things they can’t afford or necessarily need.  I consider myself to be an average guy who spends a lot of time noticing the small details.  I think my goals are a lot less about influencing people on what stuff to buy and more so educating on what confidence should look like.  You don’t need a lot of money to be confident.


Describe your outfit.

I stick to classic, well-fitting piece that I can wear often.  I would wear a white dress shirt almost everyday if I could.  My ties are usually the louder piece in my wardrobe.  This red tie would pair well with any suit, sweater, or a pair of trousers in my closet.  Even in the warmer months, I try to layer because I run cold.  A great fitting denim jacket works well in spring and fall and gets better with age.  I like to top it all off with a pair of well-worn, suede wingtip boots.  Not as formal as I normally dress, but still sharp.


Describe your personal style.

My style is classic with a small touch of modern.  I prefer to be in well-tailored suits or separates.  Like most of the well-dressed style gurus, I’m very much inspired by the Italians.  Their love of tailored clothing, bold colors, and their zest for life is extremely inspiring.  I love having a few bold suits in my wardrobe.