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New Jersey
A must for anyone with a decent amount of ties
Awesome item, neatly stores ties & belts and takes up almost no space in closet
Uneeda D.
Tallahassee, FL
Great tool at great price
Great! Just right for all my belts. Not much of a cedar smell to it, but I have cedar oil if I really want to add more than just a hint.
Everyman needs this
If you’re a man or tie/belt collector; This will free up so much of your space and it just looks nice and shows you care for your things.
Dr. Pepper, MD
Venice, CA
Gr8 all-around hanger
Super versatile and great smelling tie hanger. I can hang my ties, bow ties, belts, bracelets and even my winter scarf on this thing (if I fold it just right). Cheers!
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