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Myrna G
Pi Day Tie
love the Pi tie and all its numbers!
Mr W.
North Woods, WI
50 Digits of Pi
Beautiful plot - deep story line - I may have to buy a new shirt just to show it off
Pi Day!!!
Just in time for Pi Day.
Pi Necktie
Great tie
Queens, NY
Very good tie - quality of fabric is good enough and the pattern has a good feel to it in detail and in the larger Pi. It is a good tie item and i recommend it!
Pi Tie For The Math Lover
A great tie to have for any teacher/math lover, my son and I both have it and we get tons of compliments on it every time we wear it.
Dom's mom
Venice, FL
Perfect gift for my son's birthday! Will be worn often when he tutors students in algebra & calculus and has already been a fun conversation piece at award ceremonies. Item arrived promptly as promised in excellent condition.
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