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Wedding Inspiration

Real people tying the knot with
Ben & Tiffany
Photography by Alyssa Lizarraga
  • Groomsmen wearing dark navy suits with red neckties
  • Groomsmen showing off various patterned socks
  • Groomsmen posed with Tiffany wearing blue suits and red neckties
  • Flat lay of products next to dress shoes
  • Groomsmen posed with Ben wearing blue suits and red neckties
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Susan & Tom
Photography by Emily Wren
  • Tom next to the Susan wearing a dark gray suit and bow tie
  • Closeup of Tom’s gray bow tie
  • Groomsman wearing blue-gray suits standing with Tom
  • Susan and Tom posed with their children
  • Susan and Tom sitting eating dinner at their wedding
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Jesse & Julia
Photography by Betsi Ewing
  • Jesse kissing Julia, wearing a pink necktie
  • Jesse posed next to Julia
  • Jesse and his groomsman all wearing pink neckties
  • Closeup of Jesse’s pink necktie
  • Jesse and Julia standing with their groomsmen and bridesmaids
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Inspiration for Grooms and Groomsmen
Hundreds of brides and grooms find their wedding style with us every year — and some were kind enough to share their incredible wedding photos to help inspire others and share their joyful day.

Check out the classic stylings of a vintage wedding, the sunny colors of beach weddings, or the romantic look of a traditional black tie wedding. Whatever your wedding theme, check out our Wedding Shop for more wedding inspiration.

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