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A Guy Who Bought This Red Tie Bar
Boston, MA
Hey, I Bought a Red Tie Bar, Read What I Have to Say About It.
Before I bought this, I was a bit hesitant on how this tie bar would appear. I liked the look of it, but I wasn't sure if it would seem cheap when seen in person. Thankfully, my worries were no more when I got the tie bar. It's a solid metal tie bar that is a gorgeous red color. I bought this to wear with one of their floral ties - the red tie bar because I am wearing red pants and I wanted to add a little red elsewhere. It looks great, holds great, and I would definitely purchase more of these. The colored tie bars here are good too because I feel like people often choose bland tie bars, so adding some color makes you a bit different than all the sheep and it makes dressing up that much more exciting.
Red Tie Bar not upto quality. Red paint coming off.
The red tie bar I received has its paint/color chipped off at all the 4 edges. Only noticeable when you have a closer look. Still ended up getting a lot of compliments. Please, do something about the issue regarding the color being chipped off easily.
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