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Tie Bars
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About Tie Bars

"Give a man a tie bar and he looks good for a day. Teach a man how to wear a tie bar and he will look Dappertastic for a lifetime." That's our motto here at because we believe with every fiber in our being that more than owning a tie bar, wearing a tie bar is an art. The GentleManual's Tie Bar 101: The Ultimate Guide to the Essential Accessory provides an excellent crash course on how to wear a tie bar by following a few simple rules.

The effect of a tie bar can be compared to that of a pair of cufflinks. It adds class and style to any outfit and makes a world of difference. Not only that, but tie bars are also a functional accessory that prevent your tie from shifting. Although clipping on a tie bar seems easy and effortless, there are ways you can make a tie bar look absolutely ridiculous and out of place. But if you read on, we will ensure you don't make that mistake.

The placement of your tie bar is the most important thing to pay attention to. Yes, it can be placed too high or too low. According to The GentleManual, "The ideal placement for a tie bar is around the middle to bottom of your sternum", which is simply mid-chest. Our guys at the GentleManual call this "the Sweet Spot". Something to take note of is that "Within the sweet spot,' a lower placement is more classic while a higher placement can create a slimming effect." Now what color tie bar should you wear? Sticking to the classics (gold or silver) is always an excellent choice, but one thing to keep in mind is that the metal of the tie bar should match the metal of your jacket buttons, cufflinks, watch and/or or belt buckle. If you're a fashion risk-taker, go for one of our patterned, colored, or novelty tie bars that will add a unique and personal flair to any ensemble.

Is there ever a wrong time to wear a tie bar? Yes, if you're wearing a bow tie. If you read The GentleManual, you'll know that the right time to wear a tie bar is "always and forever". Whether you're a suit and tie kinda guy or a jean junkie, a tie bar looks great on any outfit that has a tie and never goes out of style. Not only does it serve the very important purpose of keeping your tie in place, they're the perfect accessory to show off your fashion expertise. Check out our fabulous selection of tie bars and find one that suits you best.
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