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Menswear Accessories

So much talk about ties that we forgot about their accessories! Ties accessories are just as important as the actual tie, as they play a vital role in enhancing in your look or maintaining the quality of your ties so they last a lifetime. We have a huge selection of tie accessories, ranging from cufflinks, to tie racks, to suspenders, to handkerchiefs and we've chosen the ones we find most essential to your wardrobe.

What's your favorite way of storing ties? Tie hangers are the safest and most efficient method of storage. With a tie hanger, you simply place the tie in its standard form, no folding required. You never have to unfold and refold and best of all, you can easily judge the size of the tie just by looking. And if you want an even quicker method, check out or electronic tie hangers that rotate by the mere push of a button! 

We believe that more than owning a tie bar, wearing a tie bar is an art. A tie bar adds class and style to any outfit and makes a world of difference. Not only that, but tie bars are also a functional accessory that prevent your tie from shifting. Whether you're a suit and tie kinda guy or a jean junkie, a tie bar looks great on any outfit that has a tie and never goes out of style. Not only does it serve the very important purpose of keeping your tie in place, they're the perfect accessory to show off your fashion expertise.Also known as braces, suspenders were once rare in today's fashion scene, but have recently re-earned their spot at the top of the style chain. However, as always, there are a few rules you need to follow in order to maximize your suspender functionality and fashionality. They serve as an apparatus to hold up those slacks and they look classic and stylish. 

How do you gift your ties? Do you simply place them a gift bag? Do you wrap them up in tissue? Do you scramble to find a gift box in your house? Or do you put them in a tie gift roll? Yes, they do exist! A tie can be a disappointing gift at first glance, so presentation matters! That's why putting it in a gift bag is probably a bad idea. You should purchase a tie box, or even better, our leatherette tie gift roll. It comfortably fits any size tie and looks great as the receiver opens the box to find a beautiful tie from that's not even half of our awesome collection of accessories! We have several more to choose from. Browse through our merchandise and find one that meets your needs best!

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