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About Linen Neckties

Linen, perhaps the most underrated fabric of our time. It's soft, matte texture makes it trendy and sophisticated at the same time and we have them in a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from. The great thing about linen ties is that they're so light, they're perfect for the summer season when you want to keep it easy-breezy. Linen neckties only recently popped into the fashion scene and you might be wondering why they're so popular. That's because linen ties offer an effortless sense of style that a lot of us tend to strive for in our fashion choices these days.

Linen is an attractive fabric that requires the utmost care. A common misconception is that linen can only be dry cleaned, but that is not so! They are much stronger and smoother than cotton or polyester and there are only a few things to know for your linen ties to last a long time:

1. Linen is always best washed by the hand or in a washing machine than from dry cleaning.

2. Wash in lukewarm or cold water, and preferably soft, water with a gentle detergent.

3. Good news! Machine drying is OK! Just be sure to use a cooler temperature and to remove your tie from the dryer when it's a bit damp to prevent any awkward stiffness and cracking. Lay flat or hang to completely dry.

4. Linen tends to wrinkle easily, especially when it's fresh out of the wash, so ironing your linen neckwear is important. Be sure to iron your linen while it's still damp or with steam on medium-hot. White linen should be ironed on both sides, whereas dark linen should only be ironed on the wrong side.

Linen ties may be a recent trend, but they're here to say. They're trendy and fashionable yet still maintain that classic versatility with the matte and muted textures and colors; and this is precisely why we love a good linen tie. It's the most stylish no-fail option and safe for those people who find the silks too flashy and the polyesters too casual. If your closet isn't already stocked with some awesome linen ties, now is the perfect time to make that happen and with easy washing tips, your linen ties will be sure to last a lifetime.
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