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Handy. Practical. Must leave it some space as crowding it full of tie cause some ties to fall off. Still, it’s the best hanger I’ve seen/used in many a decade.
Prescott, AZ
What a rack!
Exactly what was needed. Ties are no longer draped over the closet rod. Functional and efficient organization. Thanks,!
the wife
Warrensburg, MO
Solid product
Better than expected.
Puerto Rico
Quality Product
Seems like a quality product so far. No loose pegs or other defects that I can tell.
I Like It
Well-made. Fits well in a masculine closet. Saves lots of space.
East Coast
Lovin' it
I used to have the battery operated revolving tie rack (not from It eventually broke and I have been using regular hangers. It was such a pain to go through every morning. I came across and ordered the 42 ties hanger and I'm very satisfied. My closet looks organized, ties look neat, nice cedar wood aroma, and overall good quality. I will definitely order again for birthday or Christmas gifts to friends and family.
Los Angeles, CA
Made a great change to the way my ties were hung in my closet. Even have room to hang more.
Spring Valley CA
Great for the Job
This hanging tie rack is perfect for storing my ever-growing collection of bow ties. I looked around on several other sites, and couldn't find anything like this that accommodates 42 ties. No regrets about this purchase.
Washington, DC
Best Tie Rack Ever
This is a really neat item. I really mean "neat". My husbands ties were previously hung as a bunch on a rack that was supposed to separate them but he never was able to hang them properly. Now he can really see what he owns and they don't look like a heap. I had no idea he had so may ties. This was a great Father's Day gift.
Cedar Knolls, NJ
Tie Rack
I have purchased two of these cedar tie racks. They are my favorite, making organizing and sorting through the tie I need for the day easy to do. Only down side is with two it begins to take up a lot of space in a small closet.
Denton, TX
Quality item
I bought this to help organize the overflow of ties that don't fit on my husband's other tie storage hangers. This organizer will help him see those ties better and they will hang in a more orderly fashion. The wood is nicely crafted and it was a good price.
Great tie hanger!
I Love my cedar tie hanger. It keeps my ties neatly organized while keeping the moths away. Win win!!
Works perfectly!
I love this cedar tie hanger! It makes my closet smell of cedar and stores my ties neatly so it is easy for me to find what I am looking for.
North carolina
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