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wall mount flip down for ties
I like my Wall Mount because it allows for more space for ties to be hung up while taking up limited space.I am finally able to see all my ties that have been buried in the closet for years. The problem I had was that two of my three wall mounts that I ordered came with out the screws and cap to mount them on the wall thus causing me to have to find screws to mount them on the wall which left the screws visible due to no cap to cover them. Also one of the three Wall mounts ordered will not stand up when pulled from the flip down mode thus causing me to manually hold the rack out while I such for a tie to wear. The other two stand out perfectly. Even with the flaws it is still neat and better than what I had.I still believe in the product but just disappointed at not getting all my parts and for one of the three not working properly.
Columbus Georgia
Not what I expected
The tie rack is held up by putting the end in basically a hole in the back. It works but is very wobbly -- which might work for some but it drives me crazy! Will be returning.
Works Great
I think my husband is jealous of my son's new tie rack. It works well, is solidly constructed, and is a smart use of space. It folds down to save space, but typically my son leaves it extended. Either way, the ties stay put. Definitely no regrets with this purchase.
Boston Mom
Cohasset, MA
Flip Down Tie Rack
Very happy with the Flip Down Tie Rack. I installed it in minutes with just a phillips screwdriver and it takes up far less space than my previous rack and displays the ties for better access than the normal horizontal ones. Highly recommend!
Tucson, AZ
Pretty ingenious tie rack. Folds away neatly when you dont need it. When you want to use it, just flip up the rack and it holds in place. It is sturdy enough to hold all my ties and I have two ties per peg.
Alalster J. Price
San Francisco, CA.
Flip Down Tie Rack
After viewing several different tie racks on the internet I finally settled on the flip down style offered at I am very pleased with these. They were very easy to mount and they seem sturdy enough to hold up. I was using a bathroom towel holder with many ties crammed onto it. These tie racks have very smooth pegs to rest the ties on so they will not fray like they did on the towel holder. Most importantly, they offer great organization. I anticipate ordering a third rack soon.
A great gift
My husband has A LOT of ties (I'm embarrassed to give a total number) so he needed a good way to store his entire collection. I purchased several of these racks for his birthday and he loved them. They are very easy to install, sturdy, and don't take up a lot of space. He liked them so much, he asked for more of them as a gift for Christmas!
Dallas, TX
This is great!
I shopped ALL the tie racks that are available on here and I find this to be the best one! It hangs on your wall an stays out of the way. When I need to view my ties I just raise it up, pull off the tie I want, and then lower it back down. *LOVE IT!*
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