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About Tie Hangers

What's your favorite way of storing ties? Rolling them up and placing them neatly inside a drawer? Hanging them on your electronic tie rack from Or throwing them in odd places? Our favorite way here at is hanging them them, preferably on a cedar tie hanger to keep those moths away! This way, your ties can be displayed for you to browse through easily and they remain wrinkle and crease-free.

A tie is a delicate piece of neck candy. Although rolling ties is the best alternative to folding, there's still always a risk of the rolling ruining their shape or creating those dreaded crease lines. But not to worry, we have the perfect, no-fail, solution. Tie hangers are the safest and most efficient method of storage. With a tie hanger, you simply place the tie in its standard form, no folding required. You never have to unfold and refold and best of all, you can easily judge the size of the tie just by looking. And if you want an even quicker method, check out or electronic tie hangers that rotate by the mere push of a button! If your tech smarts aren't too hot, don't worry, we have plenty of wall-mounted tie hangers to choose from. Just nail it to a wall, grab, and go.

The best part about these closet organizers is that even if your tie collection isn't that big, they can easily be used as belt hangers, scarf hangers, jewelry hangers and purse hangers. They're a multi-purpose option and excellent for getting your wardrobe in shape. And with a tie rack, chances are, you'll never have to iron a tie again.

Lucky for you, we have the best possible tie racks to ensure your neckties stay impeccable for years to come. We carry electronic tie racks for the gadget-lovers; wall-mounted electronic tie racks for the space-savers; traditional cedar tie racks to protect from mothballs and wall-mounted flip down tie racks that are incredibly simple as well as aesthetically pleasing; Whichever you choose, these tie hangers will help keep your ties (and your closet) looking spiffy.
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