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Wool Skinny Ties

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Wool Skinny Ties

Wool Skinny Ties are the epitome of fall and winter modern fashion. Dressing for the season takes on a new level of style with these ties' slim, modern shape mixed with a warm, cozy fabric. The wool skinny tie serves as a smart alternative to your standard silk tie, adding a temperate feature that acknowledges the shift in weather and style that a change of seasons brings. Make your mark this season with this on-trend accessory and watch your friends follow suit. 

The understated sibling of the silk tie, the wool tie strikes a chord of elegance that is all its own. Though wool ties lack the sheen and flash of silk, wool gains its luxury with its texture. The crimped nature of wool's fiber allows for pockets of air within the fabric, which allows the fabric to retain heat. This quality makes wool a natural fiber for winter and fall and has become an aesthetic look signifying the colder seasons. Soft to the touch, sturdy construction, warm, and expert at maintaining structure, wool has become a standard luxury material for formal wear.

Our selection of wool skinny ties feature awesome prints from stripes, to plaids, to solids that will fit seamlessly into your winter wardrobe. Available in an array of colors that capture the tone of the season, while bringing an unexpected variation into the mix. Wearing one of our wool skinny ties has the ease of a winter scarf, while looking much sharper. The comfort of these ties is simply unmatched, yet they carry a well-crafted elegance that suits both casual and formal affairs.

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