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Tremendous Value
For under $5; plus Free Shipping, I saved myself the cost of buying larger dress shirts. The item came quickly and works great.
mom of 4
New Iberia, LA
Helpful Button
I got one of these for my husband and my father. They both have issues with the necks of their dress shirts being tight. This gives just enough room to be comfortable while wearing a tie.
Florence, SC
Buy it!
This simple yet very effective expander works wonderfully. Highly recommended for collars that may be shrinking on you!
Mr. P
Can't leave home without it.
Big Orange
Huntsville, Al
Great product
This extender made fat boy very happy.
I'm not choking anymore :)
It is so frustrating when your shirt is really snug around my neck that I always wore a shirt way to big to avoid it. Now that I found the wonderbutton I am able to wear the shirt that fits correctly everywhere else and I attach my little button and I don't feel like I am being strangled. This was ingenious!!!
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